Russia Celebrates WWII Victory In Grand Style

Victory Day Parade on Red Square 2017 (FULL VIDEO) – YouTube


Drudge: ‘Trump Needs A Military March’:In a rare tweet, prominent news aggregator Matt Drudge suggested Tuesday that President Trump should organise a ‘military march’ in response to a show of power by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“Trump needs a military march…” the tweet reads, with a link to a Daily Mail story about the Russian Victory Day military parade in Moscow.


During the ceremony, 10,000 troops marched through Red Square with 114 units of military equipment, including for the first time Tor and Pantsir mobile surface-to-air missiles.


“Plans to send 72 aircraft overhead were defeated by the weather – despite the Kremlin spending £1.3 million to spike the clouds with a chemical cocktail to supposedly guarantee sunshine.” the report reads.


The parade marked the 72nd anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. It is estimated that 27 million Soviet soldiers and civilians were killed in defeating the Nazis.

The Russians picked up a lot of Prussian/Nazi style marching music/movements because of the close contacts via all out warfare between both.   I notice that they carry the defunct Communist flag, too.


Compare it to this parade last year in Washington, DC:  2016 National Independence Day Parade – Washington, DC – YouTube.  The Russian parade is all about life and death and a very bloody history indeed.  The US parade is a totally different affair, isn’t it?  22 veterans kill themselves every day and do we all wonder why?


“Far too often, we’re leaving our veterans to fight their toughest battles alone,” Senator John Walsh told CNN.
The Democrat from Montana is the first Iraq War combat veteran to serve in the United States Senate. Last month he introduced legislation aimed at reducing the number of military veterans who commit suicide.


“I think we do a pretty good job of taking that citizen soldier and making a warrior out of him, but we aren’t doing a very good job of taking that warrior and reintegrating him back into society,” Walsh said.


The question is, why are they so depressed and self destructive?  I used to help out with the vets from the Vietnam War when I worked at the Free Clinic.  They had terrible mental problems, lots of bad feelings.


Indeed, it is hard to avoid: war is really hell.  I have in my own family, a survivor of the Battle of Iwo Jima and Okinawa in WWII who was a medic in both battles.  He was unable to talk about any of this until 70 years later.


My own father couldn’t talk about Operation Paperclip until I forced him in 1979.  Other survivors of terrible wars struggled afterwards, one, old Walt, never left his farm after fighting the entire battle of Iwo Jima as a Marine.  He wouldn’t even go up the road to visit me, it was always me visiting him.


Well, Russia was ravaged by immense fighting in WWII far beyond anything the US troops went through except for Iwo Jima was a small taste of the ferocity of the fighting on the Eastern Front.

An updated history of the Battle of Stalingrad New Documentary which talks about the latest research on this epic battle.  All credit towards winning that fight goes to the people of Russia who struggled mightily and heroically.  Despite Stalin’s stupidity and messes, they still won via spirit and suffering.

Battle of Stalingrad | Battlefield Detectives Documentary – YouTube

Click here to see one of the greatest war films ever made in Russia, one which I watch from beginning to end (5 hours) at least every other year:  War And Peace (1966) pt. 1 – Video Dailymotion.  Truly an epic story.


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12 responses to “Russia Celebrates WWII Victory In Grand Style

  1. Blissex

    As to “great wars”, an often reliable blogger reports on the huge upgrade to the USA nuclear arsenal and the people who want a first-strike against Russia as a “final solution”:

  2. Yes, Putin is highly aware of this.

  3. Lou

    #1—page gone.

    Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

  4. Claudeeyah

    My step dad was a marine who fought in Guadacanal and Iwo Jima. He actually won two purple hearts among other medals. Tough as nails and a stoic old bastard he was. He didn’t talk much about it. About thirty years ago he had a mental breakdown and had to be hospitalized. It shocked us all because he was usually very stoic. I had to work hard to get his sense of humor to surface. So many of our soldiers have deep and hidden scars that eventually must surface.

  5. DannyBoy

    That parade confirms that in the end Russia will be Europe’s last line of defense against the muslim invaders.

  6. Claudeeyah, all the Iwo Jima survivors that I knew were the same way: couldn’t talk about it. Except when it mattered (death was near, alas). Yes, it is very hard on them all. Seriously hard.

    But then, what we all did was celebrate them. It is fun to go behind their backs and tell people what really happened (their struggle to survive) and whisper, ‘Don’t say anything outright, just thank them for being here.’

    When I was in Germany, I got to talk to two different German men who survived the Eastern Front. They gave the Soviet fighters full credit for being great fighters, by the way.

    My father in law told me, the saddest part of his job was to pull women and children out of caves on Okinawa.

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  8. Melponeme_k

    My grandfather fought in Operation Market Garden – Netherlands (Snort now should be called Allah Akbarland) with the 82nd Airborne. He was part of the troops that made that insane raft crossing near the Nijmegan bridge. Only half making the crossing made it. He never spoke about that once. NEVER. I was very little but the most he said about his experience was that his friend was killed in front of him. After a lot of begging for stories, he admitted that parachute jumps in enemy fire was intense. He saw a lot of starving children. He mentioned the kids in France a lot. It was the only thing he could bring himself to discuss. He used to watch “A Bridge too Far” every time it was on the TV. He said they didn’t even get close to what it was like.

  9. Moe

    My father never psychologically recovered from his wartime experience. Movies can never do justice to actual war conditions, the audience could not take it, and sickened and disgusted, would walk out.

    The best antiwar movie would be a truly realistic war movie.

  10. That is certainly true. The people who fought great battles suffer even if they are not obviously wounded. My dear friend who fought the entire Iwo Jima battle from the first to last hour, one of only SIX who survived the entire thing…never, ever talked about any of this except three days before he died on his lovely little farm which he never left after he came home, a hero.

    My father in law mentioned the cave fighting in Iwo Jima only once, to me, and only said he was on his hands and knees there.

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