The ‘Super Secret’ Trump Gave Russia Was ‘Lap Top Bomb’ In News April 1st

Private Investigator: Seth Rich’s Laptop Connected To Wikileaks – YouTube:

The truth is seeping out.  According to the Washington Post/NYT hit stories that Trump is evil and gave Russia SECRETS is…ridiculous.  The amazing ‘secret’ is the stuff about lap top bombs!  Now, I remember that story…from two months ago!  So if Trump talked about these laptop bombs with Russians, it is OLD NEWS.  Not ‘CIA secrets’.  Worse, I suspect the CIA is the one doing these ‘laptop bombs’!


From April fool’s day:  First on CNN: New terrorist laptop bombs may evade airport security, intel sources say –  All the US media carried this story back then.  This is lunacy, the idea that they could fool us with a fake ‘intelligence leak’ story when it is about something that we all saw in the news already…astonishing, isn’t it?


I am thoroughly fed up with our news media.  I hated them much of my life because they hated me greatly.  But toying with a President using FAKE stuff to attack him…is treason.


The treason is growing greater each day.  Our Bilderberg gang is going nuts.  Every story they concoct is shown to be fake within 24 hours.  The more information they give, the stupider it is.


“As a matter of policy, we do not publicly discuss specific intelligence information. However, evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation, to include smuggling explosive devices in electronics,” the Department of Homeland Security told CNN in a statement. “The U.S. government continually re-assesses existing intelligence and collects new intelligence. This allows DHS and TSA to constantly evaluate our aviation security processes and policies and make enhancements when they are deemed necessary to keep passengers safe. As always, all air travelers are subject to a robust security system that employs multiple layers of security, both seen and unseen.”


The endless attacks on Wikileaks by liberals is embarrassing.  I know from NY liberals around me, they are clinging to every single fake story in the dim hopes they will win some sort of prize…a booby prize, by the way.


Sanders won’t save them, his wife is on trial for stealing funds and bankrupting a small college in Vermont, for example, so much for his ‘heroics’.


Then there is the Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was In Contact With Wikileaks Says Former DC Homicide Detective | Zero Hedge…the stuff spinning out of that murder continue as it appears he was assassinated in a Dark State hit because he leaked Hillary’s emails to Wikileaks.


Now about diplomacy without the hysteria:  Xi tells LDP’s No. 2 man he wants to improve ties with Japan – Japan Today reports.  None of this shows up in US news.  Japan sees the US collapsing due to crazy politics and suicidal measures like letting in many Muslim terrorists and worse, demanding JAPAN take in a million angry Muslim males, too…Japan is shutting the door like many other ‘allies’.


China is discussing today a Russian/Chinese energy delivery systems.


The meeting between Xi and Nikai was held a day after the Chinese president concluded a two-day international forum aimed at outlining his vision of expanding economic connectivity with countries along the ancient Silk Road and beyond.


Xi thanked Nikai for his participation at the forum and Japan’s interest in his Silk Road initiative, under which China is planning to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in a vast infrastructure network in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.


While noting that China and Japan face challenges, Xi said there are also many new opportunities.


In addition to conveying Japan’s hope to improve bilateral ties, Nikai told reporters that he raised North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs during the meeting.


The US can’t play diplomatic games anymore because our Real Rulers are freaking out.  They would rather start WWIII than let an outsider make international deals.  They will lose power if they are outside the loop.  They have been walking on this red carpet while openly planning to loot us.


The ‘global warming’ which was switched to ‘climate change’ when it stopped warming up, was a tool to steal $100 trillion from NATO citizens in North America and Europe.  This is insanity.  The Chinese know this, they can do as they please and they promised, fingers crossed behind their backs, that in 30 years, they will copy us.


No, they will rule us ruthlessly at that point and we will all be slaves because we thought we would be super warm during another Cold Cycle.


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20 responses to “The ‘Super Secret’ Trump Gave Russia Was ‘Lap Top Bomb’ In News April 1st

  1. Christian W

    1. All of this reeks of Israelli Hasbara/Mossad. They actually set up the US President. This is serious in itself but if the US President cannot act strongly against this operation it shows how weak the current position is. That said, every battle the Mossad fails to win is one battle closer to their ultimate defeat. That is why they are so desperate. One Israeli minister just now called for the murder of Assad. Israel must keep expanding at all costs.

    2. Sanders is a blazing Zionist. Don’t even think of him as the ‘left’.

    3. The UK (Zionist controlled of course) already banned laptops etc from the same nations Trump put under a ban.

    Time to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel, or what say you Bernie Sanders?

    4. Israel/the DNC is aiming to impeach Trump down the road if they can’t get him to follow orders 100%.

    5. I still think there is a deep divide in the US oligarchy about how to proceed. US Big Oil has been taking it on the chin for some time now. If there is any power left in the Old Establishment that is where one leg is. Israel is desperate for a Syrian collapse. Old Establishment is more interested in preventing a Super Block of China and Russia from joining at the hips.

  2. Jim R

  3. Christian W: I don’t know about all your Sanders flaming, but the rest makes good sense. I honestly think this whole laptop thing was already well known (there had been some airports already put on notice and that had been reported), so why all the fuss?

    When it comes to media, I think we all deserve to be properly informed and the state has a role to play in making sure this happens equitably. Media should serve the People. Literally. Serve and educate. That is all media is for….oh yeah plus entertainment I suppose, but that is a service if you think about it.

  4. Christian W

    I looked into it and Sanders has been a pro-Israel war hawk all along, his voting record in the US Senate tells the story without any political spin. But, he ran his first campaign that got him into the Senate on the invade Iraq theme. He got a piece of the Lockheed F-35 fighter program to Vermont but he made sure a lot of those jobs ended up in… ISRAEL.

    Scratch the surface and he is 100% a Zionist political operator. Gatekeeper on the left is his job. No wonder he bowed out for Hillary. A Jewish Zionist President is just a tad too obvious. But a Christian Zionist one will do. So if Trump doesn’t play ball President Pence will do fine.

  5. Seraphim

    @ All of this reeks of Israelli Hasbara/Mossad.


    “Israel Said to Be Source of Secret Intelligence Trump Gave to Russians”

    Israel’s concerns about the Trump White House’s handling of classified information were foreshadowed in the Israeli news media this year. Newspapers there reported in January that American officials warned their Israeli counterparts to be careful about what they told the Trump administration because it could be leaked to the Russians, given Mr. Trump’s openness toward President Vladimir V. Putin….”

    NYT stupidly confirms that Israel is the real adversary of Russia and USA is supposed to follow only Israel orders to harm Russia by any means. The wailing that USA status has been diminished because it had lost the trust of its ‘ally’ reveals only Israel’s chutzpah. The fact that they pulled from their sleeves the story of the ‘crematorium which evokes the Nazi concentration camps’ immediately reveals the source of this ‘intelligence’ (an oxymoron).

  6. JimmyJ

    You called it Elaine, no amount of cruise missile or war drum efforts from Trump are going to remove the Russia stooge impeachment process. Good luck keeping up with the propaganda… err, news now it’s coming faster than ever. I have tons of time and I can barely keep up. The coup is reaching critical mass.

  7. Nani

    A 70-year-old Swedish woman in Dalarna is being prosecuted for hate speech after claiming on Facebook she saw migrants defecating in the streets and setting fire to cars.

  8. Thanks for all the posts here…remember…this is a TEAM EFFORT and I read the comments because people give information here and I appreciate it greatly, do carry on!

    Thanks, again.

    About the lady in Sweden: who did she vote for? Take a wild guess. She voted for more money for herself and goodies and the government that is persecuting her gave her these goodies and Sweden is literally, like Japan, DYING.

    They are not having children. Marriage of young people is vanishing quickly. This group suicide pact is highly dangerous. And no one can stop it now, it is deeply ingrained in society there. They are finished. It is only a matter of one or two more generations and the Swedes will be gone forever.

  9. Lou

    I looked into it and Sanders has been a pro-Israel war hawk all along, —


  10. Jim R

    Isn’t it also possible, Elaine, that this crap in Sweden will inspire a sudden increase in the popularity of ideas which have been in cold storage for 70 years? And they will come together to reject this invasion, probably with a lot of ugly violence? …

  11. Lou – very funny. I’m serious. Thank-you.

    I’m not convinced about Sanders and nor have I “looked into it”, but some of the stuff we said about Israel at this site back in the early 2000’s (up to 2010) remains so relevant. I think many, including myself, would be advised to look into that.

    Jim R. – I think yous speak from a position of wisdom when it comes to Elaine and all her hard work. We all need balance.


  12. and just to close the loop…..

    Hey Christian – I agree with everything you said and I take a lot of stock in anything you have looked into.

    As they say on “Forged in Fire” —-

    “…….that will kill.”

    (seems like my link is back in order….links to other places you know…just like here…..lot of history to be learned – now it is time to study)

  13. I said over and over during the election, ALL the candidates were Zionists. So since there is no choice there (even the little candidates were Zionists).

  14. Even after all this time I still do not know what “Zionists” means. Honestly.

    But I believe I have gone on record with respect to my opinions regarding Israel. Big time. I don’t hold back. What good does it do ya?

  15. Lou

    I have not looked at very old posts [I found this site a few years ago].
    about Israel at this site back in the early 2000’s (up to 2010) remains so relevant. I think many, including myself, would be advised to look into that.

    Ken–a Zionist is a Jew, or not. But a Zionist is for Zion [Israel].
    The USA is controlled by Jews.

    Elaine pointed out the lack of information in NYT etc on AIPAC.
    I was unaware that in 60 years, NYTimes mentioned AIPAC 0-3 times.

  16. It is as secretive as the Skull and Bones. I didn’t even know I was related to one of the top founders of the Skull and Bones until the list of people running that business was leaked in the news. Before reading the list, I said, ‘I bet a Steele started this!’ and lo and behold, it was a ‘Steele’.

    Old Norman stock, ran off to the New World the minute it was found, to get away from the King of England….hahaha.

  17. Keeping things secret even inside of families who are part of the secret systems, is what amazes me most. The NYT is all about Zionism from top to bottom which is why it goes to great lengths to hide this from everyone.

    AIPAC: I was married into the Jewish Power Structure of NYC, married the son of a publisher there! Did I know about AIPAC when I got married?

    Nope. Did I figure it out? Yup. I could read Hebrew script and understand Yiddish so I could penetrate secrets easier than the usual outsider.

  18. Elaine – I know you have spent incredible effort here on trying to refute the US “Main Stream Media”. I think folks really are catching on to this no thanks to you and others who insist on telling it like they sense it as any good journalist should do.

    Media with a hidden agenda is not in the interest of the People. (Duh!)

    Here is a tidbit I have regarding media:

    “(Part of #7): A primary purpose of media entities is to report on “scale” accurately, and if there is a general consensus that a media entity has failed in this, then the media entity should be placed on probation…”

    I think there needs to be some public enforcement on these media entities that try to manipulate. Do you have any suggestions as to the best way to make this happen. Any ideas?

  19. That should read……”catching on to this THANKS to you and others…”

    (Delete “no”).

  20. Lou

    Cynthia Mc Kinney has a you tube talk where she mentions, ‘being asked to sign the pledge’

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