A Review Of How Liberals Turned Into Violent Fascists

Troy Worden talks Ann Coulter, Berkeley with Fox and Friends –

The Battle of Berkeley whereby the conservatives won a pitched battle after the police were told by the corrupt ANTIFA mayor to ‘stand down’ and let armed leftist thugs to attack unimpeded…a tactic that blew up in the face of the ATIFA Californians, this event changed things greatly.  In reaction to this victory, the ANTIFA forces that run the state of California doubled down and went after Ann Coulter successfully preventing her from giving a simple speech.  The school that pioneered ‘free speech’ has come full circle and this is important for it shows how the left and right have flipped sides.


This is very important for the DNC is now engaged in nonstop McCarthyism, assailing Russia as the source of all evil and as the force behind conservatives winning against leftists.  Across Europe, this goofy flip over battle is raging with the fake liberals using fake news to push a storyline that is utterly identical to the Cold War’s storyline about Russia.  How bizarre this all is!


I went in to the past, during the election, to pick up on stories that showed clearly how this was attached to the Hillary smear campaign against Russia and US citizens who quarrel with her goals and plans:

Republican denied entry to UC Women’s Conference – YouTube


The president of the University of California, Irvine College Republicans was denied access to the UC Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference because she wasn’t there for “the right reasons.”


All the ‘women’s marches’ and ‘women’s events’ run by the neo-fascist DNC are the same: only certain women can participate.  This makes these events very suspect.  They are not about ‘women’ but about leftist politics which now ape far right politics of fascism.


This is the entire problem of the left: I still remember the election whereby the GOP had a woman for VP.  Sarah Palin infuriated leftists.  Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman to run for VP and she lost as did Palin.  Clinton was the first major party female to run for President.  The storylines chosen by the media in each case differed greatly.


That is, the mainstream media attacked with utter ferocity and mocked in highly sexually discriminating ways, all females running for office who were conservatives while preaching about ‘women’s rights’ when the candidate was a DNC tool.  Look at what the fake liberal student said when denying access to a ‘Woman’s Conference’ (sic) said:


The conference is hosted jointly by the Associated Students of UCI and Associated Graduate Students, and is described as “a political coalition that serves to represent the gender needs and interests of women, trans individuals, and allies across the UC system” by exploring topics such as “women in politics,” “erasing the glass ceiling effect in the workplace,” “health relationships/domestic violence,” and more.


And so, was to be denied to women who are conservatives, of course.  This illogic seems OK with ‘liberals’ which is why I say, they are actually outright ‘fascists’.  The female in the above video called upon a very bulky, strong man to get rid of the female who challenged her on this exclusionary political fascist system.


He warned the victim to leave or else, basically.  This kind of reminds me how I left Berkeley with howling leftists screaming threats at me for an editorial I wrote after a police officer was shot in front of our commune.

03-31-14 Kat Timpf for Campus Reform – Kat Bullied at Feminist Conference – YouTube


Another DNC person who attacks people for doing what he is doing:  Obama, who tweets,  takes a shot at Trump’s tweeting by falsely claiming he didn’t tweet!  He also is going to collect another $400,000 bribe from a major Wall Street firm.


Former President Obama came under fire this week for scheduling a $400,000 speaking gig for the fall at Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald.  On Thursday, he pocketed the same with a speech for A&E Networks which is a TV company.


Collecting bribes is the New Normal.  The US media itself is handing out bribes, notice that?  They are very much under attack by alternative media which they are desperately trying to kill.  They need political muscle to do this, thus the need for bribes.


Remember the list of ‘fake news media online’ that was handed out recently?  It is being already imposed on the public.  I tried out my computer in a public place where normally we used to get all sorts of sites online.  All the alternative news media sites are now blocked.  Yes, blocked as ‘dangerous’. I bet all the schools teaching ANTIFA radicals are doing the same, too.  I would love to hear from students who now notice they are being denied access to parts of the internet the Real Rulers want to shut down.


France’s Macron latest victim of ‘fake news’ on Russia & RT’s role in Western elections — RT Op-Edge: all the political systems run by the Bilderberg gang are shutting out Russian news media outfits and our own conservative reporters.  For example, Breitbart was barred recently from all Trump press conferences in the White House, barred by the association that runs these, not by Trump himself.  This is ridiculous and of course, evil.


The mainstream media imagines they will run everything all the time in the future which is stupid.  The sword they are forging to keep power will be turned on themselves.  They cannot imagine this happening but it will happen.  This is why their sustained attacks on freedom of speech and alternative media is so highly dangerous.


They really do think angry workers being abused in Europe and the US will go on forever doing nothing, being pushed around, marginalized, mocked and kicked in the balls.  This is already becoming highly dangerous.  Effete intellectuals, in a pitched battle with working stiffs, always lose.  They are so very clever, they can’t see this possibly happening.


Why, they will get some armed thugs to protect them…oops.  That is where it all breaks down, isn’t it?


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22 responses to “A Review Of How Liberals Turned Into Violent Fascists

  1. Christian W

    And you don’t find it interesting that this little Berkeley campaign turned Ann Coulter into a mainstream conservative and champion for free speech?

    So now Ann Coulter represents the conservative right. In any normal paradigm people like Ann Coulter are fringe lunatics but not in the US where the normal white politicians are Donald J Trump, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, Hillary Clinton etc etc etc

    Just look at the state of “White” America if these people are you role models. There will be no revolution. People who voted for such “leaders” are incapable of critical thought and self determination. They give their consent to be screwed every four years.

    If this nonsense was contained to only the US it would be funny, sadly it is tragic given the propensity for these “leaders” to bomb other nations as part of their money making system. They get rich doing it.

    How does this observation relate to today’s blog “A Review Of How Liberals Turned Into Violent Fascists”. Well ask yourself why both sides of the political spectrum, within the US system, if violently fascist? Fascism is the only paradigm allowed in the US fascist system.

  2. Petruchio

    “They really do think angry workers being abused in Europe and the US will go on forever doing nothing, being pushed around, marginalized, mocked and kicked in the balls. ” During the French Revolution, around 40,000 of the French elites were guillotined. This is called Swift and Sure Justice.

  3. Jim R

    “This is called Swift and Sure Justice.”

    Not all that swift, the peasants in Europe had been abused for centuries by then. But every once in a while, the aristocrats get what they deserve.

    And when a mob finally forms, it can be hard to direct its attention toward the real culprits.

  4. JimmyJ

    The blatant censorship is breathtaking. This morning I searched Google News for something and the sources that came up were CNN, Huffington etc. The list was an intellectual desert. Long after technical search results went utterly downhill I hung on to general Google searches far past its Best By date, hoping things would improve. Now it’s just completely useless. If you don’t know the sites you want to access you’ll never see them on Google.

  5. Christian W

    Indeed Jimmy

    Not a good sign where things are heading is it… :/

  6. Jim R

    Google used to have some competition. Alta Vista, Dogpile, etc …

    Now it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Truth.

  7. Lou

    WRT— In any normal paradigm people like Ann Coulter are fringe lunatics

  8. Christian W

    Haven’t read her books no. Haven’t felt the slightest inclination to after hearing her speak.

    Also in related news:

    Turkey has blocked Wikipedia completely. It’s back into a fascist dictatorship for Turkey. NATO doesn’t mind.

  9. Christian W

    A Review Of How Liberals Turned Into Violent Fascists

    See Elaine? You really are Palestinians now. They are coming for you next, you are almost ready for plucking.

  10. I spent my entire life being attacked by the fake liberals.

    Ann Coulter is a real right winger! But then, the ENTIRE DNC liberal machine are all fascist Nazis!!!!

    See? It is painfully obvious: they even want to run concentration camps and kill all Palestinians by starving them to death. This is serious, outright Naziism on every level. Blut und Land, totally Nazi ideology held by the most leftist of the fake liberals.

    Note, also, the Fake News clowns won’t report the truth about liberals wanting fascist solutions in Palestine. That is, death of all Palestinians.

  11. Ken

    I actually read one of Ann Coulter’s books. It wasn’t nearly as inflammatory as her public comments. I suspect that she intentionally says outrageous things in public just for the publicity and to help book sales.

  12. Needling ‘liberals’ and their fake news machine is easy to do. And they all gleefully report any digs against them. Too stupid to figure out, this makes her more and more popular.

  13. Lou

    I assume Christian W does not know what a ‘Polemicist’ is.
    Go to her website and read, for 5 minutes.

    Turkey has blocked Wikipedia completely. It’s back into a fascist dictatorship for Turkey. NATO doesn’t mind.—–how many countries block the internet?
    What about the censorship Elaine mentions [Facebook, Google, etc]?

  14. Lou

    this makes her more and more popular.
    I sense jealousy. Elaine has mentioned she would like her blog to be #1.

  15. Christian W

    @ Lou

    Aren’t you a bit curious as to why the people that promote Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq are promoting Ann Coulter in the US?

  16. Christian W

    Or in other words, why the elites promote white supremacist idea such as white cultural superiority and highter IQ, variations of white man’s burden, on one hand and on the other hand, amongst the blacks and ‘leftists’ white racism and exploitation (slavery and colonialism) etc.

    So we have perfectly incompatible ideas set up to clash against each other.

  17. Shawntoh

    “A new survey of students at Dartmouth College found that those who identified as Democrats are the least tolerant on campus.”


  18. floridasandy

    Christian, you are intelligent but shame on you for criticizing someone whom you refuse to read or listen to. You are then just a tool of the media for propaganda.

    You are better than that.

    liberals are fascists, but at least everybody is starting to see that.

    that will help steer America AWAY from fascism

    I think Erdogan could be trouble. I was hopeful that he could turn into a bright spot in the Mideast, with a merger of religion and tolerance, but it doesn’t look that way. We will see what happens, though, since I don’t really trust media reporting. It looks like he might be a dictator, with no tolerance whatsoever.

  19. Christian W


    I take your point. My sense of Ann Coulter is she speaks from a point of view born uniquely from a background specific to a very particular brand of thinking within the American spectrum. It is very narrow and focused from that point of view. Simply put, it is not helpful in itself even if it expresses valid points if it is not prepared to reach out beyond itself.

    On the other hand, that narrow point of view is not uncommon in other contexts and in other nations. The mindset is the same, the context varies. I find such mindsets too narrow and overall not very helpful. That doesn’t mean I ignore them as they are part of the whole.

  20. Christian W

    Erdogan is a brutal murderous dictator. He has razed entire Kurdish cities to the ground. He has jailed thousands of lawyers and journalists for no other reason that he didn’t like them. 40 000 ISIS have gone into Syria through Turkey which he has allowed. Erdogan has bought billions of stolen Syrian oil from ISIS.

    The MSM has kept this carefully out of view as much as possible.

    Before and after Erdogan’s attack in Cizre (looks exactly like the combat zones in Syrian cities).

  21. Christian W

    “Liberals are fascists” is kinda funny no? Fascists are fascists, you cannot be a liberal fascists that is an oxymoron. It just shows how bankrupt the US political system is when the left spectrum is fascist.

    “You can have any opinion you like, as long as it is fascist”

  22. Almost all ‘liberals’ in the US are now FAKES. They are not ‘liberal’ in any sense of the word. They are doctrinaire and vicious. And at the top, total fakes who are really ‘rulers of the earth’ clowns who want to enslave everyone.

    I keep pointing out the obvious using many examples: nearly all the the liberal ideology aside from sex, is total McCarthy red scare fascism.

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