SF State Philosophy Professor Arrested For Trying To Kill Trump Supporters

APOLOGY from ANTIFA Professor Bike Lock Attacker on /pol/ 4Chan? – YouTube

As always, alert readers here give me great information which helps because the fractured, fake news systems run by our elites have totally broken down so important news is harder and harder to get, the resistance to all this is coming not from the ‘left’ but from the ‘right’.  They are the ones seeking out actual information, and giving information to cops who are told to ‘stand down’ to do their job and arrest violent leftist criminals.  Meanwhile, in DC, our rulers are trying their best to get rid of Trump, the rich outsider.  Here is the latest news about the attack on peaceful pro-Trump people celebrating his entry into the White House and how the government of Berkeley conspired to disarm them and expose them to violent radicals many of whom work for the State of California.  One of them was a professor.

The Bikelock Fugitive of Berkeley – YouTube—yes, we all still use online information to do detective work and this irritates the real rulers no end.  They hate the internet.  They are busy right now, right in front of us, trying desperately to strangle the internet, to kill it and make it like mainstream media systems: one way information from them to us. Giving us our marching orders, our reality.


Former professor arrested in beating at Berkeley Trump rally – SFGate which is ‘liberal’ which means it is a fascist news paper, it grudgingly reported this news but gave little details.


A 28-year-old former East Bay community college professor was arrested for a brutal bike-lock attack amid a clash between President Trump supporters and radical left demonstrators last month in Berkeley, officials said Thursday.


Video of the attack on YouTube shows a masked assailant in a black hoodie emerge from a group of protesters and clobber an unwitting man in the head. The victim, who was holding his hands up and was unarmed, immediately retreated and clutched his bleeding head.


Clanton was listed in 2016 as an adjunct professor at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, where he taught philosophy. School officials said in a statement on Facebook that Clanton is not “a current employee of the Contra Costa Community College District.”


OK: HAHAHA.  Figures that this creature from the Black Lagoon ‘teaches’ in Diablo Valley.  Welcome to Hell, kids!  This ‘philosophy’ professor didn’t teach philosophy, he taught propaganda.  I took German philosophy courses that were in German and I told my teachers, that the German philosophers of the 19th century were either insane, diseased or outright evil.


And they were.  On the other hand, their systems fit the Super State and its End of Times nuclear bomb threats and other fun stuff I had to deal with so I thought it was important to learn the roots of all this stuff.  One of my philosophy professors went to Chile where they also teach in German (many Germans fled to Chile over the decades!) and then called me when the coup happened there and he ran to the US embassy for protection and they tried to throw him out again and I talked to the staff and convinced them to let him stay until I could arrange for him to leave Chile.


PS: I was still a student doing all this.  Connections matter.


The ‘professor’ here is typical of the Diablo School of Philosophy: violent, obnoxious and obscene.  Why students pay this creep and all his many buddies to teach them how to be street thugs baffles me.  All they have to do is move to say, Trenton or Detroit or Chicago and hang out on a street corner.  All the fighting/crazy/obscene stuff is free there nay, you can make money if you also deal drugs and can shoot guns.


I went to the comments to learn real information and lo and behold, the posters there peppered the place with information deliberately left out of the article.  This is why 90% of the news media sites no longer allow comments.


jamesbarca427 Rank 0
“Police arrested at least 20 people that day as officers dressed in riot gear tried unsuccessfully to keep the peace.”
That’s a bald faced lie. The police disarmed the people attending the free speech rally before allowing them to go into a cordoned off area where they were supposed to be protected, then stood back and did absolutely nothing while armed antifa (anti First Amendment) thugs surrounded and attacked them. They made it clear that those were their orders.
Nevertheless, even after being set up like that, the unarmed Patriots still stomped the snot out of the armed, neoBolshevik scum. What a glorious day for freedom!


Yes, the liberal reporter writing the story while biting his or her nails, lied openly.  I remember the facts.  The police told the pro-Trump demonstrators, they would protect them from ANIFA.  Then, when ANTIFA showed up, the cops faded away and deliberately turned their backs.


The victims of this are now suing the city and the police and I hope they win a lot of money.  In particular, the victim of this fake professor is most likely suing, they are waiting for more information so they can craft the best possible lawsuit.


thegippert Rank 0
Imagine my surprise when the weenie wagger SF Chronicle actually published this crime of violence. One of the commenters indicated neither the Bezerkley PD nor the Chronicle did any investigative work to unmask Mr. Fair Play. Rather, it was a private entity which ID’d the sucker-punch coward Democrat. How appropriate.


ramrants Rank 0
It was 4Chan that solved the identity of this guy, which is hardly some ‘right wing” website. When you are showing up to a protest with bats that have nails in them and bike locks wrapped in towels to beat people with, maybe your the one that is the fascist.


Yes, it was 4 Chan who did it and I watched while they did this and I want to say, ‘Congratulations for tagging and forcing the arrest of this evil man, this utter criminal.’


SameDifference Rank 482
I believe Eric Clanton was acting as one of the phalanx of bodyguards for Yvette Falarca, the Berkeley middle school teacher who is the head of the inflammatory far left group “By Any Means Necessary”, which is affiliated with the RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party).


That comment is from someone who lives in Berkeley.  Yes, I know first hand how these groups work.  They attacked me in the past.  I know them very well. This is why I left Berkeley.


brians9998 Rank 0
@SameDifference In the video I saw, he was hiding behind two women long enough to reach the guy and whacked him with the bike lock, then retreated between his lady bodyguards and disappeared. If it wasn’t for 4Chan unveiling his identity, he would have gotten away with it.


joinamerica2 Rank 9198
A newspaper called the East Bay Times did a much more detailed and unbiased report on this. From that article” Police confirmed Clanton can be seen in videos hitting people in the head with a U-shaped bicycle lock. Three people received “significant injuries” because of the beatings, police said. Homicide detectives handled the investigation because of the seriousness of the assaults,..” This wasn’t a “clash between the two groups”. This was an unprovoked attack by the masked thugs of Anti-fas..If the Alameda DA allows Clanton to plead down to a misdemeanor, she should be recalled or impeached.


gatesflorida Rank 0
I’m sure /pol/ will be flooding the county jail with well wishes and happy thoughts via Eric’s mail call. I hear Eric the manlet, is stripped naked, on suicide watch right now, crying his salty tears. An Anon had called county lock-up earlier, and told them that eric expressed desire in hurting himself in a phone call. His life will become a special hell for a long time now. There are videos of him assaulting numerous people with a weapon. His acts were cowardice that inspire rage in anyone that sees it. A jury will not look on him with kindness. RIP commie ******.

4chan is Hunting Antifa – YouTube

Yes, it is possible that the Democrats will try to let this criminal slip the noose deliberately and protect him while endangering citizens further.  And I am betting the lawyers for the victim are watching this closely because they will end up suing EVERYONE in the government if this continues out of control.


AND I hope Trump has a grip on the criminal justice system by then so that this can be amplified by a real FBI investigation of everyone involved.  And this is why the Democrats in California are fighting Trump on this FBI head tooth and nail.  They are desperate.  If someone comes in  to investigate the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bushes, wow.  That would be fun to see.  Conspiracy with foreign entities to destroy the USA!  Yes, arrest them all, as I keep saying.


The posters above alerted me to go here for real news:  Berkeley: Professor used bike lock in beatings, police say


He surrendered without incident, police said.


Conservative websites celebrated the arrest as a victory against anti-fascist supporters. Conservative groups of pro-Trump supporters fought with anti-Trump supporters — self-described as anti-fascist or “antifa” — during the rally.


The website 4chan posted video of the attack several days after it happened, showing someone hitting another person over the head with the U-shaped bike lock. The video also was posted by several outlets on YouTube.


A former DVC staff directory on its web page said Clanton has worked at the school since 2015, teaching an “introduction to philosophy with a background in teaching ethics, critical thinking, and comparative philosophy East/West” with “primary research interests” of ethics and politics. Although he taught part time at DVC in the past, he was not employed there this semester, DVC officials said.


He earned a bachelor’s degree at California State University, Bakersfield. He also earned a master’s degree at San Francisco State in philosophy in 2015, and was only employed there during his time as a student, SFSU officials said.


Way back in 1970, I knew very very well, someone who went to SF State to study philosophy and he ended up on the floor of the stock exchange on Wall Street.  HAHAHA.


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3 responses to “SF State Philosophy Professor Arrested For Trying To Kill Trump Supporters

  1. He should be charged with attempted murder,wacking people on the head with a 4 pound chunk of steel.
    How could he not realize how serious this could be.
    And hiding behind woman to do your attack??(I have read this is a common tactic of the Antifa)

  2. Lou

    Why students pay this creep and all his many buddies to teach them how to be street thugs baffles me. —

    The students dont directly pay him. You know that. I paid for classes at my JC yesterday. I asked about the health fee. ‘It is for nurse’. 20,000x 15 = 300k, for 2 months of nurses?

    The president of the school is a former ‘Diversity counselor’ and a Black female. The JC had 9 VPs. 9. And one old timer told me that ‘In the 1990s there were about 30 managers at this college and now there are about 120, at a cost of 10 million dollars a year’.

  3. Lou

    They are busy right now, right in front of us, trying desperately to strangle the internet,
    Someone told me that they are on Kamala Harris email list.
    She has some petition for people to sign because the government wants to charge money to use the web.

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