Protestors Harass Portland OR Mayor At One am

Mayor Ted Wheeler answers the door gets demands – YouTube


Two months ago, this didn’t make hardly any news: a gang of ghastly leftists came to the mayor of Portland, Oregon’s front door at one am in the morning to argue with him and hand him this list of demands.  The poor man kept apologizing and begging them not to yell and wake up his child but they yelled and howled with rage and he didn’t arrest them,  he walked away, defeated.


The poor sap, I don’t feel sorry for him, he created and used this monster group.  He unleashed them on the city to harass, intimidate and beat up Trump supporters.  He deserved the hell they are bringing to his home.


There is this legal way to meet with this poor jerk:

As you can see, I decided to Request a Meeting | The City of Portland, Oregon at 1 am, too.  I would be amusing to scream at the mayor this way.  I wish everyone would sign up for this fun.  Only in an insane city run by Democrats, would we see this sort of midnight tet-a-tets.  A mere two months later, this last week:

Mayor Wheeler reacts to Portland May Day riot – YouTube


He is astonished they didn’t wait until 1 am to riot.  HAHAHA.  He was expecting them to do it the proper way, that is, after everyone goes to bed.  Now, he is pissed off and wants to fight these creeps.  Well, a day late and a dollar short, buddy.  Now to today’s news:

Mayor Ted Wheeler and neighbors put up no trespassing signs – YouTube


In today’s video, masked people are filming the new security and the cops are coming to see what they are doing.  Duh.  HAHAHA.  The rich saps of Portland who created this monster are, like Dr. Frankenstein, now trying to stop it from attacking them, in their precious homes.

two cop watchers get tickets in jaywalking sting – YouTube

More cops show up due to these Antifa creeps.  They discuss why fellow terrorists haven’t showed up yet so I assume they want a confrontation.

another cop watcher gets ticket for jaywalking – YouTube


From two months ago:  ACLU asks Portland police to stop using riot gear |


PORTLAND, Ore. — As the ACLU of Oregon and other groups called for Portland police to change the way they respond to protests, Mayor Ted Wheeler admitted mistakes have been made and he expects policing to improve.


“When police show up in riot gear, it has the effect of escalating the situation,” said ACLU of Oregon spokeswoman Sarah Armstrong. “We think police policies should aim for de-escalation.”


Portland police arrested 13 people Monday during a “Not My President” rally in front of the Federal Building on Southwest Third and Columbia Street. Armstrong said officers who showed up in riot gear, as they have for all of the anti-Trump protests, used riot control tactics in making the arrests.


You reap what you sow and the seeds sown by the Democrats are now in full growth as some very noxious weeds.  And not weeds you can smoke, more like Jimpson weed.

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