Kushner Attacked By Media ‘Leaks’, FBI Investigation Is Now Unconstitutional

RT News should be renamed ‘Real Time News.’  For example, the news that some EU leaders are getting kind of scared and are now talking about doing DIPLOMACY of all things, with Russia, is big news.  This comes after Trump told them all to chill out about global warming since the planet’s climate seems to be cooling down rapidly as I predicted several years ago after my father warned me, ‘The sun is going cold’ as sun spot activity enters a historic low series of cycles.  Well, the Bilderberg gang wants WWIII with Russia and thinks we are going to roast to death, thus their love of the idea of a nuclear global winter…yikes, they are insane!


The #1 greatest danger from propaganda schemes is, the creator of these lies end  up believing their own lies.  Time and again, despots get in trouble because of this mental problem.  This is why telling lies as believably as possible leads to convincing oneself, the lies are true.  The lies about Trump being spread by US and EU media giants are illegal, illicit and if leaks, this means the FBI and CIA should be investigated for this and all examinations of Trump end until all the agents involved are totally replaced since they can’t police themselves.


Global warmists can’t understand why the rest of us are getting angrier and angrier with them all.  These warmists rush all over the planet in jets and yachts and huge armored cars that get 3 miles to the gallon, all the while living in huge mansions and telling us we have to live like 13th century peasants or the planet will burn up…and then yell at us when we tell them they are BS liars.


They cannot see themselves in the mirror.  We have a clash of cultures with the left acting like outright Nazis screaming about how their feelings are hurt while they beat up people and destroy entire cities.  It would be hilarious if people are not dying.

The above is yesterday’s NY Times top headline stories.  #uno.  They are now attacking an Orthodox Jewish guy married to Trump’s daughter.  I said the other day that Israeli liberals (sic) and Israeli conservatives (aka, full Nazis) are at war with each other and their poxy operations in the US reflect this.


Trump’s son-in-law, Kushner, made deals in Saudi Arabia that pissed off the AIPAC/US Real Rulers no end so suddenly, right afterwards, he went from being their darling to being someone to utterly destroy.

All of this is 100% hearsay.  Nearly all the news in the mainstream these days is hearsay news. It is endless.  It will continue, nonstop, no headline says, ‘This is unconfirmed news’.  Indeed, this is pure rumor.  We have a name for this: rumor mongering.


Anti-Trump fanatics lap this all up and are convinced this is real news.  But it is not real news at all.  I will note that the NYT even says, ‘Kushner: Pillar of Family-driven West Wing.’  This is why he is now under direct attack by spying spooks leaking information so they can have a coup.


I believe that coups are highly dangerous but no surprise.  The shock of Hillary losing the election decisively, carrying only 12 states out of 50 states, is causing the Real Rulers to unsheath all of their weapons.  They have to destroy Trump’s entire family and I predicted this long ago.


First, they must be smeared heavily and then killed.  The Real Rulers remember Kennedy: they attacked him a great deal, I remember this very well because my own father got to know Kennedy despite being a personal friend of the man Kennedy defeated, Barry Goldwater.  My father noticed that Kennedy was being smeared though not about sex like Clinton…by the way, I was against going after Clinton about sex issues saying, ‘He who is without sin cast the first stone and this means, no one in Congress or the media can yap about this.’


Back to the past: Kennedy was killed after the Deep State let back in a former Marine embassy guard who defected to communist Russia and then RETURNED.  The assassin was then assassinated.  And Kennedy had to be idolized to cover up the entire mess and have people forget about the details.  On top of this, lies about the assassination had to be cooked up to hid the CIA fingerprints, aka, the assassin who was let back into the country deliberately.


This is parallel letting in a bunch of Saudi religious fanatics to learn how to fly and then letting them run lose and then when they hijacked four jets, none of these were tracked even though all of them were flying outside their assigned flight plans, I saw this with my own eyes for one of these flew right over my mountain barely skimming it and this scared me greatly.


Back to Kushner which the liberal Jews want destroyed: I would not be surprised to hear that the White House, whoever is inside it, would want to have secret negotiations.  Hell’s Bells!  Didn’t we all hear that Nixon’s secret planning for his historic visit was…secret?  HAHAHA.  ALL diplomacy requires secrecy.


Back when the USA was first formed after the Revolution, secret negotiations were going on soon afterwards with a guy named Napoleon, for example.  Indeed, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, this went on, too.  That is, she had spies who worked for her and her alone and she didn’t share their information until she needed to share it and if anyone leaked it, their heads were chopped off.


Note the two stories from Russia.  The military aggression against Russia in violation of promises to not bring NATO to Russia’s front doorstep continues.  Syria demands the US stop bombing Syrian troops on behalf of violent Muslim radical jihadists.


The jihadists attacking Europe all go first to Syria and Libya to practice or learn their murderous skills as the most recent one, the evil man who blew himself up at a concert attended nearly totally by teen girls…this is the army of evil created by Obama and Hillary working as a team of murderous lunatics.

The London Daily Mail has a twist on the story about Russia, all of which comes, again, from spooks spying on Trump illegally, that the Flynn/Russia business was pushed by Kushner, not Flynn.  Of course, all the people leaking should be arrested and removed from this case.  If EVERYONE is leaking, then the case should be shut down and then reopened after the entire crew is removed.


All leaked information cannot be used at trial because it is now illegally in the news stream and thus, has made a fair trial impossible.

Another proof the entire case against anyone is now dead in the water.  A former FBI head has PREJUDGED based on illegally obtained information that could be true or false, to pass judgement.  This is totally wrong and his rush to the press to attack the President’s family based on raw rumor is…an attempt at a coup.


This is so utterly and totally illegal, it is insanely illegal and wrong and anyone falling for this is a fool for we have laws constraining the ability of prosecutors or police concerning spreading information BEFORE a trial or even an inditement is…unconstitutional in the extreme.


This is never mentioned in any articles written by employees of the Bilderberg gang, of course.  They lie about nearly everything these days so they might as well lie about a Constitutional crisis, right?


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6 responses to “Kushner Attacked By Media ‘Leaks’, FBI Investigation Is Now Unconstitutional

  1. A security source has told the Mail on Sunday the FBI told MI5 about Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber, in January, saying he was planning an attack in Britain. which happens to be yet another leak from that sieve of information.

    I do believe this is true because virtually all Muslim terrorists this last 20 years were known to the spook operations that spy on everyone.

  2. Claudeeyah

    Indeed, it is always interesting when the (((tribe))) turns on one of its own. We all remember Dominic Strauss Kahn, right? Or perhaps Bernie Madoff? They’re like vipers they turn on each other so quick. King of all Kings has got to be George Soros himself, who unabashedly turned Jews over to the Nazis after looting the living daylights out of them. That old bastard must have learned how to dance on the head of a pin pretty early on, seeing as how he is damn near close to 100 now. Only the good die young, as they say.

    When, oh when, will the chickens come home to roost? Hope I live to see the day, but then I am getting on in years and try to live inside of a good moral code.

  3. Petruchio

    “Trump’s son-in-law, Kushner, made deals in Saudi Arabia that pissed off the AIPAC/US Real Rulers no end so suddenly, right afterwards, he went from being their darling to being someone to utterly destroy” Why is this so? Because deep down inside, stripping away the surface BS, these people are nothing more than ultra spoiled rotten rich kids used to having everything going their way. And when it doesn’t go their way, they pout and sulk and throw temper tantrums–even if it means damaging their own self serving interests.

  4. ziff

    Brits letting IS guys return !!

  5. Um, the US is doing this too. All of them are doing this. The Bilderberg gang is international.

  6. Moe

    Kushner’s gotta go. At minimum Trump must relegate him to a minor role.

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