NATO Is Noose Around US Taxpayer’s Necks: We Carry 66% Costs

Sharing the burden of keeping Europe whole, free and at peace: I discovered this official rag of the NATO nations and it is interesting reading.  Europe has been heavily freeloading off the US, running trade surpluses with the US while demanding we fight and die for them because we did it twice in the past and should do it forever and ever no matter what.  While they vote for all sorts of goodies for themselves, they insist we carry the vast bulk of the costs of protecting Europe for them and we get nothing, absolutely nothing for this service sort of like our relation with Israel, too.  Time to examine these freeloading creeps who belong to the Bilderberg gang:


As NATO prepares for a meeting of Allied heads of state and government in Brussels on 25 May, the debate on burden-sharing is heating up considerably. Both before and after entering office as 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump has harshly criticised various NATO Allies for not spending enough on defence.


The job of our own President is to represent us, the US  taxpayers.  Not represent Europe or the Bilderberg gang like both Bushes, the Clintons and Obama.


In fact, this reinforced longstanding US complaints about the tendency of many Allies to hitch a free ride on the back of the global US defence effort. Has the day of reckoning for European security now arrived? It is clear that many Allies must do more, however, the burden-sharing debate should be grounded in rigorous analysis. We must keep in mind the object of the burden that must be shared: a European continent that is whole, free and at peace. This requires not only sufficient financial resources, but also credible common defence plans.


This article goes on to NOT ‘rigorously analyze anything.  It is a whine fest demanding that the US defend Europe forever no matter how lazy, stupid, suicidal or bankrupt Europe is.  We are responsible for fixing their messes yet we have zero votes in creating these messes.  This infantile behavior of the EU freeloaders is astonishing.


 Discussions on transatlantic burden-sharing are as old as the Alliance itself. Ever since the end of the Second World War – and in marked contrast to the First – the United States has continued to underwrite European security through forward engagement and security guarantees based on extended deterrence. In return, its Allies have endorsed the leading role of the United States in the international system and contributed towards meeting common challenges.


No, that didn’t happen.  The EU controllers who give out goodies to their own people to keep power, have whined endlessly at US voters, threw temper tantrums, made threats, acted arrogant and entitled towards US citizens who are now beginning to wake up: we are going bankrupt protecting socialist systems in Europe.


Throughout the Cold War, the US security umbrella allowed the process of European integration to bloom. Over the past two decades, following the end of the Cold War, NATO enlargement extended the boundaries of transatlantic security cooperation.


It is this ‘enlargement’ that is causing the tensions with Russia.  This writer of the above article is a lying bitch.  He knows perfectly well, when the EU bloated NATO by taking in former Soviet states, this would lead to WWIII.  They did it, anyways.  Now we have constant chatter about nuclear bombs and far from ‘protecting’ Europe, this expansion has brought Europe to the brink of utter and total destruction.


Yet it was in response to an attack on the United States – the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 – that the NATO’s collective defence clause (Article 5 of the Washington Treaty) was invoked for the very first time. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Allies sent AWACS surveillance planes to help patrol American skies and launched NATO’s largest military operation ever in Afghanistan, where hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers served shoulder-to-shoulder with US troops. The NATO mission in Afghanistan forced the Alliance to adapt to new challenges such as counterinsurgency, yet the question on burden-sharing always lingered in the background: how much is enough?


OK: time for some statistics here.  The writer of this official NATO piece is a lying piece of trash.  The problem is, the US is carrying more than 50% of the burden of NATO.  But Europe’s economy and population is equal to or bigger than the US.  So why are we carrying 50% of NATO’s costs and death, etc.?  This is the entire problem: Coalition casualties in Afghanistan is a fine example.

Let’s do some basic math.  In Afghanistan, all the NATO and other ‘allies’ had troops die.  A total of 3,407.  2,271 were US citizens!  That is two thirds of all troops, not half!  These bums say they will be 50% of NATO ‘costs’ but when push comes to shove, they refuse to pay money into it and refuse to fight and die, too.  So we end up carrying 66 %.  This is highly unfair.


The cheek of the EU grifters to demand we do all the heavy lifting is astonishing.  Russian intelligence is at (political) war is a screamingly funny NATO news story.  The EU has gone out of its way to aggravate Russia.  Broke all promises, moved troops to Russia’s doorstep, for example.  Why is Russia paranoid about Germany putting troops right next to Russia’s borders?  Duh.


France has invaded Russia in the past, too.


Russia’s security and intelligence services operate in a rather different political context that the West’s, and this gives them a radically different character. President Vladimir Putin – a former officer of the Soviet Union’s KGB and then director of the FSB – clearly regards the so-called Chekists (after the Cheka, the Bolsheviks’ first political police) as among his closest allies and most useful instruments. In 2015, on the Day of Security Service Personnel, he called them “strong and courageous people, true professionals who are reliably protecting Russia’s sovereignty and national integrity and the lives of our citizens.”


How dare anyone protect Russia’s sovereignty!  HAHAHA.  The EU rulers don’t care about ‘sovereignty’ because their captive people are allowed to ‘vote’ but are manipulated and controlled from above so they get their bread and circuses but are being shoved around rather violently and are now scared of mobs of a multimillion army of angry Muslim males of fighting age.


They are told that open borders are fun so they can live anywhere in the EU and no one has to be patriotic since all countries are not countries and this means outsiders of Europe have the same right to roam freely around Europe doing as they please which happens to be ‘terror, crime, sexual harassment and burdens to taxpayers.’


Yes, this open border thing leads to economic collapse.  The EU leaders don’t care because they are getting richer and richer because no borders means no taxes at the top.  All these clowns park their wealth outside the US and EU so it can’t be taxed.  They expect to win WWIII while hiding their wealth from taxes.


WWIII is different from WWII.  That is, it is the reverse.  The Japanese quit fighting when nukes fell at the very end of the war.  The first day of WWIII, nukes will destroy all civilian operations and the war will begin.


As a result, (the Russian military and police services) are at once coddled, competitive and corrupt. They are coddled in that throughout the Putin years they have seen their budgets and powers steadily increase. Furthermore, their very status within the political process has increased. Since around 2014, if not before, the indications are that ambassadors and indeed the foreign minister have much less authority to block operations (or even be informed of them in advance) than before.


This propaganda piece goes on and on about how nasty Russia is unlike the EU.  Oh, Russian military systems are run by MEN!!!  Oh, the horror!  HAHAHA.  I noticed last week that NATO EU entities have happily put a bunch of civilian females in charge of their military.  And these females are now wiping out the German troops by persecuting German men for sharing pictures of the female troops and discussing who is cutest.


Oh, the mercy, how dare young men do this!  We need more eunachs in the military sort of like…Turkey did for years.  Yes, the elite troops had their balls clipped.  This was to prevent coups and someone taking the throne.

This comes at a price, though. Their perks are contingent on their ultimate master and patron, Putin, regarding them as being useful. The GRU, for example, spent years in disfavour because of their perceived failings during the 2008 Georgian War. The agencies have overlapping responsibilities (even the FSB is increasingly involved in foreign operations) and compete fiercely and ruthlessly to outshine the others. This is a carnivorous, cannibalistic system – as the former electronic intelligence service FAPSI discovered when it was devoured, largely by the GRU and FSB.


Putin took over a broken system which was like our own systems, nearly collapsed.  He ruthlessly changed it and had everyone compete with each other to see who was the most patriotic and efficient.  Ahem…we are in a crisis here in the USA with spooks fighting the elected President who was voted into office to clean up the messes in DC.

Those that oppose him are the same as the ones running Europe off the cliff.  For example, they are very anxious to have ‘fighting women’ join the forces and to do this requires dropping standards and riddling the services with females who have the right to get pregnant at any time they wish and if pregnant, get to skip out on dying on the battlefield.  Duh.


As a result, they rarely cooperate well but, on the other hand, will take chances and demonstrate aggression and imagination. They also, as will be discussed below, compete to tell the Kremlin what it wants to hear, which is perhaps the most dangerous outcome of all.


HAHAHA…NATO creatures think that telling Putin what he wants to hear is evil?  And pray tell, what do these clowns do here?  The very same, right.  I see the opposite: the career military/spook leaders were put in by Bush and Obama and they are shrieking at Trump that they will destroy HIM, not fight to the death for him.

This is an open revolt against the will of the voters.  Across the board, there has been an ongoing coup against our latest election results.  The clowns who lost power are fighting back ferociously and will do this until they destroy our nation.  They are pick pockets and looters terrified their free ride might end.
This NATO article blames the raging corruption in the US and EU on Russians bribing eve


ryone, it seems.  HAHAHA.  If Russia was doing that, why would NATO be menacing Russia?  If Russia ran all elections, why are they paranoid?  I see no signs of that.  The US and EU destroyed Russia when they surrendered and the Russians won’t forget this betrayal.  They know that the EU and US want Russia cut up, weak and exploitable and they refuse and are fighting back.

There is no going back to the Yeltsin years for Russia.  They know the price they will pay.  They know they cannot trust NATO for anything.  NATO is an aggression operation.  We have zero right to be in Afghanistan, too.  The excuse for the latest invasion was 9/11 which was conducted by mainly Saudis.  There was not one Afghani involved!  Yet we punished them, not Saudi Arabia.

Trump means business: $380bn deals signed in Riyadh this week.  At least they are giving us some money unlike the EU clowns.


Tillerson said that over 20 licenses were issued to large US companies helping direct investment between the two countries, which will result in the creation of thousands of jobs for Americans, an increase the purchase of US goods, equipment and technologies, and also benefit Saudi Arabia.


Book claims elites in UK are encouraging mass immigration  Is Europe committing suicide? Controversial book claims elites in UK and the Continent are encouraging mass immigration because they’ve lost faith in historic Christian values| Daily Mail in England complains.  The answer is ‘yes, this is suicidal.’  The EU press is responsible for this situation as well as the politicians.


All the destructive nonsense is peddled by the media giants and pushed by politicians and bureaucrats who don’t have to answer to voters directly.  This chaos was caused by the elites.  Here is a typical story created by the EU elites to attack Trump today: Trump curtsies for King Salman.  This is a fake story based on a real event.


After earlier shaking King Salman’s hand, Trump lost his towering figure when it came to accepting the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud, the country’s highest civilian honor which has been bestowed on presidents before him, at the Royal Court.


Instead of bowing, he gave an ever-so-slight bend of the knees once the ornate medallion was round his neck. Whether it was a deliberate curtsy or not is already being disputed but whatever Trump’s intention, it has sparked wild back-and-forth between his critics and fans.


Two simultaneous strains of ridicule emerged from his naysayers. One focused on his poor grasp of etiquette and the begged the more serious question of whether the curtsy was a sign of his willingness to bow down to deep-pocketed Arabs during his first trip overseas as president.


Trump’s supporters insisted that the gesture was made so that the older, shorter King would not have to strain himself when placing the medal around his neck.


Yes, this is yet another howl fest.  Trump crouched a bit lower so the king could put it on his neck.  What Obama did and he did this with everyone he met, he bowed deeply at the waist while shaking hands.  He did this in Saudi Arabia and did this in Japan!


The US news media is so fixated on attacking the President, they have to be nakedly stupid when attacking him. This makes them look stupid but they don’t care so long as the voters for the DNC open borders continue to lap up propaganda stories.


There is heavy sexism in the left attacks: over and over again, they make fun of Trump pretending he is gay, pretending his is ‘girlie’ which is why they keep using the word ‘curtsey’ when mocking him.  This is sexist, of course.  They can’t see their own actions in the mirror.  They are feeding sexism when mocking him.  How on earth do they think, attacking his wife by yelling that she should be RAPED, is good?


It is, of course, evil.  They scream about Trump being a rapist while backing Bill Clinton.  Hillary’s #2 lady’s husband just plead guilty to grooming under age girls for sex!  Where are all the sex phobic females of the big fat female march?  Dead silence.  These goof balls think, if no one says a peep, then it didn’t happen.


Well, we are all very aware of all this.  The hypocrisy is self-evident and obvious.  Now about the Saudi royals: they own us now.  They own Europe, too.  They own the Bilderberg gang, too!  The left is stupid if they think they can exploit the meme, ‘Trump loves Saudi Arabia’ when the left is at war with its own self over the issue of Palestine versus Jewish ethnic cleansing.


The entire NATO structure is at war over this: the Jews are practicing open Naziism and everyone gives them money, support and turns their backs on the victims of obvious ethnic cleansing.  But then, when Yugoslavia broke apart, this was allowed back then and continues to this day.  And all this is tied into the Turkish demands Europe open borders to Muslims and let them overrun the place.  Hello?  Lots of contradictions running riot here.


Things are coming to a head soon and Europe will demand the US do all the heavy lifting to fix messes caused by Europeans themselves and their dumb choices.





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12 responses to “NATO Is Noose Around US Taxpayer’s Necks: We Carry 66% Costs

  1. floridasandy

    I’m glad Trump brought it up. They want us gone, and we want to be gone.

    I am sure that will work to our benefit financially.

  2. Lou

    A few off topics,

    Hacker Kim Dotcom: “I Knew Seth Rich Was the Wikileaks Source – I Was Involved” … nvolved%94

    Reddit Shuts Down Pro-Trump Community … -Community
    comment #5
    “According to the comments section at The Conservative Treehouse, a bunch of these people also went over to VOAT. It appears that their Seth Rich research was hitting too close to the mark.”

    China killed CIA sources, hobbled U.S. spying from 2010 to 2012/HILLARY’S SERVER?! … S-SERVER-!

    “China killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA sources from 2010 to 2012, hobbling U.S. spying operations in a massive intelligence breach whose origin has not been identified, the New York Times reported on Saturday.”

  3. Yes, I just read and examined that NYT piece of garbage article…thanks for bringing it up while I was writing the article, it shows how good readers here are at finding lots of interesting stuff. We think alike! Keeping up with the insane news is hard work, they are barfing up the most amazing garbage these days.

    Their main source, it seems, is Mr. Anonymous, the Super Secret Spy.

  4. Lou

    $–UN, NATO, WHO;

    EMS has mention how charities may be anything but charitable.

  5. Nani

    The EU-elites are so full of themselves. They believe the EU will be some kind of superpower on par with the US and China.

    THE EU Foreign Affairs chief has mocked Britain as the “loser” of the 21st century as she predicted that the next decade will be dominated by the European Union

    This lady is the top diplomat representing the EU. She is a dumb bitch.
    There is no unity in this so-called superpower headed by Germany:

    The EU has no way of imposing sanctions on Poland for refusing to take in migrants from the Middle East and Africa, Prime Minister Beata Szydło has said. As Poland refuses to tak in illegal migrants.,EU-has-no-way-of-imposing-sanctions-on-Poland-over-migrants-PM

    The EU will never be a superpower. It is more fractured than ever before because of the migrant situation.

  6. Christian W

    US Army go home. Take your nukes and the CIA with you, thank you very much.

  7. Minus our nukes, Europe ceases to be a target. But the leaders insist on this, the Bilderberg gang in Europe demands this so we are all stuck with this.

  8. Christian W

    The Bilderberg gang in Europe has been willing slaves to the US since WWII. Everything happens under the US umbrella. The Pentagon and MIC will never give up Europe because of the loss of influence. Without NATO the US cannot pull crap like the coup in Ukraine.

  9. Jim R

    Nonetheless, it is losing influence. US spies are being arrested in Russia and China now. The Ukraine coup was just one of the insults that has prompted them to do this. Before that, the US spies were merely watched.

    I don’t think any of the recent ‘leaks’ had anything to do with this, they knew who the spies were for a long time. I don’t have any specific information about it, but just the general impression that the Russian and Chinese security agencies can identify foreign spies.

  10. I know a lot about this game: when a spy is identified, they are LEFT ALONE and fed ‘FAKE INFORMATION.’ Then, when the trap is set and finished (the fake information digested by the spy country) they do a secret arrest and arrange a deep probe of the spy. Smart spies commit suicide.

    TRUE STORY: my father, when he probed deep into Nazi Germany, had a suicide pill with him the whole time, it was inside this small metal elongated thing on a chain.

  11. Jim R

    Apparently the entire USA population is made up of spies now. They keep feeding us FAKE INFORMATION.

  12. I once caught a government agent spying on us way back during the Vietnam War, at the Peace and Freedom Center. I left on my desk a ‘list’ supposedly of names of people we had relations with and then deliberately left the room and hung out to see who would visit my desk and steal it.

    The guy I suspected the most did exactly that and left for home, I trailed him and then told everyone who the spy was. I said, ‘Do NOT tell him we know! They will send a new spy.’ So we fed him lots of fake information after that and he was happy and we thought it was lots of fun figuring out fake stuff for him.

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