France Surrenders To The Globalists And Muslim Terrorists

“All seeing eye” symbolism at Emmanuel Macron victory speech #NWO #LouvrePyramid – YouTube

It was obvious to me, that wonderful dark building with the glowing red eyes at the top, an echo of the Dollar’s pyramid.  This mini-Tower of Barad-dûr is a great backdrop to the enslavement of the French people who sold their freedom so they can have a brief but easy life.


Time for some graphs that show reality.  Money is all about ‘let’s pretend’ but debt is real in horrible ways.  So, how is France doing?  Oh oh:

The UK is near France in deep debt.  The Germans seem to have turned the debt down a tad after flirting with 100% GDP debt.  The new ruler of France has to do the same.  Can he?  He is, after all, a Rothschild banker and I guess the French thought this meant he will be nice to them all.  Ahem.  He is an effing BANKER.

Greece is bankrupt.  Italy is nearing bankruptcy.  Spain is struggling to not go bankrupt.  Macron is all about the EU being the big power.  And he will slam them all over the issue of money and this means darling France, too.  I see a very unpopular future here.


The appropriate music for this speech:  Full transcript of Emmanuel Macron speech – BBC News


We have duties to our country. We’re the heirs to a great history and to the great humanist message sent to the world. We must pass on this history and this message, first of all to our children, but even more importantly we must carry them into the future and give them new vigour.

Clovis – King of the Franks – YouTube

Right, and invite in millions of very angry Muslim males who haven’t forgotten about Clovis stopping them a thousand years ago.


I’ll defend France, its vital interests, its image and its message: I make that commitment to you. I’ll defend Europe, the common destiny the peoples of our continent have given themselves.


Yes, by inviting in…aw…what is a few million angry young Muslim males who want to burn down your country, massacre your people and in particular, roast you for being ahem…someone they like to kill?


Our civilisation is at stake, our way of living, of being free, of promoting our values, our common enterprises and our hopes. I’ll work to rebuild the link between Europe and the people it is made up of, between Europe and citizens. On your behalf, I send the world’s nations the fraternal greetings of France.


Yes, the door is open, go right ahead and send in more millions of angry Muslims men to kill us.  We want to die.


I say to their leaders that France will be active and mindful of peace, of the balance of power, of international co-operation, of respect for the commitments made on development and the fight against global warming.


HAHAHA…as the climate cools and it is COLD outside today, for example, where I live and will be below freezing again tonight and we haven’t had a warm day for a long, long time now…oh, we are going to roast to death.


But first, we have to let in several million angry Muslim males to kill us then we worry about it being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age.  Got it.


I tell them all that France will be at the forefront of the fight against terrorism, both on its soil and in international action. However long this battle lasts, we will fight it without growing weak.


Oh yes, France certainly will be the frontal part of these battles, as I recall, this wish has already come true.  I know that thousands of French people were not butchered by angry Muslim males this week but give them time, they will continue their conquest.

From a few weeks ago:  Muslims shout “Allahu Akbar” during large-scale riots in Paris – YouTube


More Macron fun:  Muslim Refugees Attacking Frenchman. But He Has a Surprise – YouTube This is in Paris.

Muslims attack Catholics leaving Church in France which just voted to have more like this, suicidal indeed.  Have fun, France!


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13 responses to “France Surrenders To The Globalists And Muslim Terrorists

  1. Lou

    What were their respective crowd draws? Was election fixed?

  2. Moe

    Macron, a psychopath with mommy issues. France should do well (sarc).

  3. Jim R

    Is that subreddit a *real* Trump subreddit, or done as a tribute to Trump?

    (I haven’t been reading reddit lately)…

    Anyway, it’s like Elaine and everyone who examines him to any degree has been saying since before the election, Macaron is the water-boy for the technocrats in Brussels, and an integral cog in the globalist empire.

    And France will now become a vassal state of the globalists. Whether you want to call them Bilderbergs or Freemasons or Jews, the globalists are in ascendance just now..

  4. Kenogami

    There is no doubt that there was lots of fraud in the French election, but how much is impossible to know for a reader far away.

    Many comments I have read on French blogs: the voters received paper ballots by mail, but the Le Pen ballots were partly torn or had a hole in it, which made them invalid. The Macron ballots were never damaged. The voters did not have the time to return the ballots to the commission to get undamaged Le Pen ballots. So, how many millions Le Pen ballots were damaged?

    Furthermore, some voters observed in some places, that as soon as the elections was complete, unknown peoples came to take the ballot boxes away; they came back a couple hours later with the ballot boxes.

    After Brexit, and the US elections, the Bilderberger gangsters will not take any more risks with the elections. Since the same gangsters own the polling houses and the mainstream media, it is impossible to know if the polls were honest.

    One thing is certain: many French people already hate that little scum Macron, because of the Macron law 2 years ago when he was minister for the economy.

  5. Kenogami

    Well, it appears that the French election was really stolen. Millions of Le Pen paper ballots damaged, no Macron ballot damaged

  6. And….the French people could fight back, no? I don’t see anything right now.

  7. Moe

    From Armstrong Economics:

    “Our (prediction) was correct in forecasting the mainstream political parties in France would be defeated. That took place. Now the expectations are so high for Macron to change things, when the French people realize he is the same as what they had under Hollande, the backlash can still come before the German elections. The civil unrest in France is unbelievable. The tension there you can cut in the air with a knife.”

  8. They are mostly delusional still, thinking that the many attacks on France will fade away even as more and more Muslim males invade daily. There are many coming over right now. It is nonstop.

  9. Christian W

    France surrendered to the Zionists a long time ago. They are reaping the rewards now.

  10. Moe

    Pepe Escobar on the French election:

    “Contrary to global perceptions, the biggest issue in this election was not immigration, it was actually deep resentment toward the French deep state (police, justice, administration) – perceived as oppressive, corrupt and even violent.”

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