Philippine Island Attacked By Muslim Terrorists, Trump Fights For His Life Against US Media/Congress

(20) #prayformarawi hashtag on Twitter

Why is nobody talking about this?! Philippine city fallen to ISIS! – InvestmentWatch reports with little further information.  It seems that the Muslim fighters in that mix of islands are revolting yet again, as I show above from Google, they have been doing this regularly now.  This bring us to the vital issue, why do so many states with mixes of different religions and ethnic groups, fall apart all the time?  This is a very stubborn force at work, fantasies of ‘inclusion’ are usually pipe dreams.  During the election, Hillary supporters supported her in California while waving Mexican flags and screaming in Spanish, for example.


Soldiers, cops battle Maute terrorists in Marawi City | ABS-CBN News

MARAWI CITY – Government troops and police battled dozens of gunmen protecting one of the world’s most wanted Islamic militants in a built-up area of a southern city on Tuesday, authorities said.


At least one policeman was killed in the hunt for Isnilon Hapilon, a leader of the infamous Abu Sayyaf kidnap gang and Philippine head of the Islamic State group, according to Philippine military chief of staff General Eduardo Ano.


The fighting took place in Marawi, a mostly Muslim-populated city of about 200,000 people on the southern island of Mindanao, with the gunmen attacking a hospital during the clashes, Ano told CNN Philippines.



The Twitter account has a citizen there recording the sound of gun fire inside the city. The instability of various countries is nearly always tied to ethnic identity politics.  Not the classic ‘workers versus owners’ for example.  This political force is what causes so many headaches during elections as politicians peddle to ethnic/religious divisions to gain an easy voter base.

Rand Paul Potentially To Block Saudi Arabia Arms Deal – YouTube: as I have pointed out repeatedly, the RNC has no real head, Trump isn’t it, so the bloodletting inside the Senate and House will continue as they slash at each other.


The Bilderberg gang loves this arms deal.  The outsiders hate it.  The Israelis love us giving arms to them at our own expense but hate it going to the Saudis so they will push inside the GOP to prevent this deal from going through.  Trump doesn’t have any control over Congress.


Neither did Obama which is why he ruled by decree like any good dictator.  Will Trump do this?  I am assuming, most likely.  Yes, our system is broken.  We broke it.  The voters want no responsibility so we aren’t responsible.


This is why we also have a very crummy voting system and every election is riddled with voter frauds.  This is thanks to no Uniform Voting Systems Act which I tried to peddle years ago but got zero interest and the media boycotted any mention of this possibility.


Both parties love the crummy systems we have.  And if they fix it, they will tweak it so it is worse than today, not better.  They have little desire to be honest.


It also doesn’t surprise me that even very small changes cause howls of rage with our Real Rulers using their media systems to amplify their fury.  Who can take this bellowing, this misinformation attacks?  It is very hard.  And Trump thinks he doesn’t have to explain himself to his own voters to motivate them to change this.


He is, frankly, coasting along.  But he is also pleasing a certain power base who is no longer seeking to kill him.  Lose that and he is a dead duck.


‘What’s the protocol?’ Trump arrives in Israel to be met by ‘friend’ Netanyahu — RT News reports and I want to talk about the appearance of diplomacy some more here:


Despite the seemingly formal welcome, it appeared that much of the procedure was off-the-cuff. Israeli PM Netanyahu confessing that “we have all this protocol, we never know what it is,” Channel 2 reported.


Of course, this is because both are BUDDIES.  They don’t need all the strict rules of how to interact with dangerous rivals or opposing leaders.  No need at all for bowing or anything, they embrace each other and run off to chat in private.


Trump replied, “what is the protocol? You have any idea what it is?”


“I think they’ll just tell us where to stand,” Netanyahu then said, according to NBC News, as the two leaders walked towards their spots to listen to the national anthem.


OK: they are so comfortable with each other, they openly JOKE about protocols, etc.


Trump then spoke on the tarmac, saying he “came here to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the US and Israel,” Haaretz reporter Barak Ravid tweeted.


The president went on to state that “we have a rare opportunity to bring peace to this region,” adding that “we love Israel and we respect Israel.” He departed for Jerusalem after the ceremony.


Netanyahu made it mandatory for all ministers to attend Trump’s welcome ceremony after hearing that several were planning to skip it, the Times of Israel reported, citing Army Radio and a senior official.


The desire to ditch the event came after the ministers learned they would not be included in the receiving line on the tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport and would therefore not be shaking Trump’s hand after he disembarked from Air Force One.


If true, this is very funny to me.  So, evidently the other ministers didn’t want to stand around, doing nothing when there was very little ceremony.  Got it.  This caused Netanyahu who is in conflict with a number of them in the first place, to impose his will on them and this is probably why he was smiling like a cat that ate a mouse with them standing there grimly trying to smile.


Trump’s arrival comes after a visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a route which might represent the first official direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel. The two nations have no diplomatic relations, and there are no commercial routes between the countries. Israeli airplanes are not even allowed to fly through Saudi Arabian airspace, according to Haaretz.


I will note here that unlike the US media, the Russian news finds this tid bit very interesting just like me.  It is significant.  Now, about the news in the mainstream media that there were riots and disorder when Trump visited the West Bank, I do wish the mainstream media would provide simple context to all this:  From the deep, dark past…Obama Visits West Bank


U.S. President Barack Obama is in the West Bank for talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.


Hours before the meeting Thursday with Mr. Abbas, Israeli police said militants in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip fired two rockets into southern Israel, damaging the yard of a house but causing no injuries.


Mr. Obama said Wednesday after arriving for his first visit to Israel as president that he wants to speak directly to the Israeli people and their neighbors about his belief that “peace must come to the holy land.”


Many Palestinians have expressed disappointment with Mr. Obama, and scattered protests formed in Palestinian territories before he arrived in the region Wednesday.


Mr. Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres, who said both the United States and Israel are trying to restart peace negotiations with the Palestinians.


Same actions, same results, etc.  How surprising…not.  News organizations are run by frauds who frame the news in various creative ways to do harm or to deceive.

Saudi Arabia: Mecca of Terrorism –The staff at Alex Jones are very unhappy with the Saudi Arabia visit and I think this is OK because at least they are not being poodles following Trump.


I decided with this visit to frame it according to the history of all other Presidents and that has very strict limits on what they can do.  If Trump did something different, the attacks on him would be deafening and his followers are unable to counteract this so he figured, ‘Why bother fighting this?’


Seriously, he is a human being and I suspect he wants to stay alive and is rather miserable about how he is being treated right now.  The unending barrage of hate and the battles over power as the DNC leaders go literally senile and the young guys in the GOP like Rand Paul begin building power bases, it is something Trump is not used to dealing with in his own past.



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3 responses to “Philippine Island Attacked By Muslim Terrorists, Trump Fights For His Life Against US Media/Congress

  1. Lou

    That place has always been a mess, yes?

  2. Melponeme_k

    I bet our elites are real disappointed that the Muslim areas of China and the borders of Russia didn’t explode. That is part of their ultimate aim in slapping the hornet’s next.

    I understand a growing amount of jihadists hail from Xinjiang. China keeps a very tight control over that region.

  3. Seraphim

    If you had watched the interview of Duterte with RT and you know that he met Putin, you would understand immediately what happened and why.

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