SJW Professor Washington DC Attacks And Forces Out Right Wing Man From Gym


Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer’s membership canceled at new gym after a Jewish SJW activist ‘professor’ attacked him and whined about him at the university in Virginia| Daily Mail Online reports.  The temper tantrums of the leftists continue unabated.  On the other hand, look at her insane twitter account!  She is both insane and obscene and is teaching young people to do what, exactly?  This foul mouthed, uncivilized, vicious, attack dog female should be fired.  It is obscene to have her exposing herself to young people, it sets a very bad example.

C. Christine Fair‘s web page.  ShitMenSay to Me is one of  her web pages!

This crazy professor is pure evil.  At her own blog online, she publishes the names and phone and addresses of anyone who argues with her.  So I am going to release as much information about HER as possible.


She does this to men all the time.  She wants to fight men and fight dirty so do feel free to smear her with dirt, too.  Good lord, she is insane. Here is the news story about her violent temper:


White Nationalist Richard Spencer had his gym membership terminated after a professor also working out at the time confronted him over his ‘alt-right’ views.


The left, out of power, is going nuts now.  They took over the universities and leftists outnumber rightists there by 90%.  The left has been throwing one big, fat long temper tantrum since the election.  They believe that violence, rudeness, hostility and screaming obscenities is the way to win hearts and minds.


I say, this is the last blast of the radical left.  It is becoming more and more unpopular, not the reverse.  The harder the left pushes by mocking, spitting, hitting and threatening to kill, leads to failure.


Georgetown University professor Christine Fair was at the Old Town Sport&Health Club just outside DC last Wednesday when she saw the alt-right figure.


The professor recognized Spencer almost immediately, and was quick to go up to him and challenge his controversial views. ‘I confronted Richard Spencer, aka the Neo Nazi who has moved his hate operations to Alexandria, Virginia,’ Fair wrote in a blog about the encounter.


I do hope the victim of this insane woman sues the gym.  What they did was discrimination, punishing a victim of a hate attack due to his skin color and sex.  Yes, the Civil Rights Act does cover white males, too, if they are being discriminated against like say, being refused service, etc.


And this is classic assault.  And the victim was kicked out, not the aggressor.  She basically ‘raped’ a man and is proud of it.  Her open racism is scary because like many, many anti-white male radical leftists, she is Jewish and somehow thinks, this won’t boomerang back on her.  I have warned the Jews for years and years when I was Mrs. Levy, that hating others is a great way to another Holocaust.


I warned them, abusing Palestinians, locking them in ghettoes, torturing them and spitting on them and boasting about how strong Jews are will lead to the Holocaust, not safety.  I have warned Israel about this all my long life.  It is horrifying, watching Jews set up the systems of their own destruction yet again.

This creature from the Black Lagoon (she is a SJW pro-black power liberal) realize she isn’t ‘civilized’?  If I were a parent, I wouldn’t let my children go to this school.  The rude behavior of other SJW youth at their graduation in Notre Dame were also incredibly rude as well as obnoxious.  They are very proud, too, of being rude and nasty.


What is more troubling is, these ‘educated’ people are all unable to argue their case.  Time and again, people ask them to explain things and they turn away.  They chase reporters away.  They snap at people and scream obscenities which leads me to figure they are infantile and we can’t have a conversation, much less a fine-tuned argument about salient facts.


Just when you thought things could not get crazier — Meet Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon – YouTube


Yes, Portland OR is a crazy place.  Everyone competes to show how radical they are as radicals burn down the  city.  Like in other DNC run joints, crime climbs while lunatics scream at white males who pay taxes.  Eventually, white males will leave all DNC run cities.  Newark NJ, Detroit MI and Washington DC will continue to rot away.


Last March, I reported that Leftists Riot Constantly In Portland Oregon Town Hall Meetings | Culture of Life News, a fine news service that strives to tell the truth about Reality.  Thank you.


So this week, Portland police union, mayor trade barbs over job description for chief of police | reports.  The liberals want a fool for top cop, one that won’t enforce law and order and who will attack white men minding their own business while letting black men loot the city.


“Our city and state have a shared history of racial injustice, from our state’s original constitution – which contained an exclusion law banning black people from living here – to the hardships faced by those in Vanport before and after the flood, to the disparate outcomes for people of color in our legal system.


Years and years of schooling show up here.  The mayor is a ‘white male’.  He hates himself.  He hates our history.  That is, this man is a Hales and his family came from England.  Here is an example of his possible ancestors:

He comes from the same Norman background as myself, I knew it when I saw his name.  Propaganda can get people to do and say the stupidest things.  It is one thing to know one comes from the elites and another to know how to keep society safe.


I have spoken about this shared history at length.


He shares a history with me and I bet one of his ancestors fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars like mine.  My ancestors fought the Indian wars, too, from day one to the capture of Geronimo, they were there.


I bet this mayor’s family fought on both sides of the Civil War, too.


I have never called into question the values and beliefs of our rank and file police officers. I have tremendous respect for the hard work they do every day in the community.


He threw temper tantrums and snarled at them and ordered them to shut up or else and forced them to stand down while out of control leftists attacked them.  This is serious nastiness on the mayor’s part.


At a time that calls for a shared vision and unity of purpose regarding the future of the Portland Police Bureau, today’s letter from the Portland Police Association is needlessly inflammatory and divisive. We are conducting a national search, fulfilling a commitment I made to the community last year.


Note how he snarls at the union. HAHAHA.  Talks like a Norman yelling at his peasants, no?  This guy is very ‘I’m the boss, you dirty peasants’ and has no idea how insane this looks.


The Portland police on the job and confronting insane feminists and leftists have a right to have a say in who shall lead them all.  Ahem…smart rulers figure out fast, not to piss off their own fighters.


This leads to a bad end.  This leads to a ‘let them eat cake’ attitude problem of whoever is the ‘boss’ and the next thing is, armed angry men are attacking and these know how to fight.


There have been many stupid or irritable elite rulers in the past who make stupid decisions.  Being an elite doesn’t mean one is smart or sane.  Quite the opposite.


Anyone applying for the job should be fully aware of our state’s history, and prepared to join me in ensuring that this history is just that… in the past.”


The state’s history:  It was settled by European stock who literally walked all the way there just before the Gold Rush.  They went there seeking religious and political freedom which is why my family always drifted along the frontiers.


This became Oregon in 1848 and then became a non-slave state in 1859.  This was part of a giant battle for power between the slave and free states just before the Civil War, one slave state had to be created to match a free state, was the temporary solution.

Slave states and free states – Wikipedia

My own family on the Pettit side came into the Arizona territories because great granddad was a cavalry officer and he and his wife were also Republicans and against the slave business, big time.  I grew up with this, at my grandfather’s funeral, a 95 year old black gentleman came to it and he told me all about my great grandfather who saved him from slavery or rather, his mother from slavery, and who got him his education, too.


This fine history of racial support and anti-slavery is now under attack from both the far right AND the far left.  They hammer away at history in a brutal attempt at making it a cartoon based on ideology and not the tangled skein it really is.  This bothers me no end.


Just as people make up stuff about WWII so they can blame the people who saved us from the Nazis and crazed Japanese overlords.  This also irritates me greatly.  Hating the past, redesigning it so that one is a perfect god and the people who had to make hard, hideous decisions is highly unfair.


The decisions my father made during WWII were all on the fly, he was responsible for doing this very hard task and he did his best and it hurt him a great deal, he suffered all his life from the emotional harm it did but he did the right thing, for the most part.


All the men I have known and enjoyed their company in the past who were survivors of the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa all were scarred by what they had to do, the brutal battles forced them to be inhumane and even in that, whenever they found children alive (the Emperor of Japan commanded them all, including children, die fighting and never surrender) they tried to keep them alive but mostly failed because the Japanese adults killed them deliberately.


There are people who sit safe at home and never fought anything, who criticize our soldiers in the past, there are people who hate fighters in general.  My great grandfather who helped capture Geronimo: the Apache tribe has always been very friendly to  me, we get along just great.  Ditto, the other Arizona tribes, without exception.


They know we respect them and honor their fighting spirits and wish them all well and are worried sick about them being destroyed by modern civilization, booze, gambling, etc.  It tears my heart out, seeing this destruction.  Back to raging white leftist radicals destroying cities today:

Anti-Trump protest becomes a ‘riot’ in Portland, Oregon – YouTube was a recent riot there.


The Portland Police Association, representing rank-and-file officers, sergeants and detectives, recently announced that it supports current Chief Mike Marshman as chief and opposes the national search for an outside candidate.


But he was fired and the mayor is now utterly set on destroying the city

Portland Riot Anti Trump Protest Rally – YouTube shows how the thugs, criminals and mentally ill are now running the city right off a cliff.  Time is running out for the Democrats.  If they insist on burning down their own cities, go for it.


I will sit back and watch and laugh.  I am tired of trying to stop this self destruction.  After working tirelessly to save NYC, watching it make all the same mistakes all over again pisses me off no end.


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10 responses to “SJW Professor Washington DC Attacks And Forces Out Right Wing Man From Gym

  1. Melponeme_k

    New York City is a mere microcosm of the problems on the US as a whole. The reason we have DiBlasio is because people were sick of the corporatization of land. Bloomberg was also giving public property away, namely our Libraries, so that the elites could knock them down for fancy apartments. The last straw came when they were in the process of selling (ahem STEALING) the Mid-Manhattan Library location on the prime spot of 5th and 39th. The howl of outrage was so loud, they backed down.

    But they turned it into a win for themselves anyway. This August they will close the building to completely rebuild it. The landmark outside will be a shell. The inside will be redesigned by a FOREIGN company with LESS bookspace than before. Oh and there will be a rooftop patio. Something that will benefit them, so they can hold their society weddings and dinners there.

    Getting back to DiBlasio, he promised to stop all of this. He didn’t. And then he unleashed all the criminals. So New Yorkers, the majority who are conservative (contrary to everyone’s belief) are stuck between rock and hard place. I can’t see any way out unless people band together, start at the basic political positions and put in true conservative centrists bypassing the elite chosen ones. Maybe it will happen one day.

  2. Funny thing about libraries and I am a book lover…modern technology is killing them. I read old and rare books so I loved the NYC libraries that were comprehensive but most of the branch libraries are dying. Very much dying.

    Deserted is the correct word here except for maybe the homeless. Yes, it is sad to see this concept die but technology is causing this. If we had endless dollars to spend on the present system it would be no problem but alas, it is a political problem.

  3. Christian W

    US renames Al Qaeda in Syria and take them off the terror lists:

    Good job Trump.

  4. Melponeme_k

    No, the libraries aren’t dying due to technology (They are always packed in NY). They are deliberately being KILLED off by the elites. A kind of soft Alexandrian Library event. They don’t want us plebes getting our hands on important books. It starts us thinking above our station.

    When google announced that they were digitizing ALL books, that was the day I started to quake. Throwing a book into the digital diaspora is like throwing it into a black hole. And they know it.

  5. floridasandy

    libraries SHOULD be packed. Our libraries down here are often very busy, and wait times for computer stations aren’t uncommon.

    There is always space (and air conditioning) to sit and read a book, magazine, or newspaper however.

  6. The people are there to use…COMPUTERS! Ahem. Yes, that is certainly true. Apple stores are filled with the same, people who go there to cruise the internet.

    I do this at home. But as for books, themselves, that is definitely declining rapidly. Ask any librarian about that aspect.

    By the way, I have a huge library at home and where do I buy books? From libraries that are selling these off, cheap.

  7. Melponeme_k

    No, not in NYC. There are still people reading. It is the libraries and bookstores that are disappearing by design of the elites. Almost everyone has a phone now that gives them basic internet, libraries are not needed for that service.

    In the city however, the libraries are used as a way station to give illegal aliens ILLEGAL ID.

    They offer it to citizens so that they can provide cover for the Illegals.

    You can always tell when libraries are holding IDNYC days, the library turns into Little Meh-i-co.

  8. floridasandy

    that’s a shame.

    It is hard to imagine institutions that should know better become subversive, but I guess that is because most librarians come from liberal universities and don’t give a crap what the average American thinks.

    I wish Trump could defund all sanctuary cities and that would put a stop to it pronto. They aren’t about humanitarianism, but currency.


    People rarely discuss how much money is being traded moving migrants from one country to another. It’s big business, baby.

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