Russian News Is Much More Real Than Fake US Media News

 RT News from Russia is my ‘go to’ site online these days because they actually carry real news for the most part unlike US media that is mired in orthodoxy (change nothing!) and outright propaganda, what they leave out of the news is 99% of what is really going on in the whole world and this, from people who claim that Trump voters are stupid for focusing mainly on the US.  These clowns can’t focus on anything, it appears.  So right now, I will do a selective run down of Russian news to spy out what is really going on.

The same Bilderberg clowns that voted to put Saudi Arabia, the single country  most repressive of women, the country that gives women zero human rights, as head of Women’s Rights was a craven move to keep the Saudis as buddies on the war against liberal Muslim rulers like Assad and Gaddafi.  Even Saddam was ‘liberal’ when it came to women’s rights.


All are slated to be killed or have been killed by NATO-sponsored Islamic terrorists.  Terrorists trained in Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi plan is to enslave all women on earth in the end.  This is their goal.  No ifs, ands or buts.


Why are our rulers cooperating with this plan?  I am not puzzled: they are stupid.  They want power and don’t care who they destroy, the evil of their lives is, they have zero morals of any sort.  They party with the corrupt Saudis who go to Europe and the US and act ‘normal’ but no one dares to go party in Saudi Arabia.


My parents were there for a while 40 years ago.  My mother stormed out of the country to the fury of the US ambassador after a Saudi religious police ran over a Belgian woman she knew because the lady was crossing the road between the Belgium camp and the camp where my mom lived and didn’t put on a veil.  So she was murdered!


The US pretends that Saudi Arabia ‘shares our values’ which is a total lie.  It is all about money and oil and what really infuriates me is how our media cooperates with the lies, deceptions and bizarre plans of the Bilderberg gang but of course, our main media giants are all co-conspirators with others at secret Bilderberg meetings.


The Russians know all about this.  Unlike Trump, who is an outsider, Putin is highly aware of the Bilderberg gang and its goals and meetings.  I might even suggest he has successfully spied on them all.  They go to great lengths to be secret but spying is all about prying out secrets and it is worth the effort, too.  For all great nations spy on rivals!

After the Iron Curtain fell, the NATO powers solemnly told Russia, they would never, ever put weapons and troops in these former Russian satellite countries….and now are doing exactly that.  These mini-countries created when former states fell, many of which were torn to shreds by ethnic/religious tensions, the Eastern European front is this hodgepodge of principalities which hate each other because they were once a country.


Now, into this wonderful stew, the NATO staff was ordered by the Bilderberg gang to force these little ethnic mud holes to take in a few million illegal alien Muslim males like Germany and France.  This, into countries that hate next door neighbors with a passion?  This insane move is breaking  apart the fake NATO structure that our Rulers have cobbled together over the last five years.

A typical ‘mainstream’ propaganda piece…all the media in the West is playing this sort of crummy game.  Lies about Ukraine abound.  The Ukrainians have been taken over by literal Nazis and these are supposed to be pro-NATO and worth going to WWIII with Russia because Russia is ‘evil’ and Nazis are…this insanity never ceases to amaze me.


Now, the anti-Putin propaganda is, he is a ‘Nazi’ so they have to find ‘proof’ and the only proof is via lying about the real Nazis.  In Germany, the government attacked ‘Nazis’ with many cops who raided homes in Bavaria, the state that is fighting off the demand they take in more Muslim males.  This overt proto-Nazi suppression of citizens who oppose the draconian rule in Berlin is causing many in Bavaria to think about breaking out of Germany and declaring themselves a singular state for it was the last principality to be joined to Germany via force back in the 19th century.


I know Bavaria very well, my Meinel side of the family has lived there for 1,000 years.  I ran around there in 1968 and it took me a month to learn their form of German which is very different from the official language.  I could barely understand anyone at first but with effort, it became quite easy.


Europe is not ‘pulling together’ it is ‘falling apart’.  People are betting how soon it will collapse.

The Russians are very angry about the supposed Idlib chemical attack.  There was never anything remotely approaching an investigation and Trump foolishly shot first and asked questions later but then, this is how we operate, the last thoughtful President to not be stormed into stupidity after he was tricked into this by the CIA over Cuba, was Kennedy who was shot dead.

Putin will meet Trump on his own time.  Trump has to prove to the Bilderberg gang that he is anti-capitalism in Russia and can ape the ‘Putin is a commie’ lies.  So there is no need to meet about anything.  We are now at war with Russia and Russia is preparing for WWIII while the US public thinks there is no war, just a war of words.


This is stupid.  Russia always takes war talk seriously, they have been invaded too many times to not take this seriously.


Now about the Austrian news: at least this clown is telling the truth.  All Austrian German females will be forced into burkas eventually and he doesn’t care.  I bet he is looking forward to eliminating women’s rights.  This is true in France, too. Note the hysterical attacks on the only woman running for President there.


She wants to protect women’s rights from the  Muslim invaders and her rival wants to bring in endless invaders and doesn’t care about this issue at all.  Notice, please, how the far right is protecting women’s rights now!  This flip is amazing to me and it also pisses me off.  Liberals in the US are being told, Muslims are their allies and now a Muslim runs the Democratic Party and it will go down in flames now.  Or maybe the US people don’t want women to have civil rights anymore?


That will definitely infuriate me, I sued for this way back in 1965!  I fought hard for my rights.  So did my grandmother who fought for the right to vote and was one of the first women to go to a men’s public university and get a degree in science…one of the first in the WORLD.  She was brave and smart and I still admire her.


Ditto, my godmother who broke rules limiting women, she was born before the Civil War and taught me all about this life long fight for basic rights.  And here are the ‘liberals’ in Europe and the US attacking my civil rights while screaming at me, that conservatives are a danger!  WTH?


This is all so insane, it makes my head hurt.




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16 responses to “Russian News Is Much More Real Than Fake US Media News

  1. Flor

    Truly Scary Child Serial Killer: Gilles De Rais

  2. Flor

    Blood, Fuck, God:
    The Prodigal Crimes of Gilles de Rais

    Gilles de Rais was perhaps the most infamous sexual criminal in history, responsible for the rape, mutilation, and murder of more than 150 children (some estimates put the figure as high as 800).

    A fifteenth-century French nobleman, noteworthy as a brave lieutenant to Joan of Arc during the sieges of Orléans and Paris, Gilles de Rais experienced significant renown and prestige before his eventual downfall, trial, and execution in 1440. The story of Gilles de Rais is that of the squandered life par excellence, of a life devoted to squandering and destroying everything around him. As did most nobles, he possessed large estates, but his prodigal nature would eventually lead him to debt and financial ruin.

    He engaged in a lifestyle of prodigious waste and dissipation, spending vast sums of money on huge entourages and senseless luxuries. Of course, his extravagance regarding wealth was echoed by his extravagance in vice…

    It is likely that the murders first began as far back as 1426. Gilles had his most loyal servants procure his victims, and they usually scrounged for unaccompanied children in the countryside or nearby villages. When they brought them back to their master’s nearest castle, there would ensue a night of unimaginable debauches that would always end in murder. In his in-court confession at his trial, Gilles described how he and his lackeys “inflicted various types and manners of torment; sometimes they severed the head from the body with dirks, daggers, and knives, sometimes they struck them violently on the head with a cudgel or other blunt instruments, sometimes they suspended them with cords from a peg or small hook in his room and strangled them; and when they were languishing, he committed the sodomitic vice on them,” before or even after death. Such a sexual preference may have symbolic significance beyond Gilles’ homosexuality: it is another gesture of wasteful expenditure, compounding the already wasteful act of killing.

  3. That was at the beginning of the witch hunts. Joan of Arc was one of the earliest women burned as a ‘witch’. This witch hunting got worse and worse until it died down after 1690. It was utterly insane and they made up lots of stuff and would torture people until they confessed to endless ‘crimes’. It was utterly insane.

  4. Melponeme_k

    I don’t get Trump’s reasoning here. So he will take us to the brink of WW3 to make a point about paying the US to be the world police?

    Just PULL us out, EVERYWHERE. Asia, Europe and the Middle East, we don’t need to be anywhere except in our own country. Everyone will muddle it out just as they did before the US was a world power.

  5. Jim R

    I think there’s probably some of this child abuse going on, but remember that time in the ’80s when they were getting into witch-hunt territory with people being arrested based on fantastic stories told by children…

    As for the Russian news, of course the Russians are not above telling lies and exaggerating, but right now, the truth is working so well for them. This is exactly what was foreseen by Dmitry Orlov ten+ years ago.

  6. Petruchio

    “The same Bilderberg clowns that voted to put Saudi Arabia, the single country most repressive of women, the country that gives women zero human rights, as head of Women’s Rights was a craven move to keep the Saudis as buddies on the war against liberal Muslim rulers like Assad and Gaddafi. Even Saddam was ‘liberal’ when it came to women’s rights.” And the majority of Americans continue to be oblivious to all this!! What will it take??!! How many times are the American Public buy into the “I’m on your side” con job by the latest candidate for President. Change I can believe in my a##. “Make America Great Again” my a##.

  7. Christian W

    The economy has stuttered to the edge of the cliff again…

    Do read the commments as well.

  8. Christian W

    Russia also seems to have genuine economic growth, DESPITE economic sanctions and a low oil price…

  9. Jim R

    Russia is the beneficiary of the Soviet Union. Decades of no economic growth for political reasons. Now Russia has lots of room for economic growth.

    In Europe and the US, thanks to the efficiencies of ‘Capitalism’, resources are more depleted, the environment is more degraded, and the economy is more ‘mature’, shall we say.

    Russia can produce oil for (my guess) less than $40, while all the frackers are saddled with debt, and at the current price of around $50, they are selling it at a loss.

  10. Seraphim

    Ah, Bavaria. I lived for years in my youth next to a famous Beerhaus in Romania, called Bavaria. How I loved it! It collapsed in the quake of 1977, fortunately few minutes after I left, taking a full jar home.
    They invented the Oktoberfest! Löwenbräu is my favorite and luckily it flows all year round at the “Munich Brauhaus – Formerly Löwenbräu Keller” in The Rocks-Sydney. And the sausages, and the crispy pork knuckle to go with it and pretzels! Stop, I water at the mouth! I run to it. Prosit!

  11. The Russian oil business is even funnier: Europe’s Bilderberg gangsters running the place ruthlessly, are forcing the EU taxpayers to pay a much higher price for fuel as they boycott Russia. Bankrupting Europe is stupid but then, this gang is a bunch of lunatics.

  12. Nani

    Here are some great pictures of China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier witch was launched this week. It serves as a symbol of China’s rising power and prestige.

  13. Oh, now the commies in Asia are using witches? 🙂

  14. Jim R

    It could totally work, Elaine — they could curse the US Navy with rust!

  15. Lou

    #5–Fantastic stories, Like Mc Martins Pre School? Where the tunnel and animal b ones were found? Wake up.

  16. Nani

    Like this?

    I know my English is not that good. Some words look very similar, but have totally different meanings.

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