New York Times And Washington Post Conspire With DNC/RNC War Crimes

Proof that the New York Times is insane comes with today’s news.  A former Navy Hispanic male went insane and after being arrested in the past for drunk driving, etc. he got in a car illegally and drove into Times Square and KILLED PEOPLE.  Deliberately, not accidentally, like all the car terrorists this last six months, he aimed at crowds of people in high profile places and killed them.  All this happened within 200 yards of the New York Times main headquarters.

Was way, way down on their online front page.  It was so far down, I couldn’t do a screen shot of the entire page for the screen shot above, I had to cut off 60% of the top of the front page.  It is barely news to the NYT geniuses.  An outright attack on citizens of the USA was…barely mentioned.

It was barely news at the Washington Post, too.  Like the NYT, it is all about how evil Trump is and how we have to get rid of him, pay no attention to terrorist attacks or crazed lunatics. But the Washington Post DID have this story, the NYT, not:

HAHAHA.  And he walked back from that nearly immediately while under sustained enemy fire.  Good for him, this is probably the only good thing that guy ever did, was get Hillary pissed off.  She was ‘really good’ but he was ‘great’…got it.  HAHAHA.


I am glad they admit to this war crime.  The US has NO LEGAL RIGHT to attack ANYONE in Syria.  None.  Absolutely none.  Admitting they did this because the Syrian army which has a right to be inside Syria, was near but not over the border and wasn’t attacking anyone when…hey, this reminds me of the sinking of the USS Liberty.

And we are buzzing Chinese jets right offshore of China.  We are not next door to China.  Russia is next door to China.  So is India via the Himalayan mountains.  But we are in all sorts of places like Iraq which, by the way, was a totally illegal invasion based on totally false charges…yikes.  According to the US, China has no right to buzz anyone approaching China’s sphere of influence but the US and kill Syrians who are too close to the borders of a country we invaded illegally.  Got it straight.


I am furious with liberals for not stopping Obama and Hillary when they were gadding about, committing war crimes.  Pretending this didn’t matter changes nothing.  Either one is against war crimes or one supports war crimes.


All the whining about Trump doing diplomacy is a war crime for the aim is to start WWIII.  That is a major war crime.



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4 responses to “New York Times And Washington Post Conspire With DNC/RNC War Crimes

  1. Christian W

    Do note the timing of the US strike against Syria. A few days ahead of Trump’s visit to “terrorist fighting” Saudi Arabia where the US is expected to close a $100 billion arms deal with the No. 3 terrorist entity on the planet.

  2. Christian W

    Link has a video of the terrorist attack on Times Square.

  3. Christian W

    Actually, scrap comment number 1. The real amount of the deal is $350 billions worth of US arms to the number 3 terrorist nation on the planet.

  4. Well, it is next door to the other country that causes terror, too. Israel. Where he will not sell anything, he will give away stuff.

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