Trump Speech To Saudi Arabia Is A Fine, Careful Speech, Might Do Some Good?

MICHELLE IS PISSED! WHEN SHE SEES WHAT THE SAUDI KING DID FOR MELANIA! – YouTube: Melania visits an ‘international school’ in Saudi Arabia.  People forget that many, many international people live in Saudi Arabia, they are the ones that run much of the systems there.  Again,  I wish to discuss diplomacy and how Trump did an amazing high wire act overseas and now has a much stronger position at home despite US media giants howling like banshees about nearly everything.

Trump arrives in Israel receiving an upgraded elaborate ceremony designed to rival Saudi Arabia is part 2 of the visit.  Later, Trump gave a public speech detailing the deals being made in SA.  Evidently, a center is going to be built in Saudi Arabia that will supposedly fight radical Islam (???).  I have no idea how this will run or if it will backfire.

Trump Speech in Saudi Arabia to Muslim World – YouTube:  Part 2 of the Trump visit to Saudi Arabia.  I do know that inside Islam are factions, I was in the middle of a factional dispute at the biggest Mosque in the US (back in 1983) that caused a split, I was pushing hard for integration and openness and more rights for Muslim women.  Yes, there is this liberalizing force inside Islam.


I have been against the importation of Islam when it was done the stupid way Europe and the US were doing, unvetted, flinging them into ghettoes where they fester and radicalize.


Trump goes after Iran and claims they are causing problems…this is to please the Sunni who are also doing this.  Fixing the wars that have raged between the biggest oil exporting Sunni and Shi’ite religions is nearly impossible.  Sort of reminds me heavily of the Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant wars that raged for much of the last 1,000 years.


Yes, a thousand years of Christians hating each other…ahem…hello.  The fix for the Muslim sectarian battles is for them all to embrace liberal values where all religions are themselves but cannot rule everyone else and be the Big Boss.  That is, what our Constitution is supposed to do: prevent religious rule.


Trump talks about Muslim terror while speaking to the Saudis inside Saudi Arabia.  He actually says ‘fanatical violence Muslim against Muslim.’  That took some daring. Trump’s Speech in Saudi Arabia Was More Obama Than Bannon whines New York Magazine.  Oh, the humanity!


As you read the following transcript of those remarks, remember that they were delivered by a president who railed at Hillary Clinton for not using the term Islamic to describe the threat of terrorism; who proposed a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S.; who later signed an executive order banning refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, a move that foreign-policy experts agreed served no useful security purpose;


I love how they hit Trump with things he didn’t do.  He wanted to vet Muslims from a list of countries that were disintegrating and one couldn’t even tell who had any ID at all or where they came from, etc.  No sane country just lets in everyone and anyone including terrorists.


Europe let in an army of millions of unvetted, illegal aliens.  That was a complete and total disaster.  It should have never happened.  It did.  Stopping it was life and death for Europe.


The liberals are screaming mad with this speech where Trump tells Saudi Arabia to DRIVE OUT TERRORISTS.  This is a warning to them to not play the double game they did with 9/11 when Bush Jr. let all the Saudis escape via private jets while all Americans were grounded.


I thought Obama would have tried to bring the Sunni/Shi’a wars to peace and he failed in that.  What will Trump do?  I have no idea.  But someone has to have some sanity here.


Alas, under Bush Jr. and Obama, the ‘liberal’ dictators like in Syria and Libya, were attacked or overthrown by radical Islamic murderous gangs!  Supported by the US, no less, as well as Saudi Arabia.  Can anyone stop this train wreck?  The radicalization of Islam is a powder keg for WWIII.


About Saudi Arabia: the US destroys any ‘liberal’ Muslim country and the Democrats did this every bit as much as the Republicans.  So-called ‘liberal’ Democrats did this with every bit of nastiness than the most nasty right wing Republican.  Obama did this, too.  They all demanded that Syria surrender to the US radical right wing Muslim fighters who want to enslave the women.


As I keep saying, at this point in time, there is zero ideological differences between right wing and left wing leaders.  They are pretty much all the same on many levels only the more blatant ones want to spend money like crazy and destroy what is left of our currency, etc.

President Donald Trump Welcome Ceremony in Saudi Arabia at Al Yamamh Palace #2 –is a continuation of the Trump diplomatic success.  Pay no attention to US media that can’t see what is going on, I assure everyone here, that based on what I know about the Saudi royals and it is considerable, Trump was treated like a king by the Saudis.

President Obama downplays China arrival incident –this is a reminder of Obama’s disastrous Chinese diplomacy.  They treated him very badly.  I am also betting, when Trump goes there, he will get the full red carpet treatment.  Sort of like this:

Compare Duterte and Obama arrive in China 2016 –the US is at odds with the ruler of the Philippine Islands.  He is now in China’s diplomatic grip.  Here is the visit from last year which was a big Chinese success.

Trump: U.S. ‘So Weak’ Philippines Left for China, Russia – his analysis is totally correct.

Pres Vladimir Putin to Pres Duterte “Pumili ka sa Dalawang Warship” – YouTube

Putin: Russia Is Not Afraid of Any Country in the World, Including China! – YouTube


Putin knows how to play the diplomacy game and how to play the raw power game when you have to make a move or die.  He is a very dangerous and smart opponent and he is definitely courting Trump as I would if I were him, too.


He will probably succeed but knows now that he has to wait until Trump can do real diplomacy, during this time of dancing around, Putin is wooing Eastern Europe and many of these are moving towards him rapidly thanks to the flood of unlimited, unvetted foreign Muslims and others that the EU rulers are forcing all nations to allow in despite high crime caused by this flood.


The EU is in terrible trouble and it will continue to collapse for the foreseeable future.  Most EU leaders still stupidly reject Trump instead of recruiting him into the Bilderberg gang.  I hope they continue doing this stupid thing.  So far, they suck in anyone who tries to appeal to US working class voters.

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