CIA Spies Plant Spy Devices Inside WH Then Release Secret Conversations Inside White House To Hostile Media Owners


Fired FBI director agrees to testify in front of Senate intel committee after it’s revealed Trump bragged to Russians that he had fired ‘nut job’ Comey and it would ‘take the pressure’ off election probed: here is the latest ‘story’ via the Dark Side of DC.  Namely, someone is issuing these stories to accuse Trump of treason when he is merely doing normal diplomacy.


That is, there is zero proof about anything in this story and like a host of other stories, this all comes from ‘anonymous’ from somewhere unknown.  Ahem…time for truth telling: the White House is totally bugged.  Who is doing this?

Fmr. Rep. Kucinich says the ‘deep state’ is trying to destroy Trump’s presidency – YouTube…Kucinich is another independent politician who is a fair man.


I refer to what I think is an extremely important story I posted here already:  Hackers Reveal Secret Plotting By NSA/CIA Operatives Out To Destroy Trump | Culture of Life News.  This story was from the alternative news that isn’t the fake mainstream news.


Trump complained about the Dark Side of the CIA/NSA spying on him and for the last four months, the US mainstream fake media mocked him for this.  We know for absolutely certain that only a top handful of people actually were with Trump when he talked with the Russian ambassador.


None of them had any reason to leak anything.  Indeed, the Dark Side went to great lengths to write media stories about how someone around Trump is doing all this when it isn’t.  It is our ‘spies’ who spy on all Presidents, they spy on me, they spy on all Americans but focus mainly on non-Bilderberg people like President Trump.


I am assuming that today, Trump now knows the CIA is openly spying on him.  All their stuff can’t be used to get rid of him legally, it is being thrown out to the Bilderberg run media giants to smear Trump over and over again so they can kill him and be called heroes, not hunted down as assassins.


They are very pissed that Assange has escaped the noose they put around his neck.  They are very pissed that not one but two non-Bilderberg gangsters ran for President and one nearly defeated Hillary and the other won the election.


This told the elites that they are in deep trouble with voters and they have to have some sort of coup.  I hear them chattering away on TV about how VP Pence won’t be allowed to take over if Trump is killed (they won’t say ‘killed’) and they are most anxious to prevent him from taking over the systems for he, too, is NOT a Bilderberg gangster, he is a Mormon outsider with his own major power base.


Trump didn’t have a power base, he only had many voters.  They can be defied, having only one power, and it isn’t a small power, it is called ‘heavily armed and very angry citizens’.  To keep them from revolting, the Bilderberg gang has to somehow turn Trump into a commie agent even though Putin isn’t a commie at all, he is a total capitalist.


Yesterday, I posted rather hastily the odd news about CIA agents discussing how to destroy Trump illegally and I suspect readers here thought I was nuts.  Well, I know from living inside that system, this is exactly how they discuss stuff without openly saying anything, we are raised to talk this way.


Using popular memes to frame discussions about doing dark deeds is actually common.  Using code words is a tool to keep concealment.  Spies always assume spies are watching them.  When I was a child, Mad Magazine hired a Cuban who fled Castro to create one of my favorite cartoons: Spy vs. Spy.


All the people connected to the CIA loved that cartoon.


Prohías cryptically “signed” each strip on its first panel with a sequence of Morse code characters that spell “BY PROHIAS”. In a 1983 interview with the Miami Herald, Prohías reflected on the success of Spy vs. Spy, stating, “The sweetest revenge has been to turn Fidel’s accusation of me as a spy into a moneymaking venture.”[3]


It is interesting how all evil people accuse all others of being ‘spies’ while setting up police state style spying.  This is ‘paranoia’ and no one in the US is more paranoid than our spy guys.  On the internet, lots of citizens worry about the big state spies doing things to our leaders and ourselves all the while blissfully unaware how the media giants have been, at least all my long life, co-conspirators with the people who hire the spies.


I constantly refer to them as ‘the Bilderberg gang’ but that operation isn’t the only secret society these people belong to, they belong to multiple secret societies where they party, schmooze, gossip and concoct plots to overturn any democratic moves by citizens in Europe or the US to change things or stop these interlocking secret groups.


Last night, the Washington Post boasted about their ‘scoops’.  Guess what?  These stupid scoops are CIA plants which comes from bugging the White House and Trump Tower!  These are SPIES committing TREASON with the Washington Post assisting them in this venture!


They cannot show one iota of proof of any of their allegations and stories because this would reveal that they are openly breaking many laws and should be put in prison until they tell us who is leaking these stories.  If they are making up things, they should be taken to court.  Blatantly lying about grave diplomatic war and peace matters is…a war crime since the WP and the Bilderberg gang want WWIII I am now assuming.


The penalty for this used to be execution but after the illegal Vietnam War began, the rulers in the West have decided there is no such thing as a war crime anymore.


I wrote years ago, that this meant the Japanese and Germans executed for WWII war crimes should be vindicated.  I said this at a speech in California way back in 1969.  I have been angry about this all my years since then.


I am no peacenik who wants no wars, ever.  I come from a background of people who fought like fiends all the time.  I know how humans operate.  No pie in the sky for me.  But I do believe in good wars are better than stupid wars.  I am 100% against stupid wars.


The media giants are banging on the war drums right now.  They want war with one of the more paranoid, understandably paranoid, major super nuclear power on earth, Russia.  China will not let us win WWIII with Russia.  They will insure that we are destroyed utterly that is, annihilated.


This is why we have to stop our Real Rulers who seem incredibly stupid and filled with hubris.  They are pleased that they are forcing France to be a major target in WWIII, Le Pen wanted out of this bad deal.  The last thing the rulers wanted was for France to stop being a stooge for the Bilderberg gang, she is a total outsider like Trump.


The only thing the little guys, the voters, can do to stop all this is to vote for non-Bilderberg candidates over and over again.  This is where bribes come in: the gang promises lots of goodies purchased via debt.  Yes, it is a deal with the devil but voters don’t care, enough takes the bribes even as it is obvious afterwards, they are being shafted.  Front page of the Washington Post:


A fine example is working stiffs voting for Bilderberg gangsters who then ship their jobs outside to China or Mexico, etc.  As jobs vanish, wages for the lower half of the population drops like a rock, they are often unemployed or give up and become bums, marriage collapses, savings collapse and everything runs in the red with the victims wishing only for some food, games at the Coliseum and a government hole of tiny size to park themselves when exhausted.


The concept of pride of work, pride in owning property is removed entirely and the population ends up destroying the now-useless cities that once were built by the middle class and owned by the middle class workers.  Think!  The price that is paid for this debt money is, we see our cities turned into hell holes we don’t dare visit, much less, do business or live inside.

List of Bilderberg participants has some interesting names:

OK: a number of NATO commanders are at these Bilderberg meetings!  And guess who else?  The CIA.  Duh.  This list is only a partial list based on citizens spying on the creeps who conspire to run the world secretly.  This is why Assange is wanted by our government rulers.  He pulled back the curtain.


This is why none of our news giants are demanding the secret leaker of Trump negotiations and activities be found.  They are co-conspirators in overthrowing Trump!  They are a tool being used to do this.  The average citizen has no idea how deep this goes.  And how extremely illegal it is for the CIA to spy on the President and then put stuff into the news stream to undermine necessary diplomacy.


Yes, the diplomacy they are blowing up has to do with WWIII.  The diplomacy will stop WWIII.  And so they are fighting this tooth and nail and sleeping citizens don’t know, they are Ground Zero for WWIII.


How to get rid of criminal populations that have taken over most major cities that no longer are manufacturing stuff?  Why, have Russia do it!  There is a fly in the ointment: Putin isn’t stupid.  He is smart and a fine chess player and thinks pretty much along my own lines, he is also a history buff, like myself.


He isn’t going to waste anything on destroying cities being systematically destroyed by the Bilderberg gang!  He knows who and what to bomb.  This is why the Bilderberg gang is making bomb shelters while telling the public, there is zero chance of war.


I remember the debates last fall: Hillary was very grim and nasty and talked about WWIII and said, revealing a state secret, no less, that we have a 4 minute warning window for WWIII.  She, being a tool, is too stupid to figure out that Russia knows this.


The reason Putin reacted immediately by having a WWIII drill in Russia was to show the West that unlike the US or Europe, HIS people are ready to protect themselves.  We, on the other hand, are assured that when WWIII happens, we won’t be touched and we will win because it will be…A SNEAK ATTACK.


That is, no declaration of war.  Ahem.  This is why we hung the Japanese war lords, the charge was the Pearl Harbor sneak attack.  Period.  Nothing more.  US-led coalition strike against Syrian pro-govt forces ‘unlawful’ – Russia — RT News reports.  The other day, the US forces illegally flew over and bombed Syria troops inside Syria, shooting from Iraq.  They invaded Syria air space to bomb troops.  This is highly illegal.


And the Pentagon and US media giants and most of Congress is OK with these crimes, too. See how insidious this all is?  This sort of thing can trigger WWIII.


$110 Billion Weapons Sale to Saudis Has Jared Kushner’s Personal Touch – The New York Times reports.  It took three reporters to do this story!  It was easy: the news came from Israel, why it took three guys in NYC to get this story baffles me, I guess they are trying to pretend they did ‘research’ sort of like how I do it.


WASHINGTON — On the afternoon of May 1, President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, welcomed a high-level delegation of Saudis to a gilded reception room next door to the White House and delivered a brisk pep talk: “Let’s get this done today.”


Mr. Kushner was referring to a $100 billion-plus arms deal that the administration hoped to seal with Saudi Arabia in time to announce it during Mr. Trump’s visit to the kingdom this weekend. The two sides discussed a shopping list that included planes, ships and precision-guided bombs. Then an American official raised the idea of the Saudis’ buying a sophisticated radar system designed to shoot down ballistic missiles.


Sensing that the cost might be a problem, several administration officials said, Mr. Kushner picked up the phone and called Marillyn A. Hewson — the chief executive of Lockheed Martin, which makes the radar system — and asked her whether she could cut the price. As his guests watched slack-jawed, Ms. Hewson told him she would look into it, officials said.


Good lord, the lies of the NYT staff are hilarious.  First: who gave this ‘news’ to the ‘reporters’?  Oh, Mr. Anonymous.  Some people suspicious of all this leaking have fingered Kushner as the leaker but he obviously isn’t, this story would say he gave the information if he was.


The ‘leaker’ here is the CIA itself.  The various listening devices are being used all over the White House.  The ‘slack-jawed’ part was editorial comment by the Jews writing this story or their editor.  How did they know there was ‘slack jaws’ in the first place?


They were not there, after all!  That is a clue that the people writing this are lying about everything.  Secondly, this sort of dealing is old stuff.  Good lord, my own parents were sent to Saudi Arabia to do this way back in the President Carter years!  This is when my mother threw in a monkey wrench and stormed out of the country after a Saudi religious police ran over a Netherlands woman who was friendly with my mother!


You know, spying and diplomacy has fascinating features.  People don’t know how personal it all is.  When Nixon went to China, the Chinese asked him to send my father and the first thing my father did the first day was get in a major fight with Madame Mao over the beds bolted to the floor!  He even threatened to leave the country than sleep in a bed separate from my mother!


And Madame Mao made a joke but she was really pissed off, my father thought it was very funny when she snapped, ‘Nixon didn’t complain about these same beds!’.  To which he said, ‘I happen to love my wife.’  I am so proud of him…


The NYT is pretending that a million deals like the present one, never happened.  This is ridiculous, they know better, they aren’t that stupid.  No, it is a deliberate lie and a smear on Trump’s diplomacy.   And maybe the fight inside Netanyahu’s government has a faction that doesn’t want Saudi Arabia to get any weapons.  Eh?  Absolutely.


No one has to listen to me but it may benefit, to see the Big Picture, to know who is lying and who is telling the truth and how the world really works…that requires looking behind the facade, of course.  Lots of people claim they know what is going on but how many grew up INSIDE the ‘Company’ and knows what is really going on?


I, at least, have some credentials.

Democrat Dennis Kucinich: President Trump is under attack by the Deep State! – YouTube


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16 responses to “CIA Spies Plant Spy Devices Inside WH Then Release Secret Conversations Inside White House To Hostile Media Owners

  1. Jim R

    It was the Russians. The deep state has run out of enemies, so it has to be the Russians.

    By the way, Russia is capitalist now. They’re doing it better than we are these days. All that stuff the wonks used to criticize about Russia is no longer true. They are not atheists and they are not communist.

  2. hblinken

    i think there is a conflict between the World Jewry to priorities. I don’t believe the Shabbatean Chabad faction has anything to do with these leaks and innuendos. They own Jared lock stock and barrel

  3. Blissex

    «All their stuff can’t be used to get rid of him legally, it is being thrown out to the Bilderberg run media giants to smear Trump over and over again»

    That is because they are well aware of a “cognitive bias”: that people who cannot verify information themselves believe it if it is repeated many times, ideally by many different sources. This bias used to work well in a village: if one person gossiped “I saw Jamie kiss Betty!” one could be skeptical, but if 5-10 different people said it, it was likely to be true. In latin it was called the “vox populi vox dei” principle, and it works if the repeated sources are independent of each other.

    Modern propaganda operations rely on mailing lists to spread “talking point memo” lists of allegations among many sources, which are then repeated as if they were independently discovered, but of course they are not.

    The same treatment has been given to another politician who is not a mere servant of the elites, J Corbyn in England, where voters often say they don’t like him even if they like his policies, and when asked why they don’t like him they cannot find any reason to express.

  4. Basically, Corbyn is ignored. This is a major tool, you know. They screwed up when they endlessly attacked Trump during the election. Why did Trump win? Well, the entire mainstream media fake news system roared at him nonstop…and he won.

    The polls taken by the Elites said Hillary had a 97.5% chance of winning and Trump ran right over her. Even with illegal aliens voting for open borders, she lost.

    Right now, they are putting around polls showing 100% of the Democrats want Trump impeached! This is the same garbage as the election.

    Trump’s real problem is, he is being spied on all the time and he has zero privacy. Even his toilet is bugged. Originally, he said he wouldn’t live in the White House and the media roared in rage so he moved in and now is stuck with a million bugs spying on him all day and all night.

    I would suggest to him, he put up huge signs saying, ‘BEWARE: CIA SPY DEVICES’ all over the White House in every room. Attach it to every phone. Scatter it all over the press room, too.

    HE should wear a bug at all times. Record everything. Seriously.

  5. I wouldn’t accept a bug at all times if I was the President. If I’m making love to my wife that is between me and her only.

    But I would go ahead and get the place screened big time and if anything unexpected was found, then heads should start rolling. Maybe Lieberman can help with this.

  6. The new type of bugs are hard to find. It is easier to just go after the CIA and NSA directly. But then, they assassinate people so that is a gigantic problem for Trump. Or anyone, for that matter.

  7. ziff

    I still don’t fully understand what the beef is with russia , is it just $$ for military waste ?

  8. Yeah, but I bet if you find one, then that in and of itself is a whole lot of good evidence that any FBI director would love to have. So it is worth it to try to find them first.

    And to be even more direct. They can and will be found. Then just look at the device and trace it back to its origin. Nothing like hard evidence.

  9. Blissex

    «what the beef is with russia , is it just $$ for military waste ?»

    The $$ for bigger military budget is a good motivation, as are the large natural resources of Russia. There is also the situation that Russia has good relationships with the governments of Iran and Syria and that of course violates the interests of the neocon/likudnik lobby.

    But there is a bigger one: an external enemy is needed to ensure national cohesion under elite leadership. It seems excessive to talk of this, but there are independence movement in Texas and California, and “red” and “blue” states don’t exactly like each other.
    At one V Putin had even asked around whether Russia could become member of NATO, and he was “surprised” to be told that he could not. NATO too needs an external enemy. UK Newspapers talk constantly about russian aggression against the UK, such as russian airplanes flying within 100 miles of the UK maritime boundary, or the russian fleet invading the English Channel.

  10. Blissex

    «Last night, the Washington Post boasted about their ‘scoops’. Guess what? These stupid scoops are CIA plants which comes from bugging the White House and Trump Tower! These are SPIES committing TREASON with the Washington Post assisting them in this venture!»

    Oh it is much worse than that. The question is how do journalists working for a private company know about deep secrets of USA diplomacy like what it was discussed in a private meeting between the top leaders of USA and Russian diplomacy. The very fact that there was a leak about the content of these discussions is a grave crime against national security.

    But the situation is ever worse: the details that the President discussed in his negotiations and that are extremely sensitive national security details seem to be known to the journalists too:
    «why the Post agreed not to publish certain details of the plot discussed in the Oval Office after “officials” warned that doing so would “jeopardize important intelligence capabilities.”»

    The idea that details known only to the top leadership of USA and Russia have been shared by “someone” with the Washington Post staff is quite incredible, and certainly a criminal act if they were classified.

    The concept here is that the President is not allowed to use some information as a bargaining tool for diplomatic negotiations at the highest level, but “someone” else is allowed to give that same information to the Washington Post in order to undermine the foreign policy of the USA.

  11. #9 and #10 (Blissex): Two incredibly pertinent points. It suggests to me that the evidence can be easily found. I mean real easy. Then – time for some heads to roll. Through the judicial process, I suppose, but don’t let this crap drag out too long because if it does like Elaine says: It is really hard to stop a bunch of angry folks with guns.

    Find the freaking bugs and then CONVICT, CONVICT, CONVICT.

    This is so obvious.

  12. Worse: the government and the creeps running DC announced they will arrest and punish Assange for publishing SECRETS while the NYT and WP both do this DAILY. Arrest them all.

  13. I wish Assange the best, but I don’t really care about his fate. He partially got himself into the sad mess he is in. I do appreciate all of his effort and think it is petty of the British to threaten him with arrest. Petty and wrong. He should be free to go where he wants and somewhere is South America would probably be ideal. I’d advise against going to Russia, but that probably isn’t even in the cards.

    The creeps running DC are the very ones I was talking about when it comes to conviction (CONVICT). If they are already guilty then their times of arresting anybody are coming to a rapid conclusion. The ropes are meant for them. I hope Trump realize this is the best option.

  14. As far as NYT and WP, I think it is most evident that they are guilty and so they will have to pay for their crimes as well. The payment needs to come from the very top. I think we can agree on this.

    Moreover, the payment cannot just be monetary. Oh no, it needs to be much more than that.

  15. Jim R

    Bezos in an orange safety vest, picking up trash along the highway with a pointed stick and trash bag?

    One can hope…

  16. I really like Amazon. Amazing how they can get that shipped out so quickly. A lot of value there.

    But if Bezos knows about all the illegal activity, then hell yeah. Welcome to the chain gain Mr. Bezos!

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