Mainstream Fake News Pretends The DNC Didn’t Demand Comey Firing When Investigating Hillary Crimes

FLASHBACK: Democrats have been calling for the firing of James Comey for MONTHS. FLIP FLOP! – 


Funny compilation of all the screaming Democrats demanding Comey resign because of Hillary investigation.  The fake news media heads that conspired to demand Comey resign last summer are now united in screaming that he should not be fired this week. There are more and more videos appearing on You Tube showing clearly how the Democrats are all liars and rewriting history, pretending they love Comey, not all screaming for him to be terminated. This is utterly shameless behavior.


Ultimate Compilation Of Democratic Flip-Floppers Previously Calling For Comey’s Resignation – YouTube


Even the money grubbing Obama called for Comey to go away.  And even funnier is how Schumer, my own ‘Senator’, lies about his past demands to remove Comey and now pretends Comey is the his best buddy.  Schumer is the perfect example of a total hypocrite.


He yells about how evil it is for the US to build walls to keep out illegal aliens and then turns around and votes for giving Israel many billions of US taxpayer dollars to…build one of the biggest, tallest walls on earth to keep Palestinians trapped in this Jewish-run ghetto!  This double standard, shameless lying is so common, people barely notice it.


That is, we are used to our politicians nakedly lying.  Trump does this, too, of course.  At least he does have some consistency.  For example, he doesn’t mind taxing us so Israel can build massive walls.  He wants to do it here, too.  The Democrats, on the other hand, lie about all this and are indignant when Trump tries to control Muslims immigrating from places where they hate us, and then pull all this garbage in Israel, running a total Apartheid state on behalf of racist Jews.


Not all Jews are racists but after marrying into a very liberal Jewish family in NYC who was a publishing family, and being treated in the most beastly way possible (for example, they never, ever ate anything I made or came to dinner because my food was ‘dirty’) these liberals were all for the DNC programs about racism…while being extremely, hideously racist in real life.

Tucker: Comey’s firing is not a constitutional crisis – YouTube


People are suggesting that the DNC is terrified a new FBI director will dig into the Hillary/Huma messes.  Comey should have been fired because he overstepped his job’s business, he meddled in politics instead of being a steadfast investigator and I despised him and his operatives because they passively allowed Muslim terrorists who they ‘investigated’ to run riot and kill hundreds of citizens and spread terror.


That is, he was incompetent.  Sources Claim That Comey Firing Could Result In Release Of Documents, Potential New Clinton Probe | Disobedient Media reports.  I believe, and figured this out on my own, it is so obvious, that the real reason the DNC is in total melt down hysterics is due to the idea that a new investigation is going to finally happen.


It has been painfully obvious since last October that Hillary and her buddies were breaking many rules, regulation and laws in their quest for more power.  The whole business of physically destroying cell phones and computers to avoid FBI investigations of their communications is proof of guilt.  They colluded to lie, deceive and thwart any and all investigations into the messy systems set up by Hillary and her gang to avoid being monitored by the State Department and others.


That is, they did business illegally so that no one in the government would know what the hell they were doing and why do this?  Because…they were doing screwy, dangerous, stupid or unconstitutional things!  Hillary is the ‘Nixon’ in this mess, not Trump.


Upon news of Comey’s removal, Julian Assange tweeted that a source within the FBI had informed him that the Bureau would begin leaking documents from the investigation. He urged the FBI to release documents in full to prevent any misrepresentations by the press. On the heels of Assange’s announcement, an additional source claimed that the Deputy Attorney General will now oversee a new Clinton probe following Comey’s dismissal, and would do so in close proximity to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe for lack of trust.

This is the VP’s twitter citing the Disobedientmedia. com story which I got independently.  Lynette Johnson on Twitter: “@JackPosobiec ✍️”

Yes, that is correct, McCabe isn’t a person put into control of the FBI as a Trump supporter.  So the screams about a ‘coup’ are fake.  What I want is honesty and to not be partisan.  I remember Hoover, for I tangled with the FBI during the Hoover years.


Hoover was very partisan and a blackmailer.  He collected information about politicians and important people and then forced them to do things or else he would leak information to the press to attack them, etc.  He was thoroughly corrupt and when Nixon went down, he went down.


We have this super powerful spy/police state that…cannot protect us from obvious terrorists!  


These clowns are stupid.  Or malicious.  They let the 9/11 terrorists attack.  They have been utterly useless when it comes to stopping foreign terrorists.  This is infuriating.  As they widen their own powers, spy more and more on citizens, they let in more and more terrorists and don’t stop them even if they ‘question’ them the day before the attacks, quite literally!


Useless!  Utterly useless!  The more their powers expanded, the less success!  This infuriating situation is political.  The government at the top doesn’t want FBI agents stopping alien and domestic Muslim terrorists.  Since their record of doing this is so wretched, why isn’t Congress holding hearings about how incompetent this all is?


All the laws passed by Congress after 9/11 failed.  All the actions of Congress since 9/11 such as the ‘let’s bring in millions of angry Muslim males’ program shows us that Congress wants us to be attacked by terrorists, not the opposite.  Look at our NATO allies doing the exact same stupid things!  Wailing about ‘terrorists’ and then importing another million who shelter terrorists and who want terrorists to succeed.


I want hearings about this lunacy.  I want Congress to investigate the connection between ‘building walls with taxpayers money but only in Israel’ versus ‘why Congress is so against the Trump wall building to keep out terrorists’.  Hello, I want the entire Congress impeached if they support the former and are angry and refusing to build the latter.  This is TREASON.  Yes, treason.



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15 responses to “Mainstream Fake News Pretends The DNC Didn’t Demand Comey Firing When Investigating Hillary Crimes

  1. Ken

    Two thoughts.

    First, McCabe is only holding his job until a new director of the FBI is appointed. At that point the new boss will hopefully fire him. He is part of the “swamp.”

    Second, it seems to me that the reason the Democrats are so adamantly opposed to building the wall is because the wall will survive past the end of the Trump administration. On the other hand, if “electronic” and similar non-material measures are used, then once the Democrats are back in control of the White House (or even just Congress) these non-material measures can be easily discontinued, and the invasion of illegals can resume. Trump will be just a bump in the road to the globalist plans.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “Hello, I want the entire Congress impeached if they support the former and are angry and refusing to build the latter. This is TREASON. Yes, treason.”

    Yes, it is and it is a charge that can be given the death penalty. Which they ALL deserve. If this sword hung over our political servants as a genuine result of treason, there would be less idiots jumping off cliffs for the Bilderberg elites.

  3. Petruchio

    This is part of the reason this phony “Russian Hacking” BS is still making the rounds on the Fake News MSM. It is a good cover for not covering Real Stories. Same thing with the innuendo involved with the “Comey Fired” stories. The Fake News Media won’t focus on what Comey–or Clinton–did or did not do, but suggest Pure Politics are involved here, nothing else. And the American MSM wonders why they have a 18% approval rating with the General Public.

  4. Melponeme_k

    This is how change happens, one political office at a time. I hope this man wins.

  5. PFO

    WoW Elaine,

    You hit this one outta the ballpark . . . and we dweebs thought ‘The Donald’ had decided to leave poor Hilary alone because ‘she’s been through so much.’

    I’ll guess he found so much Clinton fecal matter all over the ‘deep state’ that he had no choice but to go after her and by proxy ALL of her mafia.

    BUT, she/they apparently had something on Comrade Comey that kept him quiet, ergo “You’re fired!” Kinda refreshing language from a President, no?

    Stay in there and pitch.


  6. Moe

    It appears (emphasis on ‘appears’) that Comey’s firing was a genuine surprise. This suggests that the leaks in Trump’s inner circle have been identified or plugged.

  7. Moe

    From Lame Cherry:

    Excerpt: “The comparison is to show that J. Edgar Hoover targeted the elites and left the Silent Majority untouched. James Comey protected the elite criminals and criminalized the American Citizen. In short, J. Edgar Hoover was for the 99% of Americans by policy, while James Comey is for the 1% of criminals ruling America.

    “James Comey was the face of all the deep state which Americans were uneasy about in knowing something was very wrong with America, in the fake news, fake intelligence and fake investigations, and the reason all of this was taking place is the “American System” had been replaced by a globalist standard criminalizing Americans and seeking their genocide.”

  8. Now the real war starts. The Bilderberg gang will begin the assassination stuff right away. If they can find some ANTIFA fool to do a kamikazi attack with a plane, that is.

  9. floridasandy

    post 4, that is exactly how change does happen! If I lived in Texas, I would campaign and vote for this guy, Craig Diangelo

    we need MORE regular people running and a hell of a lot less career politicians. They will get a lot more votes than they have ever received before, because change is coming.

    The failure of France and French politics (dreaming that they can vote for globalization and still have a better economy, ha) only reinforces what we all need to do here. The job situation is looking a lot better in Florida and I wonder if that is being replayed all over the country now? I never saw one help wanted sign under Jeb Bush, but see lots of help wanted signs now.

    of course, we are in a drought now so that sucks. 🙂

  10. Quintin Koenig

    Moe, I really love your dream. May it become reality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Moe

    I see Trump is getting lots of flack over his offhand comment that he would have fired Comey anyway. I don’t see what the big deal is.

    There was cause for dumping Comey that was enunciated, but even is there was no cause except Trump’s animus, that’s sufficient since the FBI head serves at the President’s pleasure.

    Trump’s mistake was not firing him the day after inauguration.

  12. Thank you, big time, for the link! I read it in shame because I should have written this piece, too. Too much muck going on, it is hard to keep up and be on one’s toes.

    This blogger is smart. Yes, the facts are all there and yes, Trump deliberately waited until Comey was out of town so that he could seize all of Comey’s communications and documents before they could be wiped clean.

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