BBC Will Report Workers To Bosses If They Post Something The Bilderberg Rulers Don’t Like

Frank Fisher on Twitter: “BBC announces if you post content on its sites it doesn’t like, it will report you to your boss. Yes, seriously. 


The Bilderberg gang is shutting down the internet.  This attack on citizens is not being disputed because most politicians know better than to irritate our Real Rulers.  In England, for example, they will now prosecute anyone who ‘breaks the rules’ and the ‘rules’ are very vague.  Basically, like Germany is now run, you have zero civil rights.  I recently wrote about a 70 year old woman in Sweden who is now being prosecuted because she wrote about her violent Muslim neighbors.  You are not even allowed to complain in public, anymore.

In Germany, you go to prison if you say anything negative about Merkel’s importation of Muslim terrorists but the Real Rulers can call women who are conservative like Le Pen or this lady any name they wish just like in the US, students on the far left can call professors, fellow students and anyone they wish, every name in the book including cuss words and not be censored.


Whereas, conservative speakers are forbidden to speak on these same campuses because these same students harassing fellow students and teachers, might be offended and become even more violent and attack the school and try to burn it down like Berkeley University.


Good lord!  Isn’t that utterly insane?  I don’t mind seeing these liberal schools burn down, but it is seriously demented.


In today’s news:  Reuters Admits: “No Evidence of Collusion” Between Trump and Russia » 


“The people who described the contacts to Reuters said they had seen no evidence of wrongdoing or collusion between the campaign and Russia in the communications reviewed so far,” states the report.


No collusion between Trump and Russia. Let that sink in.
The article also highlights how the back channel communications were made with Russia in an attempt to “bypass the U.S. national security bureaucracy, which both sides considered hostile to improved relations.”


In other words, Trump wanted peace with the world’s other nuclear superpower while forging ahead with a joint plan to destroy ISIS.


ISIS is a CIA operation.  How dare Trump shut it down!  HAHAHA.  No one is allowed to stop any of these destructive operations.  ISIS was cobbled together to attack Syria and destroy the place because Syria is a major counterforce against…ISRAEL.  I knew this from day one.


This is never, ever discussed in US media systems, left or right.   This entire business is very verboten for outsiders.  The Real Rulers want to remain anonymous.  The anonymous news about Trump talking about world events with the ambassador from Russia came from Israel as I pointed out here, hours before anyone else said this.


I knew instantly who the people were who were pissed at Trump for talking about ISIS with Russians!  Our country is being driven into WWIII by this tiny country.  Liberty Survivors Say US Still Downplays Israel’s Attack on Ship.


Transcripts of radio communications between Israeli pilots and their controllers indicate the attackers identified the ship as American yet continued the assault. But U.S. and Israeli officials still claim it was a case of mistaken identity.


These officials should be removed and replaced with people who are not total liars.  We can’t be led by liars nonstop, this is impossible, immoral and above all, fatal.



Here is another ‘buried story’ that our mainstream media is hiding.  Some of these off the mainstream stories can be wrong or even fake but then much of the mainstream is both wrong and fake news.  Here goes:  Ace reporter mystified by FBI refusal to look at email-hack evidence


Five-time Emmy-award winning reporter Sharyl Attkisson shared her razor-sharp insights with WND on a truly bizarre aspect of the investigation: If the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, claimed its email system was hacked by Russia, why didn’t it let the FBI examine its email server?


No media giant is hiring this brave woman anymore.  In the old days, she would vanish from view.  Today, people like Sharyl can appear online.


And why didn’t the FBI examine the server regardless of whether the DNC objected?


“This has always been befuddling to me,” Attkisson mused.


Um, Obama was the boss back then. The DNC is faking it by pretending Presidents can’t order the FBI to do things or not do things.  Yes, they can.


“If our intel agencies truly believe Russia (or any foreign interest) tried to ‘hack’ our elections or steal emails of the DNC, then it seems to me they would have an obligation in the interest of national security to confiscate and fully examine the evidence, even if the party holding the evidence doesn’t consent,” observed the former chief investigative reporter for CBS News, now the anchor of her own Sunday morning national TV news program, “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.”


Yes, this is under ‘duh’.  I have written about this in the past, this reporter is 100% correct.  The Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch at the airport is proof of collusion to rig and election by killing an obvious investigation, etc.


She pointedly noted, “The FBI doesn’t need the DNC’s consent to take their equipment and conduct a thorough forensic exam for the security of our nation.”


She says further, that CBS and its analyst found:


  • “Attkisson’s computer was accessed by an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions in late 2012.”
  • “Evidence suggests this party performed all access remotely using Attkisson’s accounts.”
  • “An intruder had executed commands that appeared to involve search and exfiltration of data.”
  • “This party also used sophisticated methods to remove all possible indications of unauthorized activity, and alter system times to cause further confusion.”
  • “[Attkisson’s] systems were indeed subject to non-standard interactions between June 2012 and January 2013.”
  • “Definitive evidence that shows commands were run from Sharyl’s user account that she did not personally authorize.”
  • “This history has been deliberately removed from Sharyl’s hard drive.”
  • The intruders conducted an inordinate number of internal computer clock “time stamp” changes, likely to try to confuse any forensics that might be conducted.


Meanwhile, back in Moscow:  Russian Tycoon is Suing the AP for ‘Defamatory’ Report that He Was Connected to Trump’s Campaign | Heat Street


Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire with ties to Vladimir Putin has sued The Associated Press for a “false” report that claimed Deripaska was connected to Trump’s presidential campaign through then its manager Paul Manafort.


Deripaska’s lawyers filed the complaint on May 15 alleging that a March 22 story at the AP falsely implied that that the Russian billionaire had been paying Manafort for work meant to advance the goals of the Russian government and Putin personally.


“Before signing up with Donald Trump, former campaign manager Paul Manafort secretly worked for a Russian billionaire with a plan to “greatly benefit the Putin Government,” the AP’s exclusive report claimed.


According to AP, Manafort had pitched plans to the aluminum magnate since 2006 and the two eventually signed a $10 million annual contract. They reportedly maintained a business connection till 2009.


Back again with the news from the Middle East:  Berlin drafts 8 locations for airbase after Turkey bars German lawmakers from visiting Incirlik — RT News because Russia has real news periodically which I appreciate now that US and EU news is heavily redacted, censored or downright stupid…


Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday that a team is currently in Jordan to assess a site for Germany’s Tornado reconnaissance jets and a refueling plane, AP reported.


Now on to the Million Muslim Male invasion of Europe comes this amazing news:

‘Sharia police’ didn’t break law by trying to impose Muslim rules in German town – court — RT News


A German court has ruled that a group of Islamists did not break the law when forming a ‘Sharia police force’ in 2014. The group caused public outrage after patrolling a western city in orange vests, instructing residents to abide by the strict Muslim code.
They were harassing NON-MUSLIMS to force them into obeying Sharia laws!  No one beat them up.  Germany’s men have been put in chains, they aren’t even allowed to talk about this, much less, stop it from happening.

The group’s vests had ‘Sharia Police’ printed on them in large block letters, but this did not breach the countrywide ban on political uniforms, the judges ruled. Under German law, a uniform has to be “suggestively militant” or have an “intimidating effect” to constitute a violation.


So, a gang of foreign men wearing big ‘Sharia Law’ who are from countries that beat and stone women to death for showing their hair or faces…isn’t ‘intimidating’????  This is utter lunacy.


The men, all aged between 25 and 34, sparked anger by patrolling the streets of Wuppertal in 2014, telling nightclub goers to refrain from drinking alcohol and listening to music, and arcade customers not to play games for money, so as not to contradict the strict Muslim religious code of conduct known as Sharia law.


The group was headed by Sven Lau, a controversial Salafist leader who is currently on trial for supporting a terrorist group fighting in Syria.


And it was run by an outright terrorist!  It is just amazing to me, watching Europe collapse.  If the people there don’t stop their Bilderberg gangster rulers from doing this garbage, they deserve slavery.  But right now, the State punishes any men who fight back.  Families in Europe, like Japan, are collapsing right now.  The people are under assault and soon won’t exist.


They are dying off and not raising families anymore.  That is, structures that are ‘families’ instead of isolated individuals.  I know for a fact, the Real Rulers get married, have children and then promote them heavily, they all do this.  They don’t want anyone else to do this.


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16 responses to “BBC Will Report Workers To Bosses If They Post Something The Bilderberg Rulers Don’t Like

  1. Jim R

    …the Real Rulers get married, have children and then promote them…

    Interestingly, the same is true of wolf packs, baboon troops, and many many other animals. only a privileged minority is allowed to reproduce.

  2. And the end result is their brains rot away unless they are overthrown regularly which happens to be the history of say, the Roman Empire.

  3. Jim R

    I think that’s true of wolf packs, too. A rogue male from another pack comes along and out-alphas the alpha. And starts making puppies…

  4. Christian W


    Former FBI director Robert Mueller III has been appointed special counsel to investige Trump’s “collusion” with Russia.

    Mueller was appointed FBI director a week before 9/11 by Dubya Bush to sweep up any trails of the attack by the US government and allies.

  5. Nani

    It is all over the Western world, this leftist insanity.

    Missouri Medical School Punished for “Too Many Whites”

  6. Christian W

    Time magazine confuses the Church of St. Basil for the Kremlin:

  7. Christian W

    Finally some culture for the White House.

    Here is St. Basil preaching the Good News:

  8. Christian W

    Meanwhile the Color Revolution in Venezuela keeps rolling. Time to introduce… The Green Helmets!

  9. DM

    Any idea why the orange vests are in English? Should it not say something like “Scharia-Polizei”?

  10. Jim R

    Off Topic

    In other news you’ll never see in the NYT or WaPo:

  11. Good notice, DM. I believe that they got those from England where Sharia patrols attack people all the time like in Manchester and parts of London.

  12. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Manning was certainly a victim of torture and alter identity formation. What they call on conspiracy sites MK Ultra.

    We get the slower version of this alternate ID torture through our televisions and films. This is why most of us walk around like zombies.

  13. Pete

    In Europe when people complain about the crimes of immigrants
    they get punished by the authorities. Reminds me of that quote
    from Voltaire: “If you want to know who rules you, find out who
    you cannot criticize.”

    Video about class-action lawsuit filed against DNC.
    More real news from RT:

  14. Sweden dropped the Assange ‘rape’ charges and…ZERO NEWS except in places like evil Russia where they get real news still.

  15. american deplorable

    Honestly, fk the BBC.

    Do they still think they are in control of the ‘truth’? The stiffs running British media refuse to recognize that they’ve lost the information war, they’ve been defeated.

    Nobody gives a shite what the BBC thinks about anything. Seriously.

  16. Isn’t it sad? The mainstream propaganda systems still think they control the internet. This is why now Google and others are deliberately hiding alternative media when we report stories.

    Even a year ago, my own stories showed up really well in Google. Now, they are nearly invisible.

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