Portland OR Killer Wasn’t A Right Wing Trump Supporter, He Was Bernie Sanders Kid

Jeremy Christian | Facebook has been downloaded by 0nline sleuths.  It turns out that Jeremy is not a white racist, he is a Bernie Sanders supporter who was unemployable and living with fellow SWJs in Portland, Oregon.  I was at the hospital an hour ago and CNN was still peddling the ‘white right wing racist’ killer story, and now this new information shows that the killer of two black men was really the polar opposite.  Will this become news?  Since our news is heavily censored, I doubt it.


‘White Supremacist’ Portland Stabber Was A Bernie Supporter, Threatened to Kill Trump Supporters » Alex Jones’ Infowars: 

This doesn’t look like something a far right wing racist would post online, does it?  None of his postings look ‘right wing racist’.  Funny, how the far left loved to see Sanders as strong when he is very weak, he surrendered to nearly anyone who demanded it.  A total push over, even dumped his own voters at the last minute for a $2.5 million dollar bribe.

He was a druggie loser who talked openly about being violent.

Not one mainstream news is carrying this story.  They are, as per usual for propaganda regimes, staying silent about this or still lying about it.  I see story after story in mainstream news with names of reporters, sometimes three of them…and the refuse to do basic research before jumping to conclusions.


This is standard, of course.  And they have been doing this for generations now.  And they won’t stop, they are going to double down.


Here is a typical nasty story the mainstream news loves:  Princeton professor calls Trump ‘a sexist meglomaniac’ | Daily Mail Online reports.  This creature from the loony lagoon, is a black woman who looks so masculine, the reporter keeps saying ‘he’ rather than ‘she’.


Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor is a writer, public speaker and activist living in Philadelphia. She writes on Black politics, housing inequality and issues of race and class in the United States. She is the author of the forthcoming From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation, published by Haymarket Books in January 2016. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University. Follow her on Twitter: @KeeangaYamahtta.


This is what all those very high fees all students must pay today, goes towards.  I was astonished and furious when all the US universities decimated their language programs years ago.  They had all sorts of dumb excuses for this vandalism.


Then they all turned around and made up courses and degree programs that are either worthless or outright destructive.  Now, an army of ‘teachers’ are in these schools destroying students steadily.  These courses are set up to make students angry and confused and drives them to become more and more radical.


‘It’s not a benign observation, but has meant tragic consequences for many people in our country – from terror-inducing raids in the communities of undocumented immigrants to his disparaging of refugees in search of freedom and respite.’


This was the graduation speech.  Seems that all the graduation speeches were attacks on the President of the United States.  This sour puss attitude is getting out of hand and causing murder and mayhem.


Taylor, who is the author of ‘From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation’, suggested that political activism is the reason why the federal court has struck down Trump’s executive orders that restrict immigration from several Muslim-majority countries.


Yes, they didn’t rule based on anything legal, they just decided unilaterally that anyone can set immigration rules except for the President who is the one who is supposed to do this.


‘When Trump’s first illegal Muslim travel ban was attempted, thousands of ordinary people flooded the airports around this country,’ she said.  ‘And because of those protests, and the defiance they represented, that ban was stopped – not once, but twice.

‘It is not enough just to be outraged. Injustice has to actually be defied.’


The violent demonstrators attacking airports isn’t why the illegal aliens are being let in, a bunch of West Coast judges unilaterally did this based on zero precedent.


‘For millions of people, the status quo is increasingly intolerable. It gnaws away at the tiny threads that millions of people are hanging on to in their daily struggles to make ends meet.


‘Now is the time for defiance. Perhaps most importantly, we need hope.’


I wonder if this male/female is a recent immigrant?  Her name looks this way.  But then, she may be a full citizen.  Her opinion on immigration doesn’t match that of a huge number of citizens.  But she thinks she can dictate policies because she is special and we are Deplorables, of course.


Taylor, who has a doctorate from Northwestern University in African American Studies, said Trump has ’empowered an attorney general who embraces and promulgates policies that have already proven to have had a devastating impact on black families and communities.’


Looking at the black communities, it looks dreadful.  The schools that black children attend tend to be violent and produces few scholars ready for college, for example.  And all this, after 8 years of Obama sending his darlings to a very private, very expensive, mostly white schools.


He (HAHAHA, the reporter keeps slipping up about what sex she is) urged graduates to use their skills to improve the world for themselves and others.  ‘Fearless inventors and doers, the world needs you now more than ever,’ Lash said.


‘You can learn anything, invent what you need, build what you can imagine. You are the change.’


Highly unlikely for black students.  They are being funneled into funky programs like the classes taught by this…woman…and will enter the work force, ready to be put in prison due to being out of control, angry and irrational.


Hampshire College made headlines in 2016 when the school lowered its American flag to half-staff in respect of the violence happening across the country after Trump won the election in November.


The day before Veterans Day the flag was burned and later removed so that ‘racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors’ could be examined, according to Lash.


Tuition at the private college is roughly $49,000 a year.


It costs a fortune to go there to learn how to be stupid.


Keeanga-Yamahtta T. (@KeeangaYamahtta) | Twitter

Looks like not only far leftists but far rightists are physically fighting.  Naturally, CUNY would have a Muslim conservative woman as their prize speaker.  The entire left is pushing the ‘let’s oppress women’ theme like crazy.  This pisses me off greatly.  Good lord, I fought tooth and nail for my basic civil rights.

A last tid bit: yes, the transition was normal.  And Trump never was anti-Russia at any time and this is the #1 reason I said he was better than WWIII Hillary Clinton.  But all the mainstream media is peddling the ‘look at that Orthodox Jew!  He is a commie!’  Whoops.  I keep saying, they are aping McCarthy and this would be funny if it wasn’t so violently dangerous.


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8 responses to “Portland OR Killer Wasn’t A Right Wing Trump Supporter, He Was Bernie Sanders Kid

  1. Jim R

    Well I’m about to get upset
    From watchin’ my t.v.
    Been checking out the news
    Until my eyeballs fail to see
    I mean to say that every day
    Is just another rotten mess
    And when it’s gonna change, my friend
    Is anybody’s guess
    So I’m watching and I’m waiting
    Hoping for the best
    Even think I go to praying
    Every time I hear them saying
    That there’s no way to delay
    That trouble coming everyday
    No way to delay
    That trouble coming every day

    — Zappa

  2. KHS71

    “Jeremy is not a white racist, he is a Bernie Sanders”

    Are you trying to imply that he can not be a racist because he is a Bernie supporter? Anyone can be a racist; white, black, hispanic, asian, or middle eastern. Nobody is immune. We are all racist, bigoted, predjudiced, and bias.

  3. True, that, and no one is more racist than black power fanatics, trust me on this one!

  4. Gurrker

    I went to his Facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.christian.581). He is a batshit crazy and very angry individual. A year ago he was a Sanders supporter. I had to scroll through many, many postings in his account to get back to his Sanders support period . Follow the link and see for yourself how disturbed he is/was.

  5. Lou

    white racist,–White racist. fixed that. Whites are controlled by guilt.


  6. Jim R


    I’m not sure I care. Didn’t he also say “TASTES LIKE CHICKEN”?

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