NATO Whines That Russia Is ‘At War’ With NATO

NATO Review is an online magazine run by the NSA so I will use it for ‘news’ just like the other systems used by the Bilderberg gang, best to keep up with the propaganda.  Here, they blame, as per usual, Russia for being ‘paranoid’ and ‘war footing’ while NATO puts all its troops on the Eastern European border with Russia.  Blaming Russia while being super aggressive is a war crime, of course.  Propaganda that is all lies is a war crime, I remember the Nüremberg Trials: the Nazi news people were also put on trial and rightfully so.


Today, the Bilderberg gang, terrified of all the attention being paid to themselves, have been digging up 95 year old Germans and charging them with ‘war crimes’ 70 years later.  This is criminal because they excused everyone else in Germany after the Nüremberg Trials and told the German people, they were misled.


Now, they are attacking people who often were barely more than children, for war crimes when they were pressed into arms in the last months of the war and children under the age of 18 were pressed into service.


These are the same clowns who want to charge Assange with ‘rape’ in a very slender case that has near zero proof of any ‘rape’.


OK: I correctly reported the real news yesterday about Israel screaming bloody murder over Trump doing basic diplomacy with Russia.  The ‘spy intel’ the Jews were howling about actually came from a totally different place:  Intel Trump Shared With Russia Came From Jordan, Not Israel — News from reports.


This sounds correct.  First, the NYT and Washington Post both lied about the ‘anonymous’ person who was screaming but obviously, it was Netanyahu.  Trump is going over there this week and needed to be slapped around a bit, first, so he would beg our Real Ruler for protection from the hyenas in the US media who are fellow travelers of Netanyahu.


Jordan, by the way, didn’t protest this discussion with Russia at all.  It was mainly Jews who were angry.


…reports are indicating that the intelligence in question came from Jordan, not Israel in the first place.


Jordanian officials were said to have doubted that Israel would’ve had infiltrated ISIS, whereas thousands of Jordanians have joined the group, giving the nation ample opportunity to plant spies. There is no indication that Jordan is  particularly upset about the revelation.


So, this goes ‘splat’.  No mention of any of this will appear in US propaganda systems.  They are still pushing the ‘Trump is a Ruskie Commie’ storyline in the most naked way.  It utterly disgusts me to see ‘liberals’ doing this stupid trick.  It will backfire on them all very badly.


Too stupid to see into the obvious future, they roar onwards mindlessly:  Intel Trump gave Russians came from Jordan, not Israel – report | The Times of Israel DID report the real news!  Damn.  They get to publish fake news for the fools in the US but get real news in Israel.  This is why I read Israeli news and ‘trust’ them to tell some truths.


US intelligence officials claimed that although Israel has publicly said that cooperation with Washington remains untarnished, privately, Israeli officials are “fuming,” having “worried for months that Mr. Trump would expose state secrets, even unwittingly, because of his lack of experience in handling classified information and his propensity to shoot from the hip.”


In other words, unlike Zionist US Presidents, this guy might tell us the truth about stuff.  He has not ‘experience’ of being BRIBED and CONTROLLED by the Zionist machine which is the same machine gunning him down right now.


Some disagreement remain over how much of an impact Trump’s revelation will have on counter-terror efforts, the report said. While some doubt the Russians can pin down the source of the information in Syria, one official said it may have been compromised. Another official was quoted as saying it could take a while until the extent of any damage becomes clear.


In other words, there is no ‘damage’ and nothing has or will happen.  And Putin isn’t so stupid as that, either.  Trust me on this.


However, “all the officials agreed that the president’s impromptu revelation had shaken career intelligence officers’ confidence in Mr. Trump’s ability to keep secrets and exacerbated long-standing tensions between him and the intelligence community,” the report said.


And pray tell, what are these ‘secrets’???  I know of one very famous ‘secret’:

New Evidence Proves Israel Attacked USS Liberty With Orders To Kill 294 Americans


Just sixteen minutes after Israel attacked America, the USS Liberty was confirmed by Israeli forces to be an American ship. These conversations can be heard in the documentary Al Jazeera has been airing on their station.


Yes, Al Jazeera ran the actual tapes of the conversations between Israeli fighter jets, ships and Tel Aviv!  Note how this story which was published three years ago, didn’t appear in US media at all.


“To what state does she belong?” (Answer): “American”

Yet the attacks continued for an hour and a half!


Even five minutes before the first bombing you can hear Israeli Air Force pilots question whether the ship was American or not. You don’t have to be a genius to understand why these pilots would be extremely uncomfortable attacking a ship suspected to be American without being given direct orders to do so. I believe we can safely assume this attack wouldn’t have been carried out otherwise.


“Is it an American ship?” “What do you mean American?” “No comment.”


There was this big fat USA flag flying from the mast.  It is in the above picture.


Twenty minutes after a ground controller answered “American” when asked “to what state does she belong?” by Israeli Air Force pilots, the first torpedo hit the USS Liberty. A voice can clearly be heard which confirms that this target, thought to be American at that time, was to be destroyed.


It was hit by a SUBMARINE first.


“The torpedo is talking care of the ship now.”

As soon as the first torpedo hit the USS Liberty, Israeli torpedo boats circled the ship and started machine-gunning the American target for another 40 minutes. When the USS Liberty crew lowered their lifeboats into the water to evacuate their ship, the Israelis moved closer so they could gun down the Americans attempting to save their own lives.


This paragraph shows why US media refused to carry this story at all.  Every time I read it I get very, very pissed off.  This happened when LBJ was President.  I wanted him arrested on war crimes back then, ditto, Nixon.  I did not know the facts about this war crime by Israel, too.


  • The White House deliberately prevented the U.S. Navy from coming to the defense of the USS Liberty. This was the first time in naval history a rescue mission had been cancelled while an American ship was under attack.
  • Surviving crew members were later threatened with court-martial, imprisonment, or worse if they talked to anyone about what had happened to them; and were “abandoned by their own government.”


And where is McCain and the entire DNC clown show?  Why aren’t they all hopping mad about this?  Where are all the GOP ‘patriots’ who…they all swear allegiance to Israel, of course.  Including above all, Bernie Sanders, too.


Remembering USS Liberty: When Israel attacked America – Al Jazeera English has the old old story which I have known for many years now when the victims of this assassination scheme began complaining in public and I got to know a fair amount of what was going on, what convinced me of the truth was the simple fact, they were flying this huge USA flag when attacked.  So it was obviously deliberate.


“People were sunbathing, enjoying the June sunshine,” said Brooks, who was more concerned with keeping the engines running. The demands of the job perhaps saved his life.

Israel insisted it was a case of mistaken identity. It alleged that pilots were exhausted having fought so hard over the previous days. The US naval vessel was thought to be an Egyptian warship.


And that’s why it was attacked with rockets and cannons and missiles and torpedoes.


I am amazed any survived this criminal action.  What didn’t survive was our sovereignty, our power and our right to vote.  We get to vote for a stable of Zionist candidates who lie to us about vital events and lie about this event in particular.  This pissed me off when I was Mrs. Levy and pisses me off today, too.


There was this rule way back before the flood of immigrants and now, illegal aliens, that one had to cleave from the home country and swear formal fealty to the USA to become a citizen.  My ancestors and others set this up so we wouldn’t have what we have today: insurrection from within and lots of treason of all sorts as people pick and choose what nation to honor with fealty.  Dual citizenship is something my family was dead set against for the last 200+ years!  It is vital to running this nation and not see it destroyed from within.


Chelsea Manning Walks Back Into a World She Helped Transform | WIRED


Manning’s leak contained hundreds of thousands of classified state department records, including diplomatic cables and war reports. Its 1.73-GB size was orders of magnitude larger than the previous record-holder for the biggest leak of classified US documents, the Pentagon Papers, which Daniel Ellsberg photocopied and gave to The New York Times back in 1971.


I wish to thank all the brave people who have leaked stuff that was secret due to these being utterly ILLEGAL actions by our government.  There is zero reason to hide any of this except for Nazi reasons: everyone knows these are crimes therefore, it must be kept secret!


A disgusting practice, big time.  I am against state secrecy for crimes.  But that is how the Deep State operates.  It is like the Mafia.  It is like Statsi.  Imagine that.


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2 responses to “NATO Whines That Russia Is ‘At War’ With NATO

  1. Historical footnote: The botched false flag Liberty incident may have played a role in rock star Jim Morrison’s mysterious death in Paris some years later. Morrison’s father was an admiral who pressed for investigation of the Liberty incident, at the cost of his career — and possibly his son’s life. Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of his Paris hotel, reportedly of a heroin overdose, and hastily buried without autopsy.
    There’s always been something wrong with that narrative, however. Over the years a few cognoscenti have come forward to dispute it. (1) Morrison was adamantly opposed to heroin, hated it in fact. Alcohol was his drug of choice. Struck those who knew him as beyond improbable that he’d succumb to an overdose. (2) Witnesses say Morrison was murdered during the wee hours in the stall of a nightclub restroom by unnamed agents who plunged the needle in while he was least able to defend himself. After closing, they dragged the body out the back entrance back to his room and dumped it in the bathtub, fully clothed, to be discovered by his girlfriend (who’d spent years in a drug-induced haze and thus made the perfect “witness.” She herself conveniently died a few years later, confused to the end about what she saw in the room). Some speculate this was actually a Mossad hit and revenge (or high profile Illuminati “sacrifice”?) for his father’s continued activism re: the Liberty.
    Morrison’s odd death and subsequent hush hush burial is one of the rock world’s enduring mysteries.

  2. Well, at the Altamont disaster with the Stones, someone slipped me a very very dangerous drug, but using skills as someone who worked in the Free Clinic, I survived with my brains fairly intact considering the hideous nightmare of that situation, it was horrible in the extreme. Still pisses me off.

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