Racist Grad Student Oman-Reagan Demands All White Men Be Eliminated

Michael (@OmanReagan) | Twitter account is full of SJW rhetoric. This SJW ‘teacher’ is a grad student still.  He hopes to land a job at some university where he can sit pretty and bloviate about everything while no one can touch him.  He is so bold in this little plan, he openly threatened the President of the USA in public and then got a little visit from the Secret Service.  I wish they would arrest him and dippy actresses who every week, threaten to kill Trump.  But no, they get to roll on and on and on, committing treason by publicly urging their followers to commit grave crimes.

Anthropologist Says “White Genocide” is a “Good Plan” » Alex Jones’ Infowars:


Oman-Reagan is a Vanier Scholar and Ph.D. candidate in the department of anthropology at Memorial University of Newfoundland.
“White genocide and why it’s a good plan,” tweeted Oman-Reagan, before going on to list a number of reasons why he thought the elimination of an entire race was progressive.


Genocide is genocide.  The President of South Africa is toying with ‘kill all whites’ race crimes, too.  Anyone can do race crimes.  But in the US and Canada, people get away with demanding race wars if they are saying ‘kill all whites’.  This is utterly wrong and is backfiring badly.


That is, many say, ‘OK, you jerks want a race war, we will give you a real race war.’  I know from my own rural world, everyone is armed to the teeth and most are good hunters.  Since the black people this professor thinks are his best buddies are also armed and used to killing people, he thinks they will win with hunters who are used to stalking and then zeroing in, not spraying bullets.


On top of this, the foolish white male like all SJWs thinks that HE won’t be ‘eliminated’.  This level of insanity is scary when we see this creature of hate is now teaching students as he is a grad student.


He is certain he won’t be arrested and his career dead because he is posting racist hate speech of the worst sort.  He is proud of this!  And he doesn’t know until probably by the end of today, that his hate speech has basically ended his career.  He will be infamous for being a Hitler lover that is, Hitler killed people he hated for racist reasons and so would this clown if he had Hitler’s powers.


Department of Anthropology | Michael Oman-Reagan


In Progress, Ph.D., Anthropology; Memorial University of Newfoundland

2013, M.A., Anthropology; Hunter College, City University of New York

2013, B.A. summa cum laude, Anthropology, Religion, & Thomas Hunter Honors Program; Hunter College, City University of New York

Research Interests:
Space, the Interstellar, Astrobiology, Science, Futures, SETI, Speculative Fiction, Social Movements, Religion, Art. Scandinavia; Internet, Cyberspace, Virtuality; Indonesia; North America; Space.




He even thinks Venezuela which is collapsing totally and very violently, is OK and no one is rioting there and no one is starving there, etc.  Delusional to the end, he is total SJW and should be blacklisted, at the very least.  I wonder if he will be fired by his present ‘school’?


Naw.  They think violent fascism is OK.  So long as you hate white men and want to murder them.  Here is another disgusting story of a woman actress who is doing the ‘Spirit Cooking’ garbage with a fake Trump head.  She is part of the Hollywood black magic obscene practices.


Kathy Griffin ‘cuts off Trump’s head’ in outrageous stunt’I went too far’: Kathy Griffin apologizes for posting a video of Trump’s ‘severed head’ on social media after Secret Service suggests she will be investigated for threatening the president.

Kathy Griffin and Trump’s Head – YouTube


So far, as I look at videos, the people commenting on You Tube don’t notice that this evil woman is part of a filthy black magic coven.


Illuminati Stars Attend MOCA Spirit Cooking Gala (Very Satanic) – YouTube

I  have literally battled this coven which has existed before my birth and which tried to get my mother involved only my father pulled her free from them so they attacked me when I was only 5 years old.


They are PURE EVIL and everything they do is an open door to me, I can ‘feel’ when they are poking around and they were very, very active during the election and up to today and this ‘photo shoot’ wasn’t accidental or out of nowhere.  It was pure Spirit Cooking black magic and the actress was happy to do it.


Her eyes are DEAD.  She is possessed by a demon.  She needs an exorcism.  These monsters rape children and I know this first hand.  These idiots don’t know they are being Watched by the Watchers and everything they do is recorded.  They imagine that their powers will grow but it is really fading, they are hitting a wall, for now anyone with brains can find out who they are and what they are doing.


What annoyed me years ago when I was a child was how stupid this all is.  For the year I was raped, I was hit by my first lightning bolt.  This is how I got to ‘see’ the Watchers as they really are on the other side of the Gates of Death.  These fools think no one is going to destroy them but they will be destroyed for they have become inhuman.  They want to play with satanic rituals, they will get what they want in spades: WWIII.


They will drag down massive numbers of humans with them as they fall.  These deranged people sucked in one of my sisters who was on Star Trek and she tried to behead Gene Roddenberry many years ago and I had to put her in a mental institution after her arrest.


They drive people insane!  They are insane!  They are furious that One of Them was locked out of the White House and they intend to destroy anyone from the outside and will use every tool: movies, tv shows, news media, popular music…to enslave, delude, lure, corrupt and destroy their audience.  Now, they let in millions of angry Muslim males who deliberately go to Illuminati style events (rock concerts which are about sex and being crazy) to butcher young people as HUMAN SACRIFICES.


This is why all the Illuminati/Bilderberg gang entertainers are all yelling, they will have bloody, sex driven music shows to ‘defy’ the Muslims in memory of the latest young female victims, when this is all black magic and these same performers are all saying openly, they want MORE Muslim males to invade and we will ‘defy’ them by celebrating open black masses of various sorts and then…more blood all over the place while the performers celebrate the potency of their black magic: it needs blood of innocent ones.


This makes me so sick to my stomach.  Grrr….the dangers this is to the rest of society cannot be ignored, they want to kill, literally, several BILLION humans and need power over Russia, China and the US nuclear missile systems to do this.

Night On Bald Mountain—this was made in Hollywood back when my mother was being stalked by the Crowley Coven there. – Fantasia (1941) (Theatrical Cut) – YouTube


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26 responses to “Racist Grad Student Oman-Reagan Demands All White Men Be Eliminated

  1. Duski

    As much as I decided to try to disconnect myself from sensing all of that, it can’t be helped; I too feel things stirring up. Sigh… only question is which will happen first, will those responsible crash & burn before they burn billions of humans with them or will we all burn.

    Funny lyrics here, for example, plenty of room for drawing your own conclusions:

    And the real waken up frightened face at the end. I think she gets it, but can’t say it aloud.

  2. Moe

    Quote: “That is, many say, ‘OK, you jerks want a race war, we will give you a real race war.’ ”

    Bring it on: a race war is better than continuation of these constant attacks on the populace and the ‘officially’ supported influx of Muslims.

    Perry is losing it. She is more delusional by the day. What’s with all the pastel colors in her recent videos?

  3. Melponeme_k

    The worst thing about those Spirit Cooking “shows” is that I’m sure 90% attending probably thought it was one big joke. They were there to schmooze. Even though they didn’t know it, they provided the mojo for the real 10% to work their crazy at the “private” party. When judgment comes, they will be treated the same as the real black magic ones and I doubt that they will understand why.

    Was Parsons a part of this crowd? I’m telling you when I found that video of his ex-girlfriend working magic, the fact that she was almost an exact twin of your mother and had the same name scared the wits out of me. They call her an “artist”, just like they call that Abramovic woman.

  4. Griffin’s looking pretty anorexic in that pic!

  5. Moe

    Griffith: what a hosehead. Why aren’t these people being arrested? No way is it ‘free speech’ to advocate the death of a president.

    Breitbart on Griffith


  6. Even Mark Dice didn’t notice she was doing a black magic ‘spirit cooking’ event.

  7. Lou

    #6–I didnt watch, but in seeing that picture I thought, ‘Spirit Cooking’–it is so obvious.
    Check the LACMA event for Abramovich with the male models under the tables, with their heads visible.

  8. Lou

    #1–Perry [who fought to buy the convent and house associated w Manson killings] HAS A MUCH WORSE ONE.
    It is ‘Bon Appetite’–she is so disgusting.


  9. Lou

    They will drag down massive numbers of humans with them as they fall–
    Katy puppet Perry being at the lead.

    Elaine, what do you know about links or similarities between Kabbala and Masons-satanists?

  10. ziff

    Beheadings eh ? apparently Griffin is an ISIS girl .

  11. Melponeme_k


    What Kabbala and the elite groups (such as Masons) use is information about our world. According to many popular “theorists” such as David Icke, Stewart Swerdlow and Marc Passio, our world is not solid. It is built on frequencies.

    The symbols the elites use in their films, tv, music and company logos represent the frequencies they want us to use. These mess with our minds (mind control) while we are taking part in the “earth” frequency as we simultaneously build this reality. Yes, we are all building this reality right now, at this moment.

    You see the elite can’t build the world they want without our help and our acceptance. The cosmic justice is very strict. Just because we don’t understand their hints doesn’t let us off the hook if we all agree to something bad (wars). In fact the elite use the “revelation of the method” because they think they will get away scott free from consequences.

    Back to frequencies. Kabbala has named the sound frequencies which believers think make up the name of god. These sound frequencies run through everything and everyone. Each planet, star system etc has their own sound frequencies. This is what Pythagoras called the Harmony of the Spheres. What Astrology is, is symbolically representing the sound of the chord playing when you or I or anyone else was born. Except that most people don’t know the real sound of their frequency. Why? Because the astrology tables have been perverted to only track by the earth seasons (Tropical) not by the actual placement of the stars which have shifted.

    Many occultists believe that not only do we have a birth chord, but a death one as well. If you can find the correct chord, you can destroy anything and anyone. Like a Soprano hitting a high note and cracking glass.

  12. All this has very ancient roots. Look at the Bible: God is a MASS MURDERER ENTITY. And how did Jesus fare? He had to be tortured and killed to become a ‘god’.


  13. Melponeme_k

    “Look at the Bible: God is a MASS MURDERER ENTITY.”

    This is where it gets freaky. Because then we have the Gnostics and other breakaway sects stating that the God of the Old Testament wasn’t the REAL god. It is something called the Demiurge or Lord Archon. This entity tricked us into thinking it was God and then uses our God given powers to create this reality. This is the being we call Lucifer or Satan…whatever. That is the entity the elites worship.


    There is a good short story written by JRR Tolkein about the concept of the Kabbalah/frequencies. It is called the Ainulindale in the Silmarillion. In that story, Tolkein’s fictional god and his angels sing existence into being. But the devil equivalent decides to hijack the song to create his own desires.

  14. Moe

    CNN dumps Griffin. Even Anderson Cooper dumped on her.

    Wow! If CNN can’t stand the heat for dissing Trump, nobody can.


  15. Tolkien was a Catholic like his friend, Lewis, and both were depressed by their histories of their imaginary worlds. Both became fatalists as they aged.

    This happens to ‘god’ that create ‘worlds’ and then populate these with entities which they cannot control and which have their own ‘lives’ which is why many authors struggle as they get pulled deeper and deeper into their story systems. Look at the utter dark Harry Potter later books, for example.

  16. Melponeme_k

    I thought Lewis was a Catholic too. But he wasn’t. He was an Anglican. But both men held Alchemy near and dear to their hearts. Hence, Narnia and Lord of the Rings are quite the same.

    There are some that claim that Tolkein was influenced by the Neoplatonists. He was one of the few scholars of ancient languages who could read their texts some of which were squirreled away in Oxford (like Gandalf in the huge library of Minas Tirith). Lord of the Rings was a direct reference to the god Saturn.

    Rowling was a red hot mess. Unlike the aforementioned men, she claimed to be Christian, seemed to have been influenced by Calvinism but seemed to have no religious philosophy. Then she hammered Alchemy on top of that confusion. No wonder the books were a mess.

  17. Sorry, I should have checked, you are right. I know Tolkien was becoming sadder as he aged, we even corresponded way way back in 1964.

    His books spoke very much to me when I was growing up, like Issac’s SF books, it was like they were written for me, personally.

    The ring being pure evil due to ‘vanishing’ was a powerful idea for me, as I grew up. Tolkien showed how that ‘power’ was so destructive, it was a fine lesson to learn. He taught me about good and evil.

  18. Mewswithaview

    The Leftists in CNN are offended at her appropriating Islamic culture. sic.

  19. Duski

    Oh, I did not realize Katy Perry was THAT deep into there… well, now I know why she seemed to know too much in that one video. Oh well, just the reason why I long ago decided to offtune myself.

    I literally tried to tune myself in spiritually in my youth and got some small revelations about future, and then once felt I was told something like this: You can go deeper, but you gamble / risk / wager (at least) your sanity. Will you proceed? And I thought, no, it’s not worth it. Then I felt like it was decided then, the door was shut, and since then I offtuned myself, and never looked back.

    Things are maddening enough with what I see.

  20. Lou

    19-Why would this rich, pro Hillary, celeb fight so to own a convent? It was a drawn out court battle. Hmm.

    To do satanism there? And mansion murders happened on the property.

  21. I had no choice. I get hit by lightning bolts and a storm is raging right now on my mountain, lightning everywhere, my skin tingles with it, it makes my hair rise.

  22. Moe

    @18 Duski

    Take it slow and easy. Think in terms of decades.

  23. Beautiful rainbow today!

  24. Moe

    You wanna see real race discrimination? Complete with public avocation of white citizen elimination by the the country’s President? Welcome to South Africa.

    I visited SA ten years ago and recognized immediately the probability of genocide. Why any person of means of European decent would remain is beyond me.

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