Russia Today News Is Only Real News In NATO Nations


Poor France!  The country is sliding into bankruptcy, a flood of illegal Muslim aliens, nearly all men, are ripping it apart systematically and the election was boycotted by one third of the voters who wanted a fantasy candidate and the paralysis that is driving the NATO nations off the cliff continues as the anti-Russian propaganda is used as an excuse for crummy election systems…blame Putin for voting messes!  The easy road is always the one to hell, isn’t it?  Yet people follow through, not thinking about the future consequences.


France will see lots more terrorism:  News Line — RT


Burglars broke into a recreational gun store in the commune of Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Mesmin near the city of Orleans in central France on Thursday morning, and stole over 20 hunting rifles, police sources told AFP on Sunday. An investigation has commenced, and police have not ruled out any motives for the crime.


Alongside that news, which is from Russia who has actual reporters covering events which is why I read RT News daily, is this wonderful story that is also being ignored by mainstream fake news media:


Over 500 migrants who were trying to cross the Mediterranean in several small boats that were in danger of capsizing have been rescued at sea, a Spanish aid organization said Sunday. Proactiva Open Arms spokeswoman Laura Lanuza says the Golfo Azzurro, a former fishing trawler the group operates, plucked 514 migrants from over a dozen rubber and wooden boats during a 24-hour period from Saturday to Sunday morning. The people rescued were refugees fleeing the war in Syria and migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who had set sail from Libya, according to Lanuza. The rescue boat was filled to capacity and headed for an Italian port since the weather was turning bad, she said. The Golfo Azzurro was operating as part of an NGO rescue fleet coordinated by the Italian coast guard. (The Associated Press)


This group deliberately moves illegal aliens into Italy.  They go back and forth all day long after the smugglers call them to tell them who is coming over and they are then picked up right offshore of Libya and then carried across to Sicily.  The governments of Europe are run by the Bilderberg gang who thinks that this is OK.


Alarmed by the rise of politicians who are not Bilderberg gangsters, the gang is doing some tiny moves to stop the flood except for the obvious one which is to stop the organizations smuggling illegal aliens into the EU.

So, their ‘solution’ is to wait until the illegal aliens have murdered/raped/looted the citizens then deport them.  The liberals in the US, the DNC, want that sort of program, too.  This is because very, very conservative illegal aliens vote for these ‘liberal’ parties.


Seeing them as a voting base wherever illegal aliens can vote like in say, California, the liberals want more conservative illegal aliens to invade.  Too stupid to see the final result of all this, liberals are convinced that their beloved civil rights won’t end up in the toilet one fine day.

RT News reports about Israel that never show up in our own news.  Many media operations in the US are owned or run by Jews.  Yet real news about Israel never appears on front pages.  This is because all the real news from Israel run totally opposite to news from the NATO nations.


Israel is systematically destroying, locking out and intimidating Muslims.  Even denying them basic food and medicine, this racist regime is supported by all, literally all US politicians and parties nonstop yet no one talks about their racist activities especially liberals won’t talk about it.


Very brave tiny far left groups do protest this and are shut down or ignored, of course.

The Nazis are in Israel and they are Jewish.  As Germany persecutes German citizens while flooding the country with illegal aliens who hate Germans and hope to supplant and destroy Germany…my head hurts at this nonsense…Israel outlaws Arabic so they can remove all Arabic signs in Israel even though, even before the seizure of Jerusalem, they kept the Arabic signs up…this is another very provocative move by the Jews.


And not a peep from the mainstream media about this!  Dead silence.


Survivor: Chechen Police Tells Parents ‘Kill Your Gay Children Or We’ll Do It For You’  as the anti-gay movement in Islam sweeps across the planet.  I am in despair at how leftist gay Americans think their best allies are Muslims!  This is insane.  It is suicidal.


Here is a typical example of this insanity from last year: Muslim attitudes about LGBT are complex, far from universally anti-gay.


As one of a tiny number of openly gay imams in the world, Daayiee Abdullah has felt the sting of rebuke from fellow Muslims. No good Muslim can be gay, they say. And traditional schools of Islamic lawconsider homosexuality a grave sin.


But Abdullah, a Washington, D.C. lawyer who studied Islam in the Middle East, says that mainstream Islamic teaching on gays must change.


“It has to or it will die from its harshness or rigidity,” Abdullah said. “The way it is presently understood, it rots the heart and decays the brain.”…Attitudes towards LBGT people in Muslim communities are complex, and far from universally anti-gay.


There is zero complexity here: the Muslim community murders gays.  Tortures gays.  Hates gays with amazing passion.  If anyone in a Muslim run country becomes ‘liberal’ in this matter, they are executed.  Or mobs run them down and stone them to death.  Anyone who believes there is this movement to behave differently is a victim of how news is covered in the West.


That is, a wretched business…coverage of real news is running almost to zero now.   It is pure propaganda and wishful thinking at this point in time.  All the pro-gay Muslim groups are in very liberal NATO countries which are now being overrun by Muslims who hate gay Muslims.  The end is obvious.


From 2009, this story illustrates all the illogical, insane contradictions roiling under the surface when sexual politics and religion collides:  Reject anti-Israeli apartheid meeting, queers urged | JTA – Jewish & Israel News


A Canadian Jewish human rights group is calling on the LBGT community to reject a “queers” anti-Israel apartheid program in Toronto.


So, it is obvious to me that gay Jews want to have their racist apartheid state while having a liberal goodies time for themselves.  And they have the same problem as gays in NATO nations: the very intolerant right wing Jews are having big families and they hate gays!


In Europe, the people who hate liberals who want fun and game and few children are being out numbered by those who are very conservative and have bigger families.


“Israel has now begun to frame itself as a tolerant, queer-positive democracy,” the announcement read. “This can never be reality under occupation.”


This illusion of liberalism is doomed in Israel.  It is an artifact of the times, not long lived and easy to understand: the population that hates liberals is growing, not shrinking.


The keynote speaker is El-Farouk Khaki, co-founder of Salaam: Queer Muslim Community and Pride 2009 Grand Marshall.


B’nai Brith Canada called on members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to reject the program.


The liberal united front is a fraud.  The internal contradictions will rip it apart.


“It is the height of irony to single out democratic Israel in this fashion when it is the only country in the Middle East that guarantees the fundamental freedoms of all its citizens without distinction,” said Frank Dimant, the executive vice president of B’nai Brith Canada. “In stark contrast, the rights of the LGBT community in neighboring Arab countries are routinely trampled on.


Note how the Jewish gay guy lies openly.  Israel has zero freedoms for Muslims inside of Israel and inside its prison populations in the Gaza strip and Jerusalem.  They are herded around  like animals, abused and threatened daily.


“Members of Canada’s LGBT community who are constantly battling discrimination should be mindful not to become part and parcel of the anti-Israel machinery that continues to churn out hateful and divisive propaganda.”


Yes, the gay Jews really believe their own propaganda.  They cannot see anything due to this mental illness.  None of this shows up in US media, of course.  The Omerta vow of silence is total, any media that dares to talk about all this is called ‘fake news’ by these fake news operations.



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  1. Petruchio

    “Poor France! The country is sliding into bankruptcy, a flood of illegal Muslim aliens, nearly all men, are ripping it apart systematically…” I wonder if the people–in any country, not just France–promoting this Muslim invasion actually think that they will be immune to Muslim crime wave. If these Politically Correct ‘feminists’, or whatever they call themselves are outraged by some Locker Room comments about women by Trump 11 years ago, what are they going to think about gang raping Muslim males who couldn’t care less if you think they are misogynists. You don’t want to wish people ill, but the folks promoting this Muslim invasion SHOULD get a dose of their own medicine.

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