Macron Desperately Embraces Frexit From EU!

He is lying, of course.  I do adore News — RT, over the years they have improved their reporting and are so frequently proven to be honest and correct…that the fake mainstream news and the powerful fake liberals in the US are working tirelessly to censore RT news.  I can’t get it at my local hospital, for example.  This censorship is infuriating but then, liberals are really McCarthy Red Scare criminals, not good people at all.  Well, the election in France becomes more and more hilarious as fake liberals there howl at the Le Pen moon.  The joke there is, ‘Le Pen is mightier than the sword.’

OMG. Macron is even retreating from the ‘Russia is evil and we should fight nonstop’ theme!  Now, he wants to talk to Putin?  All he has to do right now, today, is pick up the thing we call ‘a telephone’ and dial the Kremlin.

Europe is under attack and not even one solitary Russian is attacking.  Europe is under attack and the army that is doing this was invited in by the Bilderberg gang who should all be arrested only they run Brussels which is…under attack.  These idiots have no idea that the attackers want to kill the Bilderberg gang itself.  Talk about dumb.

All over Europe, governments are figuring out that Le Pen is right and the Bilderberg gang is stupid.  This is an unstoppable flood, time is running out, the gangsters are deliberately flooding Europe with foreign males and this is an outright invasion and passive resistance is not going to stop it, the populace has to fight back and fight very hard or die.

And the Pentagon guy in Europe still wants WWIII.  Trump had to keep these guys happy and then do diplomacy which is OK so long as the US media backs diplomacy but it does not!


All of TV Land and all of the print mainstream media is screaming ‘Red Scare’ nonstop now and their followers are all fools for falling for this scam and are also screaming ‘Don’t talk to Russia’ to all politicians.


This force is quite strong but only half of the country is falling for this crude propaganda regime.  The other half is well armed and extremely angry about this and they don’t blame Trump when he struggles to stop this, he can’t do it alone.  

The reason the NATO generals want war with Russia is because of Ukraine which is a neo-Nazi coup in the Western half.  They are outright Nazis who are now, today, persecuting a Jewish man who fought the Nazis!


And is this big news in ‘Jewish news all the time’ US media?  HAHAHA.  Nope.  Dead silence.  This is again, how upside down, mirror image liberals are today.  Supposedly, we are to celebrate Jews who fought Nazis. Instead, we see the Real Rulers in the US supporting outright Nazis in Ukraine who are now persecuting a Jewish man who fought them in WWII.


Last month, the New York times ran this story:  Poland Says Minnesota Man, 98, Ordered Nazi-Led Atrocities but ignores today’s story.  Interesting, this is what happens in a mirror/widdershins/black magic world.  When one reverses one thing, it reverses all things.  The fixation on turning Trump into a monster, the left turned itself into a monster.

When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back into you: Nietzche – YouTube


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13 responses to “Macron Desperately Embraces Frexit From EU!

  1. Moe

    ‘Le Pen is mightier than the sword.’

    Clever. 🙂

  2. Moe

    The Euro is up, Dollar index is down, oil is down and gold is down. Someone is betting huge that Macron gets in.

  3. KHS71

    From Zero Hedge yesterday. More censorship. Google does not carry RT news on its cable stations. Wonder why?

  4. Moe

    From Eric Margolis:

    “Last week, Madame Le Pen declared that ‘finance’ is a primary enemy of France. Bankers are now lumped with Muslims as dire threats to the republic.

    Coming from the hard-right Le Pen, it’s a bombshell. ‘Finance’ is really political code for Jews who dominate parts of France’s media, banking and industry. France has Europe’s largest Jewish population, followed by Ukraine.”

  5. ziff

    Theres a Ross Kemp vid about Libya , a devastating look at the aftermath of the Bilderburger crime there , it explains ‘ the army attacking EU ‘ , a certain justice in there somewhere.

  6. Petruchio

    In an off topic but related issue, I recall watching the Norwegian government official (didn’t catch his job title) saying that as more Muslims enter Norway, the LESS these immigrants are agreeable to “integrating” into Norwegian society. Is this really a surprise to him? I keep telling people here in the US of A something similar to this about our Asian immigrants: a.) they do NOT plan on “integrating” and b.) they are only going to be pleasant UNTIL they have enough numbers.

  7. Christian W

    Guess who Marcon is running against? Nobody….

  8. Christian W

    Oh wait, there is half a page with Le Pen, very generous.

  9. I love how Marienne has that stupid man on the cover, too. I bet the French Playboy issue has a swim suit picture of Macron on its cover, too. 🙂

  10. tio

    Is it just me or does this Macron character have more than a hint of Bliar about him?

  11. Kenogami

    The French mainstream media are as bad or worse than the USA MSM. They lie constantly about Marine Le Pen and “Micron”. They call Le Pen extreme-right wing, which is a lie as she is a traditional conservative right.

    They call Macron a centrist, which is the biggest joke of all: he is an extreme right wing ideolog and a bankster oligarch tool. I can’t believe that any leftist in France would be so stupid as to vote for him, instead of voting for Le Pen.

  12. I prefer to call him what he is: a Bilderberg gangster.


  13. Jim R

    Maybe someone with better language skills can tell me what she is saying:

    I noticed that she has a graphic about the Bilderbergs.

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