Delta Tried To Toss 2 Year Old Off Plane Due To Overbooking

(17) Delta Threatens Family with Young Child off Flight – YouTube


Delta staff ‘tell California couple they could be jailed’ because yet again, the airline overbooked the flight and even though the parents bought the seats legally, they were chosen because they could be muscled into holding the children in their laps instead of PAID seats!  Isn’t this just jolly.


A California couple were told they’d be sent to jail if they did not give up their two-year-old son’s seat on a Delta flight, they have claimed.


Yes, cops were called.  The airline was adamant.  They were going to ‘fill more seats’ no matter who owned what tickets.  This is true ‘cattle class’ stuff.  The parents were supposed to be very inconvenienced after being seated because the plane’s sales were rotten.


That is, they lied to people and sold tickets that could not be honored except if they harmed other passengers who bought tickets and were already seated.  Note how in all these videos, the airlines claim ‘the customer is always wrong’.


Brian and Brittany Schear allege they were also told their children would be taken from them, and have now demanded an apology.


We can hear it on the video.  Yes, they used threats.


It is the latest controversy around overbooked flights in the US.


Where is Congress?  Why isn’t this made illegal?


Mr Schear claims a member of airline staff told him: ‘You have to give up the seat or you’re going to jail, your wife is going to jail and they’ll take your kids from you.’


Initially the two youngest children were going to sit on their parents’ laps, but when their teenage son opted to travel on another flight – having had a seat booked – they seated Grayson in his seat instead.


In a statement to CBS, the airline said: ‘We are sorry for what this family experienced. Our team has reached out, and we will be talking with them to better understand what happened and come to a resolution.’


What resolution?  Aside from being sued, of course.  This is the only course victims of this rampant false advertising, false services, has.  Sue everyone for every penny possible.


The emotional stress and other harm that comes from this business practice is very much like other odious business practices: when you harm customers, this is bad for business and should be also illegal.


I still remember when banks were very abusive in the 1970’s.  Going to the bank was like going into hell.  I had so many fights including one bank literally stealing my money because they made a mistake.


My tool in that case was to stand outside the front doors and loudly tell everyone what was going on inside.  This worked wonderfully.  Today, we put this garbage on You Tube so people can see what is really going on.


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7 responses to “Delta Tried To Toss 2 Year Old Off Plane Due To Overbooking

  1. Moe

    Excerpts from article:

    ‘The airline staff tells him they need the seat because the flight is overbooked and the original passenger whose name was on the seat isn’t using it.’

    ‘(Grayson) says Delta knew he was planning to use the seat for his younger son when they boarded their return flight.’

    There’s a conflict here. When was the airline informed that the younger son was to use the seat? Typically, this would have been identified at the latest during boarding. How could Delta not know who was sitting in the assigned seat, since airlines always check boarding passes to verify seat allocation. And by letting the child on the aircraft, they authorized his seat allocation.

    Delta is lying.

  2. Moe

    On a different scenario, suppose one purchased and reserved all three seats in an row to obtain privacy or stretching room (or to comfortably fit one’s fat butt). Do the airlines now claim right of confiscation after the seats have been purchased, reserved and allocated?

    Effin’ retards. Correction: effin’ fascist retards.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Over 20 years ago, when I traveled to Disney World with my niece, the airlines told us that young children HAD to have their own seat along with a car seat for their protection (against turbulence). So a huge car seat was carried onto the plane for her and the attendants helped us attach it to the seat. They all stopped by to speak and play with her during the flight.

    Wow, times have changed that most of the attendants don’t care if a baby is abandoned at a terminal.

  4. Yes, I flew with my two children and always we had seats for baby carriers and child-safe seats! Holding on the lap is dangerous in turbulence, etc.

    Demanding the parents hold a two year old for hours on end was insane.

  5. Jim R

    Agreed, sue them for every penny. If there’s a way, sue that woman and the other local employees personally. Make them take leave of their jobs and go to court. Sue them for child endangerment.

  6. Not, I don’t think anyone can blame the poor employees. 100% of the blame goes on the bosses who take big bonuses when they screw up like this, squeezing every buck out of every seat.

  7. Jim R

    That woman was not a mere ’employee’. She threatened the couple with jail. The bigwigs might bear some responsibility, but these local ’employees’ are a blight on the whole industry.

    Employees should not need to be ORDERED to be polite, they should be normally polite people. They need to be fired, and then some.

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