Pentagon Continues Pushing For More Female Soldiers

IWO JIMA – YouTube


I had the joy of knowing former Marines who fought on Iwo Jima.  The true horrors of war are paramount to understand.  What is going on today is, we have a ‘volunteer army’ that can’t take even small casualties before forcing a retreat.  So we end up going into and then running away from relentless wars like the 30+ year in and out Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  Now, suicidally, the Pentagon and Congress are demanding that women replace men!  As if this will lead to victory in these futile wars.


Liberals are suicidal these days.  When the Civil Rights Act was passed at the beginning of the Vietnam War, I remember very well that only men were drafted despite the new laws.


In 1969, when the male student deferment was retracted due to not enough troops, there was wholesale panic at my campus.  My own older brother came for help and I argued loud and long with my father to protect him which he finally did (my brother’s health went into steep decline).


It was terrible, watching the fear and horror on everyone’s faces when they learned that not just working stiff young men were going to die but the kids from the suburbs.  Resistance to the Vietnam War shot upwards and Nixon, when he won the White House, promised that it would be less jungle warfare and more secret bombing missions which led to the illegal bombing of Cambodia, etc.


When the ‘volunteer army’ began, fighting in any wars dropped way off.  Reliance on air power and other systems rose and today, they try to have as much robot/bomb power as possible rather than real fighting.


Only it isn’t working.  Afghanistan is one big Iwo Jima mountain mess.  We bomb and bomb and bomb and they crawl out of the cracks and crannies and attack when least expected.  We can’t occupy even the capital city there.


Right now, what remains of our ‘volunteer army’ is being sabotaged by PC police in DC who want to have it be half-female fighters which is pure insanity.  Many realists inside the military are angry about this push but the EU has done it even more and now is a total joke and while our rulers and leaders push Trump relentlessly to confront Russia and China militarily, we have to see how insane all this is.  Utterly bat-crazy.


New Mom Separation Policy Among Changes to Diversify Air Force | reports.  The comments from the men at the end of these stories are illuminating: nearly all are horrified or furious about these various policies and I agree with them.


Female airmen now have up to 12 months after having a baby to request separation from the Air Force.


Sigh.  The minute they must go into danger, guess what?  Baby on board!  Duh.  This is utterly inevitable.  So, the new plan is to have them sit it out for a year and then come back in, as if wars will patiently wait.


But then they will all get pregnant with a second child, etc.  This is ridiculous.


That change, which recently took effect, is designed to give new moms more time to determine how — and whether — they want to balance a military career and a family.


When it comes to desk work or maintaining bases, women can be excellent workers.  Sending them overseas to die, not so hot.  Forcing men to do all the heavy lifting and danger is bad, too.  They can’t ‘cycle out’ but instead, are burned out by being pushed over and over again into danger while the females sit at the home base, being basically glorified civilians.


It’s one of more than a dozen initiatives the service is rolling out to attract and retain a more diverse group of airmen. The changes were recently detailed in a memo, “Diversity & Inclusion Implementation Guidance.”


While we lose wars, our men go insane or are worked to death or go into death traps over and over again until they die, the Pentagon is worried about ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’.  What a joke.


New mothers in the Air Force previously had to decide whether to stay in the service before giving birth. The idea behind the updated policy is to give them more time to come to a decision after adjusting to their changed circumstances.


They should be kicked out if they want babies.  Period.  Any society that does it reverse ends up dying off (Amazons) because there will be fewer children.  It is unnatural to put women in combat for this obvious reason.


In a separate but related policy change, the Defense Department last year set maternity leave across all branches of the military at 12 weeks. The move doubled the Army and Air Force’s six-week policies, but dialed back a generous 18-week leave policy previously rolled out by the Navy and Marine Corps.


Babies need their mommies.  Certainly, they can be farmed out to other women but then, why bother?  Why not have the mothers raise their children?  This idea that women should not raise their children is behind the social collapse of the family as it fractures apart.


Relying on grandmothers who were raised by mothers who mostly were at home, to raise the last generation is now floundering as grannies are dying off rapidly now, the home maker grannies, that is.


Now, they have to hire total strangers to ‘raise’ children and this shows…the loving care that is required during the critical first four years of life is missing.  In the ghettos, the mothers are at home but the fathers are missing with disastrous social results as no one works or does socially responsible activities.


The attempt to shoehorn females into male fighting situations is a TOTAL failure:  3rd Woman to Attempt Air Force Battlefield Training |


An enlisted woman in basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, plans to begin tactical air control party, or TACP, training in the next few months, the head of Air Education and Training Command said Friday.


It is already a proven failure.  But no, they have to keep trying and trying desperately to get women to pass physical hurtles that are nearly impossible for females to overcome.


“So when she graduates BMT, she’ll start training right away for that,” Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson told reporters during a media roundtable at the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium here.


That poor woman.  The Olympics are already a dying enterprise now that men can pretend to be women, they are taking over all the ‘sports’ for women only and smashing records, naturally.   I say, kill off the Olympics.


Since the Defense Department opened battle career fields to women last year, two female airmen have qualified and entered TACP training. But neither completed the program. One sustained an injury; the other determined the career field wasn’t the path for her, the general said.


One was badly hurt and the other retreated.  And this is exactly what is wrong: women will, when push comes to shove, exit if things get rough.  Because they can run away, they will run away.


To force men to fight means using all forms of compulsion, punishment, severe penalties, etc.  Forcing women to fight at sword point will be ridiculous.  They will say, ‘I’m having a baby!’ and bingo: it is over.


Russia and China are watching this with open fascination.  They both hope the US and EU continue this suicidal activity.  Here is one woman who decided to fight in Syria, a Kurdish lady:  Angelina Jolie of Kurdistan dies fighting ISIS.  There is more than one that  has died…

These women are like the Soviet women in WWII: a fight to the death of everyone since the opponents want them all dead, anyways.  ISIS does horrible things to civilian women they capture so fighting to the death makes total sense.

British news program from last summer: Dispatches – Behind Enemy Lines – Afghanistan Documentary – YouTube


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11 responses to “Pentagon Continues Pushing For More Female Soldiers

  1. Moe

    Inclusion of women in front line troops has been demonstrated and proven to be a failure. (This is a general observation and acknowledges that there are some, but very few, exceptions).

    So I’m confused (which seems to be my current state these days 🙂 ): why persist in a demonstrably failed enterprise?

  2. melponeme_k

    I used to be Feminist as a young person. All the arguments about women taking on larger roles in traditionally male only jobs was all about appealing to the idealism of the young.

    Now that I’m middle age, reality comes calling. Female strength is the strength for childbirth. We are in our peak from 20’s to early 30’s then we decline. A man my age is still in his prime but I can feel myself less than I was as a young person.

    Women are not up to dealing with high stress situations. We didn’t evolve to be hunters that men were required to be. Our skeletal structure is considerably weaker then men. Even in a big push or march across hard terrain breaks us with bone fractures etc.

    Again, I flash back to those videos you posted of the Hungarian police facing off against enraged male muslims. In one video is a pretty young blond female police officer standing in unison with her male colleagues. All the muslim men focused their rage on her. Because she was the weak link. Even our police forces cannot function if they are trying to maintain order while also trying to protect a female colleague. Men will almost always choose to protect a female. Because it is a biological imperative that we can’t change. Why should we require men in high stress jobs to fight against their own psychological and biological priorities? It is a recipe for disaster and defeat.

    But again, it is the elites goal to kill off the rest of us. That means culling females. A shortage of women means a population collapse. An overload of men without hope for a wife or a family turns them into enraged suicidal terrorists.

  3. Worse, the buddy-buddy stuff men do when they are under pressure doing hard things that require cooperation, falters when women are involved except in some cases, such as myself, working on scaffolding, I was not only the boss but also understood the psychology of the men working with me.

    One example is, when on scaffolding, you pretend you are on the ground so you don’t get nervous. It is ‘hunting psychology’ stuff. Some women have this but why send them out to die rather than produce more sons who can do this stuff?

    Evolution is crystal clear: men may die fighting but first they should mate and begin to have children. Women fighting: end of the entire genetic line. There is this very strong evolutionary imperative to shelter women and the children in particular.

  4. Petruchio

    “They should be kicked out if they want babies. Period. Any society that does it reverse ends up dying off (Amazons) because there will be fewer children. It is unnatural to put women in combat for this obvious reason.” Yes and there is at least one more reason why you don’t put women into a Combat Area Boys and Girls. Know what it is?? Well let’s put it this way. Women who get a taste of being captured in war are going to get harsher treatment than Trump making sexual comments. And telling your captors they are sexist and misogynists won’t do any good. Also: telling your 38 captors you have a headache so not tonight aint gonna work!!

  5. Claudeeyah


    No, Pet. Those ISIS warriors are just….misunderstood. Once they are given some compassion and concern, they will love and respect the female soldiers, and dutifully follow them into the containment camps. That’s how it works (in liberal la la land, anyways)!

    White men are bad…..mmmmmkay?

  6. Mewswithaview

    Why would any parent let their daughter join the military? Even sending their sons to war to serve the murky intentions of imperial Washington DC is not justifiable in my opinion. Most often it is economics that the chances of getting killed are low and the veterans benefits package makes it worth while over the long term. What is not seen is the cost to American society in terms of misdirected and wasted resources, capital destruction, higher taxes and debt and consequently reduced freedom domestically. The police have even been militarised and that is something the various US Maoists and SJWs ignore at their peril, once the political restraints are removed the combined military branches of the state will crush them and any other group that threatens their control.

    More women in the military means more are subject to sexual assault and the statistics are quite bad. Women in the frontline is a disaster waiting to happen since women are not really motivated to fight unless defending home territory, they will quickly surrender (nature has programmed them that way as the best survival strategy) and when the women in the unit get killed the men lose the will to fight. So if I was an enemy – I’d target the women first in the military units as the effects are much more psychologically damaging to the morale of a nation.

  7. Christian W

    There is this very strong evolutionary imperative to shelter women and the children in particular.

    This is hardcoded in young men. They will instinctively sacrifice themselves to protect women and children they are with if there is a sudden and immediate threat.

    Note how the Israelis play on this every day. They will enter a village with their military, become the target of young boys/men, shoot/kidnap one or two of the youngsters, then claim self defense and the moral upper hand.

  8. Moe

    From Fred Reed: Marine Core, 1966

    “The thought of some effeminate Sanowflake telling a Marine DI that he needed a Safe Space so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, poor darling–well, it just charms me. He would develop a whole new understanding of “uncomfortable.”

  9. Lou

    My cousins were Marines.
    One did not return from Viet Nam. Screw the Marines.

  10. Moe, thanks for the picture, it is better than a thousand words.

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