Trump’s Diplomacy With Saudi Arabia And Israel Historic Visit

President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia. May 20, 2017. – YouTube


Trump has done the impossible: he has traveled directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel, a first.  This is huge, my family has lots of past relations with the Saudis and I know how big a deal this is.  Trump has split the Jews and Muslims who are conservatives from the DNC and Hillary with this historic visit.  No longer will both be united against him.  He won’t be impeached, etc.


As Trump Arrives in Israel, His Deal-Making Skills Face a Test – The New York Times


Mr. Trump arrived on what was believed to be the first open, direct flight to Israel from Saudi Arabia, which do not have diplomatic relations, and said he had “found new reasons for hope” for peace during his meetings with Muslim leaders in the Saudi capital of Riyadh over the weekend.


OK: We are grateful for the NYT staff to admit in the first sentence, one of the biggest diplomatic breakthroughs a President has made with the Saudis.  When my parents were stationed in Saudi Arabia, the slightest move towards Israel was severely punished.  One had to fly to Europe and then to Israel when traveling, for example.


If you had an Israeli stamp on the passport, you were not let back in unless it was a diplomatic passport then they would grill you at the airport in Riyadh.  It is a very paranoid government.  One time, my parents were on a Saudi jet when it made an emergency landing in Europe.


Guess what?  The stewards found crackers made in ISRAEL on board and it had to be removed before entering Saudi airspace!  Seriously!  When they took the crackers away, they had to count them to make certain none were aboard.  This took several hours.  It was the last time my parents flew with the Saudis.


“We have before us a rare opportunity to bring security and stability and peace to this region and its people, defeating terrorism and creating a future of harmony, prosperity and peace,” Mr. Trump said during an airport arrival ceremony before flying by helicopter to Jerusalem. “But we can only get there working together. There is no other way.”


That is pure delusional talk.  All our Presidents talk this way.  Then the nitty gritty happens and since the Israeli Jews have a stranglehold on our government, we just get to sit here and watch, helplessly.


Trump is no different from all the other candidates. They all would be doing exactly what he is doing, minus the first visit from Saudi Arabia to Israel which is something new.


No previous American president has come to Israel this early in his tenure. Bill Clinton visited in his second year in office and Jimmy Carter in his third, while Richard M. Nixon, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all waited until their second terms to make the trip. American flags flew in Jerusalem, and Jewish and Christian holy sites prepared to host Mr. Trump, his wife, his daughter and his son-in-law.


Trump has to do this for it causes huge fights within the Jewish machine.  Liberal Jews who ape McCarthy and Stalin (left and right are insane) are now at each other’s throats.  This will cause them to not be united.  Trump is smart, this disturbs the Jewish opposition in the US greatly.


Right now, many think they can cook up whatever lies they wish.  The open hatred in Manhattan and Hollywood will be ill received by powerful banking/real estate Jews who like Trump more and more.


The days leading up to Mr. Trump’s arrival underscored the potential for friction. Mr. Trump disclosed to Russia’s foreign minister and its ambassador to Washington last week sensitive information about an Islamic State plot that had originally come from Israel, potentially jeopardizing the Israeli intelligence source. American officials also declined to invite Mr. Netanyahu to accompany Mr. Trump to the Western Wall and would not say that the sacred site was part of Israel, actions that made many Israelis bristle.


The fake news about the fake leak are old now and since absolutely everyone from the Russians at the meeting to all the participants have said this is a fake story but the NYT Jews who live in Manhattan can’t let it go so they pretend this is still news.


The Israelis even are not worried, it was a fake worry from the first minute since that ‘leak’ proved to be something really stupid and the Jews who run the Jewish government have dropped it but not the NYT fake liberals.  Nope, they cling to this like it is a life raft.  Going down a waterfall.


Mr. Netanyahu has resolved not to mention the intelligence breach publicly, but Israeli officials and intelligence officers have privately expressed anger and frustration. Mr. Tillerson said the president had no need to express regret. “I don’t know that there’s anything to apologize for,” he said. “To the extent the Israelis have any questions, or clarification, I’m sure we’re happy to provide that.”


More NYT ‘unnamed sources’.  HAHAHA.  Give up, chumps.  It makes the NYT look stupid.  If Netanyahu is reading this story and I bet he is, he is pissed off that anyone dared to go against him, he made it clear already, anyone who disses Trump will be punished.


Not only is Netanyahu not going to mention that stupid spy story, he is probably apologizing for it and promising it won’t happen again.


One of the primary goals of Mr. Trump’s trip was to solidify the emerging alignment between Israel and Sunni Arab states against the Shiite-led Iran. He sees a peace agreement as part of that effort, and hopes to use an “outside-in” strategy of enlisting Arab neighbors to help resolve the long-running dispute between Israelis and Palestinians.


And this is the crux of the matter: Israel wanted Trump to go to Saudi Arabia and pre-arranged for this visit to be a success.  They are conspiring with the Saudi royals in this matter.  This has explosive possibilities which I see very clearly: the assassination of the present ruler of Saudi Arabia, Salman.


The king is very old, very, very old.  Older than Trump and Hillary, even.  He isn’t going to be around much longer.  This alliance with Israel will arouse bin Laden type terrorists and within the royal family, younger members may do what happened in English history during the War of the Roses: killing kings and princes, etc.


After a meeting with President Reuven Rivlin, Mr. Trump suggested that Arab states like Saudi Arabia are readier to make peace with Israel because of their shared antipathy for Iran.


“There is a growing realization among your Arab neighbors that they have common cause with you in the threat posed by Iran, and it is indeed a threat, there’s no question about that,” he said.


No, there is not common cause.  All the religious rifts in the Middle East are ripping apart everything, everywhere.  Even Saudi Arabia which is battling non-Sunni Muslims in Yemen, for example.


Mr. Netanyahu, who has staked much on his relationship with Mr. Trump, seemed intent on erasing any doubts about their fledgling friendship, offering what he called a “very warm welcome” at the airport and calling the American president “Don” and “Donald.” Mr. Trump, for his part, appeared happy to see Mr. Netanyahu.


“Hello, my friend,” Mr. Trump said when he stepped onto the tarmac.


“Welcome, our good friend,” Mr. Netanyahu responded with relish.


The fake liberal Jews who are aping some very nasty systems like the red scare event in the US or the Soviet Union’s nastiness towards people dissenting, etc. have gone nuts over all this.  They will use violent terrorists in the US to attack anyone who supports Trump, they will attack Jews who support Trump, they will go like maniacs after anyone who does this and this means attacking Israel’s president, doesn’t it?


Heads are exploding in the Hillary camp right now.  This is why Trump ran off to visit two countries the Democrats wanted to exploit as terror/resistance to Trump!  Now, that lies in ruins.  Half of the Jewish world now supports Trump, big time.  And the Muslims can’t claim he is hateful, either.


Two birds with one stone.  A big diplomatic win for Trump.  PS: remember, I keep saying, no one at all ran for office saying they would fight the Jewish takeover of the Holy Land or fight for Palestinians.  Even Obama didn’t do this.  NO ONE.  So it is a non-issue when talking about things.


We have to accept this fact that we are tied to this particular Horse of the Apocalypse and make preparations which is why I live deep in the mountains where there is water, wild game to eat, etc. and everyone has guns.


About the video above: at one point, the Saudi TV shows a feast for Trump.  His wife was allowed to be there at the feast!  Way back in 1974, my father was at a feast held for him by the Saudi King.  My mother was not allowed inside, she was in a hall next door with a curtain between both feasts.


At the women’s feast, the ladies got all gay and merry and began belly dancing with each other!  My mother said, ‘Oh my!’ and my father thought something happened to her so he rushed in and all the women screamed and ran to hide while all their men came running in behind my father, the tables were overturned and chaos with my mother left sitting in the middle of this mess, laughing.


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4 responses to “Trump’s Diplomacy With Saudi Arabia And Israel Historic Visit

  1. Jim R

    Damn, he just might drain the swamp … needs to get busy sequestering that assassination factory, though.

  2. I want everyone to know that Trump made two big ‘firsts’ in Saudi Arabia: his wife appeared in public with her hair free (my mom had to be fully veiled!) and he flew to Israel. The average American may be unaware of how important these two moves are, but I know the Saudi royals directly and know these were two giant steps for them.

  3. Melponeme_k


    They are doing this because they know the vicious pit bull like fundamentalists they have bred have set their sights on their masters. So if they extend a little freedom to population in general and to their visitors, it will let the steam out of the rattling kettle.

    It strikes me as actions which are a bit too late.

  4. Saudi Arabia is always on the verge of an uprising from below. It is a terrible place to live if you are not the elites there.

    On the other hand, doing diplomacy is the job of our Presidents and the hopes the DNC have that Trump will fail at this are in ashes now.

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