Merkel And Putin Join Forces, NATO In Tatters After May Day Riots



Breaking news: Putin and Merkel just made a huge series of deals that changes the dynamics of EU politics, big time.  I was at the hospital this morning taking care of a relative and had written half my story before this news hit…


ANTIFA celebrated May Day by rioting in DNC-run cities in DNC-run states.  Under Obama, rioters could do as they please, that is, attack everyone they wanted and thus, were allowed to riot and intimidate Trump supporters.  The US media who wanted Hillary didn’t cover these attacks carefully, even to the point of lying about who was the attacker, blaming Trump supporters for defending themselves.


You reap what you sow an the DNC used these tools who are now turning on them.  ANTIFA wears masks and fight back and are handled like little babies because the cops are told to ‘intimidate’ not fight.


This is infuriating for these very same forces were removed during the election.  I believe that there should be a major investigation of the collusion between the DNC and the rioters during the election.


The DNC has no legitimacy due to allowing and lying about rioters.  They were stupid to do this because it caused a backlash…duh.  In states run by Democrats, the conservatives are now moving out in the open because they notice that the police state forces are now being allowed to fight back against leftist radicals.


These radicals are headquartered in universities run mainly by females who have radicalized themselves because due to the collapse of the professor system, only females are willing to work part time under humiliating conditions, men have opted to avoid all of this, or are still concentrated in fields requiring lots of math skills that men have a better ability than women.

Seattle May Day Riot 2016, Violence, Mayhem and Molotov Cocktails – YouTube


This is the riot last May Day in the same city.  5 police were taken to the hospital and they arrested SIX rioters!  WTH?  When the Berkeley riot over  my arrest happened in 1969, they arrested over 100 people!  This shows the level of political collusion of DNC clowns enabling and allowing rioters to harm police and rip apart cities.

France: Molotov cocktails strike police officers amid clashes at Paris protest – YouTube


The exact same believers doing the same rioting, the police backing down still in Paris…and Le Pen is loving every minute of this because it proves her right.  The police are ‘scared’ of the rioters who are all wearing masks.


Instead of protecting the city and the citizens, the police cower behind buildings and walls and beg the rioters to stop.  Well, Le Pen is going to win.  Where is her stupid rival, Macron the Moron?  Is he there ordering them to stop rioting?


Of course not!  They are tools only the ‘tools’ are destroying him when they attack Le Pen.  The police, I am absolutely certain, will happily switch gears and fight back when Le Pen takes over France.

Putin called such attempts “futile” after a German reporter asked whether Chancellor Angela Merkel was worried about the possibility of Russia meddling in her country’s upcoming elections, as it allegedly did during the US elections.


“You have referred to an example that hasn’t been proven by anyone or anything. These are merely rumors that are being used in US political in-fighting,”Putin said.


“We never interfere, either in political life or in the political processes of other countries. We would also like that no one would interfere in Russia’s political life,” Putin said.


“Unfortunately, what we see is precisely the opposite. We have seen attempts to interfere in internal political processes in Russia for a very long time,” he noted, adding that this happens through various NGOs and even directly.


“Realizing how harmful and futile these efforts are, we have never even thought of meddling in the political processes in other countries,” Putin said.


The western media is dead set on this fantastic idea that Russia runs our elections.  This is because so many voters hate the ‘good’ candidates we are supposed to vote into office.  These clowns demand we vote for them and cannot understand why we have any choices at all.  Their goal is ‘no choices, ever’.

Russia: Merkel touches down in Sochi ahead of talks with Putin – YouTube: oh my, so Putin is going to make a deal with Merkel?  HAHAHA.  I suspect she is seeing the writing on the Berlin Wall, ja?  I see wheels turning now.  I wonder if the Paris riots yesterday is causing Merkel to think a tad harder?


Moving NATO troops right up to Russia’s front door breaks many promises and Russia has let Merkel understand, in WWIII, Germany won’t have one square inch of habitable land.  Duh.


Playing WWIII games is highly dangerous for Europe.  Since much of the EU is being systematically destroyed from within, the Russians won’t waste any nukes on much of it, but Germany…there is gallons of bad blood between Germany and Russia and ditto, France if the French vote for anti-Russian lunatics like Macron.


Oddly enough, Le Pen, like Trump, would want better relations with Russia.  Trump did, too, but was systematically destroyed by the US media giants and the Bilderberg gangsters there and in Congress to prevent any sane discussions between Trump and Putin.


“The two leaders will discuss the current state and prospects of bilateral relations, including energy, trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation,” a Kremlin statement reads.


I believe that when Putin did the nuclear war exercises around two weeks ago, this woke up the Germans.  They looked at the maps and looked at the targets and decided they won’t win squat in WWIII.  They frankly, will no longer exist.


“They also plan to address key international problems, including the fight against terrorism, the situation in the Middle East and the implementation of the Minsk Agreements on the Ukrainian crisis settlement.” 


That is BIG news.  Yes, they are now negotiating over things that NATO was ‘Mr. Bully Boy’ about.  They engineered the coup in Ukraine in the first place and then tried to blame Putin for it and I called it a coup back then and continue to call it that today.


It has zero legal justification.  Now, there can’t be any ‘elections’.  There has to be a negotiation over settling the matter between East and West Ukraine.


Putin and Merkel are also expected to talk about the forthcoming G20 summit, which will be held in Hamburg in July.


The timing of the visit is significant, as it comes just ahead of the Victory Day celebrations in Russia on May 9, as well as before parliamentary election in Germany scheduled for September, a senior lecturer from the Russian State University for the Humanities, Vadim Trukhachev, told RT.


It is a total betrayal of Trump.  All these people who run Europe and the US hammered Trump mercilessly to force him to oppose Putin, not cooperate with Putin and one of the leaders of this massive push was Madame Merkel herself.  Then turning on a dime, she runs off on her own to make a deal with Putin.


“Merkel has complicated relations with Bavarian leader Horst Seehofer, who visited Moscow in March. To gain his support, she had to make some concessions. One of them is mending relations with Russia to a certain degree,” Trukhachev believes.


Seehofer is the person who shut the southern border of Germany along with Baden-Würtenberg next door (where I lived in 1968).  Austria got put in power a total lunatic who wants to destroy Austria and this pissed off the Germans who now fear a flood of illegal aliens from Austria.


Merkel is surrendering to Putin.  I am absolutely certain of this. And the major force here isn’t in Germany, it is France: Le Pen made it clear, Germany will no longer run France.  She is going to oppose Germany due to the Merkel decision to let in millions of angry Muslim males.


Europe is fracturing badly and the EU to my mind, is doomed.  It can’t exist except if it lets Russia have more say in what goes on.


I can’t blame Trump for these developments.  I blame the GOP/DNC duo who have secret agendas.  Trump didn’t know all these secret deals for he never attended any Bilderberg meetings.


Since Reagan, all our Presidents and candidates for President are Bilderberg co-conspirators!  And this is why they are freaking out right now, they don’t totally control Trump, they can only assail him and force him openly to do stuff and his support base hates this with a passion and increasing numbers of these Trump supporters are figuring out who the Bilderberg gangsters are and how they conspire with each other to run things into the ground, while getting filthy rich.


This is all truly ‘revolutionary’ only the revolt is on the right, not the left.  The left is in full destruction mode right now and will be crushed because no country can be run with a gang of lunatics burning and looting the cities.


This is what stopped ‘liberal’ mayors in NYC, terrified voters who wanted law and order.  After order was created, the voters chose to repeat every mistake of the past, big time, and eventually NYC will burn again like in the 1970’s.


Germany is being destroyed by an alien invasion.  Merkel is finally figuring out the obvious.  Her attacks on England which cut its ties lest it, too, be destroyed caused Merkel to issue German threats and snarl and snap but now that Germany is losing France, she has turned inside out and is now embracing Russia.


I find this all rather amusing.


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20 responses to “Merkel And Putin Join Forces, NATO In Tatters After May Day Riots

  1. Melponeme_k

    Le Pen winning France will add further protection and support for Trump. Right now he is isolated. Even in the UK the Pro-Brexit people are isolated. It is hard for the Anti-Bilderbergs to create power blocs. But Le Pen win will tip the scales. Which is why Merkel ran to Putin so she can jump ahead of the wind to raise her sails.

  2. Lisa

    It appears ANTIFA did a terrorist attack at UT Austin:

    I guess that’s why “reporters” haven’t been interested in covering the story. It was done by one of their own pets.

  3. Christian W

    Re: Antifa at universities and free speech.

    You are all captured. You have no free speech. Blaming the corrupt DNC and Antifa (both symptoms not the cause) is just wriggling to create a bit more breathing space within this captured system. Ann Coulter and invited speakers have more free speech than the tenured professors of the universities who must toe the line or get fired.

    Most speech restrictions at colleges and universities are directed not at far-right bomb-throwers like Coulter but rather at professors, particularly at public universities. There, professors are considered public employees who are forbidden from engaging in any speech that explicitly favors one party over the other in the classroom. While these laws are designed to prevent professors from standing in front of their classes and literally endorsing a candidate, in practice they have a chilling effect on the ability of politically-engaged scholars to pursue their work to its logical conclusions.

    This commenter has the second part of his obseration backwards. The “endorsing a candidate” meme is actually the cloaking device to prevent “scholars to pursue the work to its logical conclusion”. That is, professors are now prohibited to think logically in case their conclusions are not approved by the official establishment line. Which means that the US is now under enforced group think and double think to preserve the system.

    It is in this context Antifa et al are encouraged to attack anyone who can even possibly break the group think illusion.

  4. Christian W

    cont. from above:


    Since 9/11, cases of professors being harmed professionally by their political views are legion.

    The truth is 9/11 was a Zionist Deep State coup. Until you fix that, you will be rats running around in the lab labyrinth looking to find relief.

  5. Christian W

    Re: England.

    England is already being destroyed, not by immigration but by it’s own elites. Nurses have to go to food banks to surive. Police have to get food vouchers to feed their families. Everything is being privatized so the “upstairs” people can suck the last drops of wealth out of the system and privitize the wealth and leave the debt for the plebs. The open border problem is a cloaking device to hide and help facilitate the looting.

    It is so backwards to blame the least free and least powerful for the problems, when they are all created by the elites, the very people at the top.

    The fault lies with the superior white culture that is imploding in relentless greed, classism and racism.

    Brexit is not going to save England from this problem. Most likely Brexit will only compound the problem.

    If the US actually reinstates the Glass-Seagall act, things will get very interesting as the banking system will implode. Then the question will be, who will get to carry the burden for the economic misery? Of course it will be the little people again, as always.

  6. Oh, the ‘coup’ is a lot earlier than that.

    My perspective is, we have been taken over long ago when I was born.

  7. Melponeme_k

    I’ve read many different theories regarding the infiltration of the elites in US government. The standard story is when the Federal Reserve was created. However some more arcane theories put the beginning just before the start of the Civil War.

    The story was the elites were worried that the U.S was too big to control. So they were in favor of breaking up the U.S. It was their money propping up the Confederate Government. This was all spearheaded by Junius Morgan and his son J.P working in tandem with the Rhodes people in the UK.

    Where it gets interesting is that the elites had very particular ideas on the Union after the war was over. Apparently, Lincoln was their man. They wanted him to carry their water. Lincoln, much like Kennedy after him, thought he could go his own way and refused to oversea the break up of the U.S. They killed him for that.

  8. Christian W

    @ 6

    I agree actually. I came back to admit the “Zionist” crap was stupid. It is much broader than that and with deeper roots. Labels such as Zionism and Bilderberg are just that, labels for parts of the Establishment that has been around for centuries far longer than we have used such labels.

  9. Jim R

    It was exactly the beast that Eisenhower warned us about as he was leaving office. He apparently doubted that Kennedy could control it (and he was right) … he had the advantage of having the army on his side. Since then, presidents have been more or less figureheads, and the pentagon does whatever it wants.

    But like Christian is saying, it isn’t just the pentagon, or zionists, or bilderbergs. Nor is it just the “foreign policy blob”. It’s essentially a religion by now. The bloody religion of world domination. With high priests in all of the above organizations.

    Drain the swamp? Trump never had a chance. He doesn’t know how big it is. Nor is he able to view it from the outside, really.

  10. Jim R

    As for the Merkel-Putin conversation, I heard an account of it on the car radio this morning on NPR. Haha, they told the opposite story from Elaine.

    They said Merkel was firm with bad old Mr. Putin, and confronted him on all these phony issues they write about in the Fake News &TM; nowadays.

    It’ll be interesting to watch it play out. Both of them are fluent in each other’s language, unlike our ignoramus “foreign policy experts” who can barely construct a complete English sentence..

  11. tio

    Merkel and Putin sitting in the tree
    First comes realpolitik.
    Then comes marriage.
    Then comes Soros in the baby carriage,
    Sucking his thumb,
    Wetting his pants,
    Doing the hula, hula dance!

  12. Once upon a time, the CIA and government wanted students very good at German and Russian. Ja, dass bin ich! I was that wonderful student, won all the awards, was #1 literally and…at war with the CIA.

    Oops. After that disaster, they went for the ‘we will hire only East Germans and Russians who are fluent in English…’HAHAHA.

    Now, years and years later, we are supposed to be fearful Russians are running things here now according to the news….I find this all immensely funny.

  13. Good catch, Lou. Yes, the ‘EU’ is forcing a huge number of ‘nations’ to obey these orders or else.

    Who are these ‘EU’ people? Why, the damn Bilderberg gang!

  14. Jim R

    Where do they live, these gangsters? What are their names and addresses?

    Perhaps they won’t mind having ‘refugee’ camps on their front lawns.

  15. They even own private islands!

  16. Jim R

    An even better place for a refugee camp! The Mediterranean refugees already have boats!

  17. Lou

    18–Did Steve Forbes buy an island as Greece went bust?

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