China, South Korea And Japan Join In Attacking US Trade Protections!

Japan, China, S Korea pledge to resist protectionism – Japan Today yes, this picture is correct: communist China, our ‘allies’ South Korea and Japan both of whom we protect at our OWN cost!…are joining forces to stop our elected President from changing our trade deficit with these three enemies and turning it back to the US citizens whose jobs were shipped overseas!  This is open warfare, seriously.  All previous wars before WWII were about trade issues!


This is also non news in the US.  Good thing I read foreign news.


Finance leaders of Japan, China and South Korea agreed to resist all forms of protectionism in a trilateral meeting on Friday, taking a stronger stand than G20 major economies against the protectionist policies advocated by U.S. President Donald Trump.


The EU knows deep down, they dare not do this.  But the arrogant Asians think they can force the US to commit economic suicide.  The Bilderberg gang wants Trump destroyed but they see power slipping from their bloody claws, but in Asia, they are filled with contempt.


In an attempt to reduce the region’s vulnerability to dollar swings, Japan also proposed forming bilateral swap arrangements with Southeast Asian nations that would allow it to provide yen funds in times of financial stress.


Stab us all in the back, Japan!  Good luck with that game, buddy.  Sigh.  South Korea, by the way, is arrogantly demanding we all pay for protecting them from…CHINA!  Their buddy boy to the East.


“We agree that trade is one of the most important engines of economic growth and development, which contribute to productivity improvements and job creations,” the finance leaders and central bank governors of the three nations said in a communique issued after their meeting.


No kidding.  What they didn’t say was ‘ONE WAY trade.’


“We will resist all forms of protectionism,” the communique said, keeping a line that was removed – under pressure from Washington – from a G20 communique in March when the group’s finance leaders met in Germany.


FUCK THEM ALL.  Fuck them.  How dare they.  Time to declare trade warfare.  First step: deny all their ships and planes the right to dock or land in US territory.  Second, withdraw all troops from Japan and South Korea.  Let them negotiate directly with China.  The Chinese are pissed off at Japan right now this week because the Japanese demanded that all statues of sex slaves from WWII be removed.


I have written about this for years and years and it wasn’t until Trump was elected that all this garbage has spilled out into the open.  No mention of this news in the mainstream media giants, of course, not yet.


Hammer away, Trump!  You are definitely getting their attention.  Tell the US public that our ‘allies’ are actually ENEMIES.  Thanks in advance.



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12 responses to “China, South Korea And Japan Join In Attacking US Trade Protections!

  1. Christian W

    Wow. Comedy gold. How can you have it all so backwards?

    The US cannot pull out without crashing the US economy. Wall Street would crash. No more Apple.

    South and North Korea could finally start the process of re-unification, slow and painful as it might be. The SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Treaty would grow with at least 3 members, 2 of which are large economies with lots of manufacturing power).

    Has it occured to you that Japan and South Korea (never mind China) don’t want the US there? Do you think the US is insisting on having military bases in Japan and South Korea as a favor?

    Until you understand the $USD racket you won’t get anywhere.

  2. Apple just announced they are moving some of their manufacturing back here.

    It isn’t so hard doing this!!! Way back in 1972, I worked for Texas Instruments making chip design prototypes, for example. And if they don’t want our military there, that is wonderful for us.

    About time. The Japanese GOVERNMENT and the South Korean GOVERNMENT wants us to guard for them all.

  3. Christian W

    The Pentagon Generals and Admirals and the MIC and Wall Street would not be happy though. Not that I would shed a tear over that 🙂

    Sadly Japan and South Korea have zero choice in the matter.

    South Korea’s Likely Next President Warns US Not to Meddle in Nation’s Democracy
    Sees US Trying to ‘Box Him In’ With Pre-Election Moves
    by Jason Ditz, May 02, 2017

    Polling shows Democratic Party Korea candidate Moon Jae-in as an overwhelming front-runner in the upcoming presidential vote, with more than double the support of any other candidate. He is, however, seen as far from idea from the US perspective, favoring diplomacy with North Korea as he does.

    The split between Moon and Trump is so dramatic, in fact, that Moon has felt the need to publicly warn the US against “meddling” in the nation’s politics, not just directly in the election itself, but also with policy decisions made in the lead-up to the election.

    Indeed, Moon and his allies warn that the biggest problem is the US rushing through measures in the lame-duck government ahead of the election, noting that agreements on things like the THAAD anti-missile system, and then hastily putting the system in place before any public hearings or environmental assessments were allowed to take place.

    It is not easy being a US vassal state, as you can see.

  4. Lou

    Apple just announced they are moving some of their manufacturing back here.
    Factories run by robots.

  5. JimmyJ

    I believe Apple said they’d create a $1 billion fund to invest in U.S. companies that perform advanced manufacturing. Not that they’d actually start iPhone production in US which would be crazy expensive. Meanwhile Apple is sitting on $256 billion in cash not including any other assets. So really the cheap-ass $1 billion is a ploy to stop Trump harassing Apple’s Chinese manufacturing and tax haven offshoring.

    Article about 2011 costs for Apple production in China:

    “In the twelve months ended June [2011], Apple will have spent $2.9 billion in M&E to manufacture 118 million iOS devices. To put that in perspective, Nokia, which manufacturers a large (if not majority) of the 340 million phones it sells, expects full year 2011 capital expenditures of $1.1 billion.”

  6. Petruchio

    I think the moves back to the United States by companies like Apple are entirely self-serving. Of course, there is no way of knowing what’s going on behind the scenes, but I’m thinking the Multinational Corporations are starting to get the idea that China and Japan have them by the cajones. China can, if they want to, put a serious squeeze on companies with a large presence in China. Potentially, China could Nationalize manufacturing in their country. US-based (they are NOT US companies) could find out the hard way that they aren’t the only ones who like to make money. As far as Robotics go. just where the H#ll are the Apples in the world going to get the computer technology to build–and repair–their beloved robots? Not in the US.

  7. Pete

    Video about Macron

  8. Criticizing someone who is trying to stop the bleeding isn’t smart. NO ONE on the DNC side were doing anything about the trade deficit. And the US media doesn’t give a hoot, either.

  9. Christian W

    You are trying to put a plaster on a cut on the thumb while ignoring the gangrene in the brain, heart and blood system.

    Voting for more gangrene is never going to solve the problem. It will kill the patient. The patient is dying and already almost fully a Frankenstein.

  10. Petruchio

    @#8 Elaine: It isn’t hard, imho to figure out a country that every year runs a huge trade deficit is headed for disaster. I think the DNC and most of the Fake News Media are fully aware of this fact. They just don’t give a damn. They figure the people they really work for won’t be harmed when the proverbial sh#t eventually hits the fan from decades of huge trade deficits.

  11. It is all about wishful thinking, of course.

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