DNC McCarthy Clone Hearings Doomed To Failure

Years And Years, I Warned Bush And Obama About WWIII And Have Proof | Culture of Life News

The US media giants and Congress and the entire Bilderberg gang operations are pushing very hard the storyline that Putin is evil and we should have WWIII with Russia and too many liberals are falling for this ridiculous push off of a very dangerous cliff.  Desperately, alternative media is trying to stop this via analysis and real news but the flood of lies continues.  I go to more Russian news to learn about all sorts of deals going on like the Egypt deal with Russia so they can access NATO military machinery being given to Egypt.


The Scandal Hidden Behind Russia-gate – By Daniel Lazare writes in Consortiumnews


The Washington Post and New York Times editors are trying to relive the glory days of their youth by comparing Trump’s firing of FBI chief James Comey to Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre at the height of Watergate. Donald Trump, it seems, is a threat to democracy just as Tricky Dick was more than 40 years ago, so the only thing that can save us is a special prosecutor who will get to the bottom of Russia-gate once and for all.


Everything will be constantly ‘investigated’ just like during say, the Clinton White House years.  I was against it back then and even have a letter from the Clintons thanking me for my efforts to stop the nonsense back then.  But the Clintons are now totally evil and doing this same stupid stuff today.


All the left is doing this thinking, ‘If only we have a chance’.  I remember the Nixon thing because I observed it closely at that time due to being confined because all my pregnancies are very ‘difficult’.  So I tracked the various hearings on TV and newspapers.


Despite the break-in at the Watergate building in DC, Nixon won…overwhelmingly.  I was against him due to his secret wars like the bombing of Cambodia.  But the overwhelming number of Americans voted for him because he stopped the draft.


Since the FBI has never conducted an independent investigation – for as-yet-unexplained reasons, the DNC refused to grant it access to its servers despite multiple requests the only evidence that a break-in even occurred comes from a private cyber-security firm, CrowdStrike Inc. of Irvine, California, that the DNC hired to look into the breach.


Yes, this is the peculiar thing here: the DNC won’t let anyone really investigate the computer hacking.  Worse, Hillary and her gang actively destroyed their communications network’s systems so no one could track what they did or said.  This is the #1 reason to arrest her and her buddies as I said way back last October.


Since when do the cops rely on a private eye to look into a murder rather than performing an investigation of their own? CrowdStrike, moreover, turns out to be highly suspect. Not only is Dmitri Alperovich, its chief technical officer, a Russian émigré with a pronounced anti-Putin tilt, but he is also an associate of a virulently anti-Russian outfit known as the Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank funded by the Saudis, the United Arab Emirates, the Ukrainian World Congress, the U.S. State Department and a variety of other individuals and groups that have an interest in isolating or discrediting Russia.

get off my lawn lady liberty fights with russia bear

US Screams At Russia For Buzzing Our Fleet Parked In Russia’s Front Yard: Repeat Vietnam War Tactics | Culture of Life News


Yes, indeed. The Atlantic Council is one of many, many interlocking front operations run by the conspirators who organized the Bilderberg operation after WWII.  They park their people in all sorts of tax exempt front operations that pour out propaganda and lies.  They blanket DC with these front operations and journalists who want lots of money eagerly compete with each other over their careers to see how much they can please and service the powerful rich people who are at the core of the Bilderberg scheme.


But CrowdStrike then said it was able to pin it on the Russians because the hackers had made certain elementary mistakes, most notably uploading a document in a Russian-language format under the name “Felix Edmundovich,” an obvious reference to Felix E. Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Cheka, as the Soviet political police were originally known. It was the equivalent of American intelligence agents uploading a Russian document under the name “J. Edgar.” Since this was obviously very careless of them, it raised an elementary question: how could the hackers be super-sophisticated yet at the same time guilty of an error that was unbearably dumb?


Of course, people have been pointing this fact out all the last two weeks.  Why would clever programmers working for Putin do something that obviously stupid?  It makes zero sense.


For all the self-serving hoopla and mythology surrounding Watergate, the scandal was ultimately about something important: the dirty tricks and lawless authoritarianism that were advancing smartly under the Nixon administration. But Russia-gate is not about democracy. Rather, it is about an inside-the-beltway battle over the direction of U.S.-Russian relations.


The entire left from top to bottom has shifted gears and decided to  use old McCarthy tactics.  The match between McCarthy and them is nearly 100% now.  This irritates me no end.  My own family who still reads mainstream news think I am wrong about this but they were born long after McCarthy died.


They have no idea what is being done to them via the media giants lying all the time.  They think that I am insane or stupid when I point out in alarm, the exact match between today’s anti-Russian propaganda and the stuff from my own childhood.  The media giants rely on youths having little historical references and history in school today is a mess.


The teaching in colleges has gone a sharp turn to the left and rewriting history is a big thing for them as they systematically destroy real history in classic 1984-style.


The battle is deadly serious. Since roughly 2008, Cold War II has expanded steadily to the point where it now extends along a 1,300-mile front from Estonia to the Crimea plus the Caucasus and major portions of the Middle East. It has intensified as well and would likely have reached a flashpoint if the hawkish Hillary Clinton had been elected.


All points are ‘flash points’ when empires clash.  The US empire is probably one of the dumbest in history.  We are rapidly accumulating huge debts which comes to a very nasty eventual end…while patrolling the entire planet and fighting multiple wars we keep losing because the minute we stop fighting and withdraw, the people we were fighting resume whatever they wish as if we never fought them in the first place!


This is bankrupting us.  And it brings home terrorists, too, and this menaces us wherever we travel now.


This is the real scandal that Russia-gate is designed to cover up. Like any country, Russia wants to steer U.S. foreign policy in a direction favorable to interests. But it’s a very small player in Washington compared to giants like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar. These are nations that have given millions to the Clinton Foundation, to the “William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park” in Little Rock, Arkansas (recipient of a $10-million gift from the Saudi royal family), universities like Harvard and Georgetown, and a slew of think tanks, not just CAP and the Atlantic Council, but the Center for Strategic and International Studiesand Brookings, the recipient of a $14.8-million contribution from Qatar.


Of course, Russia spies on us.  We have spies in this operation called ‘the NSA and CIA’ and other operations. Duh. That should prevent wars, not produce wars.


The oil monarchies have thus used their petro-wealth to create a pro-war consensus in Washington that is nearly 100-percent complete. Needless to say, this will not benefit the mass of ordinary Americans, the people who will have to fight and die in such conflicts and whose taxes will pay for them. Instead, it will benefit the oil companies and arms manufacturers with whom the oil monarchies are closely allied, not to mention hawkish politicians hoping to use war fever to propel their careers to ever greater heights.


A lot of readers of Intercept stopped at this point and went to comments to complain about the bias here: where is Israel?  Israel wants constant wars at all the major Muslim nations and goes to great lengths to do this.


Here is some news revealing how insane things are today: Japanese PM Tells UN To Shove It, Will Not Take In Any Muslim ‘Refugees’.  We spend billions protecting the Japanese.  The US is desperately trying to force Eastern European nations that were once ruled by the Turks, to take in a few million Muslim males.  They are refusing and are beginning to panic and lean more and more towards Putin.


Sweden: Iraqi immigrant arrested for raping nursery school child: the rapist was sent to three nurseries before being caught.  Europe is reeling from this invasion.  The liberal attempts at integrating these invaders has failed miserably.  The continuing rise of the right wing in Europe is directly due to liberal failures in this very area.


Germany is now turning into East Germany as the former communist leader, Merkel, imposes greater and greater controls on free speech which no longer exists there and is now decimating the military to remove and punish anyone who is ‘patriotic’.


He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best: Russia Ended Up Getting Mistral Tech for Free: News from Russia which doesn’t appear in the mainstream fake media of NATO countries is interesting.


Putin is making many, many inroads in places ‘protected’ by NATO nations who spend huge sums to control various Muslim nations only the coups and military uprisings are screwing up NATO interference.


“Egyptian journalist Ahmed Sayed, who has been covering the story surrounding the Mistrals, took note of special warm relations between the Egyptian, French and Russian specialists working aboard the ships,” the analyst recalled.


As for the cancellation of the French-Russian Mistral deal, this had a negative impact on STX France’s reputation in particular, “and on the image of the French defense industry as a whole,” Sitnikov stressed. This was confirmed in a survey of French attitudes in 2015, when 72% of respondents confirmed that following through with military contracts was in France’s national interest, while their cancellation carried with it considerable economic risks.


That is, the political cancellation of contracts with Russia.  Money would have flowed into Paris, Russian relations would improve and this could have expanded except the Bilderberg gang decided to demonize Putin and tossed this all overboard.  To placate the French government, the US suggested they ‘sell’ these to Egypt with the US paying for it, of course.



HAHAHA…talk about backfiring!  When this deal was made, Egypt had a different government. Now it is run by the military.  So they make new deals since they don’t care if the US won’t give them more, they are ‘triangulating’.  That is, they know the US has to continue to give money to Egypt so they will keep the Palestinians locked into their ghetto and say nothing while Israel abuses them.


Ultimately, the military observer noted that “if Russia wins the tender for the helicopters for the Mistrals (and the probability is very high), Egyptian experts will allow Russian naval engineers access to all the ships’ systems. This will allow our specialists to understand in practice how NATO helicopter carriers operate. Factually, the Russian Defense Ministry does not hide the fact that the experience of such cooperation will be taken into account when developing [home-grown] analogues of such vessels.”


Another ‘victory’ for the US Secret State…NOT.  This is too funny.  Our government seems unable to figure out that bankrupting this country has a bad, bad downside.  I recall when the Soviet Union fell. Too many failed wars, a declining manufacturing base, Chernobyl blowing up, etc.  We are on the same road.



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6 responses to “DNC McCarthy Clone Hearings Doomed To Failure

  1. KHS71

    The whole Russian story has been a fake from day one. Conjured up to pin the blame of the election loss on anyone else but where it belongs, HRC. She’s the reason for the loss. She has the charisma of the elbola virus. She still won’t take any blame for the loss. She never will.

    Another view on the Russian story with the same conclusion.


    Happy Mother’s Day to you Elaine and all the other mothers on this site.

  2. Lou

    Muslims, Africans, ‘Poor Huddled Masses’ [that term was coined by a jew and affixed to a statue], meanwhile;


  3. Petruchio

    “Here is some news revealing how insane things are today: …” Things are insane today because there is NOTHING elite about our Elites. They just think they are Special; they are not!! They are a bunch of ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who couldn’t get a job on their own as Chief Dog Pooper Scooper in ANY small City, USA. If the Elites owners can’t bribe or murder their way out of a problem, they fail miserably. Note how much corruption it takes to cover up all the crimes of The Clinton Foundation. The System has to be fully rigged for our “Elites” to survive.

  4. They all go to the same dozen ‘schools’ like Yale. They are brats.

  5. lou

    Elaine has been so negative about Mc Carthy.
    He went after her father?


  6. Yup. So did Nixon in the early 1970’s.

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