New York Times Can’t Understand School Problems Caused By Liberal Programs That Failed

The New York Times has not one but two reporters to report the painfully obvious.  The NY school system is not thriving, it is dying and not dying due to money, it is very, very expensive.  What is killing it are the people who are stuck using public schools.  I moved out of NYC after the disaster of sending my daughter to school to be beaten up by thuggish fellow students…in third grade, no less!  No more NYC schools for us!


Instead of writing story after story about the very expensive and extremely violent schools and the one where my daughter was attacked was one of the ‘better’ schools, next door to Park Slope were some of the worst schools in the USA way back in 1977.  Now, they are even worse, utterly out of control.


NYC’s rich people who run the joint into the ground came up with ‘school choice’ schemes a dozen years ago because white students reached the vanishing point.  This means, the tiny handful of white students left could compete for ‘speciality schools’ which requires…get this…a test!  To enter, one must prove one is capable.


Of course, they are rigged tests.  Black and Hispanic children can score lower and still get in because they get a cut of the pie.  But for families too poor to afford the private schools, this is one last thing to cling to before giving up and fleeing like I and millions of other mothers did so far.


Under a system created during Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s administration, eighth graders can apply anywhere in the city, in theory unshackling them from failing, segregated neighborhood schools. Students select up to 12 schools and get matched to one by a special algorithm. This process was part of a package of Bloomberg-era reforms intended to improve education in the city and diminish entrenched inequities.


There is a catch: you got to go to school on your own using the buses and subway systems.  Which happen to be rather dangerous.  Kids with no chauffeurs have a steep hill to climb just to get to class.  Most do survive.  Still, it is more dangerous than other places where kids go to school.


Here in my little town in NY state children are picked up by the bus which stops in front of their own homes.  The danger score is much lower.


There is no doubt that the changes yielded meaningful improvements. The high school graduation rate is up more than 20 points since 2005, as the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio has built on Mr. Bloomberg’s gains. The graduation gap between white and black or Hispanic students, while still significant and troubling, has narrowed…


The ‘scores went up’ only because the flight of parents slowed down somewhat due to ‘school choice.’  They don’t mind their children going to school with black or Hispanic children who are well behaved and know how to read and write and do math.


The minority children are far and away, the majority.  And when the elites like the Obama kiddies who went to a white private school, too, when black or Hispanic elite children go to school mainly with white kids, they turn out ‘civilized’ and not degraded.


So all the rich black and Hispanic politicians and other people need schools for their darlings, they look for a white school that pretends it is all about ‘inclusion’ so long as the people excluded are dirty brats from the slums, right?


Of course.  And the NYT staff knows this inside out for they practiced this for the last 50 years and I know first hand, that they have done this since at least 1977.
NYC can’t keep hardly any white kiddies in public schools anymore.  And dares not talk about why.

I do wonder what that ‘other’ is.  Aliens from Outer Space?  Beats me.  Hispanic children speaking little English are now nearly half of the students overall.  The other huge number are black children and no one wants to go to school with them at all at any level except the very top elite black kids who, again, are totally different from the single mother brood which is over 75% of the black child population.


Within the system, there is a hierarchy of schools, each with different admissions requirements — a one-day high-stakes test, auditions, showing up for an open house. And getting into the best schools, where almost all students graduate and are ready to attend college, often requires top scores on the state’s annual math and English tests and a high grade point average.


This is so hilarious.  The NYT staff fights tooth and nail to get their own brats into these elite schools then turn around and whine about it.  Are their kid’s test scores going down compared to the 10% Asian kids?


I would suggest that.  Asian kids are forced to study…hard…by parents who value an education above all things. So poor Asian parents work very hard to insure their children are educated.  I assure everyone, the vast, vast majority of black and Hispanic mothers (few to no fathers are involved) do the same.


Used to rigged systems that reward stupidity, they don’t need to bother with ‘study hard’.  This open sore has wrecked three generations now. Accustomed to throwing temper tantrums to get into elite schools, black and Hispanic children end up in college doing even more temper tantrums and they end up taking useless courses and graduate to fall off this cliff unless the government steps in and forces systems to hire them anyways.


The end result of all this is, everyone assumes all black and Hispanic workers are lazy and stupid and got there via government fiat.  Since all others must compete like crazy for the remaining positions on the ladder of life, they work extremely hard to move ahead.


This makes them all much stronger while the ‘minorities’ who mainly live in dying cities to get welfare instead of married, fall further into this deep pit of nothingness.  The more these programs strive to ‘integrate’ and ‘promote’ the more things disintegrate and repel people who are not ‘minority’.


The true minority are Asians.  The systems depend on the brilliant minds of the top Asians to function but hates them overall because they work hard and strive to do their best and thus, beat everyone at any of the intellectual testing systems including being chess champions so it isn’t imaginary.  It is real.


These people are the minority in the school system and the systems set up to deter them and stop them from gaining ground are enormous yet they jump through all the hoops and still dominate…so the system has to remain rigged forever so the weaker, lazier or stupider ‘minorities’ who dominate the schools utterly and nearly totally, can still get into elite schools.  How charming this all is.


Here is a look at Google’s list of ‘New York City’s elite schools’.  I didn’t include other words, just those in my search:


What a mess!  The stories are nearly uniformly negative and attack parents who try to save their children from crummy schools.  Oh, how dare they do this!


This is nothing new, from back after the election:  Elite schools offering coddled kids disaster counseling after Trump win | New York Post


Administrators at some of the city’s top private and public schools have been scrambling to comfort the coddled kids of the Manhattan elite ever since Donald Trump’s stunning victory.


Staffers sent out letters to reassure parents and kids that emergency counseling is available — with one school reminding them that “love will prevail.”


While such measures are usually reserved for natural disasters or violent traumas, principals and deans apparently found the notion of a President Trump sufficiently catastrophic.


At Beacon School, a public high school on West 44th Street, students were so crushed that the school blocked off time to help them digest the electoral results.


I love how the schools are dumbing down the children.  I figure, insane parents living in NYC have crazy kids.  I used to live there and saw up close how this operates.  When I tried to start SOS: Save Our Schools, all I got was resistance, denial and race hatred and I was appealing to the black mothers successfully for a brief while before white liberals began to seriously attack me.


Now Google News is very liberal and Californiaish.  Here are their ‘daily headlines’ today:

Google News manages to find only negative news about any initiative Trump is pushing.  This flood of negativity reminds me of the Nixon years…Safires ‘Nattering nabobs of negativism’ has grown much, much worse.  The left is too stupid to figure out, those three words describe them all to a T.


Even a press event where a bunch of church people applauded Trump’s new religion order, the mainstream fake news has to dig up something to natter about negatively.  ‘Let’s down many conservatives’ is particularly funny.


I will also note the story about how Putin engineered a ceasefire in Syria forcing the US to finally do something sane for once.  Oh, the nattering from that is epic.  Howls of rage from the left, screaming about how we have to continue the DNC sponsored McCarthy Hearings Part II.


They can’t fix schools.  They can’t integrate schools.  They can’t run Congress and they can’t seem to run elections very well, either.  What can they do?  Oh, whine.  Yes, and cry like babies when they don’t get their own way.



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17 responses to “New York Times Can’t Understand School Problems Caused By Liberal Programs That Failed

  1. Christian W

    You need to study Malcolm X. He saw through the scam in 1964.

  2. Christian W

    “Dollarism” is the poison killing America.

    The rest is just noise.

  3. Lou

    #1–Forget Malcolm Ex Lax.

    Asians do well in school and EMS attributes it to ‘perspiration’ [study]…no it is inspiration [IQ].

    Seen elsewhere–
    Pat Boyle said..she had a theory that black people had more mental illness. I wrote that that wasn’t a theory – it was an established fact. I said I could give references.

    I have some books of that subject but I’m too lazy to look them up. But you could try:

    It took me less than a minute to find this big literature review on schizophrenia and race.
    The reason I could find it so fast is because it is not controversial. Blacks are diagnosed with schizophrenia at around double to quadruple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the rate of whites and almost everyone in psychiatry knows it.

    Schizophrenia is one of the well recognized racial characteristics of blacks like failure in school or violent crime.
    This fact seems to have been suppressed. I have never seen an article in the mainstream media about the reality of black mental illness.

    I was at my third college before I learned that blacks have lower IQs than whites. It wasn’t part of the regular curricula but I sat in on sociology class as a guest and the professor mentioned the lower black IQ as he tried to explain it away. It was like the tort trial for which I was a juror. The plaintiff’s lawyer by mistake let out some damning facts about his client (he was an black out alcoholic). I call this sort of thing – “the truth slipped out”.

    So I only learned that blacks had lower IQs because inadvertently the truth had slipped out. I wasn’t supposed to know.

    The same seems to also be the case with schizophrenia among blacks.

  4. Melponeme_k

    I sat in the planning sessions of one of the think tank “companies” hammering out lesson plans and school structure (they were funded by the Bushes). Their big plan was to turn all teachers into parental figures. So not only did inner city teachers have to impart knowledge, they had to parent as well. What a joke. No amount of compassion from teachers was going to replace lost years of good natal and toddler care these children should have been receiving. No teacher can replace broken homes.

    They would also use that time worn Elite method of allowing the peons (in this case Teachers) to brainstorm new teaching methods and class structure then throw it all out for their own ready made plan. Most of their strategy was about how to soften the blow of this 3 card Monte game they were running.

    Most of the employees were black themselves. How they weren’t ashamed of themselves, I’ll never know.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Incidentally, in regards to “Other”. That would probably be me. Native Americans. Quite frankly I’m amazed they would even represent a 2 on that scale you included. Most of the Natives in these areas have intermarried for many, many years. They are mostly white or black with just enough percentage of Native blood to reap the goodies.

    As a full blood (as far as I know), I never received a penny from the government nor special status at school (because of lack of Native funds). I’m eternally glad of that because I didn’t fall into the victim trap. Now most places (medical etc.) just put my status as white. And I don’t correct it. Race on forms is just ridiculous and silly.

  6. Christian W

    @ Lou

    There could be a lot of reasons for such things. You claim it is racial but I suspect the reason is much more complicated than that.

    Also biased thinking is part of the problem. Who decided white culture is superior and everyone has to adapt to the parameters of that culture? Why does white American culture feel it has the right to bomb and destroy nation after nation after nation and still insist it is not their fault and that it’s shit does not stink. It is ALWAYS the other side that is evil and deserve to be bombed and stripped of all their resources and either become a vassal state or be seen as evil and depraved.

    Why trust White culture parameters for what is sane when that culture clearly is insane itself? The Native Americans saw the truth of this when they saw the limitless greed of white culture ruthlessly drive them to extinction. They saw that the white folks speak with forked tongues, reflecting the split minds speaking. They warned that ultimately you cannot eat gold because they saw the endpoint of white culture.

    Look at White America now. You voted people like Ronald Reagan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George H.W and George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Elisabeth Warren, John McCain, Paul Ryan etc etc etc etc into power. And then you STILL complain you are victims.

    Don’t give me some BS about how crazy politically powerless Blacks are when White culture sold out every conceivable value for $dollarism. Now there is nothing left. The Boomers ate all the dollars they possibly could stuff themselves with, and now there is next to nothing left for future generations.

    That is why you are now being served the deserts, that is, the collapse of white culture such as it was, and squealing like pigs you don’t like it.

  7. Petruchio

    “They can’t fix schools. They can’t integrate schools. They can’t run Congress and they can’t seem to run elections very well, either. What can they do? Oh, whine. Yes, and cry like babies when they don’t get their own way.” Why is this so? Well for one thing most of the proponents of this nonsense are ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who have never had to account for themselves–and who couldn’t get a job as Chief dog poop pooper scooper on their own merits. But there is another reason. The belief system of these brainwashed idiots is not FACT based, it is FAITH based. You can talk to this type of person all day and tell them 2+2=4, 2+2=4. It will do you no good! It is facts-be-damned with these types of people. When I was a brainwashed, complete idiot fool Republican I was the same way. I know what I’m looking at with these folks because I used to be one myself.

  8. Christian W

    Well, the joke is on Whites. You complain that Blacks fell into a trap when they accepted $$$$$$$$$$$ welfare instead of work. However, you fail to mention Whites did the EXACT SAME THING on a larger scale.

    That is why the elites were able to outsource so many jobs with nary a whiff of protest. White people sold out for the Reaganomic Neoliberal Trickle $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ down economy. White people wouldn’t need dirty manufacturing jobs because you had cushy white collar jobs shifting $$$$$$$$$$$ about and properties, stocks and pension funds loaded with $$$$$$$$$$$.

    And then, accoring to the rules of Dollarism, all those $$$$$$$$$$$$$ went *poof* gone in an instant (while the real wealth ended up in the hands of the Dollarism scammers).

    And now you are complaining all sorts of foreign riffraff is desperate, even feel ENTITLED, to enter the US and get their grubby hands on whatever is left of the trickle down $$$$$$$$$ dollars still rattling around.

  9. Christian W

    @ Mel

    George H.W Bush took over the Central American cocaine trade when he was CIA chief. Pepe Escobar worked for the CIA for example. The Bush family added heroin to the family business when Dubya Bush took over Afghanistan (the invasion was planned long before 9/11).

    The CIA smuggled drugs into the US to destroy the black communities and working class. At the same time George HW Bush declared war on Drugs and set up for profit prison systems to profit from the misery. Building prisons and selling weapons and equipment to law enforcement and so on. Have the inmates work for free and load them up with fees. KA-CHING. Profits from selling drugs, profits from law enforcement industry, profit from construction work, profit from weapon sales, profit from prison slavery etc.

    And yes, of course, some social engineering on the side destroying education and dumbing down the population to keep them in misery without a way out. What a lovely SYSTEM.

  10. Kenogami

    @ 9

    you surely mean Pablo Escobar, the big drug lord in Columbia was working for the CIA, according to his own son.
    Pepe Escobar is this excellent Brasilian journalist and has nothing to do with Pablo Escobar.

  11. Christian W

    hehe yes I certainly mean Pablo not good ol Pepe 🙂

  12. Lou

    #12–WTH. I hope EMS does a thread on that.

  13. Ah, some cultures are ‘better’ only all have some sort of Achille’s heel. It is part of being ‘humans’. We are a rather destructive species, by the way. And yet we build this and that and try to ‘tame nature’ and ‘law and order’ only to destroy it all in wild snits of fury and laziness.

    History is written with a bloody pen. We are surrounded by ruins of previous civilizations that were blasted to dust and this, with no nuclear bombs, too!

    Amazing, the human ability to build and to self destruct.

  14. Terrific task upon the create up! I assume towards check out read through additional in opposition to your self!

  15. Lou

    You complain that Blacks fell into a trap when they accepted $$$$$$$$$$$ welfare instead of work. However, you fail to mention Whites did the EXACT SAME THING on a larger scale.

    /Whites work. Blacks are net negative on all non Black countries.

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