NSA Secret Court Leak of Illicit Spying On Citizens Shows Violations of 4th Amendment Rights

Patriot Act Is A Violation Of The 4th Amendment – Judge Andrew Napolitano On Geraldo: ever since WWII, the US spy complex and violations of basic civil rights has grown worse and worse.  Every violent event causes a reaction that eliminates more and more basic civil rights of citizens as we are herded into an extremely incompetent police state that harasses citizens endlessly while leaving terrorists free range to commit mass murder.  This is done with full collusion of the US media giants who meet secretly all over the planet to plot how to rule us via lies and physical force like terror attacks.


In 2013,Alexander Snitker wrote this article: Why Do We Have The Fourth Amendment? One of the biggest beefs of our Founding Fathers was the many searches by the King’s troops.  They hated it and considered it ‘tyranny’ and it was the #1 reason we had this ‘revolution’.  Look at how far we have gone since those days!


4th Amendment:  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


‘Searches’ includes listening to telephone conversations.  Ahem: this has gone on all my long life.  I have been subjected to this illicit surveillance since I was 16 years old, at least, and in my father’s case, probably since before I was born.


The Secret State spies on whoever it can whenever it can.  It won’t use much of this spy material for court cases because this would get them all in trouble.  No, they use it to harass, intimidate, abuse, scare or kill citizens they don’t like for some reason or other.


That is, it is used as quasi-government terror.


Once the Constitution was written, the debate was between the federalists, who supported a stronger central government and the anti-federalists, who supported state’s rights and a weaker central government. As a compromise, the Bill of Rights came to be- the first ten amendments to the Constitution.


The 4th Amendment only applied to the federal government until the 14th Amendment with equal protection came along in 1868 and it was applied to the states. It still only applies to the government, not to the private sector. As an example, let’s say a movie theater wants to check large purses for outside food before admitting people. Can they do so? Yes. On the other hand, a police officer doing so needs cause.


Ah, after the Civil War, people wanted more protection from government spying.  I wonder why (not).


I find it troubling looking at polls that suggest 25 percent or more of Americans have no problem with their own government spying on them without cause. They believe it will “keep us safe” and of course “if you haven’t done anything ‘wrong’, you have nothing to worry about”. The fact is it will make us no safer than having the  power bills of your grandmother copied at the DMV or the TSA groping her. It’s my hope these Americans will learn from history before things get worse.


The secret spying issue has exploded over and over again.  Alongside it runs the issue of how all this spying is WORTHLESS.  At least when it comes to assassins attacking or killing politicians to terror attacks, for some odd reason (HAHAHA) these extensive violations of the 4th Amendment are useless!


Yet after every assassination and terror attack, more spying, more violations of the 4th Amendment are instituted and it rolls relentlessly onwards.


Well, yesterday, a leaker let out some information about our super secret courts which I have written about in the past, how this Court rebukes NSA over surveillance of U.S. citizens | McClatchy Washington Bureau reports:


U.S. intelligence agencies conducted illegal surveillance on American citizens over a five-year period, a practice that earned them a sharp rebuke from a secret court that called the matter a “very serious” constitutional issue.


OK: the judges were angry about this constitutional violation.  This means we are in a…CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS.  This means the citizens should hear all about this crisis and decide, do we enforce our own Constitution or shred it?  Instead of this making major news, it was…kept secret!!!  This is utterly insane.


The criticism is in a lengthy secret ruling that lays bare some of the frictions between the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and U.S. intelligence agencies obligated to obtain the court’s approval for surveillance activities.


And this requires Congress to discuss this matter.  It requires the President to issue a statement about this matter.  It requires discussion with the citizens about what this means and why it is important.


And…it was all kept secret until some citizen inside the spook system leaked it!  This is infuriating and disgusting.  Why on earth was this ruling secret in the first place???


The ruling, dated April 26 and bearing the label “top secret,” was obtained and published Thursday by the news site Circa.


It is rare that such rulings see the light of day, and the lengthy unraveling of issues in the 99-page document opens a window on how the secret federal court oversees surveillance activities and seeks to curtail those that it deems overstep legal authority.


Parts of the ruling were redacted, including sections that give an indication of the extent of the illegal surveillance, which the NSA told the court in a Jan. 3 notice was partly the fault of “human error” and “system design issues” rather than intentional illegal searches.


This entire news infuriates me.  How dare they design this system!  How dare they keep the system secret much less, what its rulings are.  Here is one of the judges running this illicit court:


Rosemary M. Collyer – Wikipedia

In 2013, Collyer was appointed by the Chief Justice of the United States to a seven-year term on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.[2] The Court provides a measure of judicial oversight over surveillance activities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as amended. Judge Collyer’s term on the FIS Court began on March 8, 2013 and will conclude on March 7, 2020. She replaced Judge John D. Bates, whose term ended on February 21, 2013.


Here is another judge who was appointed this month:  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court | United States


The Chief Justice of the United States has designated Judge Robert B. Kugler to serve a seven year term on the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Judge Kugler’s term will commence May 19, 2017, and end on May 18, 2024.


The Supreme Court does this.  They supervise this secret court.  I remember why my own family came to the New World way back when the first European settlers of the 17th century showed up: secret courts in England forced my ancestors into exile!  My family has strong feelings about secret courts yet…my own family became part of the secret systems during WWII and afterwards!


Public Filings – U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has some information as to how this wretched court operates:



What good does all this do when many of the ‘rulings’ are SECRET?  This insanity continues onwards as we go deeper down the rabbit hole.  If it worked, more citizens would be OK with it.  But it is a roaring failure.   This is what irritates me most.


Every time terrorists attack us, the government claims (often falsely) that they had no information, no warning signs, etc.  These are rank lies.  We don’t know if they are lying except by doing logic for example, all the 9/11 terrorists trained right next to huge enclaves of CIA people and the Bush family.  How amazing is this coincidence?


The CIA spies on everybody while deliberately ignoring obvious criminal or terrorist operations.  Our cities are being systematically destroyed by terrorists and criminals and the more the government spies on all of us, the more this destruction unfolds, our cities burn, our schools are terrorized by leftist radicals, our streets are unsafe and…our government spies on everyone?


Give me a break.  All security systems are aimed at US citizens, not those attacking us.  That is the crime here and a secret court makes all this much worse, not better.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death – YouTube




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13 responses to “NSA Secret Court Leak of Illicit Spying On Citizens Shows Violations of 4th Amendment Rights

  1. Lou

    Microsoft 10. Some people are having strange experiences with ads appearing. How could their PC know whats in their home or what they are talking about?


  2. melponeme_k

    More and more I feel the Founders are looking upon us and wondering if what they built will be defended. I still have faith in us. In the past few years, there writings and quotations have resonated more than ever. The more the Bilderbergs try to kill the US, the more the old teachings resurge.

    “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”

  3. Jim R

    4th amendment, you say?

    It can’t be long until we hear that the new Justice has gone snipe-hunting with Cheney or something…

  4. Petruchio

    @#2 Lou: I DO find it a bit unsettling when, the very next day after I look at an item on Ebay (just look, not buy) I see ads for said item on websites I browse that are not Ebay! Someone has to be monitoring this. I guess on one level I don’t really mind that someone knows I looked at a coin on Ebay I’m thinking of buying or whatever the item is, but on the other hand, it does make you wonder.

  5. Yes, they flood you with ads if you buy anything online. This is why all the platforms and systems are making their billionaire creators very rich. And this is SPYING on us.

    Furthermore, if Microsoft which I never use, is spying openly on your computer all the time and recording stuff this is ILLEGAL. I hope all Microsoft people sue.

    All users of the new Apple Siri system should sue, too. Gah. What a horrible invasion of privacy.

    Look at Trump; he is being spied on nonstop with daily leaks to the press of anonymous creeps and the NYT and WP and other media happily spread pure rumors and this is utterly disgusting, arrest everyone.

  6. Lou

    #5–I was referring not to information you post [The price of X] but talking about things or wearing a logo and then ads appearing online.
    The end of privacy. Beyond facial recognition.

  7. Yes, I understood that which is why I said, Siri is a SPY machine and I would never, ever have one of these in my home. I don’t use Microsoft which has been spying on its customers for years.

  8. Jim R

    Same deal with your TV, if you have a newish one. Those Samsung flat-panel TVs, so popular now, have tiny cameras and microphones around the edges of the screen. They are an amazing implementation of Orwell’s telescreens from 1984.

    And they try to prevent you from getting into the software in the little processor in the TV. A few hackers have neutered their Samsungs, but it’s difficult.

  9. Lou

    8 an 9–Thanks.

  10. Petruchio

    Was it on this site that someone noted that even the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg keeps a piece of duct tape over the camera on his computer monitor? I saw the pic. He DOES have something covering his PC camera….

  11. Lou

    If anyone has stuff to hide, its CIA backed Zuckster.
    See the article at Occidental Observer about him and Fbook.

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