Hanford Plutonium Processing Plant Tunnel Collapse

Hanford Washington: Tunnel collapse at ‪‪Hanford Site‬‬ , Emergency declared 

Tunnel at Plutonium Uranium Extraction Plant Collapses in Hanford: no one was harmed so far.  The dangers of any materials escaping are severe but so far, nothing has happened yet. This is just a reminder of how dangerous plutonium is…




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6 responses to “Hanford Plutonium Processing Plant Tunnel Collapse

  1. Jim R

    Clean, safe, modern nuclear energy … the energy of the future! (in the 1950s).

  2. Claudeeyah

    As usual, RT had the story listed as a front page article. CNN??? crickets. Guess the spin has yet to be decided on. We’ll hear from them when their betters give the the “OK” on the story, Until then, global warming, the Russkies are bayaa-ud…mmmmmmkay??? And Putin and Trump are closet homosexuals.

  3. Lou

    I am speechless.

  4. Rob

    Obama is not speech “less”
    Who would have thought seeds and chips were in his expertise.

    Barack Obama ‘to pocket £2.5million for sold-out speech in Milan today’

  5. Yikes, a ‘speech’ about feeding the poor in Africa and South America, etc. Good lord. ‘Let them eat cake’ must have been the title of his little ‘speech’.

  6. Lou

    #4–Negro worship is very strong among liberals.

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