Le Pen May Win, Drowning EU Elites Freak Out

Marine Le Pen Surges to Record 47% In Polls- French Teens Explain Her Popularity – YouTubeNote the surge in young ladies who are against ANTIFA youth. Note, too, that the women making strides in politics are mainly conservative women.


I predicted this would happen: Marine Le Pen Surges in Latest French Poll Against Globalist Emmanuel Macron.  Bingo!  ‘Ms Le Pen said: “The country Mr Macron wants is no longer France; it’s a space, a wasteland, a trading room where there are only consumers and producers.”’  Yes, she nailed it on the head.  Just for this reason alone, she should win.  The neo-‘socialist’ who is a secret neo-‘communist’ banker is losing ground, why on earth would the workers vote for that sort of creep?  She will win and then the battle Royale will begin because both sides of the Channel will now be anti-Bilderberg!  Wow.


Trump, who has been on the ropes lately, will see a surge in his base’s power as we threaten to take down anyone standing in the way.  The invasions of nations are now going to stop, and not one minute too soon.  History is crystal clear: ‘barbarian’ invasions can destroy civilizations. I should know, my own heritage is, we destroyed the Roman Empire.


Now totally on a different topic: I grew up in the desert of Arizona and my family was virtually, for a number of years, the only people who were around to save others.  I belonged to ‘Search and Rescue’ and took all the courses and had a strong rodeo horse, Socksie, and a strong rope and one of the things I did during and after storms was close off roads so no one would get swept away.


One storm, a lady was angry that I stopped her and said, ‘Little girl, get out of the way or I will run you over.’  I let her drive into the flooded road and then rescued her when her care started to be swept away.


I seriously considered letting her die but then figured I would feel too much guilt so I saved her.  Now…many years later, people still have no idea how floods work especially ‘flash floods’.


Here is a story in today’s news that had me rather angry, no, extremely pissed off: Video shows the rescue of a Texas family when road floods: ‘I need some f**king help!’ Incredible moment heroes rescue a dying BABY and a toddler from a truck that flipped into a ditch as their father tried to escape the Texas flooding.


OK, that joker driving this truck is responsible for doing something very stupid.  He saw the running water and decided to drive very fast through it figuring this would work.  It never works on flooded roads.


Easy to understand: the faster the tires move, the less they press into the road, the more momentum of the vehicles means it is like a power boat, not a car.  His truck tore into the flooded road and then FLIPPED OVER.


This can only happen if someone is speeding like crazy.  The more water, the slower one must go so it doesn’t splash up into the exhaust or the engine.  Duh.


Luckily for the little children and the mother, strangers risked their lives to save them all. One child nearly died and is still in serious condition.  Sigh.


I decided to visit other similar stories and found many on You Tube: Men swept away by flood trying to help selfish woman – YouTube

The silly female in the car refused to exit and be saved,  she argued with the men who were risking their lives.  She thought she could drive out of it.  Being very brave but also not really understanding the danger, they kept trying to argue with her to exit the car when it was swept away but one of the men was swept away and killed.


I had a rule of thumb: if people were stupid and went into flooded roads, I would let them die only when confronted with this, I did save the creature but…I had a strong horse trained to walk backwards with a heavy animal, a cow, on a rope so he had no trouble saving the human.


If I were holding the rope, I would have been dragged into the river, too.  Thus, the need to not risk driving into fast flowing water is key to survivability.  More stories on You Tube:
2010 Nashville Flooding – Truck Driver Flips Over Cars – YouTube

Car swept away in Boerne, TX flood May 23, 2015 – YouTube

Heavy flood swept away vehicle with people on it – YouTube

Heavy rain & floods in Saudi Arabia February 2017 – YouTube: this happened this last month!  In deserts, often when it rains, it pours like crazy.  Saudi Arabia has been having snow storms and heavy rain this winter.  This reminds me of the cold 1970’s.


Back to Le Pen: the French people are in a car stuck in the middle of a street that has turned into a raging river.  Constant terror attacks, illegal alien riots, rising crime in general, a deterioration of all systems, it is being systematically destroyed from within.


They have to save themselves.  This means making difficult choices.  If you try to save all humanity, they will kill you.  This is true of ‘drowning people will drown rescuers’ because this is the nature of such situations.  A rope does work, I would never jump in to save someone drowning, once only I did this and barely survived, it was a harsh lesson.


The British people voted to cut themselves away from drowning Europe.  They are being attacked every day because of this, Merkel did it again yesterday.  Snarling and snapping, she is demanding the England drown with Germany.  Foolish woman.


Right now, Congress and the mainstream fake news media are screaming at Trump to save the entire world, to do all the crap that will destroy us, to not build any walls but to let in millions more illegal aliens, etc.  They want him to save the planet while they try to drown him.


He would be a fool to fall for this.  All he should do is throw them a rope and then ride his horse backwards, not into the raging river of BS.  But then, Trump doesn’t listen to me!  No way in hell.




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17 responses to “Le Pen May Win, Drowning EU Elites Freak Out

  1. JimmyJ

    Water is forceful. You’d think that the everyday experience kids have with suction in their sink or bath drains holding their hand down would inform them as adults. A few inches and your little hand is stuck for good.

    1 cubic foot of water weighs just over 60 lbs and then consider momentum in a current. You can barely keep standing in a moderate current up to your calfs. If it’s as high as your knees one misstep and your gone to whatever awaits downstream, in a flood it may be debris that entraps you. Certainly several feet in a flash flood is immediately deadly due to force of current and downstream debris. Even boats are no protection in floods. A good friend’s in-law died in a flooded creek due to being trapped in a boat against a debris pile where the current tore the boat apart and trapped him under the hull in the debris.

    Even a small, clear, postcard rocky creek can quickly drown you if your foot wedges under a rock or you find yourself in a hydraulic. Locally an urban park has a mountain stream that flows very slightly in summer and it’s very tempting so kids drown every year in hydraulics created by current flowing through smooth bowls in the rock due to not realizing how a a few feet of water flowing in a slight current can hold a kid under.

  2. Jim R

    It’s a thing all across the southwest. Don’t drive across the low water crossing when the creek is up. Country roads, and small streets in town, frequently have these low places, because it is very expensive to build a bridge, and the creek is only up for a few hours when it rains, which is infrequent.

    As for the French election, I see it as a mirror image of the recent US election. It looks like the voters are going to go for the candidate that the “authorities” told them not to vote for. Just because they are sick and tired of “authorities”, whose advice has never been good for the average people.

    But of course, there are differences — Le Pen is smarter that Trump, for example…

  3. Christian W

    I think LePen will win too. Now what she does with that power will be interesting to see. It is easier said than done to kick start an economy. What will her solution be? She can crack down hard on the “Muslims” but being a bully is the easy part. How will she finance a Frexit?

    I’ve been to France a couple of times recently, and beneath the facade of modernity here and there it is still seemingly stuck in the 60/70s with aging infrastructure. Will she have to turn to the Gulf Sheiks for money? How will the Zionist establishment react?

  4. Claudeeyah

    We had some flash flooding here today as well in N.C. Nothing as severe in my area as in your clips, but I learned many years ago to have a great respect for water; chiefly, the undertow of the power of the ocean.

    When I was around eleven or so, I became a rather adept body surfer. One afternoon a storm was brewing and I marveled at the waves that were crashing to the shore. Most of the other beach goers had left for cover, but I decided to remain and find the “ultimate wave”. Well, I didn’t find it, it found me. Rather, the undertow found me. Tried as I might, and I was pretty strong and wiry back then, I couldn’t gain any footing. The sea floor vanished beneath my feet. At the same time, the undertow was forcing me out into the middle of the Atlantic. I quickly realized I was losing control, so my first instinct was to swim like mad away from the current. Huge mistake.

    I quickly became exhausted and could feel the ocean dragging me down to the bottom of the sea. I swallowed a good bit of salt water before I came to my senses and started to swim like mad, parallel to the coastline, ever so consciously making my way back to the surf. It took a while, but I at last escaped from the grip lock the water had on me, swimming fast as I could.

    By the time I reached the shore, I could barely walk, I was so tired. I’ve no doubt I could have drowned that day and have never forgotten the lessons the harsh mistress of the sea taught me that afternoon.

  5. Seraphim

    The truth is that the Roman Empire was never destroyed. It eventually tamed all successive waves of barbarians.

  6. Moe

    The recent US election revealed a great deal about the electorate and its grievances/biases. So too will the French election. If the French do not elect Pen they embrace self-immolation, and will warrant it. No problem: if the French are that weak they won’t survive anyway, and will be engulfed by the Muslim horde.

  7. About undertow: I learned how to deal with it via swimming with sea otters in California. If you lay on your back and wiggle in the water, you can go great distances while being totally calm and relaxed.

    The minute you put any limb into the water below the top 10 inches, you are fighting the ocean, not sliding around in it. This is how all sea animals live, they slither through the water. Undulating the entire body does wonders with swimming.

    I have done this so much, it is the only way I swim now, even in pools. It is a lot of fun.

  8. Moe

    I did whitewater canoeing for many years, and a single dump in a class 3 or 3+ rapid is sufficient for one to forever apprehend the power of moving water.

    When my sons were big enough (around ten) we would don our PFDs and I would float down a class 2 rapid with each one, he facing upward on my chest, our feet downstream and at water surface. Was a blast and we (almost) always avoided the ‘pillows’ i.e., rocks just below surface. Well, the kids always avoided the pillows as they were elevated!

  9. Moe

    Derbyshire on French election

    “My guess, which may be wrong is that these factors will be sufficient to make Mr. Macron the next President of France. That’s good news for him, but bad news for France—and for Western civilization.”


  10. Macron is not going to do well. The media giants are screaming that he will win exactly like they did during the Brexit vote and the US election. It is mere wishful thinking.

  11. Lou

    11–Riots? Collapse?

  12. Jim R

    “The media giants are screaming that he will win exactly like they did…”

    It’s what I have been thinking for quite a while now. The people who still have a ‘vote’ are sick and tired of being told who to ‘vote’ for.

  13. Ziff

    My other 2 experts , dick Morris and M Armstrong are saying Macron, interesting,,

  14. Yes, isn’t that hilarious?

  15. Macron won but the ‘no one above’ vote was the second biggest vote and Le Pen and that vote were overwhelmingly more.

    He has no mandate at all. But it was a fake election with the media totally one sided…

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