Liberal TV Owners Removing All Conservative Actors: Tim Allen Is Fired, Earlier, Jay Leno

(17) Welcome to Jay Leno’s Garage! – YouTube


One of my hobbies has been working on old vehicles.  I have had a number of these over the years, for example, I rebuilt this ’55 Chevy panel truck into a fabulous Hippie Hotel and then had to sell  it to pay for my first child’s birth.  Many cars…Jay Leno ruled nighttime TV for years and years after Carson left the Tonight Show and then was suddenly kicked to the curb for being too ‘conservative’ and was replaced by the jerks on TV today who are nasty, ill-tempered and worse, just plain stupid.  Do click on Leno’s car shows on You Tube, they are delightful fun.  And great history lessons.


Did Tim Allen’s Nazi Germany Joke Help Kill ‘Last Man Standing’? There is the reality today: if you are a leftist or Hillary bot, you can cuss, be nasty, threaten people, say outright, you want assassins to kill the President and…nothing happens.  If you are a conservative, even saying the smallest jokes, you are fired or hounded mercilessly by the Fake New Media hell hounds who love Medusa because she turns men into stone which backfired on her husband…ahem…


On a March episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Allen told Kimmel that being a Republican in Hollywood today is “like 1930s Germany. You gotta be real careful around here, you know. You’ll get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes.”


OK: Allen said this on a late night show.  Suddenly, he was under full attack from the raving gangs of perpetually angry females and leftist sock puppet men.  They howled and raged and then…Allen was punished.  Anyone who says the slightest thing that irritates these Princesses sleeping on a hundred mattresses, these pea sized statements turn them into Medusa howlers.  So, to keep the peace and stop all men from being stoned all the time…dudes!  Pass that joint!


They fire anyone who irritates these ugly creatures.


The Disney-owned broadcaster canceled the “Home Improvement” alum’s Friday series ahead of next week’s TV upfronts event, despite “Last Man’s” steady ratings from last year. While a 1.6 Nielsen number in the key 18-49 demographic is generally nothing to write home about — especially when that includes a week of delayed viewing, as this one does — it’s not bad at all for a Friday.


Actually, it’s pretty darn good. Also good? A sitcom with half-a-dozen seasons under its belt not even losing one-tenth of a ratings point season over season.


They don’t care if they lose money.  They are deranged at this point.  There is this gigantic mass of people who are very turned off by all this huffy, nasty, poke in the eye behavior of leftists on both coasts.  That is, the California/New York City see saw.  They are self destructing everything around themselves.


They even managed over time to screw up football!  Droves of angry males deserted football this year after being fed up by all the PC hysteria aimed right at themselves.  They were the ‘enemy’ to be destroyed so they…put down the pizza and beer and disappeared.


Was Tim Allen’s show canceled for being too conservative? – Red Alert Politics


Despite having the third-most watched show on ABC, Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing with conservative, blue-collar, and Christian-based humor has been canceled after six successful seasons, reported Deadline.


Last Man Standing was the staple of ABC’s Friday night lineup, averaging more than 8 million viewers per episode in its sixth season, behind only Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.


Jim Caviezel said he wasn’t able to find any work after filming The Passion of the Christ, actor James Woods stated in 2013 he’d never work in Hollywood again for his conservative politics, and in 2012 Kelsey Grammer claimed his show “Boss” was canceled because he was an outspoken Republican.


Yes, you get removed fast if you poke at the Real Rulers.  They pull the puppet strings and anyone defying them is banished.  They did this to Jay Leno, who I once watched with some amusement:  Jay Leno on leaving “The Tonight Show” – CBS News


Jay Leno: I always tell new people in show business. I say, “Look, show business pays you a lot of money, because eventually you’re gonna get screwed. And when you get screwed, you will have this pile of money off to the side already.” And they go, “OK, OK. OK, you ready? You ready?” “I got screwed.” “You got the pile of money?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” I mean, that’s the way it works. I mean, you know, that’s– that’s the way these things are. That’s the way it happens.


Even Fox news decided to commit suicide.  They had to pay their top conservative male many millions of dollars to go away and he left.  Now, there is this big hole, the people watching the commercials are pissed off like all hell and are looking at commercials with seething rage…whooo—boy…this is going to be fun.


Already, they are mad at the football team owners and TV producers, now they are mad at Fox TV and this rage is only going to rise higher and to the moon, Alice.


[Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show:” In fact a couple of weeks ago President Obama called me told me personally if I like my current job I can keep my current job… and I believed it. I believed it.]


Note: he was fired and this is a joke.


He has never been the critics’ favorite, particularly in New York and Los Angeles where some find him bland an unadventurous.


The ‘not favorite in NY and LA’ means ‘The super rich and super powerful hated him.’  Not the audience in these cities.  I watched Jay while living a hop skip and jump from his bosses’ headquarters in Manhattan.  I worked, once, only two blocks away in Midtown near the Empire State Building.


[Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show:” There’s a controversy that won’t go a way. This “Duck Dynasty” thing gays are very upset with “Duck Dynasty”… you know who is even more upset, gay ducks. They are furious.]


But neither has Leno gotten his due. He’s always had a feel for the audience in the middle of the country, and outside the major urban areas.


He was popular where I lived in Brooklyn.  A Brooklyn joke: it is further away from Manhattan than Manhattan, Kansas.  Yes, there is a town named Manhattan in Kansas.  I once went through there.  It didn’t have a single tower and it also didn’t have panhandlers on every corner so I knew I was in Kansas.


OK, that is a feeble joke.  But then, no one is paying me to crack one on TV at this moment so…drop dead.  No!!! Don’t.  Sorry.  Yikes.


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12 responses to “Liberal TV Owners Removing All Conservative Actors: Tim Allen Is Fired, Earlier, Jay Leno

  1. Lou

    The Saturday people own the media.
    (((Chomsky))) wrote 10,000 pages on those evil corporations that own media.
    He left out the most important fact, Jews own those business corporations.

  2. Petruchio

    There is a heavy Jewish influence in the TV and Movie Industry as well.

  3. ziff

    Jay is a nice man, i watch those too

  4. Moe

    Loved Last Man Standing, as did my wife. Often relevant, one of the few shows with contrarian views. I was amazed that it even hit the ariwaves, let alone last six seasons.

  5. Steve

    Manhattan, KS is a pleasant place. Unfortunately, the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) is locating there about 1/2 mile from where my mom lives- moving from their current island location to research animal diseases in the middle of the american agricultural heartland does not sound like a good idea to me.

  6. Moe

    Last Man Standing episode clip that encapsulates politically correct speech.

  7. Samuel Johnson

    Tim Allen, the cocaine dealer who turned state’s evidence and ratted out his peers? Proves once again that Samuel Johnson was right when he said that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

  8. CK

    Most cocaine dealers are small business entrepreneurs; reliably conservative. Except for the ones who are the non union slaves of the Big Cocaine Globalist monopolists.

  9. CK

    ABC television is a subsidiary of Disney. Disney is ESPN. ESPN is having issues and its future is problematic. The president of Disney has made passing comments about running for president of the USA. He is unfortunately much older but much more handsome that Faceburg.
    Also the Rock and Oprah have both now remarked that they might also run for President. I think that movie will be called Fast and Fabulous Purple.

  10. The bruising social battles going on these days are destroying the beloved businesses of Big Shot Rich People. They want everyone to sit at home and watch stuff. But people are now so pissed off, they are refusing to be entertained anymore.

  11. Moe

    Continuing decisions like this by ABC should (I like to think ‘will’) eventually destroy the networks. One can’t turn off the viewer base indefinitely. Canned TV will eventually fail due to demographics, since Generation Z and the Millennials are attuned (no pun intended) to alternative sources of entertainment.

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