Fresno CA Leftist Professor Attacks Free Speech Students

Fresno State Students For Life – Confronted By Faculty and wiping out their free speech. – YouTube shows how degenerate the left has become.  It borders on insanity.  And this insanity is being taught in universities run by Democrats who exploit students with ever-higher school fees while teaching them to be irritable, out of control and above all, stupid.


A  California Fresno State University professor was recently caught on camera scrubbing pro-life message off of the sidewalk and encouraging several of his students to do the same.


I was part of the ‘Free Speech’ movement and actually gave speeches in public and got in trouble for this more than once.  I firmly believed back then and today that speech should be public, open and basically ‘free’.


Evidently, the same people who shook their fists at me and screamed at me are doing this to everyone these days: the Maoists/radical leftists.


“The whole idea of free speech is that we have a free speech area on campus, kay?” Professor Gregory Thatcher erroneously declares in a video recorded by the school’s Students for Life chapter. “Free speech is free speech in the free speech area. It’s a pretty simple concept, okay? This does not constitute a free speech area, okay?”


This commie/fascist professor is probably one of the army of part time teachers that are heavily exploited by the universities, toiling away with virtually no security or money but anxious to spread their crazy ideology to gullible young students.  Students being burdened by severe debts, they are marching off this cliff.


He and his “students” go on to argue that it is within their own First Amendment rights to actively remove the pro-life messages from campus, and in one instance Thatcher claims that since the pro-life group has “permission to put it down” he has “permission to get rid of it.”


So, their goofy idea about ‘free speech’ is…censorship.  This is pure 1984 widdershins sort of philosophy.  Why were these students and their teacher upset with students putting a  message of life on a sidewalk?


The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has since filed a lawsuitagainst Thatcher on behalf of the Students for Life chapter at Fresno State, arguing that his efforts to intimidate and harass members of the Student for Life chapter violated their fundamental right to free speech.


That teacher should be fired, of course.  He is a very bad example for students.  On the other hand, he has good reason to be in a bad mood.  He, like so many in the ‘system’ is being ruthlessly exploited.  So why isn’t he and his silly buddies assailing the university system and the politicians who are nearly all Democrats, who are destroying his life and the lives of his students?


Oh!  These nasty people (Bilderberg gangsters) are ‘good guys’ in the black/white upside down world of the radical left.


The lawsuit, filed Thursday, also asks the court to prohibit Thatcher and “any other persons acting on his behalf or at his direction from interfering, disrupting, or altering any future lawful expressive activities that [Fresno State Students for Life and its members] conduct.”


And here is an interesting comment to this article:


Diane Allen

I love the irony! He erased her chalk comments because they weren’t in a “free speech area,” claiming that his behavior was free speech, which he was doing in a location that he himself claimed wasn’t a free speech area. The possibilities are mind-boggling!


Yes, muddled thinking, upside down/widdershins is what constitutes ‘black magic’ and I don’t mean BLM magic, this is classic ‘magic’.  The mirror world is where demons dwell.


Slowly, painfully, the issue of millions of illegal aliens being enabled to vote illegally, is crawling forwards:  Exclusive: Federal Data Can Resolve Vote Fraud Debate, Says Vice Chairman of Donald Trump’s Election Integrity Commission – Breitbart


President Donald Trump’s new bipartisan commission on voting security can use federal data to help resolve the bitter partisan dispute about the reality of large-scale fraudulent voting, Commission vice-chairman Kris Kobach told Breitbart News.


“The issue of voting fraud often gets politicized, and people are making statements with few foundations [of fact, so] this commission will provide a firm foundation [of] information and facts that are verifiable about the issues surrounding voter fraud,” said Kobach, who is the Kansas Secretary of State and is a long-standing opponent of voters fraud and illegal immigration.


“The states are in the drivers’ seat, but this commission can offer recommendations and evidence” for state legislators to debate, he added, adding that many state elections are decided by fewer than 50 votes.


Koch is vice-chairman of the panel, which is run by Vice President Mike Pence. The panel is expected to include Democrats, but progressive pressure groups are calling for a Democratic boycott.


They keep lying over and over again, exclaiming that there were no illegal aliens voting which is a blatant lie.  Of course, they voted and Obama was on TV encouraging illegal aliens to vote!  Stop the stupid.  Claiming stupidity is stupid.


Refusing to see the truth makes people look dumb or worse, criminal.


‘All available evidence suggests that the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake,’” said a statement from Dale Ho, director of the ACLU’s voting rights office. He continued:


Ho also urged voting rules be loosened to encourage higher election turnout, saying “the United States has one of the lowest turnout rates in the developed world, and we should be doing everything we can to encourage more people, not fewer, to participate in our democracy.”


Yikes.  I used the ACLU way back in 1966.  They were real back then.  To make a constitutional case, one had to line up all of one’s ducks and apply existing laws.  I did this.  What they are doing now is destroying the rule of law.


No, stop it!  Please!  Yikes.  The blatant lies and excuses being splattered out by ACLU people is disgustingly stupid.  No, illegal aliens have zero right to vote in citizen’s elections.  That is insanity.


The fury with which Dems protest efforts to ensure no investigation to voter fraud is all the reason we need to ensure we end voter fraud.


This isn’t mere ‘fraud’ this is an INVASION.  And that has to stop.  It is literal life an death for citizens in Europe and the US.


Prof: House GOP ‘should be lined up and shot’ as another crazy professor breaks laws and acts like he is Madame Mao only prettier.


An Art Institute of Washington professor recently declared that House Republicans “should be lined up and shot” for their passage of an Obamacare-replacement bill.


He should be arrested for threatening elected officials.


In another post made just two minutes after his initial comments, Griffin blasted Republican lawmakers as “a fucking joke,” then turning his attention to their voters, whom he insulted as running “the gamut from monstrous to ignorant.”


And was he fired the next day?


“The feeling of helplessness and fear that came from watching Congress’ treatment of Americans in situations like mine, and worse, led to my lashing out on social media in a way that was rash, untoward, and anathema to the way I wish to conduct myself,” he continued. “I regret my words. I regret the fear that stoked them.”


Oh, he takes it all back.  This noxious elf should be arrested and certainly not allowed to influence young people who have no life experience.  I thought the left would simmer down after Hillary dumped on them but no, they are doubling down with violence and anti-social behavior.  Shame on them all.


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29 responses to “Fresno CA Leftist Professor Attacks Free Speech Students

  1. Pete


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    developed by the NSA. The software was stolen from NSA.

    Can’t NSA protect it’s own stuff??? And most importantly, the ransom
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    kinds of crimes, big disaster 😦

  2. Pete

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    It’s gone up dramatically, from roughly $1,000 per 1 BITCOIN
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    What a beautifully designed SCAM! WOW

  3. Claudeeyah


    Elaine has well documented just how stupid these NSA people truly are. They have no interest in protecting the American public. Their existence depends on subjugating and surveilling the American public. It’s all about the cash, see? Oh, and it is oh so nice to spy on the photos you took of your wife or girlfriend’s tits and ass. We have a bunch of adolescent juvenile (40 year olds included) to become highly paid, Langley hacks, getting six figures, to go to work with a jar of vaseline and your files to perform their work duties. So how can we be surprised that these clowns would not let the security slip through their hands? After all, it is your tax dollars paying for all this. What???? You gottah problem wid dat????

    (ht/t Robert Dinero)

  4. Pete


    A couple years ago I read an article where a geek at NSA was dumped
    by his girlfriend so he decided to get back at her by breaking into
    her Email account. He was sending rude Emails to everybody on
    her contact list including her boss. She had a hard time explaining
    to them that it wasn’t her even though it had her Email address on the Emails!

  5. Samuel Johnson

    Looks like you’re really attracting the high calibre people these days, Elaine. /s

    You used to be halfway interesting, Elaine, but now you spout the same old Rush Limbaugh flushable matter. I see you’ve collected a bunch of ((())) posters too. I also believe this will be my last visit here.

    Oh, and hey, what happened to all the abject enthusiasm for Dolt 45 that I saw here a few months ago? Cat got your tongue, Elaine?

  6. Pete


    Don’t let the screen door hit you on the ass on your way out.

    Bye Bye

  7. I never saw Johnson post here before.

  8. Moe

    Don’t. Feed. The. Trolls.

  9. Lou

    Thursday, May 11, 2017 -vox day blog
    The man who destroyed America–((( Celler)))
    The reason white working-class Americans no longer recognize their country is because it is no longer their country. This isn’t that hard. A society is made up of the people who inhabit it. It is not some sort of immutable structure that molds people into something else; the reason non-Romans in Rome behave like Romans is because they are heavily outnumbered and they don’t wish to draw Roman attention to themselves. Once they are numerous enough that they feel they can influence, or worse, “improve” the society they have invaded, they will change it from what it was before.

    This is neither difficult nor debatable. Pour milk in your coffee and you can see the same process at work. Pour enough milk into it and it ceases to be coffee and starts to become milk.

    Nearly two-thirds (65%) of white working-class Americans believe American culture and way of life has deteriorated since the 1950s.
    Nearly half (48%) of white working-class Americans say, “things have changed so much that I often feel like a stranger in my own country.”
    Nearly seven in ten (68%) white working-class Americans believe the American way of life needs to be protected from foreign influence. In contrast, fewer than half (44%) of white college-educated Americans express this view.
    Nearly seven in ten (68%) white working-class Americans—along with a majority (55%) of the public overall—believe the U.S. is in danger of losing its culture and identity.
    More than six in ten (62%) white working-class Americans believe the growing number of newcomers from other countries threatens American culture, while three in ten (30%) say these newcomers strengthen society.

  10. Petruchio

    I heard a comment a day or two ago and I had to laugh because it made me think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It goes like this: “A liberal is a liberal until they find out their daughter is having sex with a non native speaking illegal immigrant”. That is so right! Liberals have no qualms about imposing hardship on others, but wait a minute! As soon as said liberals have to face up to what they think everyone else should do, it’s a different story….

  11. They want cheap labor but don’t want criminals but get both.

  12. Jim R

    Haha, I just watched/listened-to your video. “Our free speech” > “Your free speech”, hahahaha! Stupid kolledj kidz.

    @Pete, this is not a bitcoin thread. Yeah, it’s more volatile than gold & silver. So what? If you don’t like it don’t put any money on it.

    I sorta poke at it from around the edges, but I’m not putting any real money into it. Seems like a temporary phenomenon to me…

  13. Pete

    @13 Jim R

    OT: means off topic

    My post was not about investing in BITCOIN.
    It was about how it is used to collect RANSOM on the internet.

  14. Yes, it is used for illegal stuff.

  15. Jim R

    As is the Almighty Dollar. In fact, a lot more illegal stuff happens for dollars.

  16. Correct, the Fed is a criminal operation, too.


  17. Lou

    Indeed, The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor a Reserve.
    But it has ruined the USA.

    All USA currency notes are just ‘paper’, now.
    [I dont think that paper money is made from paper, but whatever]

  18. Jim R

    The bank notes are made from a sturdy high-end parchment paper.

    But most of it (98%?) is in electronic form now, in computer records belonging to the banks. On an ancient network written in Cobol, that pre-dates the internet. It keeps some antique computers alive, along with some elderly programmers.

    But it’s still ridiculous to say bitcoin causes crime to happen. Crime happens because of criminals.

  19. Pete

    @ Jim R

    I don’t think anyone was suggesting that Bitcoin causes crime.
    The nature of how the Bitcoin platform works makes it ideal
    to use for the collection of ransom.

    I agree with you that criminals cause crime to happen 🙂

  20. Lou

    As a tool, it can make crime easier. So it can increase crime.

  21. Jim R

    meanwhile, you must pay no attention to those tool-making criminals at the cia and nsa… no attention at all. they didn’t do all that stuff wikileaks leaked. oh, but wikileaks is bad, ok? pay no attention to them, either!

  22. Jim, thanks for the obvious. 🙂

  23. Lou

    I just saw this,

    Whites Banned from Cafe Designated as Nonwhite ‘Sanctuary’

    American University in Washington, D.C., has reportedly banned white students from using its new “student lounge” for the spring semester, according to the College Fix.

    The lounge, which is called “The Bridge,” opened just six weeks ago. It is planned to be “a community space that student organizations can use however they would like,” with open mic nights, slam poetry and “other student initiated programming,” Darcy Frailey, associate director for facilities and other event services, told the Eagle, American University’s student news site. The lounge seats 80 people and features large working tables, comfortable sofas and chairs, coffee tables, a television and a large stage for events. School officials said they plan to hire students who qualify for the federal work-study program to work at “The Bridge.”

    The ban comes just after campus officials discovered bananas hanging in nooses with the letters “AKA” and the word “Harambe” scribbled onto them. “AKA” is short for Alpha Kappa Alpha, a black sorority. [this is probably a hoax done BY blacks].

    The May 1 incident led to a 50-student protest Friday that blocked traffic in a parking garage. The student crowd chanted “We can’t breathe,” a reference to black New Yorker Eric Garner, who died on July 17, 2014, after he was arrested by police.

    “Do I not pay? Do I not pay for tuition?” junior Romayit Cherinet called to the crowd of protesters. “Do I come here and try as best as possible to ignore these racist ass white people? To ignore the microaggressions every single day?”

    The students issued a set of three demands to school administrators. It remains unclear whether the banana incident was a hoax or a case of racially motivated hate and vandalism.

    And to spoil the surprise, the school bowed to every DEMAND, including extending the time all black students got to prepare for and take their finals- since they were busy protesting and not actually taking the time to study.

    The silver lining is that these schools deserve everything that they are getting, good and hard. Logical consequences at its finest.

  24. Good lord, as I predicted, the black community is running backwards to pre-1964 Civil Rights conditions. I have watched this very close up over the years before retreating to my mountain.

  25. Lou

    Elaine, I forget where I read a story [Thomas Sowell?]. The story went something like this-
    a Black man notes the change circa 1965-1970 on campi.
    ‘We fought for integration and in a few years self segregation the form of Black student unions, etc.

  26. Lou


    Years back, EMS thought my posting about ‘Arkancides’ was silly.
    Do you still think that way? WHO KILLED RICH?

  27. Jumping the gun is a bad idea. I always go with the flow of information. I know that is annoying.

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