NATO Military Female Leaders Are All Goofy, Anti-male Fembots

The picture above is the group of females who were running all the major military armies.  None of them are military people.  They are Bilderberg bitches.  They go running around squealing like school girls when men do male things and have pretty much, since 2010, clipped the balls off of NATO’s European military.  Today, they are hunting down icky men who are doing icky male things and their armies are collapsing internally.  This is in stark contrast with Russia.


How Europe’s Five Female Defense Ministers Could Impact the Ukraine Conflict – The Daily Beast


It happened at around 3pm on Saturday, in one of the conference rooms at Munich’s Bayerischer Hof hotel, where politicians from around the world had gathered for an annual security conference. The female defence ministers of Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands had all met at previous conferences, so they decided to welcome Ursula von der Leyen, their new German counterpart.


Ooh, giggle, gee, aren’t we all so cute?  Look at the photo in this news story.  They look like elderly school girls on a sorority picnic.  It is darkly amusing how completely the military and police systems are collapsing in countries that invited in millions of angry Muslim males who love to scream, ‘Allah Akbar’ while raping women.


None of these females are fighters.  I am a fighting female and my name in NYC was ‘The Housewife from HELL’ not ‘Goldilocks’.  I spent much of my life, fighting.  Fighting is fun.  Only rarely did I meet females who wanted to really fight…pulling hair doesn’t count here.   These females running NATO troops all look like…good lord, they couldn’t scare a school child.


When Belgium’s (male) defence minister, Pieter De Crem, spotted the group of women, he quipped: “Oh, I’ll better get out of the picture.” That’s when the Dutch defence minister, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, asked someone to capture the scene on her phone.


Teeheehee, aren’t we all so cute?  Sheesh.


Hennis-Plasschaert told the Guardian: “[The Dutch politician] Neelie Kroes once said to me that old boys’ networks are the oldest form of cartels we have in Europe. She was right, but things are changing, and women can do similar things now.”


HAHAHA.  Yes, assemble the female squads and send them into the Eastern Front battles with the Russians! And Russian women, I would place bets on them winning, no need to send men to fight these females.


“That’s how global peace can be reached,” read another comment. Others felt the photograph was less indicative of a smashed glass ceiling than the diminished importance of the defence ministry in the post-cold-war era.


Note how, just a short while ago, Europe thought they needed no military yet not one US troop was brought home, what they did was cheat the US taxpayers and had us protect them.  This is why I am 100% against NATO.  There is no NATO.  There is the US and then a bunch of helpless ninny females who can’t fight.


While all four women hail from liberal-conservative parties in northern Europe, their paths to their current roles differ considerably. Whereas Sweden and Norway’s defence ministers are already the third and fifth female politicians in their posts, their German and Dutch colleagues are breaking new ground.


Sweden is now Europe’s toilet.  It is a mess, it is falling apart, it has been invaded by a million angry Muslim males who are systematically tearing it apart and…raping these women pretending to be strong.  When I lived in Europe, Muslim guest workers would hang out at train stations and molest young ladies and I was 16 years old.  I would toss them down the stairs or flip them over or punch them out.


It was a major form of amusement for me.  Most women avoided the stations and were scared of these men.  I wasn’t.  Today, one needs a cattle prod if one is a woman going into a Swedish train station.  Maybe I should visit, take along some of my horse whips or prods…or a gun.  Good lord, it is amazing watching Europe sink into nothingness.


Yesterday, I had a story about the Russian celebration for the end of WWII.  Russia Celebrates WWII Victory In Grand Style and I included this:  Victory Day Parade on Red Square 2017.  It was a huge display of Russian military esprit de corps.  This  means a warrior spirit.  Below is an earlier parade where NATO nations, after crushing the Soviets via letting them go to Afghanistan and other disasters…Russia fell to pieces.


The parade in 2010 featured NATO troops and it was a totally different affair, different music, it was celebrating the occupation and dismemberment of Russia.

Back in 2010,Foreign contingents join victory parade in Moscow (by RT) but this year, they did not.


If one watches both parades, the differences are stark.  The Russians are quite angry with NATO.  The females running the troops there have clustered behind the US and squealed that we should beat up the Russians for them.


From one month ago: US-German Liaison Officer Under Scrutiny for Comments About Merkel who is the head nasty female, not a squealing, goofy female but a toxic school marm former commie female.  The soldier who is stationed inside a German unit (probably to help them be more like men) got in serious trouble for talking about this evil female who is systematically destroying Germany:


 U.S. Army Europe is reviewing derogatory comments a U.S. officer assigned to a German army tank division made on Facebook about German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Col. Ciro Stefano, who currently serves as the chief of operations for the Bundeswehr’s 10th Panzer Division under the Army’s Personnel Exchange Program, openly criticized Merkel’s refugee policy in a social media posting.


“Thanks Mrs. Merkel for ruining Germany,” Stefano wrote in a December posting.


And he is 100% correct.  I fail to see anything wrong with him mentioning that she is destroying German men.  They will all be singing soprano if she has her own way with them.


The German newspaper Main Post captured the posting, which Stefano has since deleted, and made his profile private. The paper reported that Stefano also shared and commented on several other anti-refugee pages and stories in December and January.


Oh no, no one is allowed to notice the suicidal/rapist policies of the females running Germany.  I assume they have no idea what ‘sex’ is at this point.  Or maybe they are so used to men acting like shrinking violets, they don’t know what real men are like.


Well, the flood of alien males from Muslim countries have zero problem with raping women or shoving them down stairs or beating them up, etc.  They are manly men, but still also cowards since they are running away from problems at home instead of fighting back.  Within a few generations, they too, will be feeble if they stay in Europe.


 U.S. Army Europe said in a statement that it was looking into the proper measures, if any, to take against Stefano.


Everywhere, men are being punished for being even slightly stronger than a limp noodle these days.


“We were made aware of the news article and our leadership began gathering facts surrounding the article’s assertions to determine a course of action,” the statement said. “The German-American partnership remains strong and steadfast.”


HAHAHA…if the American males cut off their balls, they will be allowed to fight and die for German female politicians and other EU females who run the joint these days.


Stefano remains in his position with the 10th Panzer Division of the German armed forces, or Bundeswehr, which is based near Wuerzburg. Stefano’s unique role as a U.S. officer within a German unit gives the issue added sensitivity, as does his relatively high rank. He is one of just 56 U.S. Army officers and noncommissioned officers currently seconded to foreign armies worldwide in the exchange program.


Yes, Stefano’s talk about Merkel being a destroyer of German  men is…revolutionary!  Good grief, they need someone strong to stand up for them.


Germany Army Capt. Florian Kling, a member of the Darmstaedter Signal activist group, said that while the Bundeswehr generally encourages its soldiers to have political opinions even if they clash with official policy, higher-ranking officials need to be especially careful when making political statements online.


HAHAHA…freedom of speech but if you say anything strong or male, you will be clipped.  And stomped and hit by purses and females will scream with naked rage and rake their nails across your chest, guys.  So watch out!  Note how the men can ‘clash with official policy’ except…when the females freak out.  Then you are whipped like a cur.


I almost forgot this story:  Marines: Sharing Nude Photos Can Lead to Involuntary Separation as the Pentagon’s fainting violets freak out over young, hearty, masculine males doing goofy things about fellow females in the military, namely, they think about SEX.  Oh, the horrors.  Everyone faint dead away.


“I believe the policy that we revised is focused more on certain behaviors such as the one we are here to discuss today on social media … to tell all Marines that these types of things are unacceptable,” Neller told the Armed Services Committee. “The previous policy said that, but it did not say it quite directly.”


This addition to the separation and retirement manual addresses the online behavior of Marines in much clearer terms.


“The online behavior of some individuals, whether they are currently serving Marines, former Marines or others who simply wandered in, have attacked our Marine Corps values, our ethos,” Neller said. “Enough is enough.”


No more male stuff from you guys!  Get out your service issued knives and begin cutting on those balls or you are all fired.  Oh, wait, there are only some females left?  Wait!  Iwo Jima, here we come!  Right?  No???


Speaking of cutting balls (I used to do this to male lambs so they wouldn’t turn into dangerous rams):  Shepherds who bit off lambs’ testicles at special farming event hit by violent ‘food poisoning’ bug | Daily Mail reports.


Pentagon Intelligence Chief Warns of Afghan Gains Being Lost | reports today.  Oh goodie gum drops, another military failure.  The list grows long!  Those pesky Afghan males keep on fighting and fighting and fighting and we ‘win’ via bombs then they spring out of the earth and fight some more and never stop fighting.  Eh?  Why is this?


 The Pentagon’s intelligence chief says the work of U.S. and NATO forces to stabilize Afghanistan is at risk of being squandered.


Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s director, is telling a Senate panel the U.S. must do “something very different” in Afghanistan or else the Taliban will make new advances on the battlefield. He says the current stalemate in fighting could then tip in the Taliban’s favor.


I just had a brain storm!  Why not send over all the NATO female military heads and tell them to organize the Afghani men and women to fight?  Then lead them into battle.  Have these females in Europe prove they can win a war!!!  What is the delay here?  There are plenty of females left in Europe.  They have lots of experience with angry Muslim males by now.  They should find it easy in Afghanistan, no?


Yes, they are now pushing Trump who has less fighting experience than I, to do stupid things in Afghanistan.  No Decision Yet on Sending More Troops to Afghanistan: White House:


Spicer said Trump “wants to make sure that we do what we can to win, and that’s why he charged the generals and other military advisers and national security team to come up with a plan that can get us there.”


Trump is also concerned about the untimely disclosing of U.S. plans, Spicer said. “I mean, he’s talked about not projecting where he’s going and what he’s going to do to let the enemy know ahead of time.”


As the U.S. weighs sending more troops to Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Tuesday that a stable and honest government in Kabul is the key to ending the Taliban insurgency.


HAHAHA.  Why can’t we have stable and honest governments…HERE???  Like, in DC???  How about that????


Hell’s bells, this pisses me off.  This reminds me of the Vietnam war: we were there to ‘teach them how to fight.’  But they were teaching US how to fight!  We lost.  Then we did it over and over and over again.  Same results every time.


Trump is expected to make a decision on yet another U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan before attending a NATO summit in Brussels on May 25.


Taliban success in the north, the combat deaths of two Army Rangers in the southeast, renewed cross-border fighting with Pakistan, and a central government in disarray have lent urgency to the request by Army Gen. John Nicholson for thousands more U.S. troops to be sent to Afghanistan.


I just had a brain storm: ask Putin to go to Afghanistan and fight there!  I think he would not take it on, he knows what the Afghanis really think.  But it would be amusing to watch our politicians beg him to invade.


I wonder what all the female NATO military and political leaders would say?  Even Le Pen was not a strong woman compared to what is required here.  But even her female bid to do something, anything ‘masculine’ had the shrieking violent violet female hair pullers in hysteria.  The NATO males cut off their own balls and ate them rather than let her anywhere near NATO facilities.


Boy, this all nothing but fun for the Muslim radicals.  They rub their hands with glee.


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19 responses to “NATO Military Female Leaders Are All Goofy, Anti-male Fembots

  1. Melponeme_k

    “the Pentagon’s fainting violets freak out over young, hearty, masculine males doing goofy things about fellow females in the military, namely, they think about SEX. Oh, the horrors. Everyone faint dead away.”

    I don’t know who thought mixing male and female military would not create any kind of change. Humans do what comes naturally, now anyone in the military from 18 to 100 is crushing on one or a few of their coworkers. Because that is what happens when men and women mix company.

    Europe is gone culturally. I think we in the US still have fight left in us, which is why Trump is president. But we are teetering over the edge.

  2. Sunger

    How much macho maledom does it take to –

    1. Train as a drone pilot and fly a drone over Afganistan from a base in San Diego, CA?

    2. Organize combat supply and operations missions? 90% of the military is involved in operation and supply while only 10% of personnel are on active combat duty.

  3. Melponeme_k

    “How much macho maledom does it take to –

    1. Train as a drone pilot and fly a drone over Afganistan from a base in San Diego, CA?”

    Before the wall of propaganda fell over us, there were stories that the turnover for drone pilots was high. The ones who left suffered from massive PTSD problems. Even fighting with remote doesn’t quell the human sense of morality and justice.

    Which is why our military spook state is gung ho about implants or drugs that will turn our service people into psychopaths.

  4. Those drones are utterly and totally WORTHLESS.

    There is this ancient rule about being a ruler: you have to personally do stuff. When people rule remotely, they become infamous for being creepy people who inspire people to destroy things. Not build anything.

    Note to everyone fighting Muslim Males: they have nothing but contempt for people who have to fight via robots or long distance stuff. Note how they do personal killing in the most intimate ways!

    This is called by the Vikings ‘Going to Valhalla’ or ‘To the Mecca-heaven’. See?

    This is exactly why we are perpetually losing the wars with Muslim males.

  5. Ken

    I get the sense that Elaine is kidding about having us withdraw from Afghanistan and let the Russians back in. However, I think it is an excellent idea. From everything I’ve read, the Russians were close to winning at the time we started to arm the jihadists with Stinger missiles. The Afghans were brutal, but so were the Russians, and the Russians were better equipped.

    If we take a hands off approach, the Russians will win this time. That will send a message to Muslim nations around the world. Be nice to us, and the Western Democracies in general, or we will step aside and let the Russians be the bad guy.

    Heavens knows we don’t have the political will to do it ourselves.

  6. If I were Putin, I would go to Afghanistan and offer free tickets to Berlin and Paris. Then sit back and watch the fun.

  7. Nani

    How dare anyone criticize our beloved führerin Merkel’s humane, kind hearted refugee policy? They should know that this is forbidden to do in Germany and Europe. We are all marching forward in Europe under the firm leadership of fürerhin Merkel, whom we adore and worship.

    Sieg heil!

  8. floridasandy

    that kind of nonsense is being played out all over the world, mostly through our inept court system. We need to start holding judges accountable (and identify them) when they make ridiculous rulings that endanger Americans.

    For example, from Washington Post, on a terrorist suspect:
    The halt to the intelligence unit’s work, the government added in court filings, was accompanied by a change in decor and routine in Abu Khattala’s surroundings. U.S. authorities had floral decorations put on the wall of an 8-foot by 7-foot interviewing room, while Abu Khattala was provided a mattress, prayer rug, sweatshirt, Koran and writing materials, and more shower and meal privileges.

    Our own prison system seems to encourage terrorism and saluting a man who married and raped a child. The media has nothing to say about that.

  9. Jim R

    Of course the Israelis were always proud of their women in uniform. And the Kurdish women of Rojava look pretty impressive. Women will really fight when their very existence is on the line.

    On the other hand, places like Saudi Arabia … despite their cruel stone age culture, they don’t really have much of an army. Soon as they run short of oil, they are toast.

    As for these northern Europeans, their biggest problem is that the USA has been ‘defending’ their countries for more than a half century now. (occupying, really). Armies get weak when they never see action.

    As for the USA, it has been stupidly outsourcing most of its military capability to mercenaries. And using equipment made in overseas factories. . .

  10. Yes, the Red Scare is now all over the place and ‘liberals’ are doing it with ridiculous abandon and note how over the last year, I have become increasingly pissed off about this McCarthy crap.


  11. Christian W

    The Red scare is a Deep State multifaceted move covering a lot of ground.

  12. Christian W

    “Leaked NSA exploit blamed for global ransomware cyberattack ”

    Don’t buy/use American stuff.

  13. Moe

    For all those lunatic fem-bitches:

  14. Lou

    ”Political correctness gone mad’: Australian Army told not to recruit MEN as part of a gender war push to have more women soldiers

    The Australian Army is turning away male recruits in favour of female cadets
    Current list of jobs looking for 50 recruits, 35 positions only available to women.’… …tremble you Chinese marines!

  15. Lou

    2 days ago

    ‘Texas Supplied Newborn Blood Samples to Forensic Database

    By Jennifer Couzin-FrankelFeb. 22, 2010 , 3:58 PM

    Dogged investigation by a non-profit online media organization in Texas has revealed that between 2003 and 2007, the state quietly gave hundreds of newborn blood samples to a U.S. Armed Forces laboratory for use in a forensics database. The revelation will likely raise questions about how newborn screening programs are run and how the samples are disseminated, almost always without families knowing where they go.’

  16. Good lord, our rulers are nuts. And vampires, too. Not to mention all the black magic junk they are addicted to…and this is their weakness, by the way. They are in serious trouble on The Other Side. The Furies are very ancient crones who enjoy eking out punishments.

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