Time For Laughs: Silly News Today In Mainstream Media

The endless regime of attacking Russia and claiming falsely that Trump is a Ruskie continues on every format including ‘jokes’.  This Red Scare Scam annoys me because I have memories of the 1950’s Red Scare and it scared my father.  The war on Trump has actually heated up as no one has assassinated him yet.  I am amazed he has lasted 100 days.  Will he outlast Reagan before they nearly knocked him off, too?  I doubt this.

I am stunned by this ‘news’.  Why on earth would a public library and museum pay this guy half a million dollars to give a ‘speech’?  This isn’t a wonderful ‘donation.’  It should have been considered normal for him to be there for free to support this, not rip it off.


The ‘speech’ rip offs are so blatant and constant it makes me dizzy.  He is donating nothing by spending a few hours entertaining his supporters.  This should be ‘obviously normal’ not ‘news’ but the thefts are so huge and blatant, they think it is great honor to decide to not loot people!

The Democratic leadership continues to destroy US working stiffs who they call ‘Deplorables’.  Trump can’t force a corrupt Congress to do something sensible.  So the DNC guys boast about defeating something many millions of citizens wanted and Trump is OK with this because they, not he, will be blamed.


What bothers me no end is, the left is all about censorship and ‘don’t hurt feelings’ and ‘watch what you say or else’ and…it wants to be obscene, rude, crude, nasty, ugly, angry, whatever…nothing is barred, the left can say whatever it pleases and to hell with anyone else.


And if one jokes about them, they howl like banshees and scream, ‘How dare you hurt our feelings’ and this is going to backfire hideously.  The vile, foul mouthed youths who are attacking the rest of the citizens are digging their own graves and are too stupid to see that the hole they are standing in is their own graves.


Any conservative jokes are put on the frying pan and thoroughly cooked by liberals.  They can’t bear anyone dragging them all into the mire if a joke is made at their own expense.


Another joke: gender neutral cats (I call these ‘fixed felines).  The lady who made this news story works for the Washington Post which can’t cover real international news but has nifty stories about sex habits of the female and lonely.


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8 responses to “Time For Laughs: Silly News Today In Mainstream Media

  1. floridasandy

    Democrats will keep losing elections since they are against the working class now.

    Republicans should lose also when they won’t do what they need to do, and we should ALL vote 3rd party. That would teach all of them a righteous lesson.

    I remember when Stephen Colbert’s sister lost her election to a cheater. He probably still isn’t over that, even though they traded on his “celebrity” name, instead of her rather unknown one.

    Trying to make Obama look humanitarian is like putting lipstick on a pig.

    Trump will do fine.

    They should call Elizabeth Warren fauxcahontas instead.

  2. nclaughlin

    So will Obama get a $600,000 tax deduction for his “charitable” contribution?

  3. Ken

    Sort of off topic.

    Does Trump have to spend all of the money allotted in the budget? I know he doesn’t have a line item veto, but can he just sit on the money budgeted by Congress and not spend it?

  4. Christian W

    Even the “most moral army in the world” (according to psycho Netanyahu) makes mistakes:

  5. Christian W

    More funny news:

    Sweden did NOT vote against Saudi Arabia taking a place on the UN women’s rights commission.

    Ever since Olof Palme was murdered (1986) Sweden has been in the pockets of the Bilderberg globalist elites. It’s not socialism, definitely not democratic socialism we are watching, this is 100% pure corruption destroying Sweden and what little remains of it’s standing in the world.

    Belgium also did not vote against Saudi female slave owners sitting on the panel.

  6. Lou

    I am amazed he has lasted 100 days.–BC DT is doing the work of the Jews and Israelis.

    Red Scare? You mean the millions or 10s of millions Stalin killed? Or the 80 million Mao killed?

  7. Christian W

    False flags and Fake News have a long sordid history:

  8. Planting evidence, jumping to conclusions are all tools of all wars. WWI is a spectacular example of this.

    When Germany wanted to invade Poland, they did this same thing, faked a Polish attack. The Japanese didn’t even bother with this when they attacked Pearl Harbor and the Philippine Islands, for example.

    But usually, excuses have to be made…

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