‘Trump Acted Loud, Tacky Drunk Tourist’: State Department Clown Claims

Montenegro PM reveals how he felt to be ‘shoved’ by Trump – YouTube

Trump acted like a ‘tacky drunk tourist’ while abroad is the new media broadside coming supposedly from a ‘State Department official’.  OK: this is not a real news story, it is a naked attack.  IF an anonymous State Official said this to the media, he or she should be fired.  The article goes on to claim that the State Official is…worried about global warming!!!  HAHAHA.  Outside today, like much of this entire spring, it is very, very cold for this time of year and my heat is on again just like all but three days of the month of May…and these stupid people running Europe off the cliff as well as this ‘State Department official’ are screaming we will roast to death!


They are insane!  And my analysis of this event is, this evil man dissing the President behind his back is an Obama hold-over:


Donald Trump acts like a ‘drunk tourist’ who ‘steps on others without realizing it’ when it comes to diplomacy, a state department official has claimed after the president left a G7 Summit in Italy, in which he frustrated leaders in attendance.


Trump did not ‘act like a drunk tourist’ at all.  During the first visit to Saudi Arabia, he was all professional unlike Obama who bowed at the waist very deeply while shaking hands with the Saudi ruler.


This was astonishing at the time and I wrote about it in the past because it was an immense faux pass by Obama.  My parents did lots and lots of diplomacy during their lives and I grew up watching them and did my own ‘diplomacy’ over the years such as with the Chinese, for example.


Tiny moves and gestures are highly important.  With the Saudis, Trump had to change Obama’s subservience so he insisted they give him every single ‘diplomatic gesture’ including saluting him correctly, shaking hands the right way, his wife didn’t have to bow to the king but was treated like an equal by the king.


It was a diplomatic triumph!  The US media didn’t like this one bit and had to nit pick everything, as per usual.  Deliberately blind to how diplomacy works, they then mocked him for the opposite in Israel.


All our Presidents smooch and buddy buddy whoever is running Israel and the US, that is, our overlords.  They don’t want the sort of diplomacy needed with the Saudis, they crave for ‘we are your best buddies’ with the Presidents they dominate.


Trump’s performance in the last leg of his first international trip left other world leaders fuming with his stances on climate change, taxes and security. But it was his ‘arrogance’ in threatening to oppose the Paris Agreement that was ‘an abdication of American leadership’, the official said.


Hooray!  He is doing exactly what we wanted him to do: face down our insane NATO allies who are forcing US taxpayers and military to fight the ‘evil Russians’ which Europe supposedly fears!


He had to be ‘arrogant’ with these Bilderberg gangsters!  It is life and death for him.  He must defy them all.  His ‘arrogance’ against these clowns driving Europe to destruction is necessary.  If the EU populace want to be overrun by angry Muslim males and have WWIII with Russia, go right ahead, make my day.  Don’t demand we do all the fighting for these lunatics.


The official, who has not been named, said that the United States should be ‘out front’ when it comes the Paris Agreement.


This ‘official’ should be arrested for treason.   This namely fool wants us to have WWIII which is a war crime, and he wants to freeze ME to death which pisses me off greatly.


‘One hundred and ninety-five nations never agree on anything, so when they do, accepting the measure should be easy,’ the official said. ‘The United States needs to be out front on this pact.’


So, Trump is being attacked by a global warmist creep who thinks we should destroy America so he, the little baby, won’t be slightly warmer some day while hanging out at various vacation resorts.  To hell with him.


His administration has argued that US emissions standards are tougher than those set by China, India and others, and therefore have put American businesses at a disadvantage.


And he is 100% correct.  The EU exports to the US more than it buys from us like nearly everyone on earth.  He has to deal with this before we go bankrupt.  Bankrupting us due to one way trade with Asia is suicidal.  I have been yelling about this for many years.


Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who chaired the meeting, said the other six ‘won’t change our position on climate change one millimeter. The US hasn’t decided yet. I hope they decide in the right way.’


The EU leaders are suicidal.  It is plain as day.  They are all Bilderberg co-conspirators and they rule Europe via handing out welfare money like there is no tomorrow.  99% of the Muslims entering Europe have no jobs and get welfare and they hope to bankrupt the place and they will.


And Europe had epic freezes late this spring.  Much of the wine grape crops were severely damaged as far south as southern France and into Italy.  And it snowed three times in Saudi Arabia, an unheard of event.


Gentiloni said climate was ‘not a minor point’ and that he hoped the United States would decide ‘soon and well’ because the Paris accords ‘need the contribution of the United States’.


These leaders who are systematically destroying Europe are also insane.


‘I found him very willing to engage, very curious, with an ability and desire to ask questions and to learn from all his interlocutors,’ said Gentiloni, the G7 summit’s host.


Yes, he listened to them and then argued with them.  They are used to giving orders to the US citizens and forcing us via our ‘leaders’ to do as they say.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel was more downbeat, calling the G-7 climate talks ‘very unsatisfactory’.


Germany is being systematically destroyed by this communist ruler.  She now has total censorship on the citizens, arrests them when they fight the Muslim invaders and lets in terrorists.  I am amazed she is still running Germany but then Germany has a very nasty history of following leaders straight into hell.


The G7 leaders meeting in Sicily vowed to fight protectionism, reiterating ‘a commitment to keep our markets open’, despite the Trump administration’s talk of an ‘America first’ policy and continued criticism of Germany for its huge trade surplus.


HAHAHA.  The silly geese!  Oh, Germany has mainly one way trade with its trade partners!  And they want more of this poison which is killing them, they want us to drink this poison, too!  This is the definition of ‘suicidal’.


The G-7 summit came after Trump confounded hosts at NATO headquarters in Brussels earlier in the week.  The appearance was described as a ‘disaster’ by more than one European official.


With the leaders of America’s NATO partners standing like school children behind him, Trump upbraided them for not spending more on defence and repeated the charge that some members owed ‘massive amounts of money’ from past years – even though allied contributions are voluntary.


This tough meeting in stark contrast with the previous diplomatic events, was deliberate.  And the EU clown circus of Bilderberg gangsters went out of their way from the minute Trump arrived, to diss him with diplomatic gestures showing that they think he is below them.


That is, they paraded about deliberately to show him disrespect and then demand he bow to THEM, not the reverse.  He showed backbone and gave them their marching orders.


And he engaged in two alpha-male handshakes with France’s new 39-year-old President Emmanuel Macron, who seemed to get the better of Trump on both occasions.


HAHAHA.  Now the Europeans are sneering that dissing him was successful and they showed him, who is boss!  Below are news stories where the left claims Trump was pushed around and that this shows he is ‘weak’ when the reverse happened.

Epic Handshake after Emmanuel Macron ignores Donald Trump – YouTube

Montenegro PM reveals how he felt to be ‘shoved’ by Trump – YouTube


As they repeatedly would stand in front of Trump, ignore him, not defer to him at all, he used brute force to shove these idiots aside.  Since they disrespected him openly, he disrespected them openly and they deserved it, big time.


That was top diplomacy from finally, a President who understands the language of power politics.  The media giants, from day one, disrespected him openly, too.  This was obvious.  When they pretend Trump causes this, it shows desperation.


They know perfectly well, the language of diplomacy.  The EU leaders conspired during the election, that is Trump won, they would all openly disrespect him and they did.  They thought, when he came over this week, after half a year of them being very disrespectful, he would bow to them all and be their servant.


Instead, he bossed them around and even physically forced them to shake hands properly!  HAHAHA.  The French weasel tried to diss Trump during a hand shake, deliberately saving him for last but he snatched the limp cold fish hand and forced him to shake hands and futhermore, did, squeezed the little man’s hand so he winced.


I have played the handshake game all my life.  If someone is disrespecting me, I give a firm shake and a squeeze as a WARNING.  Yes, I worked mainly with men all my life, women being very scarce in my field of work, and know all the monkey tricks we evolved over the eons.


Trump’s first foray into international politics was a total triumph as far as I am concerned.  He did what he thought was necessary and he pissed off the Bilderberg gang totally which has me in stitches.  Bravo.


Oh, and they are going to kill him for this.  I suspect he knows this by now.






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21 responses to “‘Trump Acted Loud, Tacky Drunk Tourist’: State Department Clown Claims

  1. Petruchio

    George W. Bush routinely embarrassed himself when he travelled abroad as President. The media never said a word.

  2. Correct. My parents were severe with us about how to behave around their many foreign guests. Yes, we even had Saudi royals visit us at home! Trump knows extremely well, how to play the diplomacy game, he runs an international business, after all!

    He has frequently negotiated deals with foreign governments and is no fool about how this works.

  3. Claudeeyah

    Macron is a typical French girly man. I think he has an older woman fetish or perhaps is closeted gay? Watching that handshake display reminded me of a college sorority rush, like “Let’s ignore the new girl and maybe she’ll go away.” I wonder if it smelled bad, having such a large group of assholes in one place at the same time? Poor Trump had to suffer through their pompous silliness. I agree. His trip was a triumph.

    The press in this country completely ignores the very beautiful Melania Trump. They fawned over Jackie Kennedy, noting each outfit, each gesture, what she ordered for lunch. Same with Michelle Obama. The fashion world would make a killing making middle class Melania knockoffs for women who still want to look glamorous in their forties (and have the cash to do so). But no, making money is not important. And ratings be damned! Full speed ahead, full throttle! I have never seen such insanity in my entire life.

  4. What was very funny is how they today claim that Obama’s wife dresses impeccably (yikes!) and Trump’s wife doesn’t. Either they are blind or stupid or both…yeah, both.

  5. Moe

    Trump and Putin stickin’ it to these pompous, Marxist a**holes. Good on ’em.

  6. Claudeeyah

    While there is something very attractive in a somewhat muscular feminine physique, I have always preferred the slim, petite version, angular facial structure, for which Western European are well known. There is, perhaps, no finer version of beauty, to me, than a fair-skinned lass, blue, green, or brown round eyes staring quizzically up at you, daring you to say something to her. Think Audrey Hepburn in Charade’s opening sequence with Cary Grant. Or Grace Kelly, teasing Jimmy Stewart, as she rants on about her “box” ….ahem….from Tiffany….cough, cough.

    Now contrast that image with Rosie O’Donnell, Roseanne Barr, AND Michelle Obama. It’s enough to cause even the straightest man in the room to go limp.

  7. Jim R

    Jackie Kennedy was such an astonishing contrast to the previous first ladies. I even remember a little of that, although I was quite young.

    You had Eleanor Roosevelt … she was popular with progressives and all, but that face! And then Bess Truman stayed back in Missouri and wouldn’t even go to Washington. Mamie Eisenhower was a frumpy housewife, and sometimes wouldn’t even change out of her dressing gown.

    And then, all of a sudden, we had TV! And not too long after, color TV! And the Kennedys made their appearance! It must have been quite astonishing to people a little older, that were adults during that period.

  8. Claudeeyah


    Indeed it was, Jim R. My dad caught pnemonia the night Kennedy got shot. He already had a cold and high on cold medicine and some vodka, decided it would be a good idea to visit the Capital across the river from our home in Arlington

    Seeing the whole thing go down in everyone’s living room made everybody a part of it. Like you, I was much too young to take any of it all in at the time. But the Kennedy s ushered in a new era in American politics. No longer were the elite, Wasps, the only crew to be allowed admittance into “the club”. Hell, Eisenhower actually broke that mold in one respect. But a new day had dawned. Admit an Irish Catholic into “the club”, and their (((friends))) were close behind. There were comrades, of course, the Dulles brothers immediately come into mind. .

  9. What is beauty, anyways? Do understand, ‘ugly’ women are indispensable. They often are the ‘working class’ types who do vital work like cleaning up messes, big time.

    Do not look down on them! Some of the finest mothers are ‘ugly’ women! And some of the most hideous mothers on earth are ‘lookers’ and can fool one man after another while being super nasty to live with, trust me on this, first hand experience with all this.

  10. Claudeeyah


    Indeed. I meant absolutely no disrespect. My own mother was somewhat of a dead ringer for actress Janet Leigh. She had the quiet, unassuming beauty, which beckons to men of all sorts. Problem with my mom was, she was a functioning alcoholic. She could get quite cruel in a few seconds if she thought you had insulted her. But she was among the “jet set” of that era. Heavily adorned trophy wives, who sized each other up and down, whether they were aware of it or not.

    My younger sister suffered from this a great deal. Although “pretty – with good features”, she was not beautiful. My mom always regarded her more as a threat and less of a daughter. Don’t ask me for the reason.

    My mother was often times too ill consumed to deal with us kids. Throughout my childhood, she held no outside job and had maids in both Summer and Winter houses. And funny thing is, she was not a vain woman. Only very pretty. And she knew exactly how to handle men, who waited upon her beck and call.

    This is the power of beauty. I state it only as I have above. Nothing more and nothing less.

  11. Jim R

    My only point was that first ladies didn’t have to be pretty, before the era of TV. Some of them were, by historic accounts Dolly Madison was pretty.

    They were virtually all upper-class, because average slobs did not get far in politics, ever. But they did not need to be pretty.

    I think it’s great that we have an attractive first lady now. Good for geopolitics and domestic politics too.

    But the gnomes and trolls are furious beyond all sanity…

  12. Petruchio

    @#$ Elaine: you are asking and answering your own questions. Very efficient. On the down side, it prevents Petruchio from making a snarky remark about the MSM.

  13. Mewswithaview

    For first ladies look up Frances Cleveland.

  14. What is ‘beauty’…I asked this when only a child. I come from a family all over six feet tall, male and female and I was the 5’5 ‘midget’ and believe me I looked TINY next to these towering giants.

    All of my sister’s husbands, when divorced (two or three or so each) would go to me and say, ‘I wish I married you,’ but they opted for the looks and the crazy nightmare stuff instead.

    Men are so easy to fool.

  15. Petruchio

    @#15 Elaine: ya don’t fool me Elaine….

  16. Their husbands were all looney, too. 🙂

  17. Jim R

    Mews, thanks. I did not know about the Clevelands. The ones in the White House.

    Yes, Frances Cleveland was quite a beauty. She was quite fertile too.

  18. Our ‘allies’ have gotten used to ordering our ‘presidents’ around. Now, they do everything in their power to insult Trump and are pissed that he treats them, while they do this, like servants.

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