Professor Weinstein Driven Off Evergreen State College For Refusing To Self-hate His White Skin

The Evergreen State College is a very liberal school in Washington State that is full of SJW lunatics who are consumed in Protesting for the firing of Brett Weinstein.  They are filthy, nasty and this battle between students and their ‘teacher’ is quite violent with cussing at each other and interrupting each other and destroying property.  I am particularly amused by this part:


‘I am not interested in debate. I am only interested in dialectic, which does mean I listen to you, and you listen to me.’

One student responded: ‘We don’t care what terms you want to speak on.’

‘Would you like to hear the answer (to your questions) or not?’ says the desperate idiot professor who is very ‘liberal’.  ‘NO, we do NOT!’ yell the students.  They then march around yelling, ‘Hey, hey, ho, ho, the professor must go.’  HAHAHA.

It is a very childish place.  Young people go there to learn how to be rude, crude and stupid.  Their IQ drops each semester.  It reminds me of my schools…I had to flee the lunatic left in the past.


They are good at ganging up on someone who is alone.  This happened to me more than once.  The hysteria in the voices of these wretched children who are regressing badly, reminds me of caring for pre-schoolers years ago.


These little monsters want to get rid of their teachers who defy their demands.  I hope they succeed because this school is FRAUD.  They are being destroyed, not built up to be good citizens, smart humans or nice neighbors.


I got the above news from England, Professor called racist and asked to resign by students | Daily Mail Online


 Bret Weinstein, a biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, criticized the way the college’s Day of Absence event would be structured this year in an email to other faculty.


In response, a group of students confronted Weinstein outside his classroom on Tuesday morning, accusing him of racism and demanding an apology and his resignation.


As many as 200 students then demonstrated across the campus in protest on Tuesday and Wednesday, taking over classrooms and barricading the college president’s office and the library.


The professor is a typical über liberal who thinks he is walking on water and of course, he was invited to chatter away stupidly at a TEXx talk.  
The Personal Responsibility Vortex: Bret Weinstein at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege – this clown thinks we are going to roast to death.


BTW, it is very cool here this week.  This juvenile refusal to see how the sun controls climate and we are in very dangerous ground here with an epic cooling cycle already underway.  This dude has no idea what is happening now.

Evergreen URGENT Meeting at 4pm on 05/23/17 Footage as these Infante Terrible cuss, chatter and talk about taking over the campus and a member of the administration is there to surrender to these young Maoists.


I wonder if they will ape the real Maoists who made professors wear clown hats and beg the students to spare them from being sent to labor camps.  I knew professors treated this way, one very shy, hurt elderly man lived with me for four years and I made everyone show him respect.


He went through hell and I have a good idea what this hell was like because he told me a small bit of it which was enough to turn my stomach (eating ants for food, for example).


The school surrendered to the students entirely.  Good lord.  The liberal professor still can’t figure out why he is now a monster to be slain.  He doesn’t know that so long as he clings to liberalism, he will be reduced to scrabbling around to find ants to eat in the dust as he starves to death.


The radical left is relentless and loves starving billions of people.  The right likes to enslave and loot billions of people but the left wants them with no food, shelter or anything.  So between these two polar opposites, what on earth are we going to do?


Well, right now we have to veer right because the left is going off the Maoist/Stalinist cliff!  What choice do we have at this point?


More news of other creepy people, remember the story two days ago, here?  London Daily Mail Has Huge Terrorist Story/CIA Leak Headlines, NYT Has Nothing | Culture of Life News

Now we learn that Jacobs is a political operative for the Democratic Party and isn’t are real ‘reporter’.  He is PRETENDING to be a reporter.


And his attempt at starting a riot deliberately backfired because…

Greg Gianforte Elected After “Bodyslam” Scandal | True News – YouTube


HAHAHA.  I am glad.  The left thinks they have a neck lock on being rude, crude and violent.  Well, others can play that ugly game and will in spades but the left, living in city-islands where they only see each other, have no idea of the rage and annoyance of the vast stretches of countryside, about 80% of which hates liberals.

Mark Zuckerberg: Free Money for Everyone – this clown thinks we should print trillions of dollars because he won’t pay for this scheme, himself, and everyone will get a pile of money so they can ‘do as they please’ which is to stand in line for $5,000,000 loaves of bread and pay $68,000 for a postage stamp.


This is the leftist solution to money problems.  And we already have way too much inflation.





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23 responses to “Professor Weinstein Driven Off Evergreen State College For Refusing To Self-hate His White Skin

  1. Jim R

    There’s going to be a giant wave of these ‘colleges’ going out of business.

    Because it is starting to dawn on prospective students that they cannot afford it, and it will not help them start a career.

    They’ll be

    So suck it up, snowflakes, it isn’t going to last.

  2. Christian W

    Federal Prosecutor Working On Voter Fraud Found Dead

    Prosecutor investigating Debbie Wasserman Schultz found dead on beach.

    Another one for the Clinton body count by the looks of it.

  3. floridasandy

    Clinton is trying to get back in, but she has no base anymore. Good find, Christian, didn’t even see it in the news here in Florida.

    Evergreen is a sham college for warehousing students:
    Evergreen intentionally (and, of course, for enrollment purposes) has an incredibly high acceptance rate. And that’s okay. It’s a self-selecting college, and many people drop out early on because the educational style just doesn’t fit their needs.

    If you have to teach yourself, why do you bother paying tuition? It obviously attracts non-traditional people who are willing to pay to be in debt and jobless at the end of that cycle. They get what they deserve. We forget that there are good schools out there, but the media doesn’t want to cover them-just the little disenfranchised anarchists that school would attract.

    I hope the investigation into Seth Rich could finally drain some of the swamp. The left is hysterical about conspiracy theories, but they know a murder was committed and nobody has been brought to justice-BOTTOM LINE.

  4. floridasandy

    I found this interesting, and didn’t even know about some of the deaths-like Britt Hume’s son and others.-knew about Michael Hastings, of course. :

    Arkancide still has the most comprehensive links around.

  5. Lou

    A friend went to Evergreen, in the 1970s. You designed your education or plan. He and his buddy had gone to John Dewey High, which I guess had a similar theme.

  6. Lou

    Were 2 of Trey Gowdys investigators killed, or is that a web lie?

  7. The young man hired in January ended up dead yesterday…I would suggest this is no conspiracy, he was ‘on the case’ only a short time and not mainly on the case everyone on the right is interested in.

    He probably was on the beach for sex and was killed. Going hunting for sex is highly dangerous, has been since, oh, around 100 million years ago.

  8. floridasandy

    maybe not. He died (possibly?) from a gunshot, was in the water, and washed to shore where he was found-referred to local police for handling. When you have a federal DNC prosecutor involved, why wouldn’t you have a federal investigation also?

    so many victims, so little prosecution.

  9. floridasandy

    a little off topic. Sanders supporters suing DNC for fraud, and this is the DNC defense:

    Just as it’s perfectly legal for politicians to mislead their constituents in the pursuit of power, Spiva essentially argued, so it’s perfectly legal for the DNC to lie to Democratic voters about the impartiality of the primary process to get their donations

    Sanders supporters want their money back, and they should get it.

    the fact that Sanders sold them out and got his 575,000 3rd vacation house is really irrelevant. His wife also got her 200,000 severance package when she defrauded the school that was forced to close down because of her fraud.

    hopefully, this lawsuit doesn’t go away and there are consequences to voting fraud. Loretta Lynch, meeting on the tarmac with BIll, wasn’t about to go after ANY fraud during her appointment.

    if you can’t jail them, maybe you can at least collectively get your money back so you can do what you want with it.

  10. They won’t win in court because everyone should know that politicians are crooks and frauds, see? On the other hand, we could pass laws against all this, but then, who passes the laws? Oh, crooks and frauds.

  11. Christian W

    Zbig, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the father of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, has died.

  12. Lou


    I am not sure who EMS is referring to.
    There was an online story [true? not?] that Gowdy sent 2 investigators to Arkansas and they were to look at the Clinton Library. They were buried alive.
    True? false?

    #11, yes, its on Drudge.

  13. Christian W

    ‘I am not interested in debate. I am only interested in dialectic, which does mean I listen to you, and you listen to me.’

    One student responded: ‘We don’t care what terms you want to speak on.’

    The age of reason is dying in the US. Liberalism means to be openminded, to embrace reason as a means to discern factual reality, it is the antithesis to biased thinking. Liberalism first became a distinct political movement during the Age of Enlightenment, when it became popular among philosophers and economists in the Western world. Liberalism rejected the prevailing social and political norms of hereditary privilege, state religion, absolute monarchy, and the Divine Right of Kings. [wiki]

    There is a reason the elites are destroying liberalism. It is necessary to implement the New World Order where they will rule as they see fit. It means the destruction of Democracy and the Rule of Law. (Democracy is already gone in the US as the recent farce that was the presidential election showed clearly).

    Liberals opposed traditional conservatism and sought to replace absolutism in government with representative democracy and the rule of law.[wiki]

    The rule of law is the legal principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to being governed by decisions of individual government officials.[wiki]

    See? The Neoliberal, Laissez Faire CAPITALIST elites are destroying the rule of law. The US, as I’ve often pointed out, is above the law. The US Deep State, the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies, Congress, Wall Street and the FED etc etc etc are all outside the rule of law. The rule of law only applies to the little people and to enemies of the Deep State.

    The student replying to the professor is not an open minded person. Liberalism presupposes that the other person is reasonable, which this student is not. He is not interested in finding out what is real or what the truth is using careful logical analysis. He has decided he already knows. You cannot teach such minds anything.

    This is the weakness of liberalism, what do you do when the other person is not reasonable but totally willing to embrace a biased concept as the truth?
    What do you do when enough people are biased and following some cultish stream of thought?

    Now, where do these people come from? They have been carefully groomed by the Deep State. They are another Battering Ram to destroy the Rule of Law.

    Well, right now we have to veer right because the left is going off the Maoist/Stalinist cliff! What choice do we have at this point?

    Aaand, straight into the ditch.That is the setup here. If you take either of these two options you fall right into the trap. The elites ALWAYS want you to pick a false dilemma. That is how they rule over you.

  14. Comment about the above cartoon: the commies fought the Taliban, al Qaeda, too. 🙂

  15. Jim R

    The creator of the Taliban and all-Queedah just died, may he rot in hell.

    Not that his legacy won’t live on..

  16. Lou

    Rachel Dozel, I think Rachel is a distinguished graduate from Evergreen State College, Olympia, Wash., where earlier this week whitey was banned from campus and a black mob threatened to beat the shit out of a biology professor who dared show up.

  17. Lou

    That is were is where the college money is going, to a pathetic useless college:

    You can tell that these “students” are going to need a serious beat-down, when everything explodes, that might, just might, open their eyes…

    Nah, it will never happen. These “students” are too far gone. Do any of them think anybody gives a flying F what they have to say?

    Even the idiot “professor” is a loser and is speaking WAY OVER THE HEAD’s of these children…..then, you always got the uppity negress who wants to only talk about race, race, race (the ones who believe in equality).

  18. Lou

    EMS, in her wise way has compared the ‘students’ at the UW and elsewhere
    to ‘Maoists in the cultural revolt’.

  19. Lou

    This is what black “teens” were doing in Metro Atlanta over the long weekend-
    setting fire to fireworks inside of a grocery store, causing thousands of dollars in damage, which they will not have to pay for- it will be the shopper that pays-

    This may be all anyone needs to see that needs to be shown reality….

    And this is a shocker- a female navy sailor and her friend were robbed and murdered by 3 black “youths”. If nothing else, watch at 34:00 to 35:00 where one of the black youths is found not guilty of all but kidnapping, because one of the jury members tell the jury, “No matter what, I am finding him not guilty because I don’t want another young black male in jail”. UNBELIEVABLE.

    And you know this is going on across the nation in other trials….

    This is what White “teens” were doing in Metro Atlanta over the long weekend-
    Boy scouts cleaning cemetaries and laying memorials down in veterans graveyards.
    Boy scouts

  20. All the fake schools give students everything they want because the entire point is to eke out every penny of debt from them and then kick them out where they get to spend their lives paying for this insanity. They are ENSLAVED.

    This would be funny except these lunatics will burn down all DNC run cities in the future just like in the past.

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