Hackers Reveal Secret Plotting By NSA/CIA Operatives Out To Destroy Trump

Palpatine Reveals Himself – Revenge of the Sith [1080p HD] – YouTube

OK: The Dark Lords have decided today to attack the internet users.  I discovered, via being locked out, that Google owned formats now have to have me register with them.  So I did it today only to discover that it now interferes with my computer usage when I click and drag news articles.  Since half of my news articles are via photoshop, I have a way around this but this is the Sith taking over things and herding us all along, the easy days of the Internet are over officially today.  They are putting the screws on us to stop us from communicating with each other easily.  It will get worse: this is war and the Deep State hates us.


Of all things, I decided to day to write about a Dark State operation being run against our President.  This is all about the guys in the various bolt holes in DC that are secured (THEY HOPE) against direct nuclear attack.  They are freaking out because Trump can, if he knew how this operates, access what they do and how they do it (start wars, assassinate, drug, destroy people) and that they are figuring frantically how to do it to HIM.

What a fine day for Google to fuck with me, the creeps.  ‘Do no evil’ has become ‘Be very evil’ with Google.  I have watched this develop but now I am sucked into their sucky systems no thank you, creeps.  I have been online since it was a CIA operation.  I cannot ‘click and drag’ any text anymore!  Imagine that.  It began when Google forced me to sign up for their ‘services’ because I would be locked out of various other things online, big things.


I have watched it grow and change and only this last three months have I seen it begin to fall to pieces as our Rulers muck with it, out to stop us.  They want a Soviet Style State for us, they hate the internet with a passion even as they grow filthy rich off of it.  Now, they will crush it utterly because they are SCARED TO DEATH.


We ‘see’ them.  And this news here today is all about this Deep State and their plots with each other, a hacker succeeded in clawing their way into the secret conversations of the Deep State operatives I don’t know which in particular but it seems to me to be the CIA itself.


Having dueled with the CIA all my life, I get skin crawls when they are lurking and for them to fuck my computer today right when I accessed the hacked account via Jones, hey…this is the day the Google people are taking control of everyone’s computers, I warn you, they are fucking with us all.


This pisses me off greatly, for I come from the ‘totally free’ days when we made up the Internet when I worked with Analog Precision making the hardware for these new fangled computers…ahem.  For IBM, no less.  My father was one of the very earliest users of computers, I can smell a rat here, the structure is under attack, already You Tube has been messing with creators, out to destroy even innocuous ones like Cutie Pie, for Christ’s sake!


Then there is myself, I figured they forgot about me.  But no, I am being effed now, too.  So watch out.  Today’s story is all about the Dark Side plotting….and they don’t like this one bit.


Leaked Chat Logs Purport to Show ‘Deep State’ Planting Anti-Trump Stories With Media » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


I looked at the text and it made my skin crawl.  There is the Dark State and then the Really Really Dark State, the Skull and Bones Darkness, that which I called ‘The Outerdarkness.’  I once argued with Tolkien about the Outerdarkness, when I was very young and it upset him, I’m sorry to say.  But I was born there.


The Black Magic part of our systems is very real.  We saw bits and pieces of this monster during the elections.  The magicians who operate it were revealed and then the revelations where tossed out by the media and anyone discussing this very verboten stuff was mocked by the media giants who never ever mention me, they dare not.


I am a living ‘element’ they couldn’t control.  I can ‘see’.  They desperately wanted this but were pissed when I ‘saw’ THEM for who they were!  Oh, the rage…


The Star Wars Big Boss using the Internet of the future.


First: the agents used Palpatine as their ‘manager/leader’.  Watch closely the movie clip above.  I knew Lucas way back when I was in college.  He knew my family and all the lightning stuff and so forth.  Here, he sees straight into the Outerdarkness only to pull back to make his movies easier for people to enjoy.  But this scene is very dark indeed and the Spooks inside the government know exactly what he is talking about here.


Tucson, when Lucas and I lived there, was ground zero for WWIII.  We discussed how to survive this with each other.  Most of my friends were amazed and horrified that I practiced escape from nuclear attack at age 8.  Soon, they all knew how to do this for it was life and death and still is.

They mention ‘Glyph’.  Here is where that word dwells:

OK: The last three movies by Lucas, people made fun of him, they mocked the storyline…and I didn’t discuss all this because the movies tore deep into stuff that is very dangerous.  The ‘political’ parts with Jar Jar Binks were particularly freaky to me for I understood exactly what Lucas was doing: Jar Jar was the Puppet Master.


I saw that immediately.  Everyone else thought he was the fool.  In Tarot, the Fool is a dangerous card, upside down it is the Trickster.  I did Tarot readings for our circle in Tucson not to mention a lot worse things and Lucas knew how I talked about the Cards.  Note how I threw several times during this election, I was so upset with things.


There was tons and tons of ‘black magic’ cards in my throws which alarmed me greatly.  Couple this with what is happening today: they are destroying the world’s markets driving it down like with Carter, Jimmy Carter was a friend of my father and note how he is never ever in the news….


Sigh, They hated Carter and didn’t like Reagan so…Reagan survived but was badly clipped by Them and then Skull and Bones took over via Bush Sr. who I fought and won over the issue of China.  These people are very dangerous, dangerous to democracy and America itself.


Trump Tarot Reading Horrible Mirror Image Of Hillary Reading | Culture of Life News


Clintons And Other Top US Power People Caught In Sex/Black Magic Ring | Culture of Life News


Thunder and lightning all night last night…there was a massive thunderstorm at the same time in Kansas where I went to school long ago and battled one terrible night as lightning rained down on our dormitory.


The Forces of Darkness are on full attack now.  Note how the Democrats look increasingly demonic.  Or outright INSANE.  They are flipping out, they made deals with the Devil that is Death they cannot escape.  Oh, they just think they are smart, they are very stupid people for they cannot see the future or understand how it operates when one uses Black Magic.


Deciphering the chatter of our Assassins who are trying to use Dark Arts I will leave to others unless I stop having this high energy which has me, instead, invoking Pegasus and the Lightning He Carries in his hooves, mane and tail which is like a comet…These fools screwing with us don’t know, it will lead to their own destruction.  They cannot see this, they believe the Entity which is known also as Loki.


They make movies about Loki which are lies.  He is a Trickster.  He doesn’t ‘rule’ he WRECKS stuff.



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10 responses to “Hackers Reveal Secret Plotting By NSA/CIA Operatives Out To Destroy Trump

  1. Melponeme_k

    The demon they worship wants blood. But they forgot that it will take ANYONE’s blood. The elites think that they will feed us to it.

    However things are shifting, rapidly. Which is why they are making their changes and revealing themselves. They know they are losing power. The can FEEL it. Mark Passio’s Youtube channel is very interesting. He explains the 7 laws that the elites abide by and try to hide from us (since everyone is held to them). They hide it because they use these laws to force us into acting for them. The worst thing that can happen is for all of us to know and say NO. The minute the public en masse refuses them, is the moment everything they worked for dies. And then their demon will eat them. Because it needs blood and will take from anything.

    The night of the election, the cards I threw down had the devil card laughing and licking its chops over them not Trump. What tasty little morsels they would all be. Imagine all the psychic power they hoard and how they would tickle its cockles. They are right to be afraid.

    I’m surprised Tolkein was upset about the outerdarkness since he wrote about it so knowingly. Maybe that is why he couldn’t write his sequel. He lost faith in mankind.

  2. PFO


    Did you say ‘comet’?

    It’s been coming a long – long – long time.



  3. hblinken


    Despite the set back that Communism experienced in 1989, Russia still embodies evil that will attempt to destroy the West and the Catholic Church. We only have one recourse to mitigate this disaster. Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because that is where the Father has placed Jesus. Sept 20th 2011

    The catholic biggest enemy is this Shabbatean Pope, he is the one who will destroy the Catholics.

  4. For 1,500 years, the Catholics and Orthodox churches have been at war with each other. It comes from the break of Europe from what became Turkey, the Western Empire dying while the Eastern Empire ran on until the Islamic hordes overran it.

    It is funny how these conflicts continue to this day even after 90 years of communism trying to crush the Orthodox church.

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  6. Jim R

    Actually that Roman – Orthodox split happened when the emperor Diocletian decided to retire and leave the empire to his four sons. He was one of the very few emperors to actually retire … most of them were killed, one way or another.

    So old Diocletian retired to his villa in Croatia, and divided the empire four ways. But of course the usual squabbling and fighting went on, and it ended in 313 with a 2-way split between Constantinople and whoever was sitting in Rome. The Roman half was falling into chaos by then, anyway. Had to look it up on Wikipedia for the date.

    Diocletians villa is still a great tourist destination, by the way.

  7. Jim R

    Upon further reading of the article, I guess they weren’t necessarily Diocletian’s sons. They were appointed by him, and by his greatest general, Maximian.

    Anyway, the Roman Empire was never completely united after that, and it was impossible to run the whole thing from Byzantium or wherever.

    Think how much more damage the Romans could have done if they had a modern electronic communication network..

  8. Climate change did it, too. It was colder and colder going into the cold Dark Ages.

  9. Jim R

    It was always about power, anyway. The empire, the religion, the splits and squabbles and the basis for wars. It still is, whatever religion or empire you care to consider.

    Byzantium was never going to knuckle under and submit to decrees from Trier or Milan or Rome, and vicea-versa. And it might take weeks to get a message from Nicomedia to Mediolanum, and if you wanted to march an army there, it could take months, or years. They might never get there.

    The empire had simply gotten too large to run from one place.

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