Trump Attacked By DNC And RNC—Turkish Security Attacks US Citizens In DC

EXPOSED: Crowdstrike, SOLE Source of Russian Fantasy – YouTube: The DNC hired this outside organization which is an insider political operation to figure out who ‘hacked’ them.  And viola: the Russians were the hackers.  No FBI or any other legal operation was used, just this petty online group no one trusts.  Well, there is a reason for this: everything is set to ‘blame Putin’ for the last year.  Nonstop.


A lot of people fall for this insanity.  The utter illogic of what is happening is carefully hidden from view because our media giants are…insane.  It is sad.  This sort of insanity has dangers.  The US is driven mad regularly so we illegally attack various punching bag countries like poor Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.


Here is a video explaining all this which is an interesting take:
The Truth About Seth Rich | The DNC/Wikileaks Scandal – YouTube


Here are some screen shots from the above video of the most important parts of Stefan Molyneux’s presentation:

The Rich family is obviously scared and who can blame them?  But this murder is a key to a very dark place, a place where massively dangerous war crimes dwell.  It is where hideous historical crimes are cooked.  This family has no right to lock us all out of this nightmare that is being activated.


They may want to hide their heads in the sand but the rest of us see the lions attacking us.  We have to have information, we have to investigate this all the way, we must dig as deep as possible.  They have no say in this matter.


All of this should be put forth into the public.  Since we are in the middle of a COUP, we need information. Hoarding it for legal things is insane at this point.  Sometimes the public needs to know exactly what is going on.


I remember the Watergate business.  Right after Nixon resigned, we learned that all investigations would end, Nixon would not be indicted, no one was going to do anything and thus, we would be ‘saved’.  I was furious!  Enraged no end.


‘This will happen again,’ I said.  And so we go…off a cliff.  All crimes at the top are not punished.

The media giants cheated the American voters.  The news media, lying about illegal aliens voting, lying about candidates, burying stories that embarrassed Hillary while making up fake stories about the other candidates, this happened last month in France, too.


This weasel business is criminal.  I hate the mainstream media for their lying.  I have hated them all my long life.  We did not have a fair election.  We had a rigged election and Trump won despite that.


This is why they have to get rid of him and they are doing everything and it is a lot of insider junk here, like not allowing him to hire ANYONE he chooses…to destroy Trump’s attempts at doing anything.  Well, they will eliminate him.

It has been obvious to me for a long, long time.

Erdoğan’s bodyguards’ in violent clash with protesters in Washington, 9 injured, 16/5/2017 – YouTube


The Turkish security in DC attack US citizens.  The police arrest non of these kicking, punching ‘security’ who are kicking people ON THE GROUND, turning over a baby carriage and hitting women, all of whom were quietly protesting.


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