Fake Gold Reserves, Crypto Coins And GOP/DNC Drive Towards WWIII

The coup goes on.  The mainstream fake news got what it wanted: an investigation (hahaha) of Russia’s ties to Trump who tried to stop WWIII which Hillary made quite clear, she wanted.  It is the only reason I supported Trump in the election.  I do not want WWIII, never have, been against this ever since I was a child and we briefly stayed at the military base where the work on the nuclear bombs was going on way back in the mid-1950’s.  The adults there talked all the time about WWIII.  Today, I want to talk about yet another ‘crypto currency’, computer hackers and Russia.


We kids used to play ‘escape from the camp’ with the young guards and when they swept the night with spot lights, we would run around and duck and cover when the lights passed over us.  It was a rather strange memory.  Once, my mother forgot her pass when she left in the station wagon to go shopping and they wouldn’t let her in again until she was ID’ed.


This was during the ‘duck and cover’ days.  I’m sure readers over the age of 60 remember those drills. They were dropped years ago.  During the election, children were told to do it again.  I wrote several months ago how all of Russia had to practice this drill due to US war threats.


All children don’t have to do this nasty drill in the US.  Just kiddies living in obvious targets like New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, DC, of course, etc.  Detroit doesn’t have to worry.  They are no longer a target, our own rulers deliberately destroyed Detroit already.  Chicago will be annihilated.  I will note that most cities slated for being wiped out are run by Democrats.


I would have thought the Democrats would be very much against having WWIII, not eager to push it. The human ability to self-destruct is very powerful.  I puzzled over this fact all my long life.  Why do humans want to be killed off?


This brings us to the most horrible people now: global warming fanatics.  Are they, who think they are ‘liberals’ really want a nuclear winter?  Many, many top global warmists openly dream about killing off 90% of humanity (NOT themselves, of course).

Prince Philip – ‘Deadly Virus’ Wannabe! – Attacks Big Families – YouTube Now, there is no direct proof that Prince Philip of England (from Germany) said he wanted to eliminate most humans, he is for birth controls but not for royals, of course.  But then there is this problem: Muslims and Catholics are forbidden birth controls.


Europe is dying due to women no longer bearing many children, ditto in Japan that is far ahead of everyone on eliminating the next generation.  I write about this a great deal for obvious reasons.  I was not supposed to have any children.  I am an AB negative blood type which is less than 1% of the population and my three pregnancies nearly killed me.


The drive towards WWIII is odd to me since the countries that will blow up are mainly all the ones that use birth controls.  The out of control parts, Africa, South America, India, Middle East, are the ones who don’t practice much birth control.  So why are our rulers pushing hard for WWIII?


I believe they are utterly and totally insane.  The gods gave them great powers and like all humans, it caused a rift in the brains and they went for ‘let’s be greedy, nasty and kill everyone else’.  Why this happens is evolutionary.  Humans fought each other during every Ice Age, this is why we spread across the entire planet by 14,000 years ago during the coldest part of the Ice Ages, even living right next to the massive glaciers covering Europe and North America!


Humans spread far and wide to AVOID each other and they were fighting with rocks and sticks shaped by hand to kill animals and humans.  World War III will begin with nukes and end with rocks is a common quote from my childhood.  I do know the rocket scientists I knew way back then, thought this.

Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke” – YouTube


WannaCry XXL? 2nd even bigger global cyber attack already underway — RT News:  I now take us all to the Russian news media.  Note the gigantic difference.  Russia talks about how the US is disintegrating and pushing for WWIII.  Note that the big news, there is yet another, even bigger global computer attack thanks to the CIA releasing a code that hackers could use to rig one attack after another.


There is zero proof Russia is doing this because these attacks hit Russia as badly as the US.  It makes zero sense for Russia to put out these viruses when it hits Russia, too.  This logic doesn’t appear in NATO countries media systems run by governments and co-conspirators running the media.


Here is a most interesting article and is very much part of the computer hack attacks and the blackmail schemes:


While the term cryptocurrency is typically associated with Bitcoin, Adylkuzz actually mines Monero, a similar but more heavily encrypted digital currency. Monero recently saw a significant uptick in usage after it was adopted in the AlphaBay market on the Dark Web.


Thank you, Russia, for this news.  I never saw a word about it elsewhere.  Nice to learn of yet another cryptic ‘currency’ created by computers.  This goes to infinity, by the way.  The guys who created bitcoins were identical to the ones doing this scheme which shows the utter weakness of this sort of system: it leads like all other fake currencies to infinity because humans love the idea of making value out of nothing (printing numbers on paper, for example).


The ‘self limiting’ systems are not self limiting, they all strive for infinite wealth via manipulating numbers systems.  The business about gold and silver was, it is limited to some degree.  When the New World was discovered, Europe had raging inflation due to the flood of this wealth which lasted until the New World wealth was stolen.


Before the Civil War, gold was found in California and Nevada and this led to inflation, too.  Right on its heels came the Civil War.  When I was a child, my grandfather had a Confederate dollar.  This was printed like mad during the Civil War until it had zero value.  Adding numbers didn’t fix this loss of value, it accelerated it.


As with other cryptocurrencies, Monero expands in market cap through self-proliferation via digital mining. One monero is roughly equivalent to $27 at current exchange rates.


During its research, Proofpoint identified three addresses which had already generated $7,000, $14,000 and $22,000 respectively, before being shut down.


To cover their tracks, whoever is behind the attack regularly changes the online payment address to avoid attracting too much attention.


HAHAHA…it has all the Outerdarkness features which is attached to ‘money’.  Even gold has this feature.  Where do we keep the gold?  At Fort Knox, of course.  Are we allowed to see it?  Nope.  US Mint Releases New Fort Knox “Audit Documentation”. The First Critical Observations.


Last February and this wasn’t top news at all, it was back page stuff in the fake news mainstream media, demands for a real inspection of Fort Knox forced the people (Bilderberg gang) to release ‘information’.  HAHAHA.


Thanks to my readers that donated to the crowdfunding campaign I’ve been able to force the US Mint through a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to hand over documents related to the physical audits of the US official gold reserves stored at the Mint; also referred to as Deep Storage gold. Although the PDF-package digitally sent to me is redacted, incomplete, includes pages copied twice and materials I didn’t ask for, it’s the closest thing that I’ve ever seen to physical audit documentation of gold at Fort Knox and the other Mint depositories drafted in between 1993 and 2008.


OK, why is it like pulling teeth to find out facts about Fort Knox gold holdings?


For starters, allow me to expand on what I think happened at the Mint’s headquarter on the 8th floor at 801 9th Street NW Washington DC, before these documents were sent to me.


It should be clear that the US Treasury (owner of the gold), US Mint (main custodian), Federal Reserve Bank Of New York (second custodian), and the Office Inspector General of the US Treasury (head auditor), are reluctant to disclose information about the audits of the gold at the four largest depositories that store over 8,000 fine metric tonnes. Consider that the most seasoned gold analysts aren’t even aware this gold is audited.


Why the secrecy?  All they have to do is have lead filled ingots with a gold covering to hide the reality. Easy to do.  But they won’t do even this.  In 1974, with inflation raging out of control, the Fed decided to do an audit of the gold holdings.


Over the years my inquiries at the US government though regular channels have produced little intelligence about the physical audits of the Deep Storage gold. Some departments cooperated at first, but eventually they stopped replying emails or just hang up the phone while I was talking. The second layer of defense was raised when I started submitting FOIAs. Instead of honoring my requests they tried to delay and dodge most appeals. Clearly, the US government prefers not to answer my questions than to flaunt with the audit results.


However, in 2016 I embraced the motivation to push through and find out how many gold bars were counted, weighed and assayed in between 1993 and 2008, when allegedly the last series of physical audits was conducted. Not surprisingly, zero US government departments could provide me the information I was looking for, but through certain FOIAs I obtained leads to submit new FOIAs, and so on 12 Augustus 2016 I demanded, inter alia, the “memoranda submitted by the US Mint Director’s representative regarding audits of the Mint Schedule of Custodial Gold and Silver Reserves to the Chief Financial Officer drafted from 1993 through 2008”. The Mint replied this request would costs me $3,144.96 dollars because it would take 40 hours to search the respective documents, 8 hours for review, and additional costs would be incurred to duplicate 1,200 pages. I thought this was hogwash – 1,200 pages seemed out of proportion for such memoranda, how hard can it be to find a few pages and how did they know it were going to be 1,200 pages if they had to search 40 hours for it – but decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to collect the money.


Koos Jansen – BullionStar Blogs is the person writing about this, he lives in the EU, not the US.  It is charming that a foreigner wants this information.


In January 2013, Koos, became disabled and was no longer able to perform his regular job. Being housebound, he began researching the Chinese gold market extensively. Koos found that massive amounts of physical gold were being withdrawn from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Koos started a blog covering the Chinese gold development as no one else in the West covered this area with huge geopolitical implications for the world. Koos discovered how the redistribution of gold, and thus redistribution of economic power, from West to East was thoughtfully designed by the Chinese leadership and the Chinese central bank.


The gold market is happy to keep this information out of circulation, that is, the gold hoards being looted, because they want gold to go up…and it has ever since Hillary began running for President via fiat, not primaries.  They could see that WWIII talk would drive up the price of gold and it will only go up if people think there is less, not more of it available.


Why SGE Withdrawals Equal Chinese Gold Demand And Why Not is his article about what is real and what is fake in the Chinese gold markets.  China is the biggest entry to this field, the Chinese are very suspicious about paper money and hoard gold whenever possible.  Ditto in spades with India that saw the currency collapse recently when the government stopped the printing presses and then restarted them again after hyperinflation killed the rupee.


Politics and money run on parallel tracks.  The politicians control what is ‘money’ and how it operates and they all do the same thing when tempted: make money out of thin air and then have more and more of it.


The Bitcoin scam pretends there is a limit to crypto money by making it something created out of thin air and then it is restricted more and more, sort of.  But today’s news shows us that this is fake, it is pretend as I kept warning all these years.  Crypto money will appear over and over again, always the same way, new schemes to make it ‘limited’ which will lead to it being ‘unlimited’ because greed is a fundamental force that drives humans to do this all the time.


Fort Knox, Kentucky | Locked down: 8 of the world’s most protected sites | Deseret News covers the story of all the hidden Dark Holes where gold is stored after it is dug up or stolen.  Yes, governments steal gold.  History is littered literally with a million examples of this.  Gold is removed and then shoved into human-made dark places where supposedly it can’t be looted.


The ancient Egyptians wrestled with this, every single time the pharaohs buried or hid this huge gold hoard, it was discovered and removed by ‘thieves’.  Some hoards were successfully hidden in dark places until the 20th century.  Over 4 thousand years, hidden only to wrenched out of the ground again, the nature of gold is for display of power or totally hidden as much as possible.


The Popes fought over gold hoards in Europe during the Middle Ages and built huge fortresses to guard this gold…only to see it looted by desperate kings.  Hoarding gold and hiding it except for top ceremonial events where it is partially shown to the masses with it draped over the rulers to prove they have ‘power’…this is a human tendency that never dies, does it?


In addition to other treasures, the Federal Reserve Bank stores gold belonging to the U.S and foreign governments, other banks and international organizations in its basement, according to the Federal Reserve Bank’s website.

About 530,000 gold bars, weighing roughly 6,700 tons, were in the vault as of 2012.

Every compartment in the vault is secured by a padlock, two combination locks and a seal by the auditor.

Two New York Fed gold vault staff members and one internal audit staff member need to be in attendance when gold is moved or a vault compartment is opened.

A 90-ton, 9-foot-tall cylinder made from steel is at the vault’s only entrance. It sits inside a frame made from steel and concrete that can create a seal that is air- and watertight.


This is designed to not melt and vaporize in WWIII.  I know where this vault is.  Maybe if I survive WWIII, I can show the local warlord how to get at it.


Although no longer secure, this location deserves a place on our list for being so secure it eluded detection for decades.

For decades the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia contained a nuclear bunker filled with supplies, ready to house members of Congress, NPR reports.

The bunker was a secret for 30 years before it was discovered in 1992.

It was built in the late ’50s under President Dwight Eisenhower as a way to keep the country running in the event of a nuclear war, according to NPR.


On 9/11, Cheney was moved to a vault like this after the Pentagon was hit.  This shows everyone and Russia and China noticed this, it is laughably easy to kill off all our politicians with one nuclear strike because they are incredibly stupid and exposed.  Ditto, the EU bureaucrats.


Since 9/11, a new bunker has been built for our rulers to hide in…HAHAHA…guess what?  First one strike then…wait for them to emerge from their bolt holes and bang: hit a second time.


I do wish the Pentagon game guys who pretend there is WWIII and play out the odds, let me play with them.  I have lots of paranoia about nuclear war and a good idea how it will run, it would be lots of grim fun, pitting my skills against their skills.


Anyone launching WWIII, the only really safe place is to do this from say, where I live, not some fortress.  There are no ‘secret fortresses’ because every side tracks the other very closely.  The idea of ‘hidden’ is stupid once the Russians (NOT THE US) launched the world’s first satellite, Sputnik.


I remember that day.  My father was jubilant.  ‘See that?’ he said, ‘We will now have money for the space program!’  then off to DC to talk to talk to Eisenhower who knew him very well due to WWII business.


This surprise success precipitated the American Sputnik crisisand triggered the Space Race, a part of the larger Cold War. The launch ushered in new political, military, technological, and scientific developments.[6][7]

Early U.S. rocket and space launch failures and explosion – YouTube


The rocket program was reset as a race to the moon to keep the implications about it being all about WWIII out of people’s minds.  So we cheered it onwards, went to the moon, couldn’t figure out what to do there and then back we went to using rockets in low orbit to do various things like communications, spying, etc.  All these things are entangled with each other.


Call this ‘creative destruction’.  Which brings us back to gold: it is supposed to be indestructible.   Forever.  LIMITED.  Damn.  Humans want eternity and then blow it all up in a snit.  And the gods laugh at us.  This is why no gods are allowed to live for more than a few thousand years or less.  We kill them, too.


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28 responses to “Fake Gold Reserves, Crypto Coins And GOP/DNC Drive Towards WWIII

  1. Old Ari

    All this time and money spent on acquiring tonnes of useless metal!

  2. Melponeme_k

    “I am an AB negative blood type which is less than 1% of the population”

    According to some conspiracy sites, you are an ALIEN. From OUTER SPACE! LOL

  3. Jim R

    Yeah, ‘duck and cover’. That little spindly tube steel and plywood desk will protect you from gamma rays that can penetrate four feet of lead. Good luck with that… I remember that shit, too.

  4. Libya had a good store of gold(I believe over 100 tons) that was going to be used for a gold based African currency.
    Gold ended up in France golly gee! Funny how that worked out.

  5. Jim R

    Haha, good article, Elaine. Now that I’ve read the whole thing…

    There are more than 250 cryptocurrencies out there. Because the Bitcoin people release all their software, it is easy to make a new one. You might like Dogecoin, worth about 0.000001¢

    As for the gold, there obviously isn’t any in those fancy underground vaults. There was a story a few years back, about fake gold bars …

    The Chinese central bank was buying those big government vault size bars, and they always melt them down, refine them, and recast them with Chinese markings. Well, in a batch of bars they got from, as I recall, the NY Fed, there were some bars that didn’t melt. They were made of tungsten, with a thin gold covering. Tungsten is very heavy, same density as gold. Lead is only a little over half as heavy as gold, so you do not use lead for your fake gold bars.

    The Chinese bank was mad, and demanded real gold bars to replace them. It was yet another story that simply disappeared, never showed up in the ‘MSM’, swept under the carpet and forgotten, except by the gold bugs and truthers.

  6. Lou

    Good post. Elaine does not think much of individuals hoarding gold.
    Yet it is a store of wealth. The Chinese and Indians cannot get enough of it.

    There is a drawing online that shows people throwing gold across a net and on the other side people throwing US dollars back. Guess which sides are which. The gold is exiting the west, not to return anytime soon.

  7. Lou

    Some people think Bitcoin [I think of it as shitcoin] HAS A LIMITED NUMBER OF ‘COINS.’
    How many Bitcoins are there?
    Who made it?
    Who is behind it?

  8. Jim R

    … not to return, ever.

    The most convincing argument against hoarding gold is that once the dollar system collapses, you’ll have a lot of desperate people out there. If you start spending gold coins, it’s like carrying a great big target around. Lookie at me, I have gold! It will make you popular, you know.

    So you need to balance your investments. Buy land, arable land if possible, as far out in the sticks as you can reasonably manage. Learn to garden, and use tools. Make friends with the neighbors. Reload your own ammo. Attend church, be part of the community. That sort of thing, there are a lot of components to it.

  9. Lou

    Jim, only the rich can own a bug out place. Sure an acre of land can be had for cheap or $10,000, but that acre needs a house, water, etc. Upkeep.

    This fellow thinks ‘everyone would be rich’ if they got into Bitcoin early.
    Oh, in 1929 a magazine had a cover story, ‘Everyone should be rich’
    [kid you not].
    He thinks there wont be more bitcoins created.


  10. Lou

    During its research, Proofpoint identified three addresses which had already generated $7,000, $14,000 and $22,000 respectively, before being shut down.
    To cover their tracks, whoever is behind the attack regularly changes the online payment address to avoid attracting too much attention.

    Does it mean Monero shuts down ‘miners’ and is a scam?

  11. They are all ‘scams’. People convince each other that they found the magic pot at the end of the rainbow and I include the Federal Reserve in this group…gold isn’t ‘money’ either.

    Its worth in say, cows or sheep or female slaves…or steel for swords and other tools of domination is what counts. If you owned those things you didn’t need gold except for one thing: buying imported goods and what were these when my ancestors were Vikings and Normans?

    Why, stuff from CHINA. China always insisted on payment in gold for silk, for example. Silk making was highly secretive and when the secret broke, around 1500 years ago, the Chinese flipped out.

    First the Japanese stole the silk production methods from China in 300 AD then around 600 AD, the Byzantines got the secret, too. Silk was ‘money’ for the Chinese who wanted ‘gold’ for it since they wanted that for BRIBES. Yes, bribing people to get the to cooperate.

    What a strange history ‘money’ has!

  12. JimmyJ

    Back in the 1980s when anti nuke protests were still alive there were 4 films made that I have collected and recommend watching.

    Animated but poignant, British:

    Bleak, British:

    Simplistically realistic, US:

    Understated but effective, US:

  13. ‘When the Wind Blows’ is crazy. It is about a couple living way out in the countryside, being nuked.

    That is stupid. The situation in England is simple: in a nuclear war, London and Manchester and maybe another site will be nuked but not Wales, for example, even there, the mountains and hills block blasts and other things.

    The cartoon shows the house blasted so it had to be very near a big, big city but it was not.

    I grew up under that umbrella of destruction. I know very well how the mountains work: my father built our ranch next to the Rincon pass so we could go there swiftly in a nuclear event.

    Remember: we have only one hour at best, to take cover. One hour if you know what is going on.

    When Kennedy was assassinated, all the jets at Davis Monthan airbase took off one right after the other. I was trained by my father to note when this happened and RUN LIKE HELL for the hills.

    So I ran. No one else in the school ran. Everyone was sitting ducks there. I took off like a rocket once I counted past 10 jets taking off. If necessary, I was going to fling myself and my bike into the Palo Verde Wash which was below the blast level.

    But it was a false alarm. Nonetheless, the fact remains, no one was told to take cover.

  14. The nuclear drills are a joke, always were a joke. This is why we demanded diplomacy, not WWIII when the Vietnam war raged, we were one nuke away from WWIII on a daily basis.

  15. About the other movies: I would assume that Russians or Chinese or some Muslim power were to finally decide to end Europe and the US, they would attack at around noon on Saturday which is when all the alarms are reset each week.

    The movies which show people panicking when the alarms sound is not real. People will have to be very ‘worked up’ to heed these alarms. That is, they are USED to IGNORING these. And these are the same alarms used for other purposes.

    Even in dam failures, you have people waiting until the last minute to do something. Nuclear war will be instantaneous. So people will be in a large window of disbelief, not ‘run around, screaming’.

    Secondly, when watching an actual nuke detonation, the low to the ground roar of super hurricane force winds spreads all around it as the ‘mushroom’ cloud begins to climb. It hits before one can see the mushroom cloud if one is in the blast zone. It is very similar to tsunamis: the only warning is the ocean receding.

  16. PS: if an alarm goes off in Japan, people will assume it is a tsunami and run to high ground, not underground….

  17. Great article, Elaine. I’m from the camp that believes having a bit of physical gold, among other things, can be a shield against governments destroying systems, which they do. I find the best thing would be to hold it quietly and when if it spikes up while things fall apart, then trade it for real world goods that are usable in a then dystopic system.

    The whole point is to be peaceful and use gold or whatever we have as a shield. And leave them to sort themselves out.

  18. tio


    If that sort of thing floats your boat you might like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survivors_(1975_TV_series) not a nuclear apocalypse rather a biological one instead. However, for the most bleak & disturbing UK cold war porn (imho) dial ‘protect and survive’ into your favourite video repository, you can’t beat the classics.

  19. I played ‘survivor’ in real life. When my husband was brain damaged, we had to go to court during which, for over 5 years, we lived in a tent in upstate NY where we have nasty winters, too.

  20. tio

    “People will have to be very ‘worked up’ to heed these alarms. That is, they are USED to IGNORING these. And these are the same alarms used for other purposes”

    In the early 50’s my mum was a hairdresser in some small sussex town, unbeknownst to her the local fire fighters had installed a war surplus siren as a call to volunteers. Well, one afternoon she found herself underneath her clients chair before she realised what had just happened. It is still illegal to run a pulse jet here (I think) for similar reasons.

  21. JimmyJ

    I never thought to recommend the films because they were representative of various real nuke scenarios but they’re noteworthy in that they attempted to get at the reality in a superficial ’80s way, while now there is zero effort at informing folks except for fringe bloggers. I’d rather people watch something to stimulate their awareness especially if they remain convinced WWIII is survivable.

    Personally I think those film producers (and survivor planners in general) vastly underestimate the danger of feral gangs to survivors. Even those who remain convinced that armed solo or even small group defense will provide safety will find their efforts futile. Not counting the terrible radiation risk given MIRV warhead density, scarcity of food and medical care will make for a brutishly short life expectancy for most survivors in the face of thousands of desperate refugees no matter where one choses to build their Masada.

  22. tio

    I played survivor too. When I was seventeen, I had all but completed the equivalent of a US degree in physics, had numerous economics awards, was the highest ranked NCO in my cadet force, member of a gun club, proficient in two martial arts and had developed a taste for narcotics.

  23. We all lived very wild lives. Growing up literally in the shadow of nuclear war, we flung ourselves into all sorts of ‘end of the world’ craziness. We tested everything since it looked like we were going to be roasted, anyways.

    Then Presidents were allowed to do real diplomacy for a while. Now, we are back to the 1950s. The real thing we should be listening to is the Beatle’s ‘Back to the USSR’. I thought that song was hilarious back in 1969.

  24. Lou

    comment er on talk about ‘ripple’ ecoin————
    Ripple is not even a cryptocurrency, it has no blockchain, it’s centrally controlled by one company which holds a majority of the coins, it doesn’t even belong in the same category of Bitcoin. It’s a total pump and dump scam.

    I don’t see how someone who is against big banks and the world elite can even support or consider buying Ripple. Have you done any research on how it works?!

    Here’s a heads up, it’s not even a cryptocurrency, they have no blockchain, and it’s centrally controlled by one company that hold a majority of the Ripple tokens to artificially pump up their marketcap and price.

    In addition, their main goal is to be a centralized routing network for the big banks of the world, essentially become a Swift 2.0 type of system.

    Ripple doesn’t even belong on the same list as Bitcoin and would recommend staying far away from it.

  25. tio

    “we flung ourselves into all sorts of ‘end of the world’ craziness”

    There was no flinging here.

  26. Lou

    Bitcoin has outperformed every other currency, commodity, stock and asset since its inception in 2009.

    “Bitcoin’s Rally Crushed Every Other Currency in 2016.”

    “Bitcoin was the best performing currency of both 2015 and 2016”

  27. And when it is dead in the water, it will have zero value like paper money. Physicality is real, the bitcoin game is a con game that has religious believers. Did you know that saint’s ‘body parts’ and other thingies had HUGE value that kings would shower real gold to own, churches fought over these bizarre and utterly meaningless things, often bones or other junk.

    And…it all ended up being utterly worthless. It was worthless all along but had ‘value’ do to BELIEFS. I see zero difference with the crypto money schemes.

  28. If I were offered a fake coin created out of thin air or real gold, guess what? I would take the ‘less valuable’ (HAHAHA) gold or better still, you arrange for someone to sell me gold for bit coins, I would take the bit coins only if the con will be finished and I end up with solid gold. See?

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