Denver People’s Climate March Today: Will The Snow Storm Stop Them?

From The Deplorable Climate Science Blog: Today is the People’s Climate March day and Mother Nature is celebrating the march in Denver by…

We finally got spring here this week on my mountain, the daffodils bloomed this last week which is very late, the cherry tree is still in bloom and it is nearly May.

It isn’t just the US that has snow storms all this week:  Frost Strikes France Again, Savaging Bordeaux Vines.  It is freezing cold in Europe, too.


The predictions of ‘global warming’ have failed repeatedly which is why they changed the name to ‘climate change’ and of course, no one is claiming that the climate never changes, the entire point is, it does change, sometimes very dramatically and suddenly.


Of all the forces at work on the climate, the most persistent and deadly happens to be the Ice Age cycles which are long and very cold and quite hard.  These, in turn, has driven the evolution of a simian branch to become what we call ‘humans’ today.


It is why humans figured out how to make fires, for example, long ago, before the most recent Ice Age.  It drove these monkey species to become hunters and wear other animal’s fur, too.  The yo-yo effect of climate has driven human evolution in astonishing ways.


Anyone who claims today that they can have a non-changing climate are insane.  Since we can mainly guess as to why Ice Ages not only happen frequently but are getting colder, too, claiming to know what drives our climate is insane if the discussion ignores this salient fact.


The fact that ‘scientists’ have been encouraged and paid to lie about our climate is infuriating. Their childish fixation in setting up a climate that never changes is insane.  Their various persecutions used to attack critics and to justify mugging tax payers and users of energy systems is criminal.


Turning us over to foreign powers that are hostile and letting them dictate to us, what we do at home, especially when these foreign dictatorships merrily burn fossil fuels, is treason.  Arrest the people pushing this.  Of course, they rule us still, to some degree though their grip is getting weaker.


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7 responses to “Denver People’s Climate March Today: Will The Snow Storm Stop Them?

  1. Lou

    The title of this makes me laugh.
    At least they are not stuck at the South Pole, in the ice, studying warming.

  2. KHS71

    I laugh at their name, The “Peoples” Climate March. Reminds me of communist China. Do they not see the correlations or are they communist?

  3. tglobal

    ‘…to some degree…’ Nice

  4. Mewswithaview

    Given the late frosts over the northern hemisphere this year with significant damage done to apple and vine crops and doubtless others being set back we may well see an increase in food prices later in the year due to poor yields. I’ll be working on food storage this year to extend my back yard crops.

  5. Mewswithaview

    It takes a special kind of denial to intimate rising temperatures when reality says otherwise.

  6. Moe

    Irony alert

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