Putin In Paris: Macron Demands Putin Protect Gays From Chechnya Muslim Terrorists!

Right on the heels of the Bilderberg media in Europe howling like the demons they are in the Outerdarkness after Trump stomped on their collective toes, in comes the other side of the ‘screech and scream like little bitches’ personality problem for Europe: Putin, Macron have ‘open, frank exchange of opinions,’ discuss differences & common ground — RT News reports.  Oh, this isn’t in US media, of course.  Look at the twisted diplomacy of the newbie French President in diapers:


The French president admitted, however, that he has “some disagreements” with his Russian counterpart, but said that the two leaders discussed them openly in a “frank exchange of views.”


Did Macron cry, get his bottle and his tush wiped?  Putin had to hold to his most powerful self-control skills to not spank Macron.


Putin also said that the two leaders have some differences, but said that they view many issues in a similar way, and that French-Russian relations could be “qualitatively” improved.


HAHAHA…this juvenile delinquent imagines Putin doesn’t know every detail of the EU leaders (sic) desperately trying to put down and diss Trump?  And Merkel snarled, ‘Der dumme President vill obey me, ich bin die Bitch von Helle.’


“We sought … common ground [in dealing] with key issues of the international agenda. And I believe that we see it. We are able to … at least try to start resolving the key contemporary problems together,” Putin said.


He is being polite.  Europe openly said, they want WWIII with Russia.  Putin is now ready for this.  But then, this means killing all the illegal aliens destroying Western Europe.  Why bother with a war when one’s rivals are committing suicide?


The Russian leader went on to say that his talks with Macron helped the pair to find common points in dealing with major international problems, and the that two sides would try to further bring together their views on these issues.


Putin also invited his French counterpart to Russia, saying: “I hope that he will be able to spend several weeks in Moscow.”


Hooboy, I would love to see that.  I can predict how it will go.  Putin knows how to show off.  The French dude has what?  Maybe he can sell the Eiffel Tower to Putin before terrorists blow it up.


“No major problem in the world can be solved without Russia,” Macron told the press conference.


Why on earth didn’t this fool say this to Trump?  And say it to the US media giants who are a monster sized anti-Russia Red Scare hysteria machine right now?  Macron went on to say he basically supports the Russians in SYRIA.  Now he will be under sustained attack from US Zionist media machines.  Good luck with that.

Putin is prying apart NATO.  His sole reason to go to Paris after Trump warmed it all up, was to test out the new idiot running France and to his great surprise, this guy switches gears and supports Russia’s aims in the Middle East and in Europe!  Oh, this is going to be fun, fun, fun.  I wonder what Merkel is going to do.  Maybe expel all the Muslim males and send them to Paris?  Seriously.

Then there is this opposite news story.  HAHAHA.  He is trapped between two chairs here.  ALL media is ‘propaganda’.  The ‘truth’ lies in gaging ‘what happens next’ and ‘what motives does the media have to twist their reporting’ and comparing media across a broad spectrum which has become a waste of time in the  US since nearly all media now sounds exactly the same: INSANE.  They have lost their collective panties and are peeing all over the place, while wailing like babies.

This is the New York Time’s story, it took 2 reporters to write.  I am baffled at this excess of writers considering how shallow, ill-informed these articles are…really badly written.  So, the big news is, the gay Paree President of France and his elderly wife are very concerned about gay men in CHECHNYA???  Putin is the one killing the Muslim male radical mass murderers there who are the ones killing gays!


What is France going to do?  Send paratroopers into Chechnya to kill anti-gay Muslim radicals who Putin is fighting?  EH???  WTH?  All over Paris, gangs of Muslim males roam, attacking gays.  Mass murdering gays.  They do this here in the US, too!  And so, should Putin demand France and the US stop all these anti-gay Muslim mass murderers?  Good lord, this is insane.



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14 responses to “Putin In Paris: Macron Demands Putin Protect Gays From Chechnya Muslim Terrorists!

  1. Jim R

    Interesting little factoid about Moldova. . . squeezed in between Moldova and the Ukraine is the unrecognized (by the UN) country of Transnistria. It is ethnically Russian, left over from the Soviet collapse.

    The geopolitical tiddlywinks players in foggy bottom and Langley can have fun cutting its supply lines and isolating it from Europe. Leave it poor. And then screech about “Russian aggression” when Russia offers it any support.

  2. Mewswithaview

    Off topic – but something that may interest you.


    Click to access rauh_debtdeficits_36pp_final_digital_v2revised4-11.pdf

    It does appear that many local and state governments will go bankrupt.

  3. Seraphim

    The French have a word to describe the type: enculé (done in the ass/arse, buggered).
    What is more amusing is that Macron sounds like ‘maquerau’, pimp, but also man who lives on older (and uglier) women’s money. Mme Macron is quite rich.

  4. Pete

    “Maybe he can sell the Eiffel Tower to Putin before terrorists blow it up.”


    Macron is now sounding like Le Pen on Russia?

    Weird stuff

  5. floridasandy

    it is insane that macron at 15 got involved with a 39 year old woman. She would be arrested in America, and rewarded in France.

    I was interested to see how Mrs. Macron got so wealthy from the previous poster and found this:

    The newly retired Mrs Macron is independently wealthy — heir to the Trogneux chocolatiers family of Amiens, famous for macaroons. Customers used to boast of “les macarons d’Amiens”. Now they joke about “Les Macrons”.

    a Rothschild banker made good in France. haha

  6. Nani

    Macron cannot even protect french women. There are no-go zones in Paris where women are harassed and threatened by muslim men.

  7. Seraphim

    This was David Pujadas, the anchorman on France 2’s weeknight newscast, ‘Le Journal de 20 Heures’, who was unceremoniously removed the next day after the ‘victory’ of the Maquerau boy.

  8. Moe

    Putin is one of the few leaders on the planet actually doing something about eradication of terrorists. WTF is Macron doing? And why would Macron emphasize saving gays? (Rhetorical question: he’s obviously very ‘conflicted’).

    I love this quote from Putin: “To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to Him is up to me.”

    I can visualize Eastwood’s (Dirty Harry) Callahan saying this! Or alternatively, Putin stating: “Go ahead, make my day.”

  9. Claudeeyah


    The French BEGGED for Macron, so they, like their German counterparts, deserve everything they get. If it were not for people like me who voted for Trump, we would be suffering the same fate as Europe. And maybe there was a great deal of voter fraud. Nevertheless, the French should have taken to the streets when Marie Le Pen lost. Ironically, the last soul to stand up for France and saved it was not a man but a WOMAN. For that she got burned at the stake. As they say, you cannot fix stupid.

    Nani, you have a really good sense of what is going on over there. What say you, my friend?

  10. Claudeeyah

    “To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to Him is up to me.”

    That there, Moe, is solid GOLD! I am stealing it and thanks for sharing! There is a man with BALLS in Europe, and his name is Putin! Here’s hoping for a bromance between Putin and Trump.

  11. Claudeeyah

    About the election in France, as Elaine pointed out, the French, which is now made up of a lot of old people on pension, as well as an inordinate amount of Muslims who refuse to work for a living, the promises of “free goodies” made Macron, a likely homosexual, their new president. Like in this country, the negroes and people who feel the government exists to “save us and provide for us”, Hillary just might have got into office. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear her agonize over losing. You can read it in alternative news sites. “I really beat them (Trump and Sanders)!”

    ahem….no you didn’t, you miserable, dried up, dirty c*nt! You cheated, and despite being surrounded by fellow pit vipers who are doing your evil bidding, you still, oh, how shall I say it delicately…..LOST! You pathetic loser!

    There are some who feel sorry for you, seeing as how you are suffering a long, agonizing death from what appears to be Parkinson’s disease….but not me. I rejoice whenever I hear you hack up half of your lungs, knowing that in the afterlife you will suffer immeasurably for your evil wickedness. And the rest of your followers, stupid as they may be, will weep at your grave. But not me. I will only mourn the fact that I can no longer see you suffering on this earth, you evil woman!

  12. Moe

    @11 Claudeeyah

    Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel! 🙂

  13. Seraphim

    @why would Macron emphasize saving gays? (Rhetorical question: he’s obviously very ‘conflicted’)
    It was well known:
    “Mr Macron unexpectedly turned up on Monday at a local Paris meeting of activists from his En Marche (On the Move) movement and laughed off the persistent rumours of a homosexual relationship with Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet”.@http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/07/emmanuel-macron-laughs-gay-affair-rumours/

    “A Danish politician has been accused of homophobia after referring to Emmanuel Macron a “pretty little gay boy” during a television debate”@http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/danish-politician-emmanuel-macron-pretty-little-gay-boy-soren-krarup-homophobia-peoples-party-tv-a7727581.html.


  14. He should marry Merkel. 🙂

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