South Orange Jr. High Students Are Very Rude In DC, Makes News

Paul Ryan Gets Pissed At Kid For Dabbing In Congress Photo: here is another brat dissing a politician from my kid’s former school, sticking his arm up in a rude way in the face of someone who was posing for a photo op for him!


The school where I had to remove my youngest child from because the principal was a weak liberal who believed that punishing minority children was evil so they were all allowed to openly disrespect him in his face…have made the news this week due to many of the children touring Congress in DC…openly disrespecting a Republican Congressman.


The mainstream media and the people who posted the video on You Tube to mock the GOP, are all saying that the children misbehaving are fantastic, isn’t it great!  The mainstream media even said, ALL the children were bratty, not just half.  They lie about nearly everything, even small, goofy stories, they just have to lie about it.


I used this story from alternative, real news because of the open bias of mainstream fake news: Paul Ryan Divides Eighth Grade Class over Photo – Breitbart


A group of eighth-grade students from a New Jersey middle school was divided over whether or not to take a picture with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) on their class trip to Washington D.C. Thursday.


Of course, in the mainstream news that lies about everything, the ‘reporters’ claimed falsely that all the students openly mocked the head of the House but it was just half of them did it which doesn’t surprise me, I used to live in South Orange and decided it was not a good place for my children to go to school.


The approximately 200 students from South Orange Middle School had the option to take a photo with the speaker on their class trip, but half the class sat out of the photo, citing disagreements with Ryan’s politics, WLS reported.


“I don’t want to be associated with a man who puts his party before his country,” Matthew Malespina, 13, told the Washington Post. “I don’t like to take a picture with somebody that I can’t associate with.


This obviously bright child is also a mirror of his parents.  That is, when Democrats are acting totally pro-party to the point of open revolt and making up illegal excuses for why they are losing elections, making up stories about how Russia runs our elections now, of all things…also believes that they are clean, good people who are not heavily partisan.


This reminds me why house values in South Orange are falling in comparison to other towns further away from Newark.


Malespina joined approximately 100 of his fellow students in the parking lot across the street from the U.S. Capitol while the rest of his class joined Ryan for the photo.


Oh, how gleeful the liberals are with their darling children!  They teach them to be obnoxious and rude and trust me, they are very obnoxious and rude.  My own beloved children became…very obnoxious and rude while living there and when I moved them out, they returned to normal after some epic battles and them telling me I was a horrible person to ask them to behave properly.


Now, they are known for being very, very nice people at work and in their neighborhoods!  Whew, a close call there.


South Orange nearly destroyed my eldest child, it did utterly destroy, that is, killed some of her best friends.  It was scary, watching this happen.  My youngest child’s best friend (who is a fine, intelligent black child) wasn’t allowed into the South Orange schools and this was way back in 1986!  He went to a private school.


If anyone wonders where the SJWs come from, they are children who go to school with children like the rude ones in this story.  They are taught to be rude by their parents.  At South Orange, for example and one of the reasons I wanted to get out of there, fast, my Junior High daughter went to the home of one of the richest families there and their daughter raided their high octane booze cabinets and got her so drunk, I had to take her to the emergency room.


I then paid a visit to the parents.  I told them what happened.  They refused to believe me.  Their very drunk daughter (age 12) staggered into the room and told her parents, I was lying.  I told them to take her to the hospital, she was very drunk.


They yelled at me that I was lying.  The little darling smirked as they told me I was evil and stupid and better not bother them again.  I wonder if this poor child is still alive, today?  I really don’t want to know, actually.  It is all too sad and horrible.


My own daughter won’t touch booze today.  She had to enroll in an anti-drug/booze group and did very well with it but then, she was no longer in the environment where this was a problem.


Rich suburban kids are now growing up inside this culture of self-destruction.  They are filled with arrogance, are taught to be rude and then go into the university systems which they are now openly destroying rapidly and then they hit that reality brick wall and discover they are really uncivilized and brain damaged.  So very sad, isn’t it?


Oh, for everyone’s entertainment, here is a video of a very bad date a man had with an entitled woman.  Seems that she thought this near-stranger would happily spend over $100 on a dinner date so she could take most of the food, have it packaged up for her, to take home to THREE children she had not bothered to tell her date about…she sounds like my neighbors in South Orange.

Dinner Date With a Nasty Gold Digger MGTOW – YouTube


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22 responses to “South Orange Jr. High Students Are Very Rude In DC, Makes News

  1. Claudeeyah

    I once asked my mother what she thought of a girl who would marry a man for his money. Her two word response, verbatim: “Not much.”

  2. Petruchio

    “Oh, how gleeful the liberals are with their darling children! They teach them to be obnoxious and rude and trust me, they are very obnoxious and rude.” I can’t agree with a comment more than this one! I have experience in a work environment with these type of kids. Absolutely NO people skills. The tiniest insult to them or their sense of entitlement IMMEDIATELY triggers anger and hostility. There is an extremely harsh double standard that these uber spoiled rotten kids live by. They can insult and be rude to you and you must not complain AT ALL. But these very same kids go ‘nuclear’ in their reaction to YOUR insult to them, no matter how slight or even unintended this said “insult” was given. I don’t think a person could design a more hideous person than the kids of today.

  3. Claudeeyah


    It really has much to do with breeding and upbringing. Money (in excess) is a curse when it comes to raising children. Entitlement makes even the most loving child become a complete monster. The recent antics of the Hilton spawn, Conrad, is a case in point. I will note that the US press has kept most of his recent escapades out of the light of day. I learned via Daily Mail that the little sprig has been incarcerated (and released on large bail) for, among other things, stalking and violating his former girlfriend’s restraining order.

    His parents, heirs to the Hilton fortune, apparently could not care less about the devastation their child has wrought upon the world. They pay his way out of every single jam he himself causes. I see him as a corpse before he reaches the grand old age of 30.

    On the other hand, cousins of mine who grew up in relative poverty (compared to my own upbringing) became wildly successful, kind, caring, Christian adults who contribute to society and actually resolve important problems in our world. A more loving, caring, kind people you could never imagine- and yet they started with absolutely nothing.

  4. floridasandy

    Did I miss something? I didn’tsee anything in the video other than the kid says he was going to sneeze

    that happens.

    there are really bratty kids out there, but they are NOT the majority. Kids around here do car washes, fundraisers for the sick, pick up trash on the side of the road, and other assorted nice deeds. They would probably walk me across the street if I let them 🙂

    the bad kids are just attention seekers, and the good kids have sufficient self confidence that they don’t need the attention.

  5. Moe

    The congressman’s kid lied about the sneeze when he realized his gesture wasn’t going to be construed by Ryan as ‘cool’. It was a dab. And it was a dumb dab: the kid looked like a spastic nerd.

    Congressman Marshall assured Ryan in a later Tweet that: “Just so you know, he’s grounded.”

    Cam Newton performed a dab in 2015 after a touchdown against the Titans that was interpreted by the opposing Chiefs as ‘in your face’. And it was.

    By the way, this is ‘old news’, as is the now defunct ‘dab’. Happened in January this year.

  6. Claudeeyah

    This is what happens when adults act like children. This is the silliest god d*amned thing I have heard of in my life…..and I have lived a very long time.

  7. Moe

    What’s missing in a fraction of the populace is a sense of propriety. Children must be trained to be aware of and sensitive to the significance and import of the moment and act accordingly. People like this kid Cal either haven’t been sufficiently introduced to the concept, are indifferent to it, or overwhelmed by a culture that frequently promotes aberrant behavior.

    Floridasandy, IMO opinion is correct in stating that there are good kids out there too. But I suspect there are fewer of them then in previous generations.

    Better sit back and learn to enjoy the collapse.

  8. Claudeeyah

    @ Moe

    Better sit back and learn to enjoy the collapse.

    As long as it’s not happening on my front lawn! (images of Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino).

    My late grandfather (who died around 1950) used to call ’em “snot nosed kids”. As obnoxious as teenagers were then, you can multiply that by about 1000.

  9. floridasandy

    that is why it is so important to choose where you are going to live

    some areas have better kids, I would guess.

    never heard of dabbing:)

    not exactly OT, the democratic rep from Eagle Pass, Texas threatened to punch a republican rep for calling ICE. (story on zero hedge)

    this democrat’s town is a town you wouldn’t want to live in:,_Texas#City_of_Eagle_Pass_gasoline_card_theft_and_fraud

    probably a lot of crooks and a lot of illegals.

  10. floridasandy

    also interesting from zero hedge, evergreen kids still acting up:

    what person in their right mind would hire a graduate from that school? seriously?????? that is a babysitting school, no more.

  11. Claudeeyah


    It don’t matter, cuz I gotsa muh kawlidge degree ‘n sheeit! The world will undoubtedly be a better place without those meddlesome white folk imposing all dem YT standards n’ sheeit. So rayciss! We wuz kingz and invented space travel fore YT stole it from uz….Gnome sane?

  12. ziff

    hah MGTOW , worst acronym evah , but another world has risen

  13. They now want to have the persons who posted and promoted the videos of their temper tantrums…ARRESTED because he or she exposed them to ridicule, I kid you not.

  14. Jim R

    I suppose you’ve seen the video of that woman holding a simulation of a bloody disembodied Trump head …

    Just think what the ‘news’ would have said if someone had brandished a shrunken Obama head on a stick eight years ago.

  15. Petruchio

    Speaking of ‘snot nosed’ kids. I have noticed an interesting contrast between College Grads and their non College Grad peers. By a fairly wide margin, it is the NON College Grads who are much more maladjusted than their College Grads peers. Why? The non College Grads haven’t gotten their Dose of Reality yet; the College Grads have. The College Grad graduates from College–usually with a HUGE Student Loan–only to discover the only job they can get is a job where there is ABSOLUTELY no need for the jobholder to have a Degree. This is a Dose of Reality that is very difficult to misinterpret. The non College kids haven’t gotten their Wake up call–yet, but they will. In the meantime, these spoiled rotten brats will go around thinking that the World has to be EXACTLY as they think it should be. These are the kids with lots of attitude and no people skills. These are also the kids who, in the workplace are the Hard A##es. They still think that if they work hard, everything is gonna be alright; if they are just good little brown nosers, things will work out. The non College Grads know better than that. Those outrageous monthly Student Loan payments–that you can’t even discharge through Bankruptcy (Thanks George W. Bush, you a##hole)–will do that to you. Lastly of course, I fault Mommy and Daddy, who never thought it proper to discipline the kids. The old saying is, “Spare the Rod and spoil the child”. I’m not sure about Corporal Punishment, but it IS important to teach a kid from Right and Wrong.

  16. In 1973, my big ‘wake up call’ was to learn my entire degree program was utterly dead across the entire country. I had to exit fast and on top of that, I wasn’t supposed to be able to have children and…I got pregnant.

    I was determined to have my child alone, if necessary, because I and my doctor thought this might be my only chance but I had no job because I couldn’t work in the computer chip program anymore due to being pregnant and the city of Tucson condemned my entire neighborhood to be destroyed and…I had a terrible dream of a fighter plane crashing into my home.

    Which one did two years later! But the next day, I packed my bags and fled.

    I had to ‘grow up’ very fast that is, find a new career and I sort of fell into construction/landlord business in NYC. All the other students in my career field in the US were shoved overboard and many of them struggled badly, I landed on my feet.

    The students today aren’t seeing degree programs nosedive, they are TOOLS of the schools and their teachers who need endless students to study for virtually no real jobs aside from replacing ‘teachers’ who are retiring.

    No one at the top are explaining this or trying to stop the carnage. Every teacher has to have at least 30 students a semester and the job openings for many of the liberal arts students are around 1 to 5 a year and the math is obvious.

    Most have no hope of using their ‘training’ except in various odd corners. In Hollywood, for example, if you learn about movie making, if you have no connections and don’t have totally awesome talent, you won’t even get a toe in the door.

    There are film schools everywhere. We (my circle of friends) got to know Lucas of Star Wars fame when he was just starting off and we all decided he had two things: awesome talent and a vision of what he wanted to do. We voted him the best future film maker at our festival which was way back in 1972.

    He made it. We were very happy for him.

    But the chances of this happening is one in a million and every year, hundreds and hundreds of ‘film making’ degree students hit the street and hit the financial wall that enslaves them. Lucas didn’t have a mountain of student debt when he began his career and I would also say, he was intelligent enough to teach himself everything but a few details in the first place for he played with cameras of various sorts since early childhood and was playful about all this, that is, he loved greatly, doing what he was doing.

    Then there is the stuff about the great computer inventors/designers: DITTO. I believe nearly all of them dropped out of school early. I never graduated from either high school or college but I began my new life of making money in NYC the hard way: making mistakes and learning from them, making friends with men who made money in the area I was involved in, making political connections because you get strafed down by government agents if you don’t take control of them.

  17. Lou

    More college ‘teachers’ are female.
    Check Evergreen State roster.

    And more and more classes will not help students in getting a job.
    Indeed, many of the classes do not challenge the student to do some critical thinking. And thats the point, brainwashing.

  18. Petruchio

    I have told this story before, but I’ll repeat it here. The son of a family friend went out and got a B.A. Degree. Then he (yes it was a him. A white male in fact) went and got a Law Degree. A Four year degree and a J.D. Degree. All that Student Loan debt. And what job did he get for all this? A job driving for the City Bus Service. This story pretty much says it all. BTW Elaine: I hear your home state, New York is the first State to offer tuition free College to residents. True?

  19. Yes, they want to bankrupt the state. They nearly did it in the late 1970’s. Boy, was that fun! Not. This is why I was forced to form my own police force, we had nothing, all city service were in full collapse.

  20. Lou

    I know a Chinese woman with an MBA from ‘U of Redlands’ and she said that it was a worthless degree.
    ‘It has to be from top 10 MBA schools to help with a career, I found this out too late’.

    I have taken classes in Counseling, Business, Sociology, Education and found the classes, well, rather weak.

  21. It isn’t just because of what school you go to, it is who you SMOOZE with while in school, make buddies, get introduced to the Big Shots, etc. This is why being part of a fraternity is highly important, etc.

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