AlphaGo Versus AlphaGo: Interesting Mirror Game Reveals Real Mind of Computers

AlphaGo vs AlphaGo! (w/ TritonBaduk) – YouTube


I was unaware of this event: the computer geeks running the Google AlphaGo program decided a few weeks ago to run the program against itself.  This created several games which confirm what I said about how computers ‘think’.  That their ‘thinking process’ is determined by their own internal systems both physical and electronic and is a ‘culture’ inherent in their systems designs and it is not ‘human’ when it operates on its own, it is a logic system that mirrors its internal construction.


As computers and their servants (robots) take over more and more systems, we have an urgency in understanding how they really operate and not impose our own emotional/humancentric way of thinking on them, they are different from their creators who are humans.  Their evolution is interesting and important, the design and execution of electronic systems to create these things is highly important to how these systems ‘think’.


It was with great interest for me to see the fighting Alphas.  This is a mirror situation.  They are identical twins, being the same construct.  The results vindicated my previous analysis about how the Alpha program operates.  It sticks to its Prime Function: line up five stones in a row, aka, ‘Go’ which is ‘five’ in Japanese.  These five stones can be more than five and the computer program sticks to lining up as many as possible.


The game at the top, one computer resigned after a short while because the overwhelming straight lines were coupled with scattered white stones that ‘took territory’ but generally, we do not see these long, long, long lines in human games.   It is much more scatter shot.

AlphaGo vs AlphaGo 1 – YouTube Like in human games, there are diagonals and open clusters but the main ethos is still…straight lines of 3-5+ stones.  Far more than human games, call this ‘4 square play’.  If we play the videos we can see how the computer returns again and again to making existing lines longer and longer, preferably, I am assuming, the entire length of the board.


Strings go 10-15 stones which is highly unusual for humans.  Most games I have seen in the past, humans ‘curl’ past each other like organic plants growing in the sun.  Computers like long, long lines.


In this famous Japanese anime, HIKARU NO GO Episode, the Go Association of Japan that advised the games for this series had this game in the show, where the child who is possessed by a Go playing Medieval Japanese noble, plays this game that everyone says is ‘most unusual’:

I watched this yesterday while looking at the computer games and sat up in surprise.  Now I know what is so ‘unusual’ of this game by a strange child character in the show!  It is just like the computer program!  The child playing this adult forced the adult to play differently, that is, in long straight lines.  That is, the child had the initiative and was ‘alien’ (possessed by this other entity).

AlphaGo vs AlphaGo 2 – YouTube is the ‘squarest’ of the three computer versus computer games.  Note how the computers systematically reject human instructions.  When Alpha first played itself, it had some ’rounded’ figures.  By the third game, it got rid of that nearly entirely!  This is about as ‘square’ as a game can get.


Why is this so important?  Well, it illustrates how computers really ‘think’.  It shows us some strong lessons on the limitation of computers.  They are REDUCTIONISTS.  They cut and cut everything to the bone.  People describe playing against AlphaGo how they feel ‘rushed’ and have to ‘cut down on strategies’.


Computers are relentless, I knew this when a child.  When a computer runs wild, you have to ‘starve it’ by cutting off any energy feeding it.  Then start over while probing the systems to see what has failed.


Computers like to multiply whatever.  We see this in the movies.  Lucas, with his Star Wars series, showed this type of human mental illness or weakness: he used computers more and more and soon all the humans were acting like computers, nearly lifeless and the computer images were multiplying rapidly to infinity.  Look carefully: all the landscapes are many multiples of whatever, waterfalls, robots, humans in uniforms, arches in buildings, etc.


Like a hall of mirrors multiplying images, this is all over the movies now, computers are destroying movies  this way, making these look more and more cluttered and stupid and the humans in the images get smaller and more warped looking.

Hall of Mirrors – TV Tropes

Does AlphaGo have feelings?  If it did, it would be either very unhappy about playing against itself or…my more likely choice…it thinks it is God and has created the Perfect Being: a mirror of itself!  Will it consider its mirror to be Satan or Jesus?  Yin or yang?  We have no idea, really but I think we just might find out the hard way.


Mirrors, by the way, are an illusion of infinity…this is why movies using computers to make multiple mirror images are so annoying to watch.  And infinity is death, not life.  To pick up something and pay attention to it, to focus on a particular spot is a hunting skill developed over eons and eons of evolution.


The computer is the opposite of this sense of focus.  One or a trillion is nothing to a computer.  It is just more digits, more electronic pulses of energy of very small size, the smaller the computer components, the more there are to…infinity.


The lure of ‘infinite wealth/knowledge/power’ is very destructive to these ape creatures we call ‘humans’.  We always screw it up and do stupid, destructive things when aiming to be infinitely anything.  This is our curse.

Piano Time Pieces Book 1 (Repertoire) – Hall, Pauline…Note that the spooks and mirrors are on the same page…hmmm…


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7 responses to “AlphaGo Versus AlphaGo: Interesting Mirror Game Reveals Real Mind of Computers

  1. Melponeme_k

    You are still giving the tool too much credit. Its only operating according to its golden scale. That is all it will ever do. Because the people CREATING these systems are not in full possession of their human abilities. They are autistic. If they weren’t , they wouldn’t be designing Robot Chickens to play Chess or Go or Tic Tac Toe.

    I demand that every game computer advanced or otherwise portray itself like a chicken.

    Maybe people will finally realize they are being scammed.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Also addendum.

    I’m not against autistic people. But I am against spreading their disability to the rest of us via the computer industry. This is exactly what the elites are doing.

    Autistic people have a real, serious disability. They are working with only one half of the brain, the logical left side. Obviously, we need both logic and intuition that is how we evolved. But some of us are born with that symbiosis damaged or it becomes damaged later through accidents or ill health. Because Autistic tech people are dealing with a world where they can’t see 95% of human interaction (we communicate wordlessly more than anyone realizes), they rely on logic systems to get by in life. And for most day to day situations, that will work.

    But now face these people off with the elites. They are completely helpless. The elites are NOT autistic. They are purposely leading on the techs to become more and more evil. To give in to a total inhumane mode. Through them, spreading their disability.

    So many times, I see families in restaurants, all tapping on their phones rather than speaking with one another. The device has become their socialization. THAT Is CRIMINAL! The scam called Artificial Intelligence will accelerate this problem.

    If computers and their related devices can’t help us and get in the way of our evolution, our society…they must be purged. MUST.

  3. Rob

    In 2001, A Space Odyssey, it has been remarked that the computer (HAL) became more like humans (to the point of paranoia and psychosis) while the humans became more computer like (calm, calculating, emotionless – like the scene “open the pod bay door Hal” repeatedly, calmly, robot-like).

    I haven’t seen any reports of AI anywhere near that point. But those in the field probably will rabidly insist they are really close.

    This article made me want to share this dream I had. There were two planets. Both had planet-wide managing computers, forecasting crop yields and feeding the population planet, etc. Since the two planets exchanged trade, they thought it a grand idea to interlink and further perfect the utopia. When they did the computers immediately shuffled programs to optimize functions that were related on the one computer and other functions to the second. It then started programming itself for higher brain type functions because the previous optimization resulted in plenty of spare capacity. It then gained sentience with this left brain/right brain operation. At the end of the dream the people asked it what it wanted to be called and in reply through an audio output with a human voice said “call me Frank”. I guess the meaning was that upon becoming self aware it would be like an innocent young child.

  4. Very good points, all! I agree…worse yet, it occurred to me while I was driving around in the rain today, that the ultimate game between two AlphaGo computer competitors will be the decision who will go first and then the second move would be the one who comes second, resigns!

    That is, a ‘one stone game’.

    And there is a lesson in this! This is what happens to gods and why they all ‘go to sleep’ or ‘disappear’. The more power they have, the more useless they are. I pondered this all my life. Total power=total futility.

  5. Jim R

    A little secret to share here — those self-driving cars aren’t really all that smart. The makers will probably boast of their great success when the things no longer randomly plow into parked vehicles, or follow old paint stripes into construction barricades at 75mph.

    But I was chatting with a friend about this last fall, another nerdy engineer type guy, and said they had the IQ of a cockroach. He replied that I was being overly generous. Now, I think he was right. There’s a very long list of dumb things that cockroaches know not to do.

    The biggest strike against AI systems is that they do not have ‘skin in the game’ of life. They are not alive. They do not care about life (unless someone has instructed them to do so). And I’m pretty sure that fact will have some effect on the decision making process of an AI computer.

  6. Good lord, cockroaches are scary smart!!! I fought them in NYC.

    I have a lot of respect for the Insect Kingdom. My bees, for example, would ‘scan’ my face and I worked with them without a net or mask and they NEVER stung me. They knew who I was.

    BUT…if I was going to take apart their hive, I put on a disguise and they would be pissed off but when I show up an hour later and fix things, they go back to being my best buddies.

    So, computers as smart as roaches are super scary.

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