The Only Really Good Source Of International News Comes From Russia

RT News from Russia is my main source now for international news because it has great coverage of things the NATO nation’s rulers want hidden from all of us.   Today’s top story is a recap of the Trump-Lavrov meeting.  Trump tried desperately to make diplomacy moves while the US media giants howled like banshees and accused him even louder of being a Russian tool and a traitor in classic Red Scare McCarthyism.  The diplomacy was all about coming to terms with the Syrian conflict and to unite to fight the real danger which is the ISIS uprising.  Of course, the many Jewish publishers and TV controllers hate this because destroying Syria is a top Israeli goal.


On top of all this, we need Russian and Chinese support in dealing with North Korea.  Obama simply yapped at North Korea as it set off on missile after another while making verbal threats.  Now, as Trump tries to deal with this, the DNC and RNC unite to prevent this and of course, the Bilderberg gang has used the media powers to egg US citizens into a disastrous confrontation.


Is this suicidal nonsense all being done so they have an excuse to overthrow Trump?  He must have really great security since he is still alive despite armies of crazed people screaming about assassinating him.  Also in Russian news but not US news is a top story I have been tracking: the flood of illegal aliens into Europe continues unabated with ‘rescue’ groups ferrying thousands of these daily into Italy which is reeling under the pressure and going rapidly into bankruptcy.


So…Merkel, to secure her position now that she has turned 180 degrees away from ‘let them all in’ and ‘send them to Eastern Europe where they can torment people there, instead’ to ‘we have to stop them somehow!’  So, the plan is obviously, to invade Libya which the NATO nations, led by Obama who infamously said : Aftermath of Gaddafi overthrow, ‘worst mistake as president’ and this coup and murder was overseen by Hillary Clinton which is why I opposed her.


“Probably failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya,” Obama said in an interview by Fox News on Sunday.  He said, however, that intervening in Libya had been “the right thing to do”.


So, despite it being a total disaster for NATO and leading directly to the destruction of Europe, he still thinks he was a good guy.


A month ago, Obama admitted that Libya has been a “mess” since the fall of Gaddafi, but blamed UK Prime Minister David Cameron and other European leaders for the chaos.


Oh, so our chortling Secretary of State who thought murdering Gaddafi was funny, and the black President who got a Peace Prize before he went on illicit military campaigns leading to war crimes…thought all this was the fault of France?’  HAHAHA.


“Sarkozy wanted to trumpet the flights he was taking in the air campaign, despite the fact that we had wiped out all the air defences and essentially set up the entire infrastructure for the intervention.”


Wow.  Just wow.  So this is his own excuse.  Obviously, he knows he is a war criminal so he has to blame one of his followers who gleefully ran in after he destroyed all defenses, to throw a few feeble punches, too!


“At that point, you’ve got Europe and a number of Gulf countries who despise Gaddafi, or are concerned on a humanitarian basis, who are calling for action. But what has been a habit over the last several decades in these circumstances is people pushing us to act but then showing an unwillingness to put any skin in the game … free riders,” Obama criticized in an interview with the Monitor.


HAHAHA.  We always do the vast majority of the fighting which is why I keep saying, we have to stop this silliness.  It is insane.  Italy drums up support for peace efforts in Libya showing great desperation to fix what NATO broke.


Italy’s Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, on Saturday held talks with top Libyan officials including the leader of the UN-backed Government of National Unity, Fayez al-Sarraj.


According to reports the talks centred on peace efforts for the war-torn country and ways to curb illegal migration to Europe.


He welcomed the recent meeting between al-Sarraj and military strong man Khalifa Haftar, who heads a competing administration.


A general rule of thumb in reality: all puppet regimes set up by US/EU imperialists all fall to native operations run by the people being attacked and controlled by NATO invaders.  This was true in Vietnam, for example.  The people of South Korea just voted in a peacenik President who wants to negotiate with North Korea, not fight WWIII.  So I am assuming our days of running the military there are numbered.


Next door is the same situation:  South Sudan opposition groups join forces against government | Africanews


Seven South Sudanese opposition groups, including that of rebel leader Riek Machar, said on Saturday they had agreed to work closely in their bid to oust President Salva Kiir’s government, as the civil war drags on in the oil-producing nation.


Signatories of the agreement included former government ministers Kosti Manibe and Lam Akol, as well as Thomas Cirillo Swaka, the military’s former head of logistics, who resigned in February citing rampant human rights abuses by the military and the dominance of President Kiir’s Dinka ethnic group.


Note that like the other situations, there is lots of oil money involved.  This is similar to the mess in Saudi Arabia which invaded poor Yemen and is bombing and starving the population there with narry a peep from US and EU media giants or NATO warlords.  It is obviously OK for Saudi Arabia to do this.  Where are the US peaceniks in all this?  Oh, dead in the water, they are at war with Trump and waste their energy screaming at him.


At least 30 killed in renewed militia attacks in Central African Republic  and  Ivory Coast shootings enter day 3 as mutineers refuse to retreat | Africanews reports.  The chaos in Africa is like the Dark Continent of pre-20th century explorers who took much of the 19th century to penetrate into the interior.  All during the previous years, slavers operated deep inside Africa who then took victims to the coasts where the Europeans ventured to sell them to the New World and other far flung places.


More news from Russia: almost all the news from Israel comes to me via foreign news because the US news has virtually nothing and this is ‘odd’ since Jews run a huge hunk of our media systems.  There is nothing!  The battle of the Zionist to move the capital to Jerusalem has been raging since the late 1960’s.


The cheek of Netanyahu claiming that finally doing this will create PEACE because it will show the Muslims, they totally lost and should just shut up and die or go away.  This is pure insanity.  The fact that this lunatic can openly say this and not one word about this appears in our media means we get to be entangled in the Apocalypse and won’t even know when it starts since this will be secret news!


The news from Sweden shows that the people there are already suicidal.  To prevent the army of Muslim males from utterly destroying the place, the government has decided to mainly let Christians from the Middle East in since both the Jews and the Muslims are tormenting them there.  So, word got out and all the Muslims are now pretending to be Christians so to prevent this, they have to be quizzed.


Oh no!  The liberals go nuts and…the mess continues to get worse and worse while the liberals live where there are few violent Muslim males in Sweden but poorer Swedes who live next door to these violent men, are freaking out now but told to shut up. Same in Germany: Merkel severely punishes citizens who complain about this invasion.


She doesn’t live next door to the Muslims she let in. But many ordinary Germans do.  Here in the US, rich people hire illegal aliens to run their estates and love them for this because this gives them great control over labor which can be deported if uppity. So they want open borders while the alien invasion causes crime and corruption and destroys the schools which are overrun with alien children who need lots of attention so the systems for ordinary citizens collapse.


But it makes the very rich happy, this cheap labor so we go on and on with this mess.  And who supports this?  Both the GOP and DNC top people.  This betrayal of the citizen taxpayers is papered over with debt so the true cost is hidden.






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12 responses to “The Only Really Good Source Of International News Comes From Russia

  1. Lou

    RT is a good source of bad news.

    ‘this because destroying Syria is a top Israeli goal.’ –Destroying ‘the West’ is a Jewish goal.

  2. Moe

    Here’s an article from Russian Insider

    Excerpt: “I suggest that the correlation between the 6 April bombing and the cordial meeting with Lavrov in the Oval Office is linear. The bombing, the huffing and puffing over North Korea had one primary objective: to shut up the opponents to Trump in the media and on Capitol Hill, and to give him breathing room to finally achieve something significant on his domestic agenda.”

  3. I said that too, when he had to do it. I didn’t blame him for it because the gigantic pushing coming from the Bilderberg gang and their tools in Congress was overwhelming.

    And they still attack him even for the most simple forms of diplomacy…after all praised Nixon for running off to MAO of all people.

  4. Christian W

    This betrayal of the citizen taxpayers is papered over with debt so the true cost is hidden.

    I’m not so sure that will hold water for much longer. Things are dire in the US to the point people won’t have much left to lose soon. Lately I’ve reacted to seeing how desperately poor and worse for wear Americans look nowadays. Before there was the occasional ‘bum’ type yes, but now people really look destitute in much larger numbers.

    The GOP/Trump health care deal that kicked the bottom 25% in the teeth is typical. And many of those people, the white working poor, voted for him.

    “I am trying to think that this is not demeaning,” she said as she cleared the chair for the next person in line. “But it is. It’s like a Third World country.”

    This article by the WaPo is of course anti-Trump, but the real lie is that the Dems are hardly better. Both the GOP and the Dems promote the divide between the rich and the poor. It is what keeps the politicians rich after all. Obama (Dem) did not improve the lives of the working poor. Dubya Bush (GOP) gleefully pushed more people there.

  5. Christian W

    Have to give credit to Pepe Escobar for nailing the Kissinger/Trump plan regarding Russia. (From January 2017)

    The plan fits into Kissinger’s overall strategy — call it a traditional British Balance of Power, or Divide and Rule, approach — of breaking up the Eurasian front (Russia-China-Iran) that constitutes the real “threat” to what Mattis defines as the “established world order.” The strategy consists in seducing the alleged weaker top “threat” (Russia) away from the stronger (China), while keeping on antagonizing/harassing the third and weakest pole, Iran.

    Kissinger is certainly more sophisticated than predictable US Think Tankland in his attempt to dismember the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, one of key nodes of the Russia-China strategic partnership. The SCO has been on the go for a decade and a half now. Iran, an observer, will soon become a full member, as will India and Pakistan; and Turkey — after the failed coup against Erdogan — is being courted by Moscow.

    “Trump was elected with the support of the Masters to tilt towards Russia. The Masters have their tools in the media and Congress maintaining a vilification campaign against Russia, and have their puppet Brzezinski also come out against Russia, stating ‘America’s global influence depends on cooperation with China’. The purpose is to threaten Russia to cooperate and place these chips on the negotiating table for Trump. In a traditional good cop-bad cop approach, Donald is portrayed as the good cop wanting good relations with Russia, and Congress, media, Brzezinski are the bad cops. This is to aid Trump in the negotiations with Russia as Putin sees the ‘precarious’ position of his friend and should be willing to make major concessions as the line goes.”

  6. Christian, where was the ‘masters’ support of Trump? I see none. And who are the ‘masters’? The list of Bilderberg gangsters is online and they have names attached to businesses so we can point them out when they conspire to do things.

    Trump can’t negotiate anything without an army of lunatics screaming at him.

  7. Christian W

    The Pepe article explains those screaming lunatics.

    Wikileaks show that it was the Hillary campaign (Podesta et al) who came up with the Russia stole the election nonsense. But why is the MSM pushing that crap on all channels if it was only the Dem campaign? Even here in Europe the noise is deafening. Clearly the orders have gone out to go full blast on this topic.

    Pepe suggests that this is all a ploy by the Deep State. I think it is more a simple matter of factions within the Deep State. You could put it like Old School Kissinger versus the Erratic Neocons. Old School supported Trump, which is why the devastating (for Hillary) Wienergate leak appeared with perfect timing before the election, because they saw him as a useful tool to promote their strategy (like Kissinger does). Old School saw Hillary as a tool for the Erratic Neocons and was not interested.

    The real Deep State people do not come with ready made tags and numbers. The Bilderbergs are mostly high ranking puppets who meet to get orders and to synchronize policy. But the decisions have already been made before the meetings.

  8. tio

    Dr. Everett Scott: Janet!
    Janet: Dr. Scott!
    Thaad: Janet!
    Janet: Thaad!
    Frank: Rocky!

  9. JimmyJ

    US State Dept comes up with brilliant ploy to discredit Iran and Russia support of Assad.

    “Credible sources” and aerial images of snow free “melted” roof indiacate a human crematorium to dispose of executed detainees remains in a “human slaughterhouse”.

    This’ll flummox US supporters of a” moral” Putin, will inflame Jews and Muslims alike and will further hatred of Russia and Iran amongst Pavlovian members of the public.

  10. Moe

    @8 Tio

    Army slogan ‘Be All You Can Be’ should be changed to:

    ‘Live A Prototypical American Lifestyle Except You’ll Have To Occasionally Kill Some Innocent Brown People’

  11. tio


    Where do I sign up?

  12. Except those brown people kill.

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