Comey Out, Trump Pushes Forwards With Real Diplomacy With Putin

It is obvious for some time that something would snap.  The head of the FBI has been floundering for nearly a year.  The ‘liberal’ media is now on the warpath now that Trump has forced Comey out.  But then, everything Trump says or does sends the liberal media owners into hysteria.  I watched the entire Watergate business unfold due to being pregnant at the time and when I am pregnant, due to problems with having any children at all, I am confined nearly the entire time so I saw Watergate unfold and took note of how it unfolded.


We have several ‘Watergates’ going on right now.  The capture of the Hillary/Podesta emails are two distinct episodes.  The NYC police are still investigating the Huma/Hillary server business wherein Hillary illegally gave top secret emails to Huma and she gave them to her pedophile husband.  This storyline is totally ignored by the liberal media who pretend it isn’t happening.


Then there is the Comey not doing his job scandal.  He vacillated as Hillary and her gang cheated against first Bernie Sanders, then bribed him outright and then cheated on the TV debates again, this time illegally getting the questions from the media giants who are fake liberals who who secretly were supporting Clinton and trying to rig the election on her behalf.


Then we have the whole ‘Flynn is a secret commie Ruskie’ business which I say is pure McCarthyism.  The NYT and Washington Post and all the media giants are very, very intent on this propaganda regime.  I got a front seat at home to the McCarthy hearings because my father sheltered one of the victims of the Congressman and helped him leave the country.


This paid back the US hugely many years later when Nixon went to China and the Chinese were so proud that my father stood up to McCarthy, they brought him over to celebrate this and this enraged Madame Mao no end.  Whew.


Well, this time around is a repeat: the pursuit of Flynn for daring to do even slight diplomacy is insane.  It frankly infuriates me but I don’t run the corrupt system.  The mere idea that two people, Flynn and Trump, who never went to a single Bilderberg secret meeting, were going to talk to Putin of all people…freaks out the Bilderberg gang no end.


They hate this with a seething passion.  Note that the mainstream media will not mention any of this Bilderberg gang junk.  The co-conspirators are the ones running our mainstream media.  Right now, all other forms of communication are under severe attack as rich people fight ferociously to defund, destroy, censor and kill alternative news analysis and reportage.


I exist online because of the wonderful readers here who generously give me funds and I appreciate this greatly.  All the ‘alternative media’ exists the same way: faithful readers responding to us and I feel we have hope in the future because of people willing to keep free speech alive and well.  THANK YOU, ALL.

Thank god for Russian news!  Note how Trump is now, and he started yesterday, doing REAL diplomacy with Putin.  He is shrugging off the howling hoards of hideous liberal rage to do what has to be done.  I know that Hillary and her buddies wanted to talk about WWIII all the time assuming we will win.  This was insane and is still insane.


Sane people would want some sort of diplomatic resolution to all this.  Russia and China will gladly cooperate with Trump on dealing with the crazy North Koreans, for example.  But that requires real diplomacy, something Obama was terrible for he just floated along, following orders from above.

More real news from Russia.  RT News is listed by the liberals running Google as ‘fake news’ and this is insane, of course, it appears to be my major ‘real news’ source these days.  I check out their stories against British and German news to see if it is ‘real’ and yes, it has a sterling record in regards to foreign news.  Internal Russian news, I don’t know but their reporting about what is going on outside of Russia is outstanding.


Note that in Germany, Merkel, the communist leader, is attacking the German military, arresting them for various charges of being against her ‘million Muslim male relocation’ program.  Meanwhile, NATO member, Turkey, is threatening Israel with a flood of Muslim ‘visitors’ who will be hostile.


And Merkel is forbidding Turkish citizens camped out in Germany, from voting for the death penalty as Erdogan imposes Sharia laws on Turkey.  Ahem.  And then there is the new president of South Korea who wants…diplomacy with China, North Korea and Russia!


Trump was being relentlessly driven into confrontations with North Korea while being stripped of the ability to negotiate with Russia or China which made resolution of that business literally impossible.

More Russian news which our ‘allies’ hide thanks to our media giants being media midgets.  Thank you, Putin, for giving out real information.  So, the Germans are using NATO business to feather their own nests, eh?  HAHAHA.  Similar to here in the US.


And Turkey is warning NATO powers that they can’t support the Kurds fighting in Syria.  That is a mess, too.  Russia is very aware of all this and Turkey has been flirting with joining up with Russia and Putin is quite capable of peeling Turkey away from the NATO alliances.  Oh, and more news: Turkey has shut down all access to Wikipedia now.


The internet is less and less ‘free’.  I have been online since the inception of the internet, via my father’s connection to the earliest web systems way back in the Stoned Ages (heh).  I have seen it grow in size and heft while simultaneously, shutting down and fracturing more and more.  Now it is serious: all powers want to annihilate citizen use of the internet which isn’t directed or controlled by the Bilderberg gang or assorted war lords and dictators.


This, in turn, will cause political and social chaos for the conversations on the internet will vanish and all communications will revert to when I was a student radical: we never used phones, etc. because of bugs, my phone has been bugged off and on from 1968-today, very heavily when the Chinese officials lived with me.


There are ways of communicating that the Feds can’t ‘see’ unless they install spy devices in everything…which they are doing!  They are terrified of the citizens.  For nearly ten years, I lived off of the grid, in the mountains.  Others do this, too.  The people in the cities will be pushed around mercilessly and assaulted by foreigners let in to terrorize the public but these same terrorists dare not go where I live, everyone here is armed to the teeth and have dogs.


But citizens in cities: watch out, let these gangsters do as they please and they will finish everyone off.  Remember 9/11: a gang of aliens were brought in to learn how to fly jets and then attacked citizens!  And the FBI/CIA investigation was pure garbage.  And the terrorists trained right next to Jupiter Island, owned by the Bush clan who ran Florida via Jeb Bush.  Yes, right in the Bush lap!  And no investigation about this startling business plus the Bushes letting all the Saudis flee when all other flights were grounded.


No Congressional hearings about that.




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14 responses to “Comey Out, Trump Pushes Forwards With Real Diplomacy With Putin

  1. Petruchio

    I hope Loretta Lynch gets caught up in all this. Watching Lynch lie and evade Congressional questions gave a stark confirmation of just how corrupt the US Government truly is. And James Comey besmirched by his very existence, an ENTIRE Agency, the FBI. The problem is, the people who own the likes of Comey think they are immune from any negative consequences. There’s no getting around it; some of these ‘owners’ are going to have to go to prison! Ramming some personal responsibility down these oligarch’s throats is the only way these arrogant SOB’s are gonna back off.

  2. Petruchio

    BTW: it’s going to be interesting to see how the Political Wh#re Class tries to “fix” this without looking thoroughly corrupt. These guys are shameless, thoroughly bought and paid for wh#res. They’ll try something. Sabotaging the investigations that may ensue. Feeding the Clintons–and their attorneys–inside information, etc.. They will want to keep a lid on this Comey firing because there is no telling WHERE this investigation could go. What information that may come out if the right rock is turned over.

  3. Jim R

    “In a writ of fealous jage”, according to the pundits in the media peanut gallery … and “they’ll never approve a replacement”.

    To which I say, just shut down the whole fscking thing. They’ve been laughably incompetent since 2001, well really, since 1963. America doesn’t need them. Re-educate them as gumshoes for some areas lacking in police protection, like Baltimore.

  4. Christian W

    Everybody in Washington and Wall Street, including the FBI and the SEC, knew by 2004 that the rotten mess that was the financial fraud leading up to the crash 2007/8 was cooking.

    Nobody did anything to stop it then. Nobody did anything to punish the criminals afterwards. Nobody to this day is going to do anything about those crooks responsible still wrecking the US and global economy with their profiteering.

    Comey and the FBI are not there to stop elite corruption. Remember Comey was the one who made the Wienergate material public at the most opportune time before the election to have the largest possible pro Trump effect. He was never forgiven for this.

    All this is political theatre.

  5. Yes, it is all a big fat joke. The FBI was doing illegal stuff back in the 1960’s. They were spying on Americans during my entire life. I have had them in my home more than ten times. The actual on the street agents are actually quite nice and we always had charming conversations! They even cooperate with me when cornered.

    It is the bosses who are nasty.

  6. Christian W

    At least there seems to be some genuine good relationship between Lavrov and Tillerson/Trump. Could also be that Lavrov is smart enough (and he is very smart) to emphasize that appearance. If nothing else that is going to troll the Ziocons no end.

  7. Nani

    When the mainstream media is mad, it is a signal to Trump that he is doing something right. Likewise, when the media is happy, it is a signal that Trump is doing something bad (like the Syria attack).

    This way the mainstream media can work as moral compass for the Trump administration. but just in the opposite way.

    This is the bizarre situation we find ourselves in today.

  8. charlottemom

    It’s Kissinger vs Bryszski (and I don’t care if I butcher his name). In this case I’ll take Kissinger.

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