Bilderberg Battle Against ‘Fake News’ Is Like Cat Fighting Mirror

Angry Cat Fight with Himself in a Mirror – YouTube


News — RT: I have found that RT News out of Russia is one of the best sources for censored news in the NATO nations.  The Bilderberg gang hates RT news and is censoring it as much as possible.  Macron’s campaign accuses RT of spreading ‘fake news,’ dodges requests for clarification — RT News reported yesterday.  It is hilarious, watching our Rulers battle over what is fake news and what is real news.  This is because they presumed for many years, that their propaganda campaigns were not all lies. This way, they lied whole NATO populations into one war after another, endlessly, year after year after year

Some of RT News that actually has real global news daily.  Note that we are doubling down in Afghanistan…again!  The front pages of the NYT, on the other hand, is one long editorial squeal about Trump doing all sorts of things.  Near zero real news.


French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team, which rejected accreditation and accused RT of spreading fake news, has literally hung up on the request to clarify why they refuse to honor freedom of the press.


Macron is a Bilderberg/banker gnome that is pretending to be a ‘socialist’ but at the same time that other thing which is part of the National Socialist system we know as ‘Naziism’.  Only Macron is OK with inviting millions of illegal aliens into Europe to destabilize and neutralize citizens there, making them too weak or too scared to fight off the Bilderberg gang.


Macron’s spokeswoman did not last on the phone for a minute, and hung up the moment she discovered she was being asked for a comment from the political movement’s apparent arch-foe, RT, which En Marche! a day earlier called a “two-headed entity” engaged in state propaganda and fake news.


Yes, here in the US as well as in Europe we have this double headed system whereby the mainstream news has to lie all the time or worse, totally conceal important information from the citizens and also attacking anyone who does report real news, claiming they are all ‘fake news’.


This system is stupid, of course, now that we have the internet, censoring is hard to do but they are insidiously doing it.  All the big bosses who are the richest people on earth are plotting schemes daily that are designed to eliminate rival information.


The attempts at censorship is growing worse each day since the Deplorables in the US and England voted for things the Bilderberg gang hates, they are in this all-out war to destroy information systems and to lock down the citizens who are voting the ‘wrong way’.


Refusing to speak to RT, the spokeswoman asked to send her an email and patiently wait for their comment – despite being told that several previous letters from RT were left without an answer. Seconds later, she hung up under the pretext of being outside of the office and having bad phone reception.


HAHAHA…I love how the poor saps toiling for the Bilderberg gangsters have to play dumb.  Are they this stupid?  No, obviously not.  But do they look stupid?  Absolutely!  This is why it is so funny.  The excuses about ‘I can’t hear you’ are particularly funny for it has been a running joke for the last 100 years.  Why can’t these people be more creative when they lie?


Brain dead is brain dead.  Their souls, sucked dry, can’t handle anything except on autopilot.


Although the spokesman failed to provide any specific examples of Russian media spreading fake news, he hinted that Macron’s position on Russian media won’t change.


RT news is particularly good at handing out real news. Of course, they will conceal news about Russia that they choose to conceal, everyone does this!  But outright lying?  Nope.


Tear gas, over 200 arrests at May Day clashes in Istanbul— RT News reports today.  There are many in Turkey who don’t like the Islamic Power moves by Erdogan. Turkey: May Day protesters tear gassed in Istanbul, some 200 arrested as Communists and Anarchists fight riot squads- YouTube

Police suspect arson as Sweden’s largest Shiite mosque badly damaged by fire — RT News reports.  I went to the NYT to see if they are reporting any news and nearly the entire front page was used to attack Trump over and over again.  So monotonous and stupid, this fixation on one thing only is killing the NYT, turning it into something stupider than the National Enquirer.

Yes, this is the only ‘world news’ story on their front page.  And it is all about ‘fake news’ and how the richest people on earth who are Bilderberg gangsters are creating ‘algorithms’ to detect ‘fake news’ which is fake, of course.


Otherwise, 90% of the postings by US media giants would be labeled ‘fake news’.  But this stupid program is designed to keep out real news, not fake news.  This is the oxymorons set up by these morons. They think they can fool everyone, of course.


There is a lot of ‘fake’ stuff floating around the web.  People choose to believe all sorts of dumb things, this is how religions operate.  But judging what is real and what is fake is always in dispute.  We have ideologies mucking up say, temperature data.


To create ‘global warming’ hysteria, people toyed with basic incoming data to skewer it to make up this storyline that we are roasting to death.  All the world’s rulers decided, controlling people is easier when they believe they are all going to die unless they stop living first world cultural systems.


So, while the elites flew here and there in private jets and sailed, as Obama did recently, on fancy yachts and living in gigantic palaces, we all are to live in cardboard boxes and consume no energy.  This scheme has fallen due to it being colder, not warmer, than the 1930’s and so they badger us endlessly to believe we are actually roasting…it is cold outside today, by the way.  And May, no less.


The NYT invested a tremendous amount of attention to telling me, I am going to roast to death when I was very cold.  Still does, but less often since it is too cold to tell me I am too hot right now.  But this is the problem: people love to lie about whatever if they have a goal.


The goal of the Bilderberg gang is to make us all weak and poor so they can rule us in draconian ways and we can’t fight back. This is failing, citizen resistance to this plot are growing, not shrinking.  In Europe, it may be too late already. But they are fighting back.


The NYT  ‘fake news’ story is like much of their propaganda stories: fake.  The real news is, Le Pen has been able to surmount all the attacks and frauds of the Bilderberg gang including an attempt to arrest her on trumped up charges.  She will win unless they steal the election.


Already, the government dictating to the French people, that they must be destroyed, has tried the scheme of sending double ballots to French living outside of France hoping this would tilt the scales.  It didn’t work.


Now they have to do something else: most likely, election day violence, preventing voters from reaching the polls.  They will unleash the millions of illegal aliens on the French people and hope to scare them away and accept this insane rule that brought in these millions of illegal aliens. is another realistic news site: NATO is dying: Tensions between US and Turkey grows over Syrian invasions by both countries.  US Marines Return to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province as we repeat every mistake during the last 50 years, over and over again.  How monotonous.


Zero mention of all this in the NYT.  Indeed, nearly every headline at is not a headline in the NYT. Here is the even worse Washington Post:

HAHAHA…Trump had to drop all attempts at diplomacy with Russia thanks to the fake news machine working overtime to attack him nonstop about this.  They continue, only now, their target has moved out of the firing line so they attack Trump’s supporters instead.


This neo-con/neo-McCarthyism of the fake liberals is amusing, strange and historic. They flipped entirely from supporting leftist junk to supporting far right junk.  And are too stupid to figure out that they have done this and it makes them all look insane.

“CNN Sucks” Chant by Crowd at Trump First 100 Days Rally –but then, they all ‘suck’ now.



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33 responses to “Bilderberg Battle Against ‘Fake News’ Is Like Cat Fighting Mirror

  1. Christian W

    OT NATO insanity:

    The US/EU NATO Nazi project in Kiev Ukraine is going… full Nazi:,7340,L-4955865,00.html

    Ukraine opens criminal probe against 94-year-old Jewish WWII hero

    In an unprecedented move, Ukrainian authorities are opening a criminal investigation into 94-year-old Jewish WWII hero, Col. Boris Steckler, who is accused of having killed a Nazi collaborator.


  2. Jim R

    @Christian #1.

    … which we previously discussed on this very forum. Not this news story, which is new, but the insanity of the oligarch Jews.

    They think they can control the chaos that results from this empowerment of the Nazis, but it will turn and bite them.

    I just wonder how long it will take for the Ukrops to figure out that there’s more benefit in going after a Jewish oligarch than a poor elderly Jewish veteran. Those Ukrops are pretty stupid, so I’m not holding my breath..

  3. Case

    The google algorithm has changed completely from its original purpose. Before you might get independent blogs, websites, forum topics and so on. Now it returns only MSM results and even then only from the last few hours/days.

  4. Correct, Case. It happened in the last few weeks, the censorship is now quite severe and extremely annoying. All the ‘mainstream’ choices are near identical triplets, and going into the past has vanished. It is extremely annoying!

    I have been increasingly pissed off at searches, they become less and less useful and this will kill the systems, of course, but they evidently don’t give a rat’s ass about this possibility.

  5. Lou

    Who uses Google?

  6. Jim R

    Apparently Elaine still tries to use it.

    I use Startpage most of the time. There’s also Duckduckgo and Yandex. It is not really necessary to use Google.

  7. Jack

    On 4/2/17 the Los Angeles Times published an editorial entitled Our Dishonest President. It inspired me to write a parody called Our Dishonest Media. You may reproduce it or link to it if you wish.

  8. tio


    most of the internet .. unfortunately.
    {News that Google has developed a new AI system that “identifies abusive comments” to clamp down on “hate speech” reminds us why mainstream media websites are censoring and removing comment sections altogether – because studies show they have more influence over the opinion of the reader than the article itself.

    Google’s new tool, Perspective, works by comparing comments left on news websites to comments left on Wikipedia and the New York Times that were deemed “toxic” by a team of human reviewers.}

  9. Christian W

    It’s funny, I just read the Wikipedia entry on the Chinese President Xi, and of course it complained about Chinese censorship of the internet…

    Will I find something about Google/US MSM censorship if I read about Trump? Won’t bother wasting my time by looking…

  10. Christian W

    This should interest Elaine. A Chinese general, no less, gives his view on US economic strategy:

    When the Bretton Woods system was set up, the U.S. promised the world that the U.S. dollar would be pegged to gold while every other country’s currency could peg to the dollar. One ounce of gold was fixed at US$35. With this promise, the U.S. couldn’t do anything according to its own will. In other words, the Americans couldn’t print an unlimited number of dollars. Whenever it printed a dollar bill, it had to add one additional ounce of gold into its treasury as a reserve.

    The U.S. made that promise to the world because it held eighty percent of the world’s gold reserve at that time. The Americans thought that, with that much gold in hand, it was enough to support the U.S. dollar’s creditability.

    However, it was not that simple. The U.S. stupidly got involved in the Korean War and the Vietnam War, which cost it dearly. The Vietnam War especially cost US$800 billion. The cost became so much that the U.S. couldn’t bear it. Based on the U.S.’s promise, every time it spent US$35, it meant a loss of one ounce of gold.

    By August 1971, the Americans had about 8,800 tons of gold left. They knew they were in trouble. Other people continued creating new trouble for them. For example, French President De Gaulle didn’t trust the U.S. dollar. He asked the French Finance Minister and Central Bank President and was told that France had about US$2.3 billion dollars in reserve. He told them to sell all of that for gold. Some other countries followed suit.

    Thus, on August 15, 1971, then U.S. President Nixon announced that the U.S. stopped pegging the dollar to gold. It was the beginning of the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, and also a way in which the Americans cheated the world. However, the world didn’t realize it.

    People trusted the U.S. dollar because it was supported by gold. The U.S. dollar had been the international currency, the settlement currency, and the reserve currency for over 20 years. People were used to the dollar. When the U.S. dollar suddenly lost its tie to gold, it then, in theory, became a pure piece of green paper. Why did people still use it?

    In theory people could stop using it., Bbut in practice what would people use for international settlement? Currency is a measure of value. If people stopped using the U.S. dollar, was there any other currency they trusted?

    Thus, the Americans took advantage of people’s inertia and forced the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to accept the U.S. condition that the world’s oil trade must settle in U.S. dollars. Previously, oil trades were settled in any international currency, but, since October 1973, settlement was limited to the U.S. dollar only.

  11. Christian W


    After unpegging from precious metal, the Americans linked their dollar to oil. Why? The Americans were very clear: people might dislike the U.S. dollar, but they could not live without energy. Every country needed development and thus needed to consume energy. In this way, the need for oil translated into the need for the U.S. dollar. For the U.S., this was a very smart move.

    Not many people had a clear understanding of this at the time. People, including economists and financial experts, didn’t realize that the most important thing in the 20th century was not World War I, World War II, or the disintegration of the USSR, but rather the August 15, 1971, disconnection between the U.S. dollar and gold.

    Since that day, a true financial empire has emerged, the U.S. dollar’s hegemony has been established, and we have entered a true paper currency era. There is no precious metal behind the U.S. dollar. The government’s credit is the sole support for the U.S. dollar. The U.S. makes a profit from the whole world. This means that the Americans can obtain material wealth from the world by printing a piece of green paper.

    This has never happened in the world before. Throughout mankind’s history there have been many ways for people to obtain wealth: an exchange with currency, gold, or silver, or using war to grab things (however, war is very costly). When the U.S. dollar became just a piece of green paper, the cost for the U.S. to make money became extremely low.


  12. Christian W

    Not related to the article above but wow, the private shysters owning the FED are no strangers to robbing the US citizens along with the world:

  13. I have written about all that in the past. I watched it happen in real time, I lived overseas in the late 1960’s when a dollar was worth a lot. I had to survive the inflation years that were pure hell, this is when I became the Housewife from Hell fighting criminals day and night.

    What had ‘value’ was ILLEGAL DRUGS! Duh.


  14. Christian W

    I know. I highlighted those parts because they reflected what you have written. What the article talks about, and what you have not written about, is how the US used this system to loot the world and how the Chinese plan to protect themselves against US financial and military aggression.

    It’s fascinating to see a Chinese general point to the truth of what has been going on in world politics for 4 decades without the US spin on events.

    It is also rather concering because the article shows the US always uses either financial aggression or warfare to solve it’s economic problems. And now the US is again at a point where it’s economy has stalled and we will see either

    A. a manufactured crisis as some point on the globe (Europe/Brexit/Frexit?) ie targeting the Euro economy.


    B. War, most likely in Asia, to propel “capital flight to safety” ie to the US.

  15. Petruchio

    Has everyone here noted how long it took Germany to repatriate their Gold from the Fed’s reserve vaults in New York City? First the Fed told Germany they couldn’t give them their gold back, then they told Germany they would have to wait!! Curious, huh? One would think that an item–in this case gold–stored for safekeeping could be retrieved by its owners at any time. Reports have it that the Gold the Germans finally got back from the Fed do NOT have German markings on them.

  16. Germany owes us for 60 years of protection. Ditto, Japan. The gold barely is enough.

  17. Christian W

    I know. The US also recently demanded Cambodia pay for all the bombs the US dropped in Cambodia in the 60s/70s. It’s costly to protect other nations after all.

    Nice racketeering. Make the victims pay. Smedley Butler had it right. The white US war culture raizes other nations to the ground for profit, all the while seeing itself as the victim.

    Cambodians are responding with outrage to the U.S. government’s demand that the country repay a nearly 50-year-old loan to Cambodia’s brutal Lon Nol government, which came to power through a U.S.-backed coup and spent much of its foreign funds purchasing arms to kill its own citizens, according to Cambodia’s current prime minister Hun Sen.

    While the U.S. was backing the Lon Nol government, it was also strafing the Cambodian countryside with bombs—a carpet-bombing campaign that would eventually see over 500,000 tons of explosives dropped on the small Asian country, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and leaving a legacy of unexploded ordnances.

    “[The U.S.] dropped bombs on our heads and then they ask us to repay. When we do not repay, they tell the IMF [International Monetary Fund] not to lend us money,” Hun Sen said at an Asia-Pacific regional conference earlier this month.

    “At the same time the U.S. was giving weapons to Lon Nol, it was bombing the Cambodian countryside into oblivion and creating millions of refugees fleeing into Phnom Penh and destroying all political fabric and civil life in the country,” former Australian ambassador to Cambodia Tony Kevin told Australia’s ABC.

    “And all of this was simply to stop the supplies coming down to South Vietnam, as it was then, from the north,” Kevin added. “So the United States created a desert in Cambodia in those years, and Americans know this.”


    The US destruction of Cambodia set the stage for the Khmer Rouge madness that followed.

  18. Christian, we did not declare war on them both, Japan and Germany declared war on the world. They came to fight England and the US by attacking us at sea and on land.

    Don’t be a sop for evil dictatorships. I am not against ‘wars’ never have been. I have been against stupid wars with no real goals.

  19. Christian W

    I am not sopping for evil dictatorships. My argument is deeper than that. That also means I am not a sop for the British Empire nor the US system which is what you take umbrage to.

    WWI: The Germans wanted to grow, the British GLOBAL EMPIRE especially, did not want them to. You have written on this blog WWI started the minute Germany became a stronger economy than the British.

    The Germans did nothing abroad the British Empire and the US had not already done. Their crime was to be late to the looting party and enter the scene as COMPETITION.

    The US wanted to grow too, which is why it joined WWI and WWII to great profit, in both cases against the will of it’s population, from a strategically advantegous position.

    Also, in WWI, the US attacked Germany. That is a fact.

    Lusitania was carrying ammunition and the Germans very clearly warned the US that if Lusitania sailed carrying ammunition that was going to kill German troops, they would sink Lusitania. They did everything they could to warn the US diplomatically and very publicly, not to do this. But the evil US government pretended there was no ammunition on the Lusitania and deliberately sent hundreds of US ciitzens to their deaths.

  20. Lou

    #20. Yes, the information about the ship was sealed by US government, for decades.
    It was the John Birch Society that went and did an expose, once the 50? year gag order was over.

  21. Christian W

    Another fact. The US attacked Japan in 1853.

    On July 8, 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry of the United States Navy, commanding a squadron of two steamers and two sailing vessels, sailed into Tôkyô harbor aboard the frigate Susquehanna. Perry, on behalf of the U.S. government, forced Japan to enter into trade with the United States and demanded a treaty permitting trade and the opening of Japanese ports to U.S. merchant ships. This was the era when all Western powers were seeking to open new markets for their manufactured goods abroad, as well as new countries to supply raw materials for industry.

    It was clear that Commodore Perry could impose his demands by force. The Japanese had no navy with which to defend themselves, and thus they had to agree to the demands.

    Another fact. The US shot the first shots in anger against the Japanese in WWII. Pearl Harbor was secondary.

  22. Christian W

    Btw, “this era” has never ended (This was the era when all Western powers were seeking to open new markets for their manufactured goods abroad, as well as new countries to supply raw materials for industry.)

    I find it much more interesting to stop waiving a flag and actually take a look at what happened and the deeper economic, strategic, psychological factors etc that propel policy decisions whatever they may be.

  23. Christian W


    If you take a step back and look at WHY the West not only allowed but supported the rise of Hitler things become much clearer.

    Germany, at that time, had by far the best scientific brains in the world. Germany also had the Ruhr industrial area. But after WWI Germany was exhausted and lacked an effective army and a defense.

    Britain, Germany and the US had managed to destroy Russia with the Communist infiltrators (Lenin etc) they sent in during WWI. But now Stalin was in charge and rapidly building a giant Red Army. The UK and France were both exhausted and broke. How to stop Stalin from simply rolling in to Germany and take over all the Universities and the Ruhr area, in effect taking over main land Europe?

    Enter Hitler. Hitler was anti-Communist, pro-Military, and Pro-Zionism (meaning he wanted to export the Jews to Palestine. Hitler even made a deal with the Zionists to send German Jews to Palestine, a decade before he came up the insane Final Solution). He was perfect.

    In Germany they teach that it was British POLICY to have Germany and Russia at war, both times WWI and WWII.

  24. My godmother was one of the very, very first little girls to enter Japan as her father was a diplomat. He used her to enter the Palace of the Shogun, sent her toddling in.

    The Ladies went nuts over the ‘cute little girl.’

    The Japanese were declining into utter destruction when Perry came over. The Shoguns were literally starving the people to death. They THRIVED after the US opened the doors.

    China, on the other hand, was looted by all the EU empires.

  25. Jim R

    Japan was the recipient of Washington’s largesse in the east, and Israel was the recipient in the west. All part of world domination strategy following WWII. Therefore Japan had all the nice things … the whole objective was to loot the continent of Asia and keep it from becoming a rival power.

    That strategy is arriving at its conclusion now. It may take another decade or two or three to unwind, but it clearly isn’t working any more.

  26. Christian W

    It’s true Japan was decrepit and weak. The following decades Japan “modernized” and only 50 years later, in 1904, the Japanese Navy defeated the Russian Navy.

    As part of modernizing Japan needed resources, so they aped the US and British approach and sent their armies an delegates abroad. China, in shambles after a century of looting, was invaded in 1931-32 and again in 1937.

    When WWII kicked off the US, in 1941, again stepped inside Japans sphere of influence and cut off Japan’s access to vital resources. Japan was still at war in China, a war that would not end until 1945. So when the US cut Japan off, Japan was already at war for years and now faced defeat due to strangulation and war exhaustion. The US ability to roll up Japan should be seen in the context of Japan fighting a two front war, with a materially much weaker army than the US.

    Of course the US planners knew this, which is why the White House set up the Pearl Harbor trap to entice Japan to attack first in the minds of the American people.

  27. Christian W

    Ever since the US Civil War the US military strategists have had a favourite plan – the Anaconda plan of encircling your enemy and starve them out with economic and material sanctions and blockades, followed by attacking a weakened enemy in mulitiple places with materially superior forces.

  28. We were a very strong empire back then. But over the last half a century, it was run (mostly by recent…ie…after the Civil war immigrants) deep into debt.

    Now, we are running on fumes. Why we must run the planet is INSANE.

  29. Christian W

    It is insane. And the US was also DELIBERATLY, run deep into debt.

    It is also a lesson in how actions have reactions.

    After WWI, that the US “won”, the MIC/Wall Street Beast grew many sizes. Smedley Butler warned about this. The WWII “victory” grew the MIC and Banking Beast many sizes again. Eisenhower warned about this. The Beast demanded to be fed again in the 60s and JFK tried to stop it, but was murdered for his trouble.

    Now, the MIC and Banking Beast is totally outside any control and regulation, feeding as it goes, laying waste in it’s wake. That is why you are running on fumes now.

  30. Christian W

    But, then again, the elites are doing alright. Susan Rice, a public servant, is worth $50 million. It’s mysteriously lucrative being a Washington insider.

  31. Jim R

    Since Nixon, we’ve been running on fumes. Just the way it is.

    Obviously, if Nixon had kept the dollar linked to gold, it would have meant austerity here. Either Ft Knox would have been quickly emptied, or we would have entered a nasty recession.

    Since then we’ve been kicking the ‘recession’ can down the road with printed money, with ‘petrodollars’. I’m not really looking forward to the can reaching the end of that road, but it seems inevitable…

  32. Yes, the funds flowing to people in our government systems are all bribes.

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