Foreigners Bring Measles To Several Major Cities This Month

Measles Outbreak, Fueled by Vaccine Fear, Sends Kids to Hospital – NBC News shows a Muslim African child with the disease.  The family are recent immigrants brought into the country to ease NATO allies in Europe who are letting in millions of Africans and Muslims from all over the place.  More and more epidemics will show up thanks to this population movement.


City, county health officials to hold measles forums for Somali residents – News – The Columbus Dispatch – Columbus, OH and then there is this news: Minneapolis school officials confirm case of measles at Pratt Community School – 

Minneapolis Public Schools notified parents Friday of a confirmed case of measles at Pratt Community School.

State health officials said Minnesota’s measles outbreak had grown to at least 66 cases, most of them involving unvaccinated children living in Hennepin County.


Teen diagnosed with measles in Rochelle Park, New Jersey |


NEW JERSEY (WABC) — Officials are working to avoid a potential measles outbreak in New Jersey, after a teen traveling from outside the country was diagnosed with the disease.

The state Department of Health says the 16-year-old was staying at the Ramada Rochelle Park in Bergen County last Friday.

The next day, the teen was admitted to Valley Hospital.


U.S. Travelers Skip Measles Vaccines, Study Finds – NBC News


More than half of U.S. adults who should get vaccinated against measles before traveling abroad don’t do it, a new study suggests.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine for adults traveling outside the U.S. who were born before 1957 and lack either a documented measles infection, records of adequate vaccination or a positive blood test for immunity to measles…

And almost half of the eligible travelers didn’t get the vaccine because they refused it when it was recommended, often because they weren’t worried about getting measles, the study found.


Italian govt makes vaccinations mandatory for schoolchildren amid measles outbreak — RT News reports from Russia.  Yes, the army of invaders from Africa are bringing in many diseases including measles.  So now it is compulsory to get the shots.

Vaccines Exposed: The Hidden Crime Against Children – YouTube

All this month, the crew at Infowars have been running endless fake stories about vaccinations and how evil these are.  On the right, there is this vaccination phobia which I find very amusing.  Because this is suicidal, one wonders why humans are this way.


That is, suicidal.  Left and right, both go suicidal.  I am a big fan of vaccinations.  Why?  Well…I remember the polio epidemic very dimly and this, because of the very first polio vaccinations, the children of professors were lined up for it and I got my very first vaccination and remember how freaked out I was when someone stabbed me!


Well, I’m happy I didn’t get the disease, school children my age got it and I saw the terrible effects of it crippling them.  The disease that nearly killed me is no longer a terrible danger because we have flu shots.  When they don’t work like last winter, I got the norovirus and that messed up my health to this day and I am very unhappy about it.


I love vaccinations!  But for various reasons, people have fears.  The fear of autism is one.  I have a sister with this.  She showed the effects when there were no vaccinations like the ones that scaremongers howl about.  Autism has always been with us, various forms of brain derangement have existed for a long time and this is due to humans protecting each other except when at war then we butcher each other.


But this protection means evolution is foiled, no wolf packs or lions are killing the weak and unwary so genes that would be eliminated via survival of the fittest proliferate.  We can’t help this, the more ‘civilized’ the system, the less survival of the fittest happens unless there is a war.  Then…it resumes.


The reason we have people pushing for everyone to vaccinate is this: some people can’t be vaccinated for various reasons having to do with evolution so to protect them, the rest of the population must be vaccinated.  I am against this for one reason: freedom from compulsion.


I do see the need to not let children who are disease carriers into schools.  This is because children are vulnerable and who needs this danger?  Anti-vaccinationists usually don’t use public schools but then, our public schools are being systematically destroyed by liberals so…even I am now leery of mainstream schools.


But…the point is, the anti-vaccinationists are going to pay the price for this via bad stuff happening.  On the other hand, like the stories above, note the foreign mother who I assume has little money and probably no insurance, is being cared for by taxpayers.  This is a problem.  Importing diseased people from places where vaccinations don’t happen is suicidal and very expensive.  I am against this.


Mother Nature is brutal.  She doesn’t give a hoot about ideology.  She is also another name: Evolution.  Germs evolve.  They evolve if they find a friendly population.  They then spread like wildfire, this is their evolutionary game for the last billion years.


Playing Russian roulette with germs is insane.  The germs always win.





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18 responses to “Foreigners Bring Measles To Several Major Cities This Month

  1. Jim R

    so, anti-vaxx vs. bleeding-heart liberals … evolution ensues. film at 11.

    we live in interesting times.

  2. Anti-vax’s real enemy is the Kingdom of Very Tiny Entities Who Attack All Other Living Things. Inside our bodies and what digests ‘food’ are closely related friendly Very Tiny Entities.

  3. Lou

    Ebola, Leprosy, Measles, TB—I blame the democrats.
    Pat Buchanan wrote about this 20 years ago. Maybe 30.


  4. Ken

    Frankly, I think the hysteria is overblown. If some parents choose not to vaccinate their children, and their children get some terrible disease and die, the outbreak ends with them. If the parents who believe in vaccination have had their children vaccinated, then they will not catch the disease. The important thing is that the general population is not harmed by the decision of a small minority to put themselves at risk.

    This is not like old times when contagious people had to be quarantined. Cures exist, and this limits the damage that un-vaccinated people can cause to society as a whole.

    To the extent that society is harmed by the policy of providing free healthcare to those who choose not to vaccinate, that is a policy issue and not a healthcare one.

  5. Lou

    I think the hysteria is overblown.

    –4 reasons that I do not think its ‘hysteria’–Ebola, Leprosy, Measles, TB.

  6. floridasandy

    we used to have vaccination sugar cubes.

    that was better.

  7. melponeme_k

    They want to bring diseased people to the First World countries. This is Agenda 21 junk. How disappointed they were when Ebola didn’t take off here as it does in Africa. Well they will keep trying until they succeeded.

  8. Jim R

    The sugar cubes are polio vaccine. they have perfected that one.

    Most of them still require a shot. There are probably some technical reasons (I don’t know what) that they can’t all be put in sugar cubes.

    Check back in 2050 or so..

  9. Even back then, the sugar cube thing didn’t work too well which is why it was stopped.

  10. Jim R

    When we were kids, in between hiding under our spindly little desks from the atom bombs, they would march us down to the nurse’s office, and give us polio shots.

    When my daughter was little, the doctor gave here a tiny thimble full of a sweet syrup. The new-improved vaccine.

    I don’t know what they are doing now.

  11. Yes, the polio vaccine has changed over time and now is liquid again…isn’t it funny?

    The reason so many childhood genetic problems are now a big issue is evolution: when weaker babies are kept alive, we have more genetic defective ones surviving. When mothers miscarry, usually this is a sign the fetus has serious problems.

    Now, with modern systems, babies weighing less than a pound are kept alive. This causes statistics on children who have serious problems later to shoot upwards.

  12. Jim R

    That last thing is very very true: if you manage chronic hereditary defects like hemophilia or diabetes, you end up with more of them in the general population.

    If psychopaths can lead ‘normal’ lives as politicians or executives or college deans, more of them survive (rather than being hung as horse thieves like 150 years ago). Of course, the psychopaths are sort of self-limiting, since they tend to kill their own children.

  13. Lou

    13. Diabetes is more common. The cure led to survivors of the disease breeding it into the gene pool at increasing rates.

  14. melponeme_k


    Everyone is prone to Diabetes especially European and Asian populations. Anyone with even a smidge of Neanderthal genes inside them. Diabetes tends to express itself when we eat too much carbohydrate food. Since the elites pump up our food with corn derived products it is no surprise that most of us are pre-diabetic/diabetic. The Native Americans and Asians are the canaries in the coal mine regarding diet based induced diabetes.

  15. Jim R

    Type I diabetes. There’s a heritable component in the tendency to get it. And when it strikes, it’s quite dramatic.

    You’re talking about type II diabetes. Native Americans tend to get it because their traditional diet did not include sugar or refined starch. Also, there’s been some recent research that connects type II diabetes with some unknown component of our gut flora (beneficial microbes, or maybe not-so-beneficial ones). It is aggravated by things like corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Yeah, artificial sweeteners! They don’t know why yet.

    It’s hard to go back to a traditional Native diet. It is so plain and boring ..

  16. melponeme_k

    “Type I diabetes. There’s a heritable component in the tendency to get it.”

    In these days of genetically modified food and gene therapy, we don’t know for sure WHO is liable to Type 1 anymore. The genetically modified food and animals is one of the big factors driving the paranoia about vaccines. I’m not saying the vaccines are contaminated. What I am saying is all the elites have to do is start whispers about hot doses and then watch people refuse the vaccinations. Now all the old childhood diseases have a large pool of the unvaccinated to evolve inside. Eventually even the vaccinated will have no immunity to new forms of these diseases.

    Going back to artificial additives. It is strange that up until the 40s/50s, we basically ate the same meals we do today but no one was overly fat, suffered from allergies or had GERD. Many of the conspiracy sites state that Huxley’s book “Brave New World” was predictive programming about modifed food with additives. Also drugs included in the food supply. They make much of the fact that Huxley’s were part of the science community that were messianic about Darwinism and even supported social darwinism. They think that Huxley’s book was simply parroting ideas that he heard while growing up. Who knows?

    But it certainly seems strange that we are living in Huxley’s fictional world now.

  17. Jim R

    Yeah, Huxley’s fiction being creepily implemented now.

    Our MOTU do not seem to have figured out the Orwell and Huxley were writing FICTION and not PLANS.

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