Sweden Drops All ‘Rape’ Charges Against Assange, US Blows Up In Rage

Swedish prosecutors drop case on Julian Assange – YouTube


Assange’s crime is the release of ‘state secrets’ of NATO war crimes and attempts at turning the EU and US into the Soviet Union.  That is, an all powerful spy state that pries into everyone’s private affairs including outrageous spying on Presidents so they can be blackmailed, etc.  The illegal overthrow of foreign governments was the subject of more than one leak via Wikileaks revealing international crimes by the Dark State operators.  They want to operate in the dark, damn it!


What is most shocking about this morning’s news is, it is coming via Russia.  None of our mainstream propaganda regimes are reporting this stunning news, not one!

Today’s NYT is full of the usual BS.  For example, the blatant lie about Antarctica.  The ice sheet there has been growing, not shrinking.  Ice doesn’t melt at -50 F,  the ‘news’ that an anonymous ‘friend’ of Comey says he said something that has zero proof, too.  HAHAHA.  I have seldom seen such wretched reporting in my life!


I try to stick to some factual information.  Sometimes, the information is ‘false’ and retracted, sometimes I suspect arms are twisted and people redact stories because they are really scared and scared for good reasons.  But the mainstream ‘news’ hs plowed onwards with dozens of utterly made up or unprovable or just plain rumor stories.


Normally, one has to verify a rumor peddled by unknown sources.  For example, nothing is stopping Comey from babbling to the NYT.  No, they had to have a third party who doesn’t even bother with names.


Normally, in the ancient times, a third party would clue in reporters who then would go seeking the truth, not publishing the allegation with zero real information to back it up!  How far they have fallen and they call the rest of us especially RT News, ‘fake news’.  That, alone, is proof they are dishonest.


Swedish prosecutor drops case against Julian Assange — RT News correctly reports.  Duh.  It just never ceases to amaze me how Russian news has this sterling record of reporting real news.  It is quite refreshing, nay, it scares me that they can do this so easily.  What the H is going on in the US that we are stuck with fake news nonstop?  HAHAHA.  I still remember the Vietnam War and how I used to get news…from France and Bulgaria!


“Director of Public Prosecution, Ms Marianne Ny, has today decided to discontinue the investigation regarding suspected rape (lesser degree) by Julian Assange,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.


There is this HUGE rage in Sweden where they refuse to charge obvious, outright rapists who are Muslims because they claim, these obvious and very violent rapists have no idea they aren’t supposed to rape non-Muslims!


Far from protecting women and children and even men, they say there is no such thing as ‘rape’ except when they decide it is rape, that is, there are no laws, just caprice.


This angered many who point out correctly that the ‘rape’ charge against Assange is riddled with holes big enough for an army of rats to run through.


Ny said the prosecution is not making “any statement of guilty or not” in regards to Assange.


HAHAHA.  This is not legal.  Either they decide persecuting on man in an extremely murky case (the woman tried to continue a relationship with Assange and then grew angry with him) and this case would be challenged base on the fact that Sweden legally allows violent rape by foreign entities so why prosecute this?


Assange’s defense lawyer, Per Samuelson, has called the prosecution’s decision a “total victory.”


Obviously, they can’t suddenly change their collective hive minds again after pressure from the Bilderberg gang.


“The preliminary investigation has been dropped and the detention order has been withdrawn, and from Sweden’s point of view this is now over,” he told Reuters.


It is illegal to drop a case then restart it after the victim thinks they are free.


However, Ny said the investigation could be reopened if Assange returns to Sweden before the statute of limitations lapses in 2020.


See?  They ARE doing this insane thing.  This disgusts me greatly.  It makes a mockery of the law and shows that Europeans have zero civil rights.  They are free based on the whims of the State.


Assange has lived in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, in order to avoid extradition to Sweden over the allegation, which he denies.


The decision comes after Assange’s Swedish lawyer filed a motion which demanded that the arrest warrant be lifted, after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in April that arresting the WikiLeaks co-founder would be a “priority.”


Yes, Trump doesn’t mind breaking the law.  Both political parties believe they are above the law which is why it is imperative to arrest them periodically for their many crimes.  I have assisted in this in the past, seeing a list of politicians harassing me, being arrested by Guiliani.


Meanwhile, London’s Metropolitan Police have announced that Assange will still be arrested if he leaves the embassy.


For what?  Overdue parking tickets?


“Now that the situation has changed and the Swedish authorities have discontinued their investigation into that matter, Mr Assange remains wanted for a much less serious offence,” it wrote in a statement.


Ah ha!  It is overdue parking tickets!  Once upon a time, I was arrested for…jaywalking!  Yes, what a criminal act that was.  There was this massive riot and they tried to blame me for this but there was too much proof that I told everyone to stand down and not riot and I would give a speech at the jail but they overturned the car I was in (it was rather scary, being in a car overturned in a riot).


This is how the Deep State acts and then there is the more evil side: assassination.  They dearly want to kill Assange.  Like Trump, his head has a big fat black X on it and they can’t wait to carry out this but need to be cautious after the President Kennedy assassination.


Trump took them by the horns and threatened to stop them all and so as I said many times, they can’t let him run the US.  Right now, the Bilderberg gang has told the assassins to hold their schemes and wait until Trump is thoroughly painted as a Russian agent so his supporters won’t riot when he is killed.


We shall see if his supporters fall for this scam.  So far, they seem to not be taking the bait.  Instead, the pure propaganda regime stuff is feeding the Hillary voters but making little leeway where the rulers want to have a better effect.  I hope people remember for the rest of their lives, mainstream US media is a pack of lying hyenas that won’t shut up except when one of their own gets in trouble, then suddenly, the howls cease and everyone pretends, nothing is happening.


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4 responses to “Sweden Drops All ‘Rape’ Charges Against Assange, US Blows Up In Rage

  1. tio

    Assange is in greater danger now than he was before, he skipped a UK bail hearing (trap) and as a consequence incurred a fine and or a minimal custodial sentence, and the cops will nab him for it. Poodle One has a recently inked, aggressive and asymmetric extradition treaty with the swamp. So .. my guess, he’s toast if he moves.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Because of the elites adherence to the 7 Hermetic or Natural Laws, WE, the PEOPLE, have to be the ones who betray Trump. Otherwise they would be stuck with loads of psychic debt that they refuse to pay. So they will keep shaking the strings until they find the ones that make us all dance.

    I’m hoping we hold the line. Our very souls are at stake.

  3. I remember their rage at President Kennedy! Saw it from close up which is why my father panicked when Kennedy was shot dead. After his death, all the media and Congress and the Deep State pretended they weren’t attacking him nonstop and they deified him to lull the voters into going along with…the fucking VIETNAM WAR!

    It was so infuriating, and I figured this out when still a legal child. Good lord, this is all so naked now thanks to the internet and we can talk openly about all this junk going on.

    I wanted the CIA cleaned out way back in 1968 when I gave a speech about this in Germany.

  4. Moe

    Off-topic, but related by virtue of the the offense, and the irony of their relative guilt, is Cosby’s coming trial. I predict that he will beat the rap.


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