80 Killed, Many Injured In Successful Terror Attack Kabul Center

At least 80 killed in Kabul blast; 2 Japanese embassy staff among 320 injured – Japan Today covering the news overseas that is barely on the radar in the US.  Russian news had this as a top top story.  Below, I show were it was on US mainstream big time operations at the NY Times and Washington Post.  It is amazing, what is ‘news’ in the US media giants.  Trash, for the most part.


The mainstream media has pronounced RT News as ‘fake news’ but look at them today, these critics of Russia:

The New York Times

Nothing on the main page at the NYT and it is rock bottom in a little side box at the Washington Post.  But a BIG editorial there is hilarious:

I suppose Jewish women think nothing of slanging heads about while shrieking after dancing for the head of John the Baptist. Salome Finale – YouTube

I bet Miss Rosenberg knows how to behead people.  She crawls out of the Pit of Hell with the head and begins to sing to it, caressing it and hugging it, covered with blood, no?


HAHAHA…demons, devils and total evil…this is our media giants at work.  In the opera,  Salome is crushed to death by angry soldiers.

The Washington Post’s editors and staff think this is funny stuff, no?  This is so entertaining.  I forgot: Salome was EVIL.  And horrible.  And insane.  Like our media giants!


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7 responses to “80 Killed, Many Injured In Successful Terror Attack Kabul Center

  1. Lou

    ‘SUCCESSFUL’–I call it ‘deadly’.

  2. Petruchio

    No surprise here. News filtering and propaganda is what the MSM does. It’s strange. The MSM seems to be missing an important fact about Propaganda. People have to believe the propaganda for it to be effective. The owners of the MSM don’t seem to care if anybody believes them or not.

  3. They are throwing a massive temper tantrum because the voters voted against the Bilderberg gang main plans.

  4. floridasandy

    the reason the media doesn’t want to cover these stories is that it is often Muslim on Muslim crime. The attack comes during Ramadan, which is the time of atonement.

    when you are pushing the “let these people into your country because they are part of the religion of peace” it kind of falls apart right there.

    what they count on is people not reading history and not understanding it. I’m not sure the media people read anything but each other now for their stories. Stay tuned for another day of Kathy Griffin stories.

  5. Every hour the Kathy Griffin story is front page news, it hurts the Democrats. She and her evil buddies and supporters look worse and worse. The latest cycle showed them all (the celebrities!) attacking Trump’s child in a very nasty way, these creeps pretend they love children and humans and hate Trump because he is mean.

    Yet they show themselves as the meanest, cruelest people on earth. The dissonance is amazingly glaringly loud.

  6. Moe

    Margolis on Trump’s Saudi Trip

    “Iran has the freest political system in the Mideast except for Israel. Iranian women have rights and political freedoms that are utterly unknown in Saudi Arabia. Iran just held a fair and open national election in which moderates won. Compare this to Saudi Arabia’s medieval Bedouin society.”


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